How Germany might change its lineup vs. Sweden in crucial 2018 World Cup game | ESPN FC


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  • NonSurvivorOne
    NonSurvivorOne 22 days ago

    1:14 Jogi Lo

  • Faro LATAM
    Faro LATAM 24 days ago

    Mexikanerna har kopierat Bielsa fotboll, vad de måste göra är att hålla första gången, eftersom de kommer att lägga mycket press och i den andra kommer de att slita ut, de måste sätta fasta spelare och likvida Mexiko i andra halvlek, det var vad Holland gjorde med Chile I den senaste världscupen gillar jag dig, hälsningar!

  • kiwiekatten
    kiwiekatten 25 days ago

    Ha ha sweden... this is for all the Nasty muslims You let in to EU..... oh.... so did germany. Well... Fuck both of You !!!

  • Name is irrelevant 444
    Name is irrelevant 444 25 days ago +1

    Hell nahhhhh germany better make it out with mexico

  • K. S.
    K. S. 25 days ago

    No Ozil.

  • MMaya
    MMaya 25 days ago

    if I have to see this disgusting Low eating his own boogers one more time I will puke!!

  • ody hc26
    ody hc26 26 days ago

    #Initial für Miroslave Klose "Deutschland spielt normalerweise unter Druck sein bestes Spiel, weshalb ich mir bisher keine Sorgen mache (gegen Schweden). Ich bin sehr positiv", sagte Klose, zitiert von Sky Sports. Klose bat Deutschland, keine Ausreden für die Niederlage Mexikos zu suchen. Ihm zufolge müssen die deutschen Spieler unter diesen Bedingungen positiv denken. "Sie sagen, das Gras ist zu hoch, die Schiedsrichter sind nicht fair und die Sonne ist zu heiß, das mag ich nicht", sagte Klose. "Ich denke immer voraus und versuche, alles aufzunehmen. Wir haben Spieler, die uns jetzt dorthin bringen müssen und den Charakter haben, der erste zu sein", sagte der beste Torschützenkönig der Welt.

  • altab hossain
    altab hossain 26 days ago

    thanks Germany victrois

  • NotA Ethug
    NotA Ethug 26 days ago

    Keep smellin your nutz

  • TucoChannel
    TucoChannel 26 days ago

    Not even Fuhrer Angelo Merkel can save this pitiful Kraut team.

  • jb2
    jb2 26 days ago

    This manager for Germany has been wrong from the beginning...he wants to change the lineup? Okay, let’s see what happens...with a man down it was nice to get a win for Germany even though (imho) the manager has been wrong from the very beginning....

  • Murphy moe
    Murphy moe 26 days ago

    Seriously now the second half has to be the best 45' ever go get them Germany

  • Mike Arredondo
    Mike Arredondo 26 days ago +1

    Hey Craig burley fk off u Scottish prick

  • sri sri
    sri sri 26 days ago

    Hey Germany wins

  • sri sri
    sri sri 26 days ago

    Germany 5-0

  • sri sri
    sri sri 26 days ago

    World Cup winner Germany

    • Nestor Pelayo
      Nestor Pelayo 26 days ago

      sri sri No Belgium does, fuck Germany.

  • sri sri
    sri sri 26 days ago

    Germany winner

  • Evans O
    Evans O 26 days ago

    Things might not be looking great for Germany right now, but they'll still make it to the knockout rounds. There would be something terribly wrong if that didn't happen. It would just simply be too great a fall from grace.

  • DanielSong39
    DanielSong39 26 days ago

    Put players in the midfield, the 7-0-3 formation was not effective.

  • Umang Srivastava
    Umang Srivastava 26 days ago


  • uchiha rain
    uchiha rain 26 days ago

    Germany will be the first one to be knocked out of world cup

    • you gamer
      you gamer 25 days ago

      uchiha rain stfu ignorant asshole

  • Evan Lin
    Evan Lin 26 days ago

    Hey!Germany only lost against Mexico because the ref was being bias

  • uchiha rain
    uchiha rain 26 days ago

    Sweden will win

    • you gamer
      you gamer 25 days ago

      uchiha rain my ass stupid ignorant, do you even know who tf is Germany, they never being eliminated in group stage since 1938 and you thought they will lose that record lol

  • Renaldo Smith
    Renaldo Smith 26 days ago +1

    I am betting Germany loses to Sweden

    • you gamer
      you gamer 25 days ago

      Renaldo Smith you are ignorant Germany never being eliminated in group stage and you really thought they will lose lol

      CHOLF BLUE 26 days ago

      Renaldo Smith lol u lost the bet give me my money faggot.

