Coast Guard officer arrested on terror charges

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • A U.S. coast guard lieutenant arrested last week "identified himself as a white nationalist" and had what appeared to be a hit list that included prominent Democrats and media figures, U.S. prosecutors say.
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Comments • 168

  • randy bowen
    randy bowen 16 days ago

    Btw guys 1 thousand rounds of ammo is a long weekend spent at the range, its not much.

  • Human Man
    Human Man 18 days ago

    This was an attempt to MURDER DOZENS, maybe even HUNDREDS of democrats! Why is this not the #1 story right now?!?! Oh yea because the internet hates Democrats now.

  • u2good2b4gotn
    u2good2b4gotn 23 days ago +1

    Just so you know, when Fox covered this story, they reported it once, then DISABLED their comments section. They NEVER do that. They haven't even had anyone on their shows to talk about it. NO right wing TVcliprs have been talking about it on their channels. Very telling!

  • Richard Marden
    Richard Marden 25 days ago

    No not rascist its he was fed up with these liberals who are against the president and the USA he wanted to bring about change and scare the hell out of the Liberals. Crazy America on both sides time to head for the hills . Its getting to crowded people are snapping it seems.

  • Gold Man
    Gold Man 26 days ago +1

    Did he shoot anyone? Fantasy and illusion. He has a few guns, alleged. What a joke. Looks like an eagle scout being prepared. If anything this is just a partisan preparing to resist muslim jewish occupation. He had a few enemies, probably negroid, at work that dont like a white man who turned informant. So he has a few guns messed around on the internet. That is not a crime.

  • Will
    Will 26 days ago +1

    The FBI and ATF should investigate everyone who is purchasing and stockpiling firearms and ammo.

    • stefan w
      stefan w 26 days ago

      That's not how it works

  • Gypsy39
    Gypsy39 26 days ago +1

    police and governments are supposed to protect citizens too...

  • thomas pretorius
    thomas pretorius 26 days ago +1

    We better hurry up and build a wall around him

  • thomas pretorius
    thomas pretorius 26 days ago +1

    Good job Trump. Maybe you can keep your mouth shut

  • Mister Jackson
    Mister Jackson 27 days ago

    At least with the Canadians we don't have to worry about diversionary topics like R.Kelly.

  • FemZD
    FemZD 27 days ago

    and we allowed white supremacist groups to move freely here in Canada. They even hold rallies now. When did this become normal?

  • Jason Milton
    Jason Milton 27 days ago +1

    US Terrorism is being done by Fundamentalist Religious White Men with Beards, guns, and want to start a Holy Race War... sounds like the republicans are becoming new ISIS..

  • martin solano
    martin solano 27 days ago +1

    Lol. Is he an illegal??

  • Antonio V
    Antonio V 27 days ago +7

    He was a Trump Supporter.

  • Trish Lawless
    Trish Lawless 27 days ago +2


  • TheTruthIsRacist
    TheTruthIsRacist 27 days ago +1

    So far, his only crime seems to be, being White, Owning guns and not like democrats, funny how the only democratson the list, are the ones that have been in the news about the wall. lol

  • rex haereticus
    rex haereticus 27 days ago

    Who writes these scripts? The news industry needs to hire themselves better creative writers.

  • Mike Hagarty
    Mike Hagarty 28 days ago +2

    Unfortunately, some of the Rump supporters will not get caught!

  • 7charlierox
    7charlierox 28 days ago +7

    Trump era spawn .

    • cookie22100
      cookie22100 27 days ago


    • Nickolas O
      Nickolas O 28 days ago +1

      I agree... because of the Bernie's and the AOC's promoting hate, you get this. Let's all remember, there are NO White Supremacists that are Conservatives.. they're 100% Socialists. You make a good case NOT to vote for any of the 100 Socialists candidates on the Left.

  • Love Wins
    Love Wins 28 days ago

    Crazy nut!

  • Bob Gillis
    Bob Gillis 28 days ago +4

    “He planned to murder on a vast scale”. I thought they were talking about John Bolton.

  • tru DOPE is big gay
    tru DOPE is big gay 28 days ago +2

    Same day that jussie smolbrain turns himself in. No photos of the guy, no full name. Yeah okay, sure buddy

    • tru DOPE is big gay
      tru DOPE is big gay 27 days ago +1

      +sniffing glue won't keep families together oh well cmon, thats even more suspicious. Dragging up a WEEK-OLD story JUST NOW? miss me with this psyop

    • sniffing glue won't keep families together
      sniffing glue won't keep families together 27 days ago +2

      Pretty sure he was arrested last week. The fact that it's only in the news today and every media outlet is using the same phrasing is pretty suspect tho

  • John Connor
    John Connor 28 days ago +1

    They all have military ties as wel..

  • Merlin Krisp
    Merlin Krisp 28 days ago +6

    People in the comments are ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if he’s a Trump supporter or a Obama supporter a democratic or a Republican who cares? It’s thinking like that that will keep us divided. There are bad people in the world get over it and there beliefs or who the support has nothing to do with the person they may be supporting. He is an individual responsible for his own actions.
    It’s not Republicans or Democrats fault it’s not President Trumps fault it is his own fault.

