$1000 Survival Kit in a Case


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  • Stephen Steiner
    Stephen Steiner 4 hours ago

    You got ripped off!

  • Seth Manley
    Seth Manley 5 hours ago

    There is enough stuff there to keep people alive.. Throw a trauma kit, and water filter in and it should be worth it.

  • Absolute Legend
    Absolute Legend 9 hours ago

    Good luck carrying your big box in survival situation

  • Vipin Mishra
    Vipin Mishra 14 hours ago

    Hey Bro Make A video on Indian MRE

  • Reaka Johanson
    Reaka Johanson 15 hours ago

    What is he saying at the beginning?

  • crsbt
    crsbt Day ago

    Still..if you needed to use it in reality...be worth every penny.!.

  • Sensei Cortez
    Sensei Cortez Day ago

    i could make a $1000 survival kit that would last 4 people 3 months. It would consist of 95% food and water. and the other 5% blades, rope, fishing kit, and fire starting stuff. That $1000 kit he opened is the high maintenance kardashian survival kit. If people were really in a sticky situation, over half of that junk wouldn't even be used.

  • Kim Alexander Kepler

    For a $1000 it should have came with a handjob

  • Randy Patterson
    Randy Patterson Day ago

    Ya because in an emergency I want a giant bullseye on me with a giant orange suit case....

  • Fenrir
    Fenrir 2 days ago

    It cost more than my car...

  • Trishit Ghosh
    Trishit Ghosh 2 days ago

    Plaese do more survival videos

  • Brideinthewaiting Jesus Is Lord

    A lot of that can be purchased at the dollar store and save 600 bucks. Lol

  • John Brown
    John Brown 3 days ago

    15 degrees Celsius is 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Boom. Hypothermia. Nice case though.

  • Luis Figueroa
    Luis Figueroa 3 days ago

    Everything breaks after 4 days...

  • Oddballkane
    Oddballkane 4 days ago

    does the box itself float as that would be a good thing to sit on at a push

  • Karl Lowry
    Karl Lowry 4 days ago

    i wonder how much each individual item would cost togeather? how close would it be to a grand?

  • Karl Lowry
    Karl Lowry 4 days ago


  • Xiaohong Yan
    Xiaohong Yan 5 days ago +1

    500 max ripoff

  • RtG05
    RtG05 5 days ago +1

    Well this is very good for zombie apocalypse

  • Axel Tukia
    Axel Tukia 6 days ago

    Build one

  • Shane ORegan
    Shane ORegan 6 days ago

    Costco! pretty much the same thing,, $299

  • MAD Santa
    MAD Santa 6 days ago

    i only like the case too.

  • Keith Citizen
    Keith Citizen 6 days ago

    the fat max tool is for mooving around and prying 2 by 4 or 2 by 6 building lumber.

  • odd ed
    odd ed 7 days ago

    Where is your adorable cockatoo? Gema? any gadgets for birds?

  • Lordslade1
    Lordslade1 8 days ago

    you could make this and then some for half the cost

  • lanang and amy cute
    lanang and amy cute 9 days ago

    find a nurse or female doctor. merry her. thats the best emergecy kit you have for a hold life.

  • jesus lopez
    jesus lopez 9 days ago

    Verry crappy kit lots of china stuff had all of the items before or seen them before online its 200or 300 thats whats its worth

  • steelmesh
    steelmesh 9 days ago

    You can demo a house with the fatmax tool, very useful

  • HTG
    HTG 9 days ago

    Καραμπινα karabena 6:00

  • Dragonoo1990
    Dragonoo1990 10 days ago

    really worth it 👍🏻

  • Jared Pedersen
    Jared Pedersen 10 days ago

    Throw half of that garbage away and replace it with a couple of Ak pistols with ammo and vodka

  • F1AM3Alchemist
    F1AM3Alchemist 10 days ago

    He forgot to put the tape back 😕

  • David Cozma
    David Cozma 10 days ago

    00:17 like dais

  • james howell
    james howell 10 days ago

    Wait he's partially funded by the Russian government

  • bilodeaum283
    bilodeaum283 10 days ago

    look like the case is a 1600 series pelican. here in canada, 0n amazon .ca they go for around 400 buck canadian. far from cheap. they are good stuff do.

  • karl karelo
    karl karelo 10 days ago

    Tha case, is the only good thing.

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez 10 days ago

    That case sux, so big and bulky

  • Jack Duffy
    Jack Duffy 11 days ago

    So let's call it Wall Mart in a box, I would have needed a box of fancy candies, A 12 oz of over proof rum, And a board game for the kids.

  • D Marcouxbeatty
    D Marcouxbeatty 11 days ago

    You really need to put together a survival kit. I would buy one!

  • Southern Apple
    Southern Apple 11 days ago

    “Whoa, look at that tweezers”
    I laughed so hard.

  • SCP-Gaming101
    SCP-Gaming101 11 days ago

    All of that can be found at Walmart for a fraction of the price.

  • Itay kadosh
    Itay kadosh 11 days ago

    you should upgrade it

  • Molly A. Block
    Molly A. Block 11 days ago

    Very cool box of necessary items, Taras!

