Intro to Economics: Crash Course Econ #1

  • Published on Jul 8, 2015
  • In which Jacob Clifford and Adriene Hill launch a brand new Crash Course on Economics! So, what is economics? Good question. It's not necessarily about money, or stock markets, or trade. It's about people and choices. What, you may ask, does that mean. We'll show you. Let's get started!
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  • DetestationNation
    DetestationNation 3 days ago


  • Deborah Tulloch
    Deborah Tulloch 4 days ago +1

    Andrew Yang wants to give everyone $1,000, a basic income for all Americans.

  • Oscar Brooks
    Oscar Brooks 7 days ago

    Isn't is sad that well informed intelligent people still place so much value on being rich and assume the only reason to learn economics is to get rich. Maybe we should stop glorifying money making and start demonising the opportunity costs modern day business.

  • Trump
    Trump 8 days ago

    the free market can solve all our problems

  • Kaden Owens
    Kaden Owens 9 days ago

    I did not choose to my teacher made me

  • Charles
    Charles 10 days ago

    I may be high but this dude looks like mark cuban 🤔

  • Caden Braun
    Caden Braun 10 days ago

    Ha! Get nae naed I don’t have a computer😎

  • Sanaa McDonald
    Sanaa McDonald 12 days ago

    Who else was forced to watch the video by your teacher

  • Jazmin Miguel
    Jazmin Miguel 13 days ago

    you guys are a hero!

  • They Live
    They Live 13 days ago +8

    She looks like a prettier version of Susan Wojcicki.

  • Ron Turford
    Ron Turford 14 days ago


  • Courtney Christine
    Courtney Christine 14 days ago +1

    Playing this at X.75 and the dude is still often talking too fast for my brain to comprehend it all

  • wes
    wes 15 days ago

    Economics is so much better than business studies, you can explain so much stuff if you learn econ but business is just... life draining

  • Md Tanbir
    Md Tanbir 16 days ago


  • Hayan Imadi
    Hayan Imadi 16 days ago


  • Zee S
    Zee S 22 days ago

    Soooo cringy... Made me puke rainbows.
    Goign to find another series, that gets to the point and doesn't attempt to get kindergartener's attention at all cost.

  • Supernatural edit
    Supernatural edit 22 days ago

    why am i so dumb

  • Wooden Hope
    Wooden Hope 23 days ago

    Oh man, you know what is throwing me of: "it isn't boring" The benefit of reading would be that there aren't any adult human beings infantalizing the viewer unessesary rambeling about irrelevant stuff just to strech the video. It could've been less then 6 minutes to demonstrate and explain all principles (even with examples)!

  • Thang Nguyen chien
    Thang Nguyen chien 25 days ago +6

    They talked as if the earth would stop spinning if they didn't.

  • Dylan Reagh
    Dylan Reagh 25 days ago

    I'm not surprised but this is a weak representation of economics. Although this is accurate textbook information that is taught in most schools, it is misleading and not very intelligent. The idea that economics is about the rational decision-making of individuals is a very specific, very flawed, and very new idea within economics. Economics is a social science and moral philosophy with different paradigms. Adam Smith, the father of economics, called it 'political economy'. Good economics should recognize that the real world is messy and complicated. In real life businesses, people, and governments do not use this kind of 'economics' to function and succeed. They succeed because of tactics and behaviors specific to their own areas of expertise and as a result of their interactions with and position within institutions like media, finance, legal systems, politics, culture, etc. If you are looking beyond succeeding in 101 classes (because this video WILL help with that), but what to really understand economics as a social science, start by learning about the history of economic thinkers and schools of thought. "The Worldly Philosophers" by Robert Heilbronner is a good place to start. Then to understand where Economics has shifted to, learn about Ludwig von Mises, F.A. Hayek, Milton Friedman. This stuff is boring to a lot of people but if you wanna understand economics you gotta learn it. I enjoy it.

  • Samrin Khan
    Samrin Khan 28 days ago


  • Rick T
    Rick T Month ago +1

    man those roads come from the taxpayer government has no money of its own

  • cynthia mae cortez
    cynthia mae cortez Month ago

    They speak too fast!!!

  • exo's vocals
    exo's vocals Month ago +1

    its 7am and i have my final in an hour 😩😫

  • Tobias Älvegran
    Tobias Älvegran Month ago

    Have you seen my red stapler?

  • Aurora Meza
    Aurora Meza Month ago

    my exam is in an hour

  • Osvaldo Jacobaco
    Osvaldo Jacobaco Month ago

    Intros are way too long.....

