My Hero Academia Season 4 Official Trailer (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - Comic Con 2019

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • Fear is on the rise in My Hero Academia Season 4. Watch the official English dub trailer for the new season straight out of San Diego Comic Con 2019, which premieres in October 2019, streaming on Funimation.
    This dub is an IGN timed exclusive.*
    My Hero Academia's Season 4 Premiere Is Dark and Hilarious
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  • mia neave
    mia neave Hour ago

    im a a manga reader but i also watch the anime so not to spoil it i dont read any of the mangas that will spoil the anime but i also know a little bit about the little girl from other people :

  • Privateer Liew
    Privateer Liew 2 hours ago

    Whatever it takes...

  • Aya Mull
    Aya Mull 4 hours ago

    According to the Japanese trailer that i can bearly read My Hero Academia will be out in October 12 , 2019 at 5:30.

  • coc attackers
    coc attackers 4 hours ago

    Think how cool it will be that in next season final fight midoria gets his own quirk 'instant heal' instead of one for all how cool that be that every time he get injured he can heal himself
    If u like this concept like

  • Izuku Midoria
    Izuku Midoria 17 hours ago

    Can someone one tell me a mobile app that I can watch my hero academia in English on?

  • qeqw 1234
    qeqw 1234 18 hours ago

    overhaul and the rewind girl

  • Cloudy Day
    Cloudy Day 18 hours ago

    It's Octoberrrrrrrrr.

  • Kendria Pampilo
    Kendria Pampilo Day ago


  • Welcome Matt
    Welcome Matt Day ago

    Oh nice Iida has invisibility too now

  • Joseph Ferraro
    Joseph Ferraro Day ago

    Im thrilled for season 4

  • Cøøkíê Flüffy
    Cøøkíê Flüffy 2 days ago

    I can't wait to watch it! But,I think it will take a year so I'll watch other anime's and wait until to season 4!

  • Priscilla Yang
    Priscilla Yang 2 days ago

    Yall i keep reading that the manga readers are sobbing and im just waiting for deku in anime to say he can use his power to 8.5%

  • Cloud furry Playz
    Cloud furry Playz 2 days ago

    Eri must be protected at all cost

  • LunarEclipseLove
    LunarEclipseLove 2 days ago

    Ok like. I’m super excited for this season. But at 0:11 EREN WTF ARE YOU DOING IN THE HERO ACADEMIA?!?

  • Pokémon ant gamer
    Pokémon ant gamer 2 days ago

    Can what

  • Leka ?
    Leka ? 2 days ago

    hey i wonder if ochako and kachan will be a thing and deku and Melissa like is u agree

  • JayJay 247
    JayJay 247 2 days ago

    Jrejdhdndjd xhsnsdhsdj jesj rdebxjdjdidnisbdje!!!!!!!!? I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Plants vs Zombies let's go Plants vs Zombies

    I wish the main character who has one for all becomes evil in season 4

  • Kayla Catness
    Kayla Catness 3 days ago +1

    When’s season 4 coming on Hulu with dub vet?

  • EMSItachi
    EMSItachi 3 days ago

    What I think the girl is:
    The new villains little sister, reincarnated all might lol,
    Or a decoy sent by the villains. I dont know tbh

  • Lilith
    Lilith 4 days ago

    Her voice broke my heart

  • Did U see My Jams
    Did U see My Jams 4 days ago

    Season 4 will be the end of My hero academia :(

  • Danny Qin
    Danny Qin 4 days ago

    If u think season 4 is gonna be dark wait till you see the latest arc

  • Minecraft Parrot
    Minecraft Parrot 4 days ago

    yeah he wears his bunny ear rare

  • Blake Missey
    Blake Missey 5 days ago

    Bro low key i am super excited for this next season. I have rewatched MHA 3 times lol! Can't wait to see where @Funimation takes us this time.

  • Asap Mex
    Asap Mex 5 days ago

    Y’all know it’s gonna be fire when Deku is finally wearing his mask!!

  • idosteath
    idosteath 5 days ago

    Ok season 5 now

  • NinjaYT Gaming
    NinjaYT Gaming 5 days ago

    All might is dead :(

  • james
    james 5 days ago

    I really want the fuking endeavor arc

  • Shaarsp
    Shaarsp 5 days ago

    Whatever it takes

  • Mr. Cool
    Mr. Cool 5 days ago

    Hello there young MHA fan. Welcome to the comment section!
    Now please, I advise you to stop scrolling down because,

  • Mr. Cool
    Mr. Cool 5 days ago

    Hey, it comes out at the same month as my birthday!

