Interstellar: When Spectacle Eclipses Story

  • Published on Oct 21, 2015
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  • it's me
    it's me Hour ago

    I'm sorry I just cannot agree with Avatar slander

  • ruddy illanes
    ruddy illanes 5 hours ago

    I seriously doubt that you know anything about filmmaking

  • Gap piu piu
    Gap piu piu 15 hours ago

    Have you watched "The Following"?

  • Kotey Nikoi
    Kotey Nikoi 21 hour ago

    I feel alot of the times you refer to the collective and say WE you should really have been saying "I"

  • Dumdumshum
    Dumdumshum Day ago

    Booooo! You suck!

  • Kan Lumé
    Kan Lumé 2 days ago

    This video is proof that speaking in a confident, authoritative tone doesn't necessarily mean that the content has substance.

  • Derek Lewis
    Derek Lewis 2 days ago

    The best film is still Tomorrow Never Dies. You should do something about Bond.

  • Ig Tr
    Ig Tr 2 days ago

    About father daughter relationship, i believe that time given to them in the film was just right. As the daughters longing for her father, and fathers need to see his daughter ones more is the part of the story if not one of the driving fources of the story. By not being toghether is the force that pulls them to eachother and is important part of the story. Logic is, what is not there also shapes the story. Only at the end when she is on the verge of death and him on the crossroad of his life they find eachother, beating the impossible odds that universum created specialy for them. It is brief moment but powerfull one.

  • Nak Muay Guy
    Nak Muay Guy 2 days ago

    Interstellar, Batman trilogy and inception are future classics that, while hugely popular today, will be lamented by connoisseurs in the future. Nolan should try doing a series, his ideas are almost too huge for a movie run time

  • Marios Koutras
    Marios Koutras 3 days ago

    I think most people believe interstellar is a masterpiece because it was presented as a masterpiece, it's needlessly over two and a half hours long but some believe that this is a trait for an epic movie, it has awesome soundtrack, and it has an way above average ending, seeing a father meeting his now older(!) daughter it's surely something! It's really good and if you compare it with the useless movies we get today, it might be a masterpiece. But with some horrible acting in places along with some boring-cliche philosophical dialogues, the ATM machine with legs, and some questionable moments like when Cooper finds NASA and they telling him that he is the best for the mission yada yada, while they were ready to go without him anyway, they just met him, wtf? These details are keeping the movie from becoming a masterpiece of all time, it's good but not extremely good. Now, about deeper meanings and stuff, I can find deep meanings in Ace Ventura's movies so it's kind of subjective.

  • Unlocked
    Unlocked 4 days ago

    "Do you own James Cameron's Avatar? Have you seen it a second time?"
    "Me neither."
    ExCuSe Me?

  • Fábio Silva
    Fábio Silva 4 days ago

    Very poor insights about the movie. Very poor. You missed the whole point about Interstellar.

  • Blondie-Anon
    Blondie-Anon 4 days ago

    Totally wrong on almost everything

  • Rowen Lampe
    Rowen Lampe 4 days ago +1

    i couldnt disagree more, this movie was amazing to me, the soundtrack could make paint drying look epic and the father daughter story made me tear up, the only disappointing thing was the ending of their story, it was really cool to see him come back to his elderly daughter when he himself had only aged around a year, but it just seemed like the whole point of it was to say "hey look, shes old and happy, and hes still the same and sad" i mean come on. still top 10 for me though

  • papillon
    papillon 4 days ago +1

    I’m actually considering unsubscribing because of this video!

  • Nialzzz
    Nialzzz 4 days ago

    I still cry like a bitch when I see Coop watch the vids of Murph and Tom after getting back from the EV when time dilation literally decimated his life.
    Also, the live organ work on Zimmer’s soundtrack is utterly delicious.
    It would seem to me that the instrumentation on the soundtrack is carefully chosen as a subliminal metaphor for love and religion. The subconscious commentary one has, that they can’t quite verbalise, ties to this, in my opinion.

  • Phil Diamond
    Phil Diamond 4 days ago

    I couldn’t past the first 30 mins of Interstellar. I found it hammy, embarrassing and unbelievable. Simply not worth the time required to get to the end. And that stupid-looking robot-box-thing? Sorry, I just couldn’t take the film seriously, once that had appeared on the screen.

  • Boyce Webb
    Boyce Webb 6 days ago

    You’re entitled to your very WRONG opinion. I know great movies when I see them. Interstellar is great movie making.

  • Sam Hincks
    Sam Hincks 6 days ago

    A bunch of nonsense

  • Zach Amos
    Zach Amos 6 days ago

    Yeah I honestly didn’t think Avatar looked very good either.
    It hasn’t aged gracefully either.

  • H M
    H M 7 days ago

    That background music makes your words as a holly book .

  • ImBsal
    ImBsal 7 days ago +1

    OK. I m confused. Whether you were complimenting or criticizing the movie?

  • The Netflix Knowhow
    The Netflix Knowhow 7 days ago

    As someone who both owns and has seen Avatar multiple times, I feel personally attacked. As someone who saw Interstellar and had much the same befuddled and underwhelmed response to it, I feel personally vindicated.

