Mike Cooks Our Easy Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe!

  • Published on Apr 14, 2018
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    Mike Cooks Our Easy Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe!
    In today’s show, Mike will be cooking our super yummy broccoli cheese soup! This broccoli soup recipe is a very easy recipe to make and it’s a family favorite!
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    Easy Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe

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    July 1, 2018

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Comments • 39

  • Living On A Dime
    Living On A Dime  11 months ago

    Are soups your cold weather comfort food? Get the recipe here. www.livingonadime.com/easy-broccoli-cheese-soup-recipe/

  • Elizabeth Whaley-Avery
    Elizabeth Whaley-Avery 2 months ago +1

    I just made this soup. it was very very good. I'm going to be making grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with it when I eat it.

  • Elizabeth Whaley-Avery
    Elizabeth Whaley-Avery 2 months ago +2

    American cheese is awesome! We made the mistake once of buying fake American cheese. That crap was terrible. I think people who have eaten that think that's what American cheese is supposed to taste like. You have to get real American cheese that is made with milk and cream and butter and not made with hydrogenated oil. There's nothing better than a nice hot grilled cheese sandwich made with real American cheese on a cold day.

  • Patti Shelton
    Patti Shelton 3 months ago

    Go Mike! Love your apron.

  • Kay Smith
    Kay Smith 10 months ago

    I am so glad that I finally got the cookbook/everything good in the entire universe book. Oh thank you so much. So so wonderful. I’m in housewife heaven right now. Ordered one for my daughter and daughter n law for Christmas. You are brilliant. Don’t worry about the haters n trolls. You win!!!!!!! I checked out the end of the book and you win. God bless you for sharing with us all. Kay

  • Sharon Nichols
    Sharon Nichols 10 months ago

    Thank you for the information on the books. I'm called to write. I've learned a bunch from you guys. God bless you and your family!!!

  • kristi nolan
    kristi nolan 11 months ago +1

    Is Mike always so happy? I love these videos ! Keep them coming xoxoxo

    RRMBGPGL 11 months ago +1

    Is there any way to get a real book of dining on a dime

  • urbanchickie
    urbanchickie 11 months ago +2

    I made the soup today. Got your recipe off your website, and it is very good! My husband is not a soup person and getting him to try soups takes an act of Congress. I made grilled cheese and ham to go with it like you guys had made. He loves your soup! When I get some extra money I'm so buying that cook book!

  • Peggy McCrystal
    Peggy McCrystal 11 months ago +2

    You're a natural Mike.

  • Old Fashioned Life
    Old Fashioned Life 11 months ago +1

    Is Mike referencing another Mike or is he speaking in third person?

  • nancyhertl2013
    nancyhertl2013 11 months ago +2

    Book name: Cooking on a Quarter 😉 Cause you know we probably can spare a little more change since 1999💞💞

  • Linda Flanagan
    Linda Flanagan 11 months ago +1


  • Gemma Jackson
    Gemma Jackson 11 months ago

    The native lizard in Ireland is called viviparous or common lizard.

  • Lynn Schmidt
    Lynn Schmidt 11 months ago

    That was great, Mike cooking. That soup looked good! 98😁

  • Nicole K.
    Nicole K. 11 months ago

    I like how Mike always has a smile on. I used to have your print books but used them too much they looked horrible. I sure would like some of the ebooks in print form.

    • Living On A Dime
      Living On A Dime  11 months ago

      Oh that's great that they are so well used! Unless we decide to do a special anniversary printing next year we are going to be keeping e-books. It's just not cost effective to print books, store them and ship them.

  • Shelie Martin
    Shelie Martin 11 months ago +1

    Living on a Dime II Living on a Dime 20th Anniversary Edition

  • Teresa Alley
    Teresa Alley 11 months ago +2

    Stick a metal fork into the mason jar out of the fridge and then pour the hot bacon grease in and it won’t break the jar. When I was a kid I didn’t know this and had the jar break as I was holding the jar and it broke and hot grease terribly burned me. When my mom got home from work she taught me about the fork. Today I poured hot bacon grease into a cold jar of bacon grease, with the fork in it and it didn’t break... been doing this for 45 years now.

