DIY SSD made of SD Cards!

  • Published on Feb 7, 2018
  • Does it make ANY sense to make your OWN SSD from Micro SD cards?
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  • Super Smash Dolls
    Super Smash Dolls 9 months ago +825

    "Do NOT support UHS-I" means they don't support the higher-speed microSD modes. UHS-I cards are require to work in non-UHS bus microSD slots. It means that it'll work, just not anywhere close to the rated speed for the card.

    • Chris Canela
      Chris Canela 2 days ago

      Huh? What? When I seen "Do NOT support UHS-I" I thought to myself "well ok then use a UHS-II or UHS-III" which are much faster, although way more expensive which would make no sense at all but just for the fun of it ;), but your saying they don't support higher-speed since they Do NOT support UHS-I? I NO UNDERSTAND -Chinese voice

    • Introvert Kitty
      Introvert Kitty 28 days ago

      love me some cf and micro drives

    • Brian Byon
      Brian Byon Month ago

      3:32 I love that funny

  • Robin
    Robin 8 hours ago

    Why do you need a large capacity or superfast SSD if you run an OS entirely from an 8GB RAM drive? In such a case, you can buy the version that takes only 4 microSD cards for $24.00 from Banggood and have a low power consumption shock resistant computer. I think with the right job, this might be the right tool at a worthwhile, corner-cutting savings. With online storage easily available with every new email account you add anyway, and web apps, large storage HDs or SSDs are what no longer make sense. 40GB for an SSD is plenty.

  • Piotr Wilczewski
    Piotr Wilczewski 10 hours ago +1

    Much better results:

  • Vinny
    Vinny 16 hours ago

    That Thumbnail looks like a GangBang

  • Dirceu :v
    Dirceu :v Day ago

    You should make an entire gaming pc from all those chinese parts that you guys buy from the internet and see how it works, personally i would LOVE to watch a video like that

  • remember old fashioned trousers?

    Why put the cards in order if you're adding all 10? ;)

  • EthanclineW
    EthanclineW 2 days ago

    Mow make an SSD made out of USB storage devices.

  • Chris Canela
    Chris Canela 2 days ago

    Why not then use UHS-II or UHS-III?

  • Robert Smeagles
    Robert Smeagles 3 days ago

    2:00 Pretty sure it wouldn't matter what order you put your microSD cards in considering they'll all see the power at the same time...

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee 3 days ago

    A1 or A2 class cards would perform better, the kind you would (or should) use in a phone. Ive had some high speed write cards, 70mb/sec approx, but fail in writing 4K video from a camera and cut out after a few minutes, even though its a sequential 7.5mb/sec stream as the amount of internal operations per second the card can handle was god awful. Still a big why though.

  • YabuszQo !
    YabuszQo ! 3 days ago


  • Kishur's Official
    Kishur's Official 3 days ago

    Can it play crisis?

  • Safti
    Safti 4 days ago

    Nice video!

  • karan yadav
    karan yadav 4 days ago

    Next video 'ssd made of rams'. Hit like if you want to see this.

  • Pi
    Pi 5 days ago

    One use is disposable data since SD cards can be broken quickly and broken to bits easily enough. More easily than an SSD or HDD

  • davimatte0
    davimatte0 5 days ago

    I find you very unpleasant

  • Dr Derp Derpinston
    Dr Derp Derpinston 6 days ago

    Drive letter *K*
    Good choice 👍

  • ville takkunen
    ville takkunen 6 days ago

    Your hands are really dry Linus, it bugs the hell outta me

  • I C
    I C 6 days ago

    Well it may be slow, but hey at least it's unstable!

  • Dave Luxmore
    Dave Luxmore 6 days ago

    It's cool for a school project, not so much for practical application.

  • Buklen
    Buklen 6 days ago

    what if I wanna use 6 SD cards, can I use 6 SD cards?

  • Andrewik
    Andrewik 6 days ago

    I accidently allocated part of my SSD to letter "G" so I called the drive Spot (G:) and I install video games on it.

  • Andrius Dukšta
    Andrius Dukšta 7 days ago

    Interesting video, but man your voice is fucking annoying...

