$1000 Survival Kit in a Case


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  • 0sk1
    0sk1 17 hours ago

    this is 300-400$ emergency kit....

  • Revolution King
    Revolution King Day ago

    So it means that you’ll have to carry one huge additional suitcase?

  • Elaine Bürgi
    Elaine Bürgi Day ago

    A globalizaçao e tao linda. E impressionante como culturas diferentes podem trabalhar juntas tao bem, como agua e açucar.

  • hailman345
    hailman345 2 days ago

    Bo4 had this lololol

  • Holyfox
    Holyfox 2 days ago

    All I need when the Apocalypse is coming, is a Russian guy.
    Russians are the best fixers& problem solvers.

  • collectorbob810
    collectorbob810 3 days ago

    where did you buy this

  • Joe Rickman
    Joe Rickman 4 days ago

    I enjoy your videos Sir. It's hard to find such products tested and displayed. Thanks.

  • Igor Sidelkovsky
    Igor Sidelkovsky 4 days ago

    Hey everyone, the greatest results that ive ever had was with the Marla survive system
    (i found it on google) definately the no.1 preppers that I've tried.

  • Giorgi Gvinianidze
    Giorgi Gvinianidze 5 days ago +2

    case is okay but comes full of trash for 1000$

  • Aman
    Aman 5 days ago

    Bought a 1000$ emergency kit, likes the case the most

  • Paul Abraham
    Paul Abraham 5 days ago

    Boom 💥

  • Cowboy Texas
    Cowboy Texas 6 days ago +1

    It would have been better to have just a gun with 4 bullets one for every person. That kit is a joke lol

  • Grant Hodge
    Grant Hodge 6 days ago

    Where safety is numbun priority?

  • Nicolas Dupuis
    Nicolas Dupuis 6 days ago

    Non sa ne vaut pas 1000$ tu es mieux de faire ton propre survival kit...car toi seul sais se que tu as vraiment de besoin

  • Ashish Sharma
    Ashish Sharma 6 days ago

    Please give me one of this kit please

  • Mariner97 Plays
    Mariner97 Plays 7 days ago

    There is a backpack called the seventy2 for $349.99

  • Andy Perez
    Andy Perez 7 days ago

    As soon as he's start talking I was like "wait what?"

  • Scorpio KC
    Scorpio KC 7 days ago

    Even the Threadripper suitcase looks more badass than it lol

  • Scorpio KC
    Scorpio KC 7 days ago +1

    The case probably cost 500 dollar

    • chris77777777ify
      chris77777777ify 4 days ago +1

      Less than that, all the stuff is like dollar prices. The box could be made in china like the other stuff, box is like 20$. Or even less, it's just plastic.

  • MrRider117
    MrRider117 7 days ago


  • Francisco Vazquez
    Francisco Vazquez 8 days ago

    They should have put in a wooden cross and some holy water just in case...

  • Load¡ng
    Load¡ng 8 days ago

    I couldve used one of these before hurricane michael wrecked my life

  • Mr.Alex46
    Mr.Alex46 9 days ago

    I need one of those when i go shopping with my GF.

  • DoOmSdAy PREPPers
    DoOmSdAy PREPPers 9 days ago

    It’s alright but it ain’t worth a grand tbh.

  • Commander Shadow
    Commander Shadow 10 days ago

    Awesome job bud!

  • Алексей Лебедев

    🤭 жесткий акцент 😂

  • Sir Tomaz
    Sir Tomaz 10 days ago +1

    LOL.. pass me 1000$ and you will get a lot more and real survival tools

  • Antonio Gonçalves
    Antonio Gonçalves 11 days ago

    the case is the best part to this kit

  • JH Lee
    JH Lee 11 days ago

    That match is the srongest match in world

  • Ali Ibrahim
    Ali Ibrahim 11 days ago

    lol 1000$

  • JayJay Jellybean
    JayJay Jellybean 12 days ago

    4 people for 4 days for $1000!!?? Jesus CHRIST!