    • Farhan Qadri
      Farhan Qadri 26 days ago

      Renaldo Smith good luck. This match is pretty unpredictable tho

    HOMiCiDE CLYDE 26 days ago

    Sweden can't fuck this up they gotta beat Germany

  • Adem Demirdag
    Adem Demirdag 26 days ago

    They need to play high-tempo so they should stop playing Khedira with Kroos. Put Groetzka or Gundogan with Kroos, put Müller as Striker, Werner is good at running behind the defense but opponents are closing down the space so you don't need him at this stage. Play Brandt on the wing.

  • Akilu Rajan
    Akilu Rajan 26 days ago +1

    I'm expecting a pre- quarter match between Germany nd Brazil.....
    Nd that will be a great show !!!

  • Djenga Demba
    Djenga Demba 26 days ago +3

    Sweden will win!!! 0-0 in 80 minutes, Germany will lose on counter going all out for the win

  • Nunca Desista
    Nunca Desista 26 days ago +1

    Germany 2-0 Sweden

      CHOLF BLUE 26 days ago

      Nunca Desista close it was 2 -1.

  • Rena Sanchez
    Rena Sanchez 26 days ago +18

    Bye bye big neighbour
    80 % of austrian people will support SWEDEN

    • Zyrium
      Zyrium 25 days ago


    • Rena Sanchez
      Rena Sanchez 25 days ago

      Gonzoo gratuliere ...noch mal Glück gehabt .. euer Traum geht weiter .. hoffe Südkorea wird zu euerem Alptraum 🤣

    • Rena Sanchez
      Rena Sanchez 25 days ago

      Kim Jong Maas du bist Koreaner KIM....sei froh das ich für Korea bin und nicht für Deutschland lol

    • Kim Jong Maas
      Kim Jong Maas 26 days ago +1

      Renato Trupp Unser 17tes Bundesland sollte nicht zu frech werden!

    • *Flowerdream *
      *Flowerdream * 26 days ago


  • Tejas Bhatia
    Tejas Bhatia 26 days ago

    That background music XD

  • Samson Manase
    Samson Manase 26 days ago

    Khedira is slow and Ozil . They have pace on the bench need to use those and rudeger starting

  • Kromexstylezzz Zz
    Kromexstylezzz Zz 26 days ago

    Ter stegen in goal

  • Nieves
    Nieves 26 days ago +1

    What happen to Gotze

    • t ng
      t ng 26 days ago

      He didn't make the squad. He's drastically dropped in form since the last world cup. Probably because of failing health.

  • Udar Pavarota
    Udar Pavarota 26 days ago

    If Gomez plays I'm going to be upset.

  • I Was Sent From the Future

    Germany will probably still reach the final

    • Marek Svec
      Marek Svec 10 days ago

      Sure they will ready the final flight home.

    • Farhan Qadri
      Farhan Qadri 26 days ago +1

      I Was Sent From the Future u cant tell. Its really competitive. And no u werent sent from the future

  • Suyash Manjrekar
    Suyash Manjrekar 26 days ago

    Khedira? Germany looses if Khedira plays. Disgustingly bad in the game against Mexico

  • Mr. Slimmy Jimmy
    Mr. Slimmy Jimmy 26 days ago +1

    This isn’t the same team from 2014, their pace has been slow

  • Hamoudi Duty
    Hamoudi Duty 26 days ago +7

    Gomez should start Ahead of werner

    • Hamoudi Duty
      Hamoudi Duty 24 days ago

      Jonas Bichara I was giving a fucking opinion you douche. I already proved that I know about football. I probably started watching and playing before you. If you don't believe me then fuck off. I'm one of the youngest people to start watching football. Now fuck off, thinking this whole thing is battle. I win I lose. What a loser.