  • Ty Guy
    Ty Guy 7 days ago

    i was actually kinda hoping this wouldnt run in raid... i would have bought one if it just read 10 cards off one sata as individual drives. it would still be kinda pointless, but im sure i could find more use for that than a raid sd card setup

  • ms.sammantha lee
    ms.sammantha lee 7 days ago

    would it be possable to add wi fi boosted antenas threw out a building or rv to get better wifi ......

  • ms.sammantha lee
    ms.sammantha lee 7 days ago

    yo linus why not try putting a linusx computer on that and see if it would work as a linux comp ....lolol

  • Luca Rossi
    Luca Rossi 8 days ago

    Omg what a failure lol

  • Арс Марс
    Арс Марс 8 days ago


  • AngryNorseMan
    AngryNorseMan 8 days ago

    Seems like running hypervisors it would probably work just fine for.

  • Metaroose
    Metaroose 8 days ago

    ***Druaga1 would like to know your location***

  • Kevon Boss
    Kevon Boss 10 days ago

    Is this guy gay?

  • Dwyne YT
    Dwyne YT 10 days ago


    SNT SNT 10 days ago

    How would one of these operate paired with a basic Raspberry Pi (any version) configuration? What was the power requirements of the mSDSSD?

  • TheIceWarrior
    TheIceWarrior 12 days ago +1

    For 38 dollars you can buy an actual SSD anyway.

  • Dante Ok
    Dante Ok 12 days ago

    Interesante concepto.

  • mattig89ch
    mattig89ch 12 days ago

    I could see this being useful to someone who has a whole mess of old SD cards lying around, and not using them. But ouside that, yea I'm right there with you. Not really something I could see being useful.

  • Robert o
    Robert o 12 days ago

    Somwone likes SpecialK

  • R W Van Dyke
    R W Van Dyke 13 days ago

    Quit the screeching when you talk!!

  • R W Van Dyke
    R W Van Dyke 13 days ago

    what does SSD mean?

    • TechReview
      TechReview 10 days ago

      R W Van Dyke
      Solid State Drive

  • woobilicious.
    woobilicious. 13 days ago

    This is for salvaged SSD cards from old phones, would never put brand new SSD cards in it.

  • G-Deluxe
    G-Deluxe 13 days ago

    *SSD = SUPER SD*

    It's not solid state drive anymore

  • Nikos Pop / Nipponia
    Nikos Pop / Nipponia 15 days ago

    haahah awesome

  • Diabolique Dolanek
    Diabolique Dolanek 16 days ago

    Well, the first thing I thought of and I thought of this the instant I saw the picture before even clicking the video was: "wow! A possibly cheap piece of hardware I can use to dd an image to several sd cards at once!" At my work, we use many thin clients that I made from raspberry pis. Whenever an employee with access to even the lowest password is fired, I have to change everything. This would be handy if I could have iso files premade with new scripts. I could kill the whole network, flash all the SD cards at once, boot and truck on.

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson 17 days ago

    This guy acts like a fucking retard. What a damn waste of sperm

  • Annika Stenlund
    Annika Stenlund 17 days ago

    Special K?

  • AndyAKratz
    AndyAKratz 18 days ago

    Perhaps one good example for its existence would be if you were "that guy" who just happened to have a bunch of older (and happened to be matching) microSD cards from other devices "that guy" doesn't use anymore and decided to "upgrade" his old SATA Windows XP box so he didn't have to just throw them away... maybe...

  • Ashwij Shenoy
    Ashwij Shenoy 18 days ago

    Hey, this was a good chance to write a Bluray movie on the ssd. Then play it. Then change just one microsd to check if it detects the volume and the file

  • Ray Shade
    Ray Shade 18 days ago


  • Flz Huang
    Flz Huang 18 days ago

    10*128GB tf card!

  • The DuvG
    The DuvG 19 days ago

    Super cheap data recovery costs

  • Matthew Ludivico
    Matthew Ludivico 19 days ago

    Clever marketing scam they can advertise as cheaper than an SSD until you realize the cost of the SD cards...unless it you got a free, used dozen lying around...then it technically is a pretty cheap so is a used SSD card.

  • Snowboat392
    Snowboat392 19 days ago

    Could be like 10 different keys ina specific order to access the data or it’s gone seems safe to me

  • William Sarokon
    William Sarokon 19 days ago +2

    Learning how to run in raid, a project that I was thinking of just to do it. With a bunch of Seagate externals. Just to click them & have fun playing around. The same reason you did it. Curiosity. Now I don't have to do it. Thanks you saved me time. I wanted to prove it could run. That is why. It is that simple. You do not know how many people that claim to be techs, do not know about redundant arrays of discs & striping.

