Delicious or Disgusting Rolled Ice Cream Combos?

  • Published on Aug 5, 2017
  • The Vat19 team makes and eats unusual ice cream rolls using the Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker. This clever device lets you make your own marble slab rolled ice cream in minutes. Create and customize your own frozen desserts!
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Comments • 3 004

  • Vat19
    Vat19  Year ago +4750

    6:18 - Eric, you're fired.

  • TheFrysh
    TheFrysh 5 days ago

    Jamie yelling “THE BOWL” had me crying actual tears

  • nellie cocker
    nellie cocker 5 days ago

    3:12 chocolate ice cream picture of strawberry ice cream

  • Jerome Lombardi
    Jerome Lombardi 6 days ago

    Imagine if they did this with the dual wheels that they use for the real or soda videos

  • Do not eat- SNOW- Gacha

    Ice cream or A-- cream?
    ( Totally not what my sister told me- )

  • Galaxy sisrers
    Galaxy sisrers 11 days ago

    Is it just me, I love chocolate with any thing cheese based (especially with Doritos) any who did any one else run to there kitchen to get chocolate ice cream and Doritos

  • Sabit Ezizov
    Sabit Ezizov 14 days ago

    Do more please.

  • CoraRae Canals
    CoraRae Canals 15 days ago

    Eric: oh are you gross-out
    Jon: no
    Also Eric: Oh I thought they were sheep testicles

  • CoraRae Canals
    CoraRae Canals 15 days ago

    For the first one burn or Bliss if you didn't crush the pieces up so much you would have been able to avoid the hot pieces are of the just in general the pieces of the chocolate.

  • Tamsin Rose
    Tamsin Rose 17 days ago +1

    Come get ur ass cream is what I thought he said XD

  • back yard
    back yard 18 days ago

    chocolate is not bad with doritos

  • dillan boss
    dillan boss 18 days ago

    Is Eric fired

  • oceanic creatures
    oceanic creatures 20 days ago

    I have a few challenges:
    Will it pancake challenge?
    Will it candle challenge?
    Will it cake challenge?
    Will it smoothie challenge?

  • Pinksheep 624257. 846
    Pinksheep 624257. 846 20 days ago

    R.I.P Eric, like for Eric

  • javeternity P.F.G
    javeternity P.F.G 21 day ago

    It's dusty 😂

  • Acoustic Assassin Studios

    5:33 “It’s Dushty”

  • Erika 2654
    Erika 2654 24 days ago

    My name is Erika and Eric passed my name but with a c step e k

  • Alessia Velutini
    Alessia Velutini 24 days ago


  • Hazelle Rulloda
    Hazelle Rulloda 28 days ago

    Soo funny 🤣

  • Hazelle Rulloda
    Hazelle Rulloda 28 days ago

    Eww look good 😉

  • Fast break 383
    Fast break 383 29 days ago

    How does it freeze

  • Fast break 383
    Fast break 383 29 days ago

    This just confuses me

  • TheFormanGrillCrew
    TheFormanGrillCrew 29 days ago

    But why is that shit so expensive?

  • K G
    K G 29 days ago

    I mis you Eric!!!!😭

  • Pickle
    Pickle Month ago

    I Love Chocolate And Doritos!(:

  • Jimin Park
    Jimin Park Month ago +1

    I almost feel like eating chocolate ice cream with Doritos in it would taste like you were eating Doritos and drinking chocolate milk.

  • Madeline Katz
    Madeline Katz Month ago

    1:47 I died of laughter “if u stabbed an oompah loompa this would come out”

  • Beautiful Meeses
    Beautiful Meeses Month ago


  • Aron Kieu
    Aron Kieu Month ago

    I miss Eric

  • Angelie López
    Angelie López Month ago

    I love the dorito and chocolate one in real life :3:p

  • Crazy Declan
    Crazy Declan Month ago +4

    Jon: It's little tiny doughnut holes!
    Eric: I thought it was sheep testicles

  • MarioFan64 [MF64]
    MarioFan64 [MF64] Month ago +5

    I would try this out, but...
    My current amount of money: ~$1
    Cost: $49.99

  • geeky mikee
    geeky mikee Month ago

    jamie is triggered

  • 连雪贞
    连雪贞 Month ago

    Eric is Pennywise's scary brother.........who is scarier than him just a little bit more..........