    • Jonas Bichara
      Jonas Bichara 25 days ago

      It's what you were talking about before you started deflecting. Your dumb ass knows you know fuck all about football but you're too much of a wuss to admit it. So yeah you lost. Go back to playing Fifa and using Gomez as "real striker"

    • Hamoudi Duty
      Hamoudi Duty 25 days ago

      Jonas Bichara hmmm, that's not even what I was talking about. I'm talking about the fighting situation you pleb. You just embarrassed yourself. Says I lost. 😂.

    • Jonas Bichara
      Jonas Bichara 25 days ago

      Look at Gomez's damn performances you daft cunt! The reason why I know you're fake is because you don't know that Gomez is shit, which means you don't watch any football matches! Get that through your thick fucking skull you turd.For everyone who watches football regularly the choice between Werner and Gomez should be a no-fucking-brainer yet you're too dense for that. I don't need to fucking prove you wrong just look up his recent performances. Ever heard of wikipedia? Goalimpact? Soccerstats? Spielverlagerung? Squawka? No, because you're fake. Fuck off, you lost. Dumbass.

    • Hamoudi Duty
      Hamoudi Duty 25 days ago

      Jonas Bichara you can't even prove me wrong. What a twat.

  • Alfonso Vega
    Alfonso Vega 26 days ago +3

    I don’t know squat about soccer but I feel like I should trust everything the guy on the far right is saying lol.

  • Adn Ben
    Adn Ben 26 days ago

    They are playing old school game...

  • 44 Beatzz
    44 Beatzz 26 days ago +2

    Gomez will play. Auf gehts!

  • Lautaro Cardone
    Lautaro Cardone 26 days ago +5

    Is a MUST win for Germany, imagine them being eliminated in the group stage... 😲

    • Marek Svec
      Marek Svec 10 days ago

      Lautaro Cardone Last place in their group ;)

    • you gamer
      you gamer 25 days ago +1

      Lautaro Cardone they won and Germany never eliminated in group stage since 1938

    • Zurul BF2
      Zurul BF2 26 days ago +1

      a disaster

  • Lautaro Cardone
    Lautaro Cardone 26 days ago +28

    Why Khedira and not Goretzka or Gündogan? 🤔

    • Ludwig Ulfson
      Ludwig Ulfson 25 days ago

      Honestly it baffles me how goretzka still hasn’t played considering the flaws Germany has been having in defense

    • S Suleman
      S Suleman 26 days ago +1

      They should put in Goretzka instead of Khedira

    • Hail Hydra
      Hail Hydra 26 days ago +1

      Hamoudi Duty maybe..but no khedira. he slows the game. and I want goretkza instead of draxler.

    • Lautaro Cardone
      Lautaro Cardone 26 days ago

      I just hate Khedira so much 😂

    • Lautaro Cardone
      Lautaro Cardone 26 days ago

      Anshu Anand Good point...

  • Neonity
    Neonity 26 days ago

    I want Sweden to win but i don’t think they stand a chance vs Germany

  • Azwan Dbl9582
    Azwan Dbl9582 26 days ago +5

    hope germany winn

  • Paul Berusch
    Paul Berusch 26 days ago +2

    Selling tickets 50% off Germany vs Sweden. Phone number: (718)576-8537

  • rahul Kaushik
    rahul Kaushik 26 days ago +2

    Hummels already out of Sweden game

  • Мирослав Цанев

  • The 99%
    The 99% 26 days ago +1

    Germany needs to fix the hole on the right side of the defense that mexico explored so well. They also need to finish better.
    This German team is a completely different squad than the best German team of all time of 2014.

    • The 99%
      The 99% 25 days ago

      The german 2014 team. Your taking them for granted..

    • Jonas Bichara
      Jonas Bichara 25 days ago

      How am I taking that for granted? I'm essentially saying my country is shit! Wtf???

    • The 99%
      The 99% 26 days ago

      Jonas Bichara, You blind yourself with results that are already in the books. Nobody and I will repeat that, NOBODY wins a world cup by having luck only or not being the best team.
      They beat France straight up in a difficult, They beat Argentina, they demolished "my" mentally weak Brazil 7-1 and that game could've been 10, 12, 15-1 but that german team was very classy and respectful and even took their foot off the gas after it was 7-1 so the humiliation could've been even worse. Those are facts.
      I have this conversations all the time with my german friend, so please give credit where credit is due.
      I would love to have a Miroslav Klose playing for Brazil or a Messi because thats pure talent and they wrote history for their countries/ clubs.
      This not the continuation of the 2014 german team. This is a new, young team that only a few pieces carried over from 14. Lots of guys of the german team in 14 retired. It's all a process my friend...