  • Lyn Hanna
    Lyn Hanna 11 months ago

    if you google gluten free bread that doesn't suck (seriously - not kidding) and you will find a recipe by Jillee. It is an easy recipe, actually tastes good and you can add extras such as nuts and seeds. Also I use the flour recipe she gives you to make pancakes (1 c flour mix, one egg, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp sugar and milk to make a smooth batter)

  • Madzia M
    Madzia M 11 months ago

    Hugs.I am so ng a lot today .😁

    • Donna W
      Donna W 11 months ago

      Mike, That soup looks so good. Tawra, I have learned so much from you. Thanks

  • Amy Delacrosse
    Amy Delacrosse 11 months ago +4

    Tawra you are blessed to have a hubby like Mike. So upbeat and positive!

  • G. Cosper
    G. Cosper 11 months ago +2

    "Love me anyway " I do!

  • Karen Lowry
    Karen Lowry 11 months ago +1

    That was funny, Tawra won her own book! I love your book and was looking at the broccoli soup recipe to make this weekend. Mike, you did a great job! Enjoy your weekend.

  • Cheeky Saver
    Cheeky Saver 11 months ago +1

    Please go to the soap conference. The more contacts you make the cheaper our costs could be on supplies. If it will be too much of a physical or financial burden... don't do it though okay. Tarwa you look a little exhausted. If the best you can do this year is thinking about going that is fine. Thank you for thinking of us. :)

  • Health and Faith Joyce B
    Health and Faith Joyce B 11 months ago


  • Ck's Life and Travels
    Ck's Life and Travels 11 months ago +1

    I have 4 older grandchildren and I'm going to buy the cookbook for each of them. They just made a couple of recipes with me and they liked how easy it is for them to use.

  • Patty W
    Patty W 11 months ago

    Didn't get back home in time to watch you all live~ shucks. Yay Mike thank you for cooking! My husband LOVES Broccoli Cheese soup and I will make this for him next week. The only thing he makes to for us to eat is a scrumptious pea salad and occasionally some good scrambled eggs. I'll have to share this episode with my sweetie. ~ Say, love your apron ~ my oldest son would really like this :) Wishing you and Tawra and the family a very blessed and fun weekend. We will be spoiling our 4 y/o grandson Tommy alllll weekend~ shhhh don't tell their parents :)

  • Ck's Life and Travels
    Ck's Life and Travels 11 months ago +1

    I received my book. I'm going crazy with cooking. Thank you so much! I missed you live haven't been getting notifications from TVclip. Way to go Mike can't wait to try this recipe. 😁

  • Eddie Flowers
    Eddie Flowers 11 months ago +2

    Will the garlic cook down or are you going to eat them whole?

  • Remington Howell
    Remington Howell 11 months ago

    Yit on the dishes

  • Cheeky Saver
    Cheeky Saver 11 months ago +3

    Roll Swap!!! What a great way to appreciate what the other person does. I know you had other reasons but I am sure it helps you appreciate the other person as well. Mike, you did great. I hope you will cook some more for us soon. :)

  • allison481959
    allison481959 11 months ago +7

    LOOKS like Mikes cooking makes a lot of views,1,418 within 2 hrs and growing!~

    • momma wahlie
      momma wahlie 11 months ago +2

      allison481959 it's nice! He's upbeat and seems happy to be doing it. Refreshing!

  • Paula Monaghan
    Paula Monaghan 11 months ago

    Love the deer apron Mike! Sorry I missed the live but we are being pounded by a blizzard. UGGGHHH!!! It is spring and I am tired of snow. This snow will last until Sunday.

  • musicmad
    musicmad 11 months ago +3

    oh darn it - i missed this totally - wish i had never been a shelf fill supervisor in a supermarket - in days of yore - way before nursing the elderly took over my work life - all my shelves have to be straight - labels forward and stock rotated - this drives my hubby (kitchen wench) nuts but i have to do it every month or so - so today was it - my hands were twitching and itching and i couldnt ignore it any longer - but i can sigh a huge sigh of relief - i see it as a way to knowing what i need for my next shopping mission for living on a dime - yay - thanks guys again for an awesome book and sorting out my kitchen - which i thought was sorted but now its ultra sorted - lol - so will binge watch a couple of your videos while i munch on last nights calzone - yummo