Economics in The Lion King- Econmovies: Season 2, Episode 5

  • Published on Mar 20, 2018
  • My name is Jacob Clifford and I make videos to help people understanding economics. Please share this video with as many people as you can. More people need to understand creative destruction and the economic circle of life. Thank you for watching.
    Teachers! I'm currently developing a workbook that has handouts for all the episodes of Econmovies. The second it is ready I will post it on my website I know that you and your students will love it.
    Here is some additional reading and videos that talk more about US manufacturing.
    Bonus Features
    Lecture by Raghuram Rajan
    Importance of Manufacturing

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  • Yiruna Cocowa
    Yiruna Cocowa Month ago

    best econ channel ever!!!!!!!!

  • D S
    D S 2 months ago

    By far the most creative tutor I've ever encountered!

  • lil nips
    lil nips 2 months ago


  • Shockwave 2
    Shockwave 2 2 months ago

    Could you do a video on Dragon ball Z? Specifically the nature of Frieza’s Empire

  • bossmaneban collins
    bossmaneban collins 3 months ago

    I also want to point out the idea of scarcity in the movie. The hyenas are struggling to find food because the lions are taking it all, they also are not able to have the same amount of land ownership as the lions. Thanks Mr. Clifford for the wonderful videos, btw because I can get ahead in my classes so much faster now.

  • Nishchal
    Nishchal 3 months ago

    just came back to re-watch this video after watching photo-realistic computer animated the lion king 2019 :)

  • Thomas Therriault
    Thomas Therriault 4 months ago

    What is the difference between a category killer and a monopoly

  • Lauren Barber
    Lauren Barber 4 months ago

    LOVE this video, thank you!!!!

  • Hà anh Nguyễn
    Hà anh Nguyễn 4 months ago

    Great videos!!! Thanks so much

  • Parker Brewer
    Parker Brewer 7 months ago +3

    While the toys r us analogy is somewhat true. I head the real issue was that basically the company was sold and the buyer used the company as collateral for the loan needed to purchase toys r us. Though it had more competition it should still be around if it weren't for the debt acquired in its purchase. At least that is what I was told, I may be mistaken. Also, thank you Mr. Clifford for making these videos. I find them very helpful!

  • Jaysen
    Jaysen 7 months ago +6

    I need Jacob to enter some field of politics so he can have some type of influence on how this country’s economic state.

  • Victoria Ryan-Nesbitt
    Victoria Ryan-Nesbitt 8 months ago +1

    Mr Clifford 2020

  • Lion Of Kenya
    Lion Of Kenya Year ago


  • Dingus Productions

    "If we miss the past, we're going to miss the future" well said. Your work is greatly admirable Mr. Clifford

  • Jill Bond
    Jill Bond Year ago +1

    This video should have way more views. Great video.

  • Wisani Kenny
    Wisani Kenny Year ago

    This is awesome. Fantastic job as always Mr. Clifford.

  • Mohamed Abouelnaga
    Mohamed Abouelnaga Year ago +1

    Thank you from Egypt !
    Please keep making videos, I learn from you :)

  • Angelo Olteteanu
    Angelo Olteteanu Year ago +1

    That scene at 3:14 is an extraordinary allegory. Well done! :)

  • Mick Mickymick
    Mick Mickymick Year ago

    This should be more popular, this is great

  • Jonathan Q
    Jonathan Q Year ago

    Where is the next video? Lol

  • Chidera Esinaulo
    Chidera Esinaulo Year ago +17

    This guy works super hard for his students.

  • Mariano Trani
    Mariano Trani Year ago +1

    Hi ADCDLeadership , i want to suggest u an interesting Cartoon about Business and Economics. It’s „Tom and Jerry the Movie“ of 1992. it’s about an aunt of a Little Girl which hires a lawyer to take the trust Fund money of the girl which is orphan. I think it’s interesting about analizing the Situation, the Money-Song, the trust Fund mechanisms etc.

  • Ryan Hastie
    Ryan Hastie Year ago

    Best econ movie ever!

  • Complaining Qoheleth

    Mr. Clifford throws the cold water that wakes people up.