  • Hope Blackney
    Hope Blackney 5 days ago

    the 12th is right around the corner and i am freaking out

  • Bryan Yap
    Bryan Yap 5 days ago

    Ohhhh boyyyyy

  • Ryuu Lisha
    Ryuu Lisha 5 days ago

    Ahhhhhhhh October is so close but I can hardly still wait, it feels like years that my hero academia season 4 is gonna release I'm too excited. But I'll wait as long as It takes cause I know that animating is hard work... XD (sorry if I sound impatient)

  • Shenique Jackson
    Shenique Jackson 6 days ago

    This is definitely so Super MEGA ULTRA Cool and Awesome and Badass! Now, I definitely CANNOT wait to see this next month in October! REALLY love this Anime SO much from FUNimation! I just can't get enough of this!

  • Melee Orange
    Melee Orange 6 days ago

    0:53 Whatever it takes...

    I missed tony stark

  • josiah jenks
    josiah jenks 6 days ago

    Why does this new guy sound so eerily similar to Mark Hamill? 0:29 and 0:46

  • 9u1ian
    9u1ian 6 days ago

    I’m hyped af

  • Spider_Thing 663
    Spider_Thing 663 6 days ago +2

    I just finished season 3 and Imma watch the movie with my friends, season 4 is gonna come out on my birthday month I'm so excited

  • Mr. Jamify
    Mr. Jamify 7 days ago

    Im so excited for this new season i rewatched the anime 4 times over and I even started reading the mangas

  • JamesGamingPH
    JamesGamingPH 7 days ago

    wow its comming on october :o

  • Kaito Kid
    Kaito Kid 7 days ago

    can eri rewind all might?

  • FlightlessCoffee BirdBoy

    All this hype, I'm just waiting for Gentle to show up.

  • Layla The Puppers
    Layla The Puppers 7 days ago


  • Quickpaw Maud
    Quickpaw Maud 7 days ago

    I am more excited for season 5 than season 4 I want to see the pro hero arc animated more than anything else

  • Atharva Mishra
    Atharva Mishra 8 days ago

    anime watchers: What the heck u mean that girl
    manga readers: You only said us NO SPOILERS!!!!!
    anime watchers: MaN O MaN I cant wait for the the anime alteast
    manga readers: Lol he is over exticted XD

  • Saitama
    Saitama 8 days ago

    Can't wait

  • azam shah
    azam shah 9 days ago +1

    What is goong to happen in ss4 manga readers tell me plzzzz
    After watching some some comments I am afraid tell me who are manga readers in comments zz

    • GenocideGeoff
      GenocideGeoff 7 days ago

      The girl with the white hair,her quirk allows her to rewind time or rather objects back to a state before a drastic change occurred. I believe theres limitations to this,anyway. Deku ends up saving her and carrying her on his back as he fights the new bad guy who has the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct people. Mainly to rid them of their quirks. He believes quirks are indeed a sickness or blight.
      So Deku fights the new baddy at 100% power,his bones breaking each time BUT the girl hes piggy backing rewind his limbs back to their previous state so he can just go all out with little to no consequences other than immense pain. But justice overrides pain anyday.

    KERWIN NAIDOO 9 days ago

    One more month

  • Kelis Mayo
    Kelis Mayo 9 days ago

    So pretty much the whole season has 1 Blood 2 sweat 3 tears LOTS OF THEM and the main focus is to protect a little girl..


    SANKI 9 days ago +1

    How long will it take for its English dubbed episode to come and the original is released??

  • I W L I A
    I W L I A 9 days ago

    1 month

  • Stinger Stop motion creator

    I want to see more shigaraki tbh cause hes my favorite and to anyone who disagrees can fight me

  • Scott Lang
    Scott Lang 10 days ago

    anyone else find overhaul's dub voice a little off?

  • Putin Straight
    Putin Straight 10 days ago


  • Blz-SirVexツ
    Blz-SirVexツ 10 days ago

    octobber hm my birthdayday

  • Flash Gamer
    Flash Gamer 10 days ago

    When it starts?? Date please

  • r o u x
    r o u x 10 days ago

    Why asked my boy all might gotta die bruv

  • Nessa loves anime
    Nessa loves anime 10 days ago

    I just leave this here bc my baby got screentime for 3 seconds 0:17