  • Energy hit
    Energy hit 12 days ago

    Yes, because if I will be in a s u r v i v a l situation I will have a few kilogram SURVIVAL CASE WITH ME

  • alex andru
    alex andru 12 days ago

    i can enter in that box . the box protect me . i will survive

  • xSlasher Ro
    xSlasher Ro 12 days ago

    Taras, you are so Kul!!

  • TheGibbon007
    TheGibbon007 12 days ago +1

    nice way to get ripped off 👍

  • Shivansh Kala
    Shivansh Kala 13 days ago

    Bro that thing at 6:57 is used as a grip

  • Excelsior!
    Excelsior! 13 days ago

    Какой у тебя вонючий английский чувак

  • g 1
    g 1 13 days ago

    Worth it.

  • LordBelger
    LordBelger 13 days ago +1

    For a grand I'd be pissed off I could easily double that kit for maybe 600 bucks and could easily build a better one for 400. A thousand dollars can really buy much better lighter and effective gear.

  • Mirza Zaheer
    Mirza Zaheer 14 days ago +1

    Nonsense stuff

  • error idk
    error idk 14 days ago +1

    For him Vodka is all he need

  • James Parke
    James Parke 15 days ago

    is this guy really Russian? or ?

  • Scott M
    Scott M 15 days ago

    The big wrench is for opening fire hydrants

  • Christina Alvarado
    Christina Alvarado 16 days ago

    I love your videos

  • Ron Hughley
    Ron Hughley 16 days ago

    An that solar charger is probably for the headlamps."flashlights". An did he say knife with the lil "flash-life" -plastic drop cloth can be used to collect rain water. Or as a make shift cover/shelter.

  • Sensei Ois
    Sensei Ois 16 days ago

    And a tin opener

  • Sensei Ois
    Sensei Ois 16 days ago

    A mirror and cumpass

  • Sensei Ois
    Sensei Ois 16 days ago

    A Machete or some kind of long knife like a cullcury

  • Sensei Ois
    Sensei Ois 16 days ago

    Water purification tablets

  • Sensei Ois
    Sensei Ois 16 days ago

    Water purifier

  • cottonwoodrebel
    cottonwoodrebel 16 days ago

    I want to go into the woods with this and a friend for a week end challenge

  • Good Tutt
    Good Tutt 17 days ago

    $1000 for cheap matches?

  • Schwert_2015
    Schwert_2015 17 days ago

    The case seems nice.

  • aapelinaattori gaming
    aapelinaattori gaming 18 days ago

    You forgot the tape whistle and the mirror on table

  • Enr1997
    Enr1997 18 days ago

    $1,000 for about $400 worth of stuff off the shelf

  • The wild 4
    The wild 4 18 days ago

    Bruh he says this is bandage ugh more like that’s a tampon

  • L3GO_master
    L3GO_master 18 days ago

    It is a wrench/crowbar/hammer

  • Ashley Cameron
    Ashley Cameron 19 days ago +5

    He seems to be very agitated,worried and scared in this video😭

  • Salma Salma
    Salma Salma 20 days ago

    Can you show us please others survival bag , we need to see the best one ,

  • Eduardo Cruz Huizar
    Eduardo Cruz Huizar 20 days ago +1

    It didin't even have a flashlight

  • Лилия Ликуха

    Чел, почему нет субтитров?

  • Faiz Rehman
    Faiz Rehman 20 days ago

    Worth more than an iPhone xs max

  • Shivam Baunthhiyal
    Shivam Baunthhiyal 21 day ago +1

    Too much unwanted things

  • Roblox gamer
    Roblox gamer 22 days ago +1

    Does it come with wifi?

  • Kamil Piekarz
    Kamil Piekarz 23 days ago

    C A N Y O U B E L I V T H I S

  • ashu kumar Arya
    ashu kumar Arya 23 days ago

    What about aspirin?

