Adam22: Lena The Plug & I Did a Scene with a Major Adult Film Company (Part 6)

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
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    In this clip, Adam22 and Vlad discuss Lil Reese potentially losing his voice as a result of being shot and how that compares to The D.O.C.'s story. Adam22 also revealed that he's got a professional adult film releasing with his girlfriend Lena The Plug and what life is like dating a "cam-girl."
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  • Paranoid Afterparty
    Paranoid Afterparty 2 days ago

    These betas in Adam’s comments saying Lena is getting fd by other guys. You don’t understand the frame dynamics here. She literally brings him other women for threesomes bc she knows he’s in a position where he’s actually adding a massively disproportionate amount of value to her life by dating her when he could literally go out to any club any night and get a girl of her caliber who is intrigued by “famous tattood guy from huge rap TVclip channel.” It’s really that easy, and Adam clearly has a good amount of game - around 400 lay count, and that was before he was h this famous. She would not jeopardize losing that. Women aren’t wired that way; they are inclined to cheat when they find a higher status alpha guy.
    Just a quick reality check.

  • xo
    xo 3 days ago +1

    She seems nothing like everyone’s comment? She seems loyal af

  • 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚

    Adam the simp

  • Idk
    Idk 6 days ago

    Yall clowning on adam but he gets to have threesomes with other girls and shit😭 i wish my girl would let me do that shit lmao

  • FireeStyle
    FireeStyle 8 days ago

    this nigga simping hard 😂😂

  • David Herrera
    David Herrera 8 days ago

    6:56 the cum shot? Lol


    DUDE ______when u have your BABY you will CHANGE all the PORN thing trust me....

  • piere de waaier
    piere de waaier 10 days ago

    dude is too high for his own good.

  • Brittany Bonnie
    Brittany Bonnie 11 days ago

    vlad its not all about u

  • Black Water
    Black Water 14 days ago

    Lena kinda beat. I'm pretty sure fouseytube is smashing her out. 🥀

  • noneya business
    noneya business 14 days ago

    Adam is a child molester. I have proof. I'm calling him out to be checked. He likes little girls 12-15. He talks I tge background of his shows about it. He's caught himself to an shut up one time. He's a pedo ass chomo Chester! I'm xalling you out Adam22. Streets have a green light on you now.

  • youresus
    youresus 14 days ago

    he looks skinny AF what happened

  • Daniel D'Percy
    Daniel D'Percy 15 days ago

    Adam is really hung up on Lena not getting filled in by other men.

  • Carlos Gonzalez Del Sol

    Major cuck bro, he seems like a nice guy but he keeps repeating to himself about she only has sex with her and other girls

  • Cosmic Baggy
    Cosmic Baggy 15 days ago +4

    Adam 100% regretting his life choices in this interview. Vlads laugh just making it worse 😂

  • BossInAZ EnT.
    BossInAZ EnT. 16 days ago

    6 figures a month to show her pussy gatdayummmm!

  • Allante Hunter
    Allante Hunter 16 days ago +2

    Atheists people always gotta mention god like they desperately want a god

  • love luv
    love luv 18 days ago

    Who the fuck koolaid this is??? This is a old ass man making porn to hand out basically to his underage groupie of kids who for some reason think hes dope. Am I the only one seeing how hes actually super creepy? His knowledge of music is not that profound or deep. It's weird. Really fucking weird.

  • Travis Stevens
    Travis Stevens 21 day ago

    All I can say is Pornhub.

  • Josh James
    Josh James 25 days ago

    @2:50 ...keep telling yourself that bro 😆😆😆

  • Lazy Eye
    Lazy Eye 25 days ago

    Damn a lot misogynistic folks in these threads. Acting like you can’t separate work from life being a pornstar just cause you’re a *FEMALE PORNSTAR*

  • NyzFreeThinker AKA SaintThomasJoseph

    Adam "I didnt have a problem with my penis on the porn set, thank you god" 22

  • sam bochat
    sam bochat 28 days ago

    Fools living the dream

  • westie420uk
    westie420uk 28 days ago

    Glad gonna pass the torch to Adam22.

  • Brody C.
    Brody C. 28 days ago

    “Go hump her”

  • Brody C.
    Brody C. 28 days ago +6

    Saw the video last night was like “hold up adam that can’t be you”

    • smokieweeds 420
      smokieweeds 420 19 days ago

      @gregthesplintercell yea I just watched it... Idk if homeboy was nervous or what but his performance wasn't good. Pornstars need to be pounded like sluts, it looked like he was just tryna cuddle.

    • gregthesplintercell
      gregthesplintercell 19 days ago

      The video has been released?