  • Ezra Przytyk
    Ezra Przytyk 7 days ago +7

    I've seen Avatar like 3 or 4 times. Speak for yourself

  • Michael muleba
    Michael muleba 8 days ago +1

    I watched this and was scared, then I read the comments and knew it’s all good... people disagree with you on this one

  • Simon Drake
    Simon Drake 8 days ago

    I think Nolan makes better cinematic experiences, than films. I appreciate and am bedazzled about his work, especially on the big screen. Like a David Lean project. Packed with detail to be experienced on the biggest stage, whereas on a tiny screen any imperfection is more noticeable than the experience.

  • Adeyeye Samuel
    Adeyeye Samuel 8 days ago

    You can't critic a film while using its glorious OST

  • Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones 9 days ago

    For the defenders of this movie in the commments. Interstellar is garbage. As soon as earths problem was: can't grow crops. And the solution: space travel. The film looses all credibility.
    We have the tech now to deal with that.
    And to loosely quote Neil Degrasse Tyson, "Any problem the earth faces would be easier to fix than colonizing another planet. Any problem"

  • Jatin Shinde
    Jatin Shinde 9 days ago

    I used to like this channel until this video came up.

  • B. Mikhael
    B. Mikhael 9 days ago

    Honestly to this day, the scene with Dr. Bran about the power and essence of love is one of the most cherished learning experiences I had from a movie. You may call it awkward philosophical declarations but I’m sure to many of us, it makes sense.

  • Orlando Peña
    Orlando Peña 10 days ago

    So, you didn't understand interstellar the first time, or the second maybe it took you three because of nolan's quick passing... here's my question, ( let me quote Don keefer)
    Do we really need to slow down for these people?

  • Daniel Okey-Okoro
    Daniel Okey-Okoro 10 days ago

    Avatar is pretty good

  • AwkwardKyle
    AwkwardKyle 10 days ago +1

    Arrival was everything I wanted out of Interstellar

  • Dikshant Singh
    Dikshant Singh 10 days ago

    Wtf! Never thought of any person who would hate interstellar until I saw this video..smh

  • Pranav Patel
    Pranav Patel 11 days ago +3

    I watched Avatar 5 times in row.. Not kidding n I enjoyed more every time

  • yellow6ird
    yellow6ird 12 days ago

    For the first time I strongly disagree with you. The list of things you found lacking I found in abundance in the movie. You were just simply not on the same wavelength with where Nolan was coming from on this one. Interstellar is by no mean perfect, but it's definitely an epic emotional masterpiece. One of my all time favourite.

  • onelead
    onelead 13 days ago

    yes yes yes

  • latinokooljb
    latinokooljb 13 days ago

    I watched Avatar 3 times in theatre, dark knight & inception 4 times and interstellar twice.

  • True Potential
    True Potential 15 days ago +1

    No bro I disagree with you here. It is not a perfect movie. Which movie is? But as a film lover with a master's in physics the movie to me was emotionally engaging , and also satisfied my love for scientific accuracy (or how much it can be done in film) . I would always come back to the movie. There is no need to pick on Nolan even if it is because you hold him to a high standard. He has delivered .

  • Michael Beach
    Michael Beach 16 days ago +1

    I think you're mistaken in several ways. It leaves a lot for you to think about. It also follows the heroes journey pretty closely. Halfway through, I thought, "how will he be the master of both worlds?" and then, he does. You're being too hard on it overall. Its just a movie.

  • Jacob David
    Jacob David 16 days ago

    You are no doubt intelligent, and I normally enjoy your videos, but your criticisms of this movie are a fantastic example of how and why intelligent film critics, like yourself, fail to understand those of us with far less mental acuity. This is one of my favorite movies because behind all of the complex ideas being presented in this movie, one thing matters above all else. The love of a father for his child. How it can drive us to go to any length to fight for those we love. It’s sad how wrong you are about why so many of us love this movie.

  • Halim Ghani
    Halim Ghani 16 days ago +1

    I agree to everything you said but one : "Interstellar is far-cry from bad."
    Nope, Interstellar is plenty bad and extremely overrated.

  • ablazedark
    ablazedark 17 days ago

    i agree with this %100. interstellar is a bloated, showboaty, pedestrian hollywood flick. no importance to it whatsoever.

  • Paul Willis Jr.
    Paul Willis Jr. 17 days ago +2

    I like all of your videos, and I always enjoy your perspective.
    This time, I disagree with you. Interesting take

  • Jithin Sunny
    Jithin Sunny 17 days ago

    the agree. i am a fan of interstellar. but it fails to make me think on one subject, or emotions. it just moves from one concept to another at the same speed it moves from one idea to another.

  • Sunny Bibra
    Sunny Bibra 17 days ago

    FINALLY. FINALLY SOMEONE PUT INTO WORDS WHAT I FELT ABOUT THIS MOVIE. I've been trying for so long to find someone who felt the same about this movie as me after hearing everyone I talk about it to tell me "Dude wtf how do you not like Interstellar?" lol (Even the fact that this entire comments section disagrees with you makes me realize I honestly WISH i could've enjoyed this movie as much as everyone else did...Idk I think I was just so hyped after Inception/Dark Knight and am such a fan of Space that I expected TOO much and ultimately let myself down watching it smh...)