  • E Ml
    E Ml Month ago

    Im not sure I can deal with the stupidity of these videos... just stick to the economics. Maybe Im just too british

  • Ok Ok
    Ok Ok Month ago

    Im supposed to watch history crash course instead im here

  • Nick Johnson
    Nick Johnson Month ago

    Digging the AC/DC belt buckles.

  • Muhammad Ibraheem
    Muhammad Ibraheem Month ago

    love u guys

  • Reinaldi Fahmi
    Reinaldi Fahmi Month ago

    Big thanks to youtube, right now I can enjoy the lesson in my mothertongue 😊
    Greet from Indonesia..

  • woof
    woof Month ago

    It's stonk time boys

  • Danae Jones
    Danae Jones Month ago +2

    I didnt know John Green was thee John Green.... like dang

  • New Kidd Games
    New Kidd Games Month ago

    Let me guess.. the dislikes come from Socialists that don't like that choices have to be made to better people's lives and that decision has to be made at the individual level?
    That has to be it.. Supply and Demand is lost on socialists.

  • Sam Sparks
    Sam Sparks Month ago

    They talk too fast!

  • Connor Sherman
    Connor Sherman Month ago

    who would ever walk to the gym or walk home with groceries in the rain :l not me for sure

  • Julien L.
    Julien L. Month ago

    Opportunity costs ? Seriously this is your core concept ?

  • MalarkeyMan
    MalarkeyMan Month ago +3

    You do know that the definition of man includes woman right...?

    • MalarkeyMan
      MalarkeyMan 25 days ago

      Andrew567 lol

    • Andrew567
      Andrew567 25 days ago

      MalarkeyMan gotta appease the feminists somehow

  • MalarkeyMan
    MalarkeyMan Month ago +1

    “aNd WoMan”

  • Mishkaboi Gaming
    Mishkaboi Gaming Month ago

    If you're calling los Angeles lovely you probably don't know a lot about economics...

  • joseph bvr
    joseph bvr Month ago

    Govt decides if its worth us having to pay for a loan they take out fron federal reserve to go invade lands n kill innocent people

  • UzisWrld
    UzisWrld Month ago +41

    ..."That computer you bought"...
    Me: "how did he-"
    Also me: "oh"

  • Noah Kalil
    Noah Kalil Month ago +2

    don't you think it's misleading to say capitalism brought us our laptops when most of the technology was developed in publicly funded research programs

  • Gabriel Jurado
    Gabriel Jurado Month ago

    the u.s. spending on military is good, and more important

  • etiar31
    etiar31 Month ago

    You guys are very fun and explain stuff pretty well. I like both of you.

  • Cycada Official
    Cycada Official Month ago

    Video starts at 1:45 Thank you

  • Qasim Khan
    Qasim Khan Month ago

    Why we feeling bore when we want understanding Economics?

  • Jakub Wojciechowski

    Why does watching this feels so good?

  • Sam Doherty
    Sam Doherty Month ago +5

    Bruh he really just used the "capitalism made your iPhone" argument

  • Sam Doherty
    Sam Doherty Month ago

    Why'd you take like 5 minutes to actually get into economics


    Khali is that you?

  • Atri Sanfui
    Atri Sanfui Month ago

    "and woman!' loved that part :3

  • Nicoli Reynolds
    Nicoli Reynolds 2 months ago


  • Mikail Korkut
    Mikail Korkut 2 months ago

    I guess I think it is fun and smart to talk fast. Or the course is only for English native speakers or alike. How much you teach equals to how much people understand, not how much you talk

  • Economics Portal
    Economics Portal 2 months ago

    very good boss

  • J.A. P.
    J.A. P. 2 months ago

    First 2 mins suck.

  • katam vineeth
    katam vineeth 2 months ago

    Am I the only person who is feeling difficult to understand, because they were talking really fast

    • Geometry Dash Mega
      Geometry Dash Mega 2 months ago

      Well after all this is 'crash course', so take it easy. If the language is the issue (like for me), you might want to read subtitles. If that's not the case, you should watch the videos again, although this first one can be an exception, because it was a summary of the whole course and every concept will be explained later. Best regards

  • Ako si Marko
    Ako si Marko 2 months ago

    3:26 artist of the decade whoooaaaahh

  • Labinot Gjoka
    Labinot Gjoka 2 months ago

    Well the better you are in probably the better u are in economics