  • Ashish Vaigankar
    Ashish Vaigankar 23 days ago


  • Zorokki Channel
    Zorokki Channel 24 days ago

    I think they should have priced it near 900 or 800 dollars

  • scp 173
    scp 173 24 days ago

    Checking the inside starts at 1:34

  • rayya441
    rayya441 24 days ago

    You tell me you just bought a whole survival kit without a gun !

  • Sam Schilling
    Sam Schilling 25 days ago

    You should put to the test solar gajicks :)

  • Munchkin Emerton
    Munchkin Emerton 25 days ago +1

    00:24 that’s what she said 😂

  • Z
    Z 25 days ago +20

    My survival kit, cocaine, cognac, cigarettes, lighter, blueberry muffin, lube and fleshlight.

    • JOMPE
      JOMPE 6 days ago +1

      Z amazing! You can see in the dark with your fleshlight man!

  • black phantom
    black phantom 26 days ago

    Is that a pubg drop lol

  • T2Budswiser
    T2Budswiser 27 days ago

    That FatMax tool is called a Fubar, and the claw device is designed for twisting 2x4's for construction / demolition. Also zombies.

  • Paperwing
    Paperwing 27 days ago

    Would be interesting if he had added what the cost of everything purchased separately would be. Biggest expense is being packed in a Pelican case.

  • Madmartigan615 clips
    Madmartigan615 clips 27 days ago

    Weght wieps

  • Jason jr Rodriguez
    Jason jr Rodriguez 28 days ago


  • Giacchino Taliercio
    Giacchino Taliercio 28 days ago

    1k that is an investment but I can be safe for a couple of days so I am fine with an investment like that.

  • Pokuj Pokuj
    Pokuj Pokuj 28 days ago

    1k $ heh lol xd

  • I voted Trump
    I voted Trump 28 days ago

    The fat max hammer is awesome you use the groove part as a wrench

  • Charles F
    Charles F 28 days ago

    More MRE videos

  • dead space
    dead space 29 days ago

    please tell were i can buy this whole set. i want one.

  • Mastered UI Shadaver
    Mastered UI Shadaver 29 days ago

    Go mother Russia🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🍻

  • Tanishq and Lekh
    Tanishq and Lekh Month ago

    Thor and stormbreaker

  • Tanishq and Lekh
    Tanishq and Lekh Month ago

    Tribute to quiksilver

  • GhettoBird Beats
    GhettoBird Beats Month ago

    Was anyone else hoping he was gonna test the mres 😂

  • Enes Tarhan
    Enes Tarhan Month ago

    What yellow thing is.for

  • Calvin Thapa
    Calvin Thapa Month ago +1

    Better to buy military survival kit.

  • Infinity 8
    Infinity 8 Month ago +1

    Actually a Crazy-Russian-Hacker xD

  • RobertNita
    RobertNita Month ago

    You should include that in your EDC

  • brayden Staker
    brayden Staker Month ago

    A least you get a nice pelican case

  • hellraser1234
    hellraser1234 Month ago +1

    For $1,000 I could build you a way better kit and $300 of it wouldn't be on the case.

  • Dru G
    Dru G Month ago

    That looked like a pipe wrench on the Stanley hammer multitool

  • Sgt Pepsi
    Sgt Pepsi Month ago

    the empty box cost 400-500€ XD

  • Travis Nguyen
    Travis Nguyen Month ago

    4:37 in ur SQUAD

  • azhar shaik
    azhar shaik Month ago

    Machis tia is indian😂😂😂😂

  • Ultimate AREA
    Ultimate AREA Month ago

    Good deal from my point of view

  • privateer prepper
    privateer prepper Month ago

    When it comes to water the case itself could hold a lot of gallons, if things went longer than 4 day. By that point you could find a bag or bags to hold the rest of the gear.

  • Ravi Arya
    Ravi Arya Month ago

    Boom baybay... I want to buy it...