    • cookie22100
      cookie22100 27 days ago +1

      +sniffing glue won't keep families together I never said he was responsible for all white nationalists, those are your words, not mine. Next case.

    • Marcellino Sananto
      Marcellino Sananto 27 days ago +1

      +Nickolas O
      Ur simply lying, congrats cuntboy

    • sniffing glue won't keep families together
      sniffing glue won't keep families together 27 days ago +1

      +cookie22100 So is Trump responsible for all of the white nationalist/supremacist domestic terrorism of the 90's? Is he to blame for Oklahoma City?

    • cookie22100
      cookie22100 28 days ago +2

      Trump is what's breeding these ideas in people, that the difference. While yes you're right, it shouldn't matter, this is what happens when we have a leader who is loose at the mouth. We have a world filled with dumb, angry people waiting for the right trigger to do something dumb.

    • Nickolas O
      Nickolas O 28 days ago +2

      Not true. So far, there hasn't been one Conservative that has done anything this horrible. This guy is a self proclaimed Socialists, a White Supremacist. He's on the Bernie and AOC side...

  • steve austin
    steve austin 28 days ago +2

    Whites. The only race without a homeland. Guys a nutter but doesn't change that fact

  • Joseph Kony
    Joseph Kony 28 days ago +6

    Trump promotes this kind of hateful behavior.

  • Love
    Love 28 days ago

    I knew about this while playing fortnite.

    • Cerius
      Cerius 28 days ago


      Fortnite is for children and garbage millenials who dye their hair a bright colour so their parents might notice them. Gtfo.

  • SAUNDRA Leonard
    SAUNDRA Leonard 28 days ago

    If you've ever followed me on TVclip and comment I don't comment about this Administration the one thing I want to say to this Administration which of the world we have to stop this hate and what comes out of our mouths are important please unless step back and pray for each other please do this God Bless America

    • sniffing glue won't keep families together
      sniffing glue won't keep families together 27 days ago +1

      wow what an original and unique view i must now follow you on the chube.

    • Nickolas O
      Nickolas O 28 days ago

      Funny... did you say the same about the last one? Are you denouncing the Socialists, like this guy is, as well as AOC and Bernie? This guy, and so far NONE of the actual Conservatives, are doing the killing and the shooting. White Supremacists are socialists... that's not even up for debate.

  • my butthole is agape and oozing, but

    Isnt this ironic that an "angry white man" was just arrested RIGHT as the Jussie Smollet thing is going down? It's one crazy coincidence

    • Zen Master
      Zen Master 25 days ago

      Im not sure the tone of your response so dont take this with malice. I'm not defending his outlook one way or the other. I'm just pointing out how the PROPAGANDA pushes a narrative. That behavior is dangerous for all citizens no matter our POV.

    • MajorEvan
      MajorEvan 25 days ago +2

      Zen Master Apparently on the internet every1 is a Black man who defends White nationalists.

    • Zen Master
      Zen Master 27 days ago +2

      +BiGKiDXavieR Holloman
      Dickhead I'm Black and they called him a white Supremacist not a Nationalist. BIG DIFFERENCE. His alleged targets were politically motivated not racially. Learn how to comprehend

    • BiGKiDXavieR Holloman
      BiGKiDXavieR Holloman 27 days ago

      +Zen Master FOH. He literally calmed himself a "White Nationalist". You're a cracker w/ a keyboard and no life...or just another lost 💩🤡

    • Christian Leslie
      Christian Leslie 27 days ago

      +Zen Master it's CBC man, My 9 year old chihaua can report better news than CBC. I think CBC and CNN are competing for the Fakest News Source trophy.

  • Max Zomboni
    Max Zomboni 28 days ago +6

    Hurry up Trump, and build that was to keep the terrorists in.

  • CanMan1000
    CanMan1000 28 days ago +8

    Someone who wants a white homeland isn't the same thing as a white supremacist.

    • Twilight Gardens presentations
      Twilight Gardens presentations 28 days ago +8

      theyre both racists, they both see humanity as seperate from themselves
      bothsee themselves as a hate filled higher being and something other than the rest of us.
      thats an evil ideal, but yes there are many facets. its like a drug that eats you from inside but makes you feel beautiful, to hate the humanity that is yourself.

    • ex-PFC Wintergreen.
      ex-PFC Wintergreen. 28 days ago +5

      They want their own homeland because they think they’re inferior to others?

  • David Brown
    David Brown 28 days ago +5

    They come in twos sometimes three like the Bomber and the synagogue shooter and school shootings seem to come close together so there could be one or two more just like him planning the same thing.

    • Babatzim
      Babatzim 28 days ago +1

      Most of the time they come in ones screaming allahakbar

    • Nickolas O
      Nickolas O 28 days ago +1

      But notice how they're never Conservatives? They're either Socialists, like this guy, or muslims...