  • Mahrufur Rahman
    Mahrufur Rahman 21 day ago

    3/5/7/9 is not supported because 3 wanted to free 5 from prison because he is a rapist and because 7 is a murderer/rapist because he raped and ate 9

  • kar oma
    kar oma 21 day ago +1

    Raspberry pi headless server pirating disk is what this is

  • Pusheen VIII
    Pusheen VIII 23 days ago

    now go ham and use the 512 microsds for a HUGE memory boost

    • Pusheen VIII
      Pusheen VIII 23 days ago

      specifically, get a super expensive 5 TB drive for 457*10=4570 dollars for an SSD that would be 157 online. Kill me.

  • 87levirap
    87levirap 24 days ago

    If this is DIY. I'm building a rocket and settling in mars.

  • Israel Pinheiro
    Israel Pinheiro 24 days ago

    Special K ?

    TONY ALLBR 24 days ago

    Ebay - Sd Card 512 GB!

  • Rock Harzer
    Rock Harzer 24 days ago

    So this thing has nothing to do with performance or anything else. It's just an alternative of a storage. Not more, not less. You can run your programs and Games on a SSD or HDD and everything else like photos, text-documents, movies, etc on this little boiii. But one question.. How much power does it need? Like HDD's mostly running at 10W and SSD's at 3,5W-5W.

    TONY ALLBR 25 days ago

    SD CARD LEXAR 128 GB 633X ...

  • Jerrid Foiles
    Jerrid Foiles 25 days ago

    3:28 is where you lost me on this product. MAJOR design flaw right there.

  • Matthew Klees
    Matthew Klees 25 days ago

    Don't ever stop killing it Linus .... Love your videos. God Bless !!!

  • juliart
    juliart 25 days ago

    But can it run crysis?

  • MetalHeartGunner
    MetalHeartGunner 25 days ago

    Well i guess you could put 8 16gb microsd's to make a 128gb ssd for a lot less than the 1.2tb in the video but... Why? Just buy a proper 120gb ssd instead. It would have to be crappy microsd's to make it worth the investment, which isn't worth it AT ALL and then make sure NONE of the sd cards fails because of the raid setup, might ass well sit on a slow mechanical hard drive, yeah it might be slow but it will last forever (compared to this crap at least)

  • Alkis05
    Alkis05 26 days ago

    It's use is to recicle sd cards. If for some reason you have a lot of them and you can't afford a ssd harddrive, there you are.

  • HellBraker iOS
    HellBraker iOS 26 days ago +3

    The SD cards cost more than the SSD, something you don't see everyday

  • Andre Ledo
    Andre Ledo 26 days ago

    Diy my ass this is a fucking commercial

  • Shawn Kearney
    Shawn Kearney 27 days ago

    Certain caching applications may benefit from this, where you are writing and reading large files continuously. This sort of application is hard on SSDs, so the ability to swap out damaged drives might be helpful … except that 128GB SSDs cost the same as Flash cards and anyone who needs that kind of performance would likely already have a solid RAID. Nevermind.

  • fiallos1
    fiallos1 27 days ago

    If I own a bunch of micro SD cards I can put them to use as a mass storage drive. Better to have it and not need it so much than not have it at all.

  • ahsum28
    ahsum28 27 days ago

    Or my ssd card made by sd card ,but we do not know that.

  • ahsum28
    ahsum28 27 days ago

    How to check the new type ssd..error.
    Which sd card error.
    Raid is good here i think.

  • Double O Sowell
    Double O Sowell 28 days ago

    to all those that keep saying i have a bunch of sd cards laying around and this would still be faster than a sata hard drive . the reason he made the video is bacuase the gadget has no real benefit. period on all levels . even if the sd's are free this setup would be a waste.

  • P Sanchez
    P Sanchez 28 days ago

    Dude!!!! That screen setup ROCKS!

  • Dead Memes
    Dead Memes 28 days ago

    *S* everal
    *D* s

  • athews1976
    athews1976 28 days ago

    These types of videos are actually a great idea. People like me do want to see impractical things like that in action. It give you some good nuance, intuition, and context for where technology is these days and how some types of hardware are performing in relative contexts as it relates to the way some things have worked in the past. Keep on doing these types of videos. 👍

  • no name
    no name 29 days ago

    Is it hot swappable?