  • filteredcreativity
    filteredcreativity 17 days ago +1

    I think your definition of art is a bit skewed. Filmmaking is art, and it will be flawed as the people who make it are flawed. A perfect movie is a miracle.

  • marxalenina
    marxalenina 18 days ago +3

    Well. Minority here. I do agree with you.

  • Sotan Hepho
    Sotan Hepho 19 days ago

    The music is the real star in this movie, so goood!!!!

    TheMrPANGSAI 19 days ago

    nolan is a hack fraud

  • Jaswati
    Jaswati 19 days ago

    I've made a video about this movie through the psychological lens of love (that actually got blocked in the entire world because of copyright). The emotions even after the 6th time I watched it are far from describable.

    IAMDIMITRI 19 days ago

    I think that future of Cinema is 3D high definition, high dynamic range, surround sound, high fps larger then life stories! Cinema is using 24 fps because it's cheaper, not because it's better. Now we can do better and cheaper. People love 24 fps 2d because of nostalgia! Language of cinema and it's process evolves all the time, the question is: Do you want to be in the frontier creating culture?

  • Sleazy Challenger
    Sleazy Challenger 20 days ago

    I hate people who try to defend 2001 a space odyssey and pretend like it’s better than interstellar.
    You can say what you will, but 2001’s effects haven’t aged well. It had great set pieces, but that’s as far as it goes
    As far as character writing, story, effects, and overall enjoyment. I’d say interstellar is MUCH better than 2001.

  • Javier Lozano Guiler
    Javier Lozano Guiler 20 days ago

    Because of criticism like this to a really good movie is why Nolan was forced to do the boring Dunkirk

  • Hiranmoy Ghosh
    Hiranmoy Ghosh 20 days ago

    1:40 who just got goosebumps after hearing the soundtrack

  • 赤木秀一
    赤木秀一 22 days ago

    I have to disagree with you. Interstellar is a masterpiece. I watched it like 20 times and it gives me a chill every time.
    Interstellar is so good because it discussed that if "love" is quantifiable real stuff or just a human invention. and it handles it very well. you just grabbed some flaws of this movie them magnified it.

  • Anshu Vyas
    Anshu Vyas 23 days ago

    How many people liked 2001:A Space Odyssey?

  • Sarah Zahir
    Sarah Zahir 24 days ago

    I have a serious urge to judge people's emotional and IQ level when it comes to the term when they Don't like intersteller.

  • Tom Osborne
    Tom Osborne 25 days ago

    I agree with your criticisms of the film, but I was still absolutely gripped by it for its entire duration and some of the concepts were mind-blowing (for me, a non-astrophysicist). Cinematically and visually, it WAS fantastic, unlike Avatar. The story doesn't quite hold together when subjected to real scrutiny, but I still found myself desperate for everything to be okay as I identified with the struggle for the survival of the human species rather than necessarily the plight of individual characters. I guess it's a film of contradictions. Hugely ambitious and for me a thrilling and wonder-inducing ride, but ultimately has so much it wants to say and show to its audience that it loses coherence and depth as a piece of art.

  • Stardust Lordfinery
    Stardust Lordfinery 26 days ago

    Tf i loved ur channel but not interstellar never interstellar

  • Wow Bros Studios
    Wow Bros Studios 26 days ago

    Completely disagree with you.

  • Joe Benedict Silva
    Joe Benedict Silva 28 days ago

    How can i delete this video?

  • Criminology M.A.
    Criminology M.A. 29 days ago

    You should do a movie review on foreign films like Sholay (1975) or Das Boot (1981), that would be interesting.

  • Prophet
    Prophet Month ago

    I've seen Avatar like 50 times.

  • william g
    william g Month ago

    YES!! At last someone states the truth: Avatar was a horrible movie. Thank you.

  • _ doomkr6ft
    _ doomkr6ft Month ago

    That bit about love was a joke.
    Really galling gibberish for a movie that's been hurling science at the screen and then... Fucking love???
    Still hit me in the quasi-feels though.

  • skin
    skin Month ago

    I disagree entirely. Interstellar was perhaps the greatest cinematic experience in my entire life and no movie has ever left such an emotional impact on me as that masterclass of a film did.

  • Isra Meden
    Isra Meden Month ago

    si pudieras poner subtitulos as tus videos se agradecería , por mas videos como este, éxitos

  • OMB
    OMB Month ago +1

    I feel better knowing I'm not the only one to feel that way. I even find you quite nice with the movie compare to what I can say about it. I saw it on the theater and it was difficult to stay awake or focus all the time. Of course there is sooo many fuel for nice scenes that everyone find something to relate to in the movie. But the only feeling left for me, personally, after watching Interstellar was a bit of emptiness.

  • Pradeep Nagila
    Pradeep Nagila Month ago

    Nolan is the new- Stanley Kubrick .