  • Kirk Brown
    Kirk Brown 28 days ago +8

    Excessive watching of CBC drove him to such fantasy.

    • David Osborn
      David Osborn 28 days ago +2

      His coworkers forced him to listen to CBC radio all day. The constant stream of liberal propaganda was too much for him. The injustice and hypocrisy of its race-baiting anti-white identity-politic narrative finally drove him over the edge. 😲

    • Hi It's just me
      Hi It's just me 28 days ago

      +Kirk Brown I'm sorry that I even attempted this with you. You obviously just say things so you can be heard. Take it easy.

    • Kirk Brown
      Kirk Brown 28 days ago +2

      It is a fantasy to bring justice to an unjust situation ..

    • Hi It's just me
      Hi It's just me 28 days ago +3

      How does this even make sense? Please provide your logic behind this comment.

  • J Mall
    J Mall 28 days ago +7

    I believe there should be mandatory mental health checkup/ tune up for all military personnel. I didn't realize how unstable/aggressive I was until i retired after 20yrs. Needless to say, I have been in and out of therapy since.

    • Nickolas O
      Nickolas O 28 days ago

      Seems the only one needing a psych eval is you....

    • Twilight Gardens presentations
      Twilight Gardens presentations 28 days ago

      and weather theyre in a right wing group with members whove been violent...then weather its a military taught style of violence that was used. could a group like that be made of sleeper cells.

  • R M
    R M 28 days ago +8

    "A spreadsheet reportedly described as a hitlist" what was this guy going to do? A mass murder road trip across America lol sounds more like a wishlist

  • NPC 01001011
    NPC 01001011 28 days ago +16

    I don't believe it, more propaganda

    • Jesse Link
      Jesse Link 17 days ago

      Boycott isreal

    • Bleeding Eye Watcher
      Bleeding Eye Watcher 27 days ago +2

      Thanks for confirming that the Far Right, particularly Trump supporters, support domestic terrorism.

    • RobotWarrior
      RobotWarrior 28 days ago +2

      I know right? this Coast "Guardsman" thinks he can spread his propaganda, an educated populous knows better.

  • paulkevin
    paulkevin 28 days ago +8

    Just more proof of corrupt government systems that fail to screen out potential terrorists.

  • ex-PFC Wintergreen.
    ex-PFC Wintergreen. 28 days ago +33

    Fox News is too busy with its wall-to-wall coverage of the Smollett scandal to even mention this story

    • George Franklin
      George Franklin 26 days ago

      Just like CNN's wall-to-wall coverage of Smollett's lie 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Nickolas O
      Nickolas O 28 days ago +1

      LOL... let me guess... you don't watch Fox?

    • Seamus Ferguson
      Seamus Ferguson 28 days ago +1

      Same thumbnail picture on Fox News YT page...
      Internet 101, check before you post...

    CANOE-HEAD 28 days ago +7

    I thought they came in Peace ✌🏿

    • Dogs out Who let the
      Dogs out Who let the 28 days ago +2

      Nope. White supremacists believe in a peaceful world only without foreigners.

  • Mark Green
    Mark Green 28 days ago +12

    This kind of incident is bound to happen with some of Donald Trump's most mentally disturbed followers as he is constantly speaking negatively about liberals and calling media, other than Fox, the enemies of the people. We regularly see Trump supporters calling for violence against liberals and even calling for another civil war, especially after one of his rallies.

    • Nickolas O
      Nickolas O 22 days ago

      +Ottee2 He was a Socialists... not a Conservative...

    • stefan w
      stefan w 26 days ago +1

      It's the other way around snowflake!

    • Mark Mcgrath
      Mark Mcgrath 28 days ago

      +jeframdenkar Great comment, glad you are in this country. They are the problem here.

    • Nickolas O
      Nickolas O 28 days ago +1

      FUN FACT: ALL White Supremacists are Socialists... like AOC and Bernie. They're NOT Conservatives.

    • badmojo420
      badmojo420 28 days ago +1

      +Ottee2 i like how you instantly get defensive about it. You want to make sure we all know that the vegas nut wasnt on your team. Its sad really, but it kind of proves my point about the fact that there are crazy people on all sides and neither side is responsible for people being crazy and going to extremes.

  • Sondre Johansen
    Sondre Johansen 28 days ago +46

    and the Republican and right winger excuse for this will be “HE WAS MENTALLY ILL”!

    • matt t
      matt t 22 days ago +1

      Sondre Johansen you couldn’t get any dumber could you

      DAMON BRAMEL 25 days ago

      no my excuse is the he didn't do anything wrong and the government has violated his civil rights

    • kuu moe
      kuu moe 27 days ago

      You're so right.. It's NOT a mental health crisis... Its a right winger crisis! Lock up all right wingers, NOONE is mentally ill.

    • tru DOPE is big gay
      tru DOPE is big gay 27 days ago +2

      Bruh this isnt even real

    • Nickolas O
      Nickolas O 28 days ago +3

      FUN FACT: White Nationalists are socialists... not Republicans.