  • Mark Mercado
    Mark Mercado 28 days ago

    He look like gargamel @7:13

  • Myria Lynn
    Myria Lynn 29 days ago +1

    Sending Adam and Lena lots of love ❤

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez 29 days ago

    Lena let reily Reid suck up shrimp adam

  • Niytmare Ryu
    Niytmare Ryu 29 days ago

    I bet everyone has their porn websites ready

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh 29 days ago +2

    Lena the butt plug

  • Don Present
    Don Present Month ago

    Benzino on the cover of Penthouse?!

  • Desmond Kaczynski
    Desmond Kaczynski Month ago +4

    Yo Adam actually did a porno I found it

    • Aries_Lion
      Aries_Lion 28 days ago

      I literally couldn’t fucking jerk off to that shit without finding it disturbing since I’m a huuuge fan of Adams podcast

  • Nick No
    Nick No Month ago

    Fucking dork. Adam 22 gauge to his head hopefully

  • Melvin Sprewel
    Melvin Sprewel Month ago

    Damn A22 living a life the breeds haters by the Millions. Reilly Reed damn bruh!

  • Angela Netherton
    Angela Netherton Month ago

    Sure they did!! Come on those two sick fu$kers would do anything!!

  • Yeezy Police 1⃣
    Yeezy Police 1⃣ Month ago +4

    Dang vlad. You tryna get with Lena or what? “Would you care if Lena got with another man?” 😂😂😂

  • William Holmes
    William Holmes Month ago +1

    I saw the scene funny as hell his girl got a beautiful body

  • lil chxrrpp
    lil chxrrpp Month ago

    They did a Brazzers. I bet it's some kinky shit. All butt plugs and sex toys.

  • Emanuel Miller
    Emanuel Miller Month ago

    I got him down with brazzer videos

    INDIGO T.V. Month ago +8

    Why bro face looks like it's melting

  • Scary Hours
    Scary Hours Month ago

    Its funny that as men we can have the thickest sexiest most beautiful chick on earth but its doesnt matter cause well eventually get bored and always want something else.

  • Jayjay Myers
    Jayjay Myers Month ago

    She’s a pornstar bro this simp said “ cam girl” to make himself feel better lol

  • Mr. tortelduck
    Mr. tortelduck Month ago

    Vlad tryna see if he can hit

  • StayWokeTv
    StayWokeTv Month ago +2

    *IRS has Entered the chat*

  • StayWokeTv
    StayWokeTv Month ago

    Vlad was coughed because he tried not to laugh

  • StayWokeTv
    StayWokeTv Month ago

    Vlad definitely jerked off to his pornos with Lena.

  • Theresa Carroll
    Theresa Carroll Month ago

    Lol adam’s face @ 7:11.

  • JD Lei
    JD Lei Month ago +2

    Vlad should’ve kept doing the pornstar interviews, pornstars have some crazy stories

  • Ash Wolf
    Ash Wolf Month ago +7

    3:03 - excessive blinking = sign of lying

  • Tianzu Wu
    Tianzu Wu Month ago

    Back end money???☻☻☻

  • OnceAgain
    OnceAgain Month ago

    Their porn video is sad.
    Why would they sell out their sex
    They will break up soon
    Lena the plug A DIRTY DIRTY BITCH

  • m0thafukkaj0nes 19Xx

    These niggas atheists,.... Bruh 😂

  • Sleeze
    Sleeze Month ago

    Adams a douche but Lena isn’t banging any other dudes
    There’s a lot of girls who cam and only fuck girls
    It’s not uncommon at all
    Also if you’ve seen his homemade porns with Lena you’d know he’s packing lol so he’s not insecure and he’s got hella clout and fucks other girls with Lena
    He’s a big dick nigga with big dick nigga energy most y’all incels who never have nor ever will have a three way in your life never the less be able to even maintain an erection in private nevertheless on camera

  • Ayo Fro
    Ayo Fro Month ago +1

    Vlad probably nutted to it

  • Tee Horton
    Tee Horton Month ago +4

    is it me or at 1:31 Adam 22 looks like drake with tattoos

  • Trevon Kobin
    Trevon Kobin Month ago +26

    Dam everyone hating on Adams life y’all sound mad🤣🤣🤣

  • Reese Romeo
    Reese Romeo Month ago +1

    Lena the plug be fucking everybody, if you think she just fucking you after you have fucked all these women with her. Best believe niggas hitting her up and she’s responding 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    NIKKI C. TV Month ago


  • x NWO x PacMan
    x NWO x PacMan Month ago

    Vlad weird ass love this shit