    • The 99%
      The 99% 26 days ago

      Jonas Bichara, Should've, could've, Would've, if, but. They were the champions and one of the best teams ever in the history of the world cups. I'm Brazilian and they kicked Brazil's ass like I've never seen before in my lifetime and I have seen great Brazil teams in 1994, 1998 and 2002 and I risk to say that 2014 Germany was better than 1994 Brazil, and 1998 Brazil and was as good or better than 2002 Brazil. That's how humble I am to talk about that team. You as a German fan is taking that for granted.

    • Jonas Bichara
      Jonas Bichara 26 days ago

      Greatest German team of all time? Obviously the 2014 squad would beat the 1954 squad because player quality is still on the rise, but Germany was in no way the best team in the world in 2014. France, Argentina and Brazil all had better ones.
      Klose may be top scorer in the word cup, but he was 36 in 2014, quit ignoring my arguments ffs. He was in no way as good in 2014 as he was in 2002. I don't know if you watched the 2002 WC, but I don't need to justify myself since you obviously ignore everything you don't agree with.
      Favoritism creates bias, something I choose to reject.I'm 50% German but that 2014 performance was very flawed and we're seeing the continuation of that right now at the world cup.
      Don't respond to this comment, you're annoying af and I hope you'll reconsider your words next time before hastily replying.

  • Eduard Caupa
    Eduard Caupa 26 days ago +11

    It doesn't matter what German team is on the pitch, they need to win against Sweden tomorrow, or they can fly home already. That's it.😉

    • Nestor Pelayo
      Nestor Pelayo 26 days ago

      Warnier We? More like them! You're not part of the team lmao.

    • Warnier
      Warnier 26 days ago +1

      Morten 85 We won't play like we did against South Korea. We saw it in the qualifiers as well when we beat France only to lose against Bulgaria in the next game. We are waaaay better when we don't have to control the game and when we are underdogs.

      HOMiCiDE CLYDE 26 days ago +1

      Eduard Caupa let them fly home then

    • Morten 85
      Morten 85 26 days ago +2

      Im sure they will win it. Because sweden played terrible against a VERY weak south korea. If sweden plays like that against germany and german players stop running like slacking 60 years old grandfathers, they will absolutly win

  • Big Wasabi
    Big Wasabi 26 days ago +3

    Sweden 🇸🇪 can handle it Hæld og Lykke .

  • The First Ever Black Person

    Is joechim low ever happy. I dont think I've ever seen him smile

    • Devesh Pandey
      Devesh Pandey 26 days ago

      The First Ever Black Person when he won the world cup

  • Alcka Kalrøsson
    Alcka Kalrøsson 26 days ago +2

    no doubt, sweden wont win

  • gretz lawrence
    gretz lawrence 26 days ago +7

    germany gonna lose they not making it out of their group.
    this is not the same team from 2014.

    • gretz lawrence
      gretz lawrence 22 days ago

      you shut the fuck up I was right. learn your game bro.
      I saw this germany team losing from miles away they are missing KEY players from the 2014 world cup.
      the main player that made Germany great in 2014 was Miroslav Klose. then you had others like Philipp Lahm,
      Lukas Podolski, Mario Goetze.

    • gretz lawrence
      gretz lawrence 25 days ago

      LOL why are you so butthurt ?
      germany is not gonna make it pass the group south koera gonna win

    • you gamer
      you gamer 25 days ago

      gretz lawrence stfu same team or not they never being eliminated since 1938 in group stage so never say Germany will lose because they are strong

    • gretz lawrence
      gretz lawrence 26 days ago

      "Easy Game... Brazil helped a lot playing like shit." lol
      Germany played super well in 2014.... wtf are you talking about.. lol yeah they only won the world cup by pure luck....

    • Rena Sanchez
      Rena Sanchez 26 days ago

      gretz lawrence why ??? 2014 they was also playing bad ..but there they had luck... now the luck is over they will going out ...