  • Rajat Roy
    Rajat Roy Year ago +2

    I love hand drawn

  • Travis Harger
    Travis Harger Year ago +2

    Great video as always, thanks.

  • mecheatgood
    mecheatgood Year ago +1

    This episode sounds like this lecture I listened to before, it was called this: "Game Theory: Finite Games and Infinite Games".

  • Tanya.
    Tanya. Year ago +2


  • Josh Freehill
    Josh Freehill Year ago +2

    As an economic teacher, I appreciate your crash course video, however, I can't show this, it's too one sided politically. Globalization has its ugly sides too.

    • A one legged man
      A one legged man Year ago +2

      acdc leadership, in my experience you always give a neutral view and present both sides fairly. of course there is some bias toward free trade but around 90% of economists are in agreement that barriers to trade are bad.

    • A one legged man
      A one legged man Year ago +2

      josh freehill, why do you think it is in the masses best interests to not buy from where they want? i think the infant industry argument has been fully debunked by now.

    • Jacob Clifford
      Jacob Clifford  Year ago +4

      I totally see what you are saying but I'm still a little confused about why you think this video is one sided or too controversial to show in class.

    • Josh Freehill
      Josh Freehill Year ago +1

      One thing I think we need to keep in mind is that while jobs come and go, natural resources and resources in general are not equally distributed. Hence why we have opportunity cost, trade offs, and specialization of labor and industry. Some protection practices can help national industry compete with cheaper, international products. Let's face it, technology and media jobs will always be concentrated in parts of the country and agricultural production in others. In order to help people and industry, the government might need to step in. Jobs won't be created equally in all parts of the country, and with the creative destruction of jobs in these areas, the ripple effect can be felt in all areas of the economy. This impacts us all.

    • Jacob Clifford
      Jacob Clifford  Year ago +4

      Josh-Thank you for this comment and for your honesty. I made a "bonus feature" video addressing this very thing. In fact, I was editing it when I saw your comment so I added you in by name. I'm super surprised that you wouldn't show this video to your students. As economics teachers I think it's important for our students to understand all sides of the issues. Besides, I didn't really say anything that strays from the economic consensus. Here is the bonus features video-

  • Charlotte Walker
    Charlotte Walker Year ago +7

    Great job, Mr. Clifford -- as always. Thank you for making economics fun & accessible.

  • Aesthetic Warrior

    I am subscribed but haven't received any videos in my subscription feed, WTF youtube!

  • Radiant Riley
    Radiant Riley Year ago +5

    He has a Twitter? This makes me so happy

  • A one legged man
    A one legged man Year ago +1

    us manufacturing is highest now than ever. 4:58 is wrong

  • A one legged man
    A one legged man Year ago +5

    bailouts are never justified

    • Harry Christofi
      Harry Christofi Year ago +1

      +ACDCLeadership Actually Protectionism helps our economy more than corporate Free Trade also Scandinavian countries are Protectionist right now and their workers make more money and here’s a video

    • A one legged man
      A one legged man Year ago

      i did, look closer.

    • Travis Harger
      Travis Harger Year ago

      You didn't answer the question. Did it save the economy, make it worse, or didn't it matter?

    • A one legged man
      A one legged man Year ago +1

      well, giving banks more fiat money from the fed and putting real interests rates to negative isn't really saving anything. it's like putting a plaster over a stab wound. also, why do the all wise central bankers know what institutions are too big to fail? how come they know when the market is wrong and all us stupid folk don't? it's a profit AND LOSS system. it's not heads i win tails the taxpayer losses. that's just my opinion, i know you have to stay neutral and your question was sincere. thanks for the reply.

    • Jacob Clifford
      Jacob Clifford  Year ago +2

      What about the bank bailouts in 2008? Did it save the economy, make things worse, or not matter?

  • Tsikute
    Tsikute Year ago +14

    This is dope. Keep up the good work, Clifford!

  • Brock Snider
    Brock Snider Year ago +1

    are you making a MUSIC Video Competition for this year??

  • Travonte Conway
    Travonte Conway Year ago +31

    Gamestop is next, in my opinion.