  • Felipe Eduardo Rojas Verasay

    SSD on this case apply for "Stupid Solid Drive"

  • Dionisis Mic
    Dionisis Mic 29 days ago

    you know that you putting wrong those micro sd on that specific micro sd card have to slide them into the metal plate and the close it...

  • Adamantian Gilga
    Adamantian Gilga 29 days ago

    I think this is more of a if you already have SD cards around the house from whatever you had them for but may have gotten arid of the item or you know people that have old SD cards around... You can gather them and link them up into a larger storage and use it as a separate deep storage device for like music, movies, pictures or designs where you want a SSD for its long term durability for storage but not to use it for common use SSD in a PC.
    Basically it is you already having the SD cards and using what you already have and not buying new.... outside the drive you have to buy for the cards to go into. People do tend to just discard those SD cards if they work or not, unlike working SSD.

  • Conan o Cavlaros
    Conan o Cavlaros Month ago

    well you can use it for virtual ram ;)

  • Rhune
    Rhune Month ago

    This likely only exists for people who already have multitudes of SD's for cameras and/or mobile devices, and not for the average person looking for an SSD.

  • Andrés Alejandro Gazaba

    Estemmm, yo entiendo ingles, así que vos vas a tener que entender mi castellano. La placa sirve, lo que pasa que vos vivís en la opulencia, y de la opulencia. No es necesario usar la placa con memorias de 128, se pueden usar memorias mas chicas. Esa placa tiene una utilidad única, y muy especial. Supongamos que se necesita guardar información altamente sensible e importante. Que mejor que esa placa? Guardas la data, retiras la Unidad, luego retiras las SD previamente enumeradas y las escondes por separado. De esa forma, solo teniendo todas las SD (cantidad desconocida), y colocándolas en el orden exacto, se podría recuperar esa información sensible. Ideal para el espionaje.

  • Jonathan F Rodriguez

    yes....but can't you still watch PORN?

    BLOODY__FATALITY Month ago

    I don't even know what a ssd is. Lol

  • Jonathan Netherton
    Jonathan Netherton Month ago

    Veracrypt volume split 10 ways where no one individual has the whole thing.
    There's also better ways to do that, I'm just reaching here.

  • Matthew Zhong
    Matthew Zhong Month ago


  • Matthew Hill
    Matthew Hill Month ago

    Might not be a bad thing to do if you HAPPEN to have a bunch of unused microSD cards lying around. And plan to use it for media storage or something.

  • Matías Olcese
    Matías Olcese Month ago

    I use Tunnelbear to buy games :)

  • Ильяс Саханов

    Maybe you have a pile of SSDs and you need something to store data on from your PC

  • 1969 man
    1969 man Month ago

    It's cheaper

  • Brandon Wandrie
    Brandon Wandrie Month ago

    Imagine this but with all 1tb cards

  • Devinder singh
    Devinder singh Month ago

    Idiot stuff.......

  • Christopher Bailey
    Christopher Bailey Month ago

    It would be good for installing a hypervisor like Nutanix CE or ESXi in where you want to put the media internal would only use one SD card though

  • EdwoodCA
    EdwoodCA Month ago

    It's not "demo".
    It's "d-emo"
    As in: "Digital-Emo"

  • Dee Marty
    Dee Marty Month ago


  • ItsLucas
    ItsLucas Month ago

    ssd: solid secure digital 👌

  • Flavio Martins Prado
    Flavio Martins Prado Month ago +3

    Man, SSD's are not what you think they are... They where used at least at the 80's (yes, last century), and the primary use was on... every place a disk will not function properly :). An hard drives per se was crazy expensive at those years, and you can't (still can't) put a disk drive on a machine that have huge trepidation (some workarounds exist, but splid state is just better for that). Just recently the tech becomes cheap enough so you don't think much to replace a disk drive for a ssd.
    I still have an sd - pata adapter, that save my life more than once... AND there is DRAM based ssds, (I never used, but they CRAZY accelerate you database if you put the indexes on one of these)

  • Herbie Hancock
    Herbie Hancock Month ago

    I wish I had a friend just like you.