  • SuperLeica1
    SuperLeica1 26 days ago +22

    Just put Leroy Sane into the team, and wait 4 years.

    • konspiratzailea
      konspiratzailea 26 days ago +2

      He did not play well for the national team, mate.

    • KingHind
      KingHind 26 days ago +2

      SuperLeica1 QATAR?!

  • Tilson Tomas
    Tilson Tomas 26 days ago +1

    Bring Lars Stindl.

    JEFFREY 26 days ago +11

    Germany needs speed. They looked slow as hell on the wings vs Mexico.

    • Rafael
      Rafael 26 days ago

      Sane is great, but wasn't for the national team. Low is not wrong here as he also has Reus and Draxler to play that position, as well as many other amazing players that had to be in the team. I WANTED Sane to play, but the mothafucker couldn't put a single good performance... he messed up his chance.

    • Will !
      Will ! 26 days ago +5

      eminemishh LEEEEROOOOOY SANEEE

    • eminemishh
      eminemishh 26 days ago +5

      JEFFREY If only they had someone to fill that gap.......

  • Masshole
    Masshole 26 days ago +2

    The Master Race will bounce back

  • The Wallstar
    The Wallstar 26 days ago +1

    That nigga on the thumbnail is the same funky ass dirty from twitter digging in his crotch smelling his hands and scratching his ass and smelling it 🤮🤢

  • SpaceOctopusMEX
    SpaceOctopusMEX 26 days ago +1

    Sweden ties with Germany

      CHOLF BLUE 26 days ago

      Mbae Masele well look at the result faggot.

    • Mbae Masele
      Mbae Masele 26 days ago +1

      Swedes will win

  • Alexx Allert
    Alexx Allert 26 days ago +4

    Low should of called up Sandro Wagner from Bayern Munich as a threat in the box...Werner is good but he cant hold the line by himself

    • Zurul BF2
      Zurul BF2 26 days ago +1

      Yeah, he played good, Löw didnt take him, he remains retired. And now? You can't change it, I can't change it, Löw can't, only Wagner can. And I'm not even sure if Löw will take him then.

    • Alexx Allert
      Alexx Allert 26 days ago

      Zurul BF2 what I want from you is to respect my opinion. The FACT still remains he retired AFTER Low didnt take him. He played in the qualifiers and did well....I know what im talking about

    • Zurul BF2
      Zurul BF2 26 days ago

      What do you want from me? You think I dont know why he retired? FACT is, that he retired and all this lamenting that Löw should have taken Wagner to the WC, is obsolete.

    • Alexx Allert
      Alexx Allert 26 days ago

      Zurul BF2 go read the article on why Sandro Wagner retired from international football and then come back and talk

    • Zurul BF2
      Zurul BF2 26 days ago

      "When Low didnt select him then he decided to retire from international football....again I say do your homework" no really?

  • Nick Ronaldo
    Nick Ronaldo 26 days ago +15


    • Hail Hydra
      Hail Hydra 26 days ago

      Dunning Kruger hummels out seriously???? I don't see any good defender like hummels and boateng.

    • Dunning Kruger
      Dunning Kruger 26 days ago

      Hummels is out

    • kerpal3
      kerpal3 26 days ago

      John Log agreed. WC is a lot different than the qualifying rounds. Low screwed up regarding Sane but I think the team will likely still win over Sweden.

    • John Log
      John Log 26 days ago +1

      That's what they get for not calling up Sane


    Sweden don't have Zlatan so I guess Germany benefit from that.

    • Nestor Pelayo
      Nestor Pelayo 26 days ago

      Yeah because Sweden is all they will ever have. They ain't beating Germany. Mexico, maaayyybe, but not Germany.

    • RobertCraven70
      RobertCraven70 26 days ago +3

      Run Ronaldo Run Sweden better without zlatan.

    • Trip.
      Trip. 26 days ago +3

      Andy 24 zlatan fucking sucks

    • Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD
      Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD 26 days ago

      "It isn't the World Cup without Zlatan." - Zlatan

    • Andy 24
      Andy 24 26 days ago

      Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD it would have been unfair if zlatan would have played. The world cup wouldnt have allowed that

  • jaylen patterson
    jaylen patterson 26 days ago

    Does that old man really still play??

  • EliT31223
    EliT31223 26 days ago +61

    They need to start reus