  • SEB2000
    SEB2000 Month ago

    You guys don't even know how to make ice cream rolls. Disappointed.

  • Minty Mints
    Minty Mints Month ago

    Eric sounds like he’s saying
    lmao 😂

  • Ginger Stick
    Ginger Stick Month ago

    6:17 - 6:27 I died

  • Little BOI
    Little BOI Month ago

    When johnny sells ice cream 1:03

  • kuma doggo
    kuma doggo Month ago

    1:33 Murphy's Law!

  • Jxshua Yuzn
    Jxshua Yuzn 2 months ago

    4:54 why do people fear the food of the future

  • E Kobayashi
    E Kobayashi 2 months ago

    *6:18** Eric, you had ONE job! Also, you’re fired.*

  • Blue Ninja 412
    Blue Ninja 412 2 months ago

    3:11 That isn't chocolate

  • Lorenzo Ladia
    Lorenzo Ladia 2 months ago

    Is it me or does eric resemble henry cavill

  • Dean3r7
    Dean3r7 2 months ago


  • not hope
    not hope 2 months ago

    ice cream chocolatte image is ice cream strawberry

  • rUb3nEsC0
    rUb3nEsC0 2 months ago

    Me: Hey I’m kinda in to you
    My crush: 5:11

  • ThexDGuy FTW
    ThexDGuy FTW 2 months ago

    The chocolate gelato my trick would’ve been to just swallow it without biting it

  • nicolisk
    nicolisk 2 months ago +1

    6:18 love how yall both duck down, knowing thats it

  • Maria Ochoa
    Maria Ochoa 2 months ago +1

    I love the when was the last time you went to the gym I go to the guess all the time man look at these guns

  • SuperMarioBasti
    SuperMarioBasti 2 months ago

    6:19 The glass of Ice cream shattered.

  • Faizal Sohaimi
    Faizal Sohaimi 2 months ago +1


    Remember, even though you eat frozen chilli, it's still spicy.

  • Valentina Cruz
    Valentina Cruz 2 months ago +1

    Jon was going to say it is my nickname at the club but he said the gym

  • Jeff DL
    Jeff DL 2 months ago +1

    i was eating doritos when they yelled DORITOS!!!!

  • Ducky McDuckFace
    Ducky McDuckFace 3 months ago

    ice cream makes you sexy guyssss

  • kitty catxx
    kitty catxx 3 months ago

    I don't know why but I HATE the guy the blue shirt!

  • NINJAGOAT546 Better than ceeday

    Rip bug bowl

  • Jacob Cortez
    Jacob Cortez 3 months ago

    I once had a egg roll... I hated it

  • Isac Söderlund
    Isac Söderlund 3 months ago

    I know a flavor, cookie monster ice cream. Add blue food colour to vanilla, add cookies, eat

  • Greenwoods
    Greenwoods 3 months ago

    Eric is honestly my fav 😂

  • Youtube Gaming
    Youtube Gaming 3 months ago

    You guys should do a dissection on a sheep eye

  • Gamegun331
    Gamegun331 3 months ago

    Maple bacon ice cream

  • Luc Animates001
    Luc Animates001 3 months ago

    Girls for the curls. No wait!

  • Michaela Cameron
    Michaela Cameron 3 months ago

    I bought some bugs and I kinda like them so I don't know what the big deal is

  • Ryan Essadiyal
    Ryan Essadiyal 3 months ago

    Eric you're so dumb

  • The Slump God
    The Slump God 3 months ago

    Hey jude!

  • Sara
    Sara 3 months ago

    Ok wait there is actually Doritos chocolate in my stores and it’s actually good

    SKINNY 3 months ago

    I could feel Jamie's *"i'm about to start swinging at this bitch"* energy after Eric complained about how they used old bugs from a year ago

    SKINNY 3 months ago

    Eric: *Oh, i thought they were sheep testicles*


  • Lego guy TRUCKS
    Lego guy TRUCKS 3 months ago

    Ice cream or ass cream?