  • Trevor Champagne
    Trevor Champagne 12 days ago

    Everything is water tight and bear proof

  • Trevor Champagne
    Trevor Champagne 12 days ago

    I think it's a servile kit made for harsh climates given the masks and pick hammer made for climbing glaciers and snow covered mountains I think the masks are for messy situations or like you said fires

  • Trevor Champagne
    Trevor Champagne 12 days ago

    I think it's a servile kit made for harsh climates given the masks and pick hammer made for climbing glaciers and snow covered mountains I think the masks are for messy situations or like you said fires

  • KidFury 90265
    KidFury 90265 12 days ago

    I could’ve whip something up better with the stuff in my house that would last 3 weeks

  • A Random Fish
    A Random Fish 12 days ago

    Probably gonna find it for free during apocalypse

  • 6717570
    6717570 12 days ago

    Absolute garbage!!! Send it back!

  • Grim Goon
    Grim Goon 12 days ago

    I'd like to see this guy do a bloopers reel.

  • Jason Johnson
    Jason Johnson 12 days ago

    2x4 vice

  • TINA, K 1965
    TINA, K 1965 13 days ago

    Most is dollar store items really tho... woe

  • Connor Tilk
    Connor Tilk 13 days ago

    This is very impractical

  • Anguirus 64
    Anguirus 64 13 days ago

    It would be funny if he used this as luggage but there were clothes it

  • Xela Oso
    Xela Oso 13 days ago

    How about $100? Lol

  • don't ask me
    don't ask me 13 days ago

    Looks like about $300 worth of stuff. Good for people wanting to feel like their safe. Your videos are great tho. Keep up good work

  • PANTTERA1959
    PANTTERA1959 13 days ago

    That's good for an experienced survivalist. Eating may be an issue.

  • David W.
    David W. 13 days ago

    Hmmm , actual value of the contents $199.95 pelican case $399, was there gold inside a ziplock in there somewhere?

  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris 13 days ago

    red bags are in case you loose a finger you keep it clean

  • Marat Astafyev
    Marat Astafyev 14 days ago

    Ебать у тя английский с акцентом....5ти классика на уроке английского.

  • jeffpoirier27
    jeffpoirier27 14 days ago

    dollar store items.. sos

  • petredcm
    petredcm 14 days ago

    nothing says survival like blaze orange and hoping for help...

  • Ashwin C Kumar
    Ashwin C Kumar 15 days ago

    Am I the only one who remembered the med kit in PUBG while seeing this???

  • jean loup jans chelamacre

    Completly useless

  • Fun Movements
    Fun Movements 15 days ago

    We can get all the stuff in this bag 💼 only for 200$

  • Un Known
    Un Known 15 days ago

    Maybe cracking zombies head in a zombie apocalypse

  • Fred Zepplin
    Fred Zepplin 15 days ago

    Did you save the Receipt?

  • Archangel73146
    Archangel73146 16 days ago

    Way too much for that junk Brother.

  • Valerie Lewis
    Valerie Lewis 16 days ago

    You are 😎 cool

  • Javier Cruz
    Javier Cruz 16 days ago

    Dude you got ripped off

  • Boss Mann
    Boss Mann 16 days ago

    Everything was great expect the tools

  • Derek Graham
    Derek Graham 17 days ago

    I bet the ponchos are actually body bags lol

  • Charlie.powis
    Charlie.powis 17 days ago

    2019 anyone

  • Dave Richards
    Dave Richards 17 days ago

    The yellow hammer is a Fubar / hybrid framing hammer. The gap is used to grip and twist a 2" x 4". The other end is a nail puller and pry bar. Love em! Use mine daily.

  • Tanks and Critters
    Tanks and Critters 17 days ago

    $300 value. Return it buddy. Ok if it isn't cold outside. Those sleeping bags are awful that tent is a plastic bag

  • President Moore
    President Moore 17 days ago

    Personally, I'd like my survival kit to contain the following contents:
    1) Fortnite

  • Chef toni
    Chef toni 18 days ago +1

    Where Is the awm for rush b

  • Gurekwaak Singh Sidhu
    Gurekwaak Singh Sidhu 18 days ago

    Hated the tools

  • Liljohn P
    Liljohn P 18 days ago

    A gun/ammo , knife , ax , fishing kit , seeds , water filter and shelter could be had for less than half of that , and provide for much longer term survival.

  • ATLHooligan
    ATLHooligan 18 days ago

    Worth about 350 bucks, companies gotta make their profit!!!

  • Himanshu Chaudhary
    Himanshu Chaudhary 18 days ago

    If you will buy separately these item then you will get it half or 1/3rd of this price. Its over priced.

  • Naka Nation
    Naka Nation 18 days ago

    Just wanna say, that those head lamps are straight booty

  • Tim Guay
    Tim Guay 19 days ago

    Love the sarcasm

  • KadycatGamer
    KadycatGamer 19 days ago

    It should have came with a knife sharpener

  • Yan landry
    Yan landry 19 days ago

    LOL. 500$ trip to dollarama in a awesome container. *stay fresh wipe survival* 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hydroponic City
    Hydroponic City 20 days ago

    $1000 wasted bruh.

  • Avery Colwell
    Avery Colwell 21 day ago

    wow $1000 cool

  • Jordan Gospodnetich
    Jordan Gospodnetich 21 day ago

    Yeah let me just roll this thing around on a backpacking trip just in case.

  • Daniel Amplo
    Daniel Amplo 21 day ago


  • Ramanathan Balaji
    Ramanathan Balaji 22 days ago

    Why all the survival gadgets are in orange if anyone knew it please answer me

  • Vardukas Pavardukas
    Vardukas Pavardukas 22 days ago +2

    Itis good deal men

  • spudge factor
    spudge factor 22 days ago

    Cheap junk

    FIFA CLASHER 23 days ago

    I am the 100k liker on this video

  • pravin nayak
    pravin nayak 24 days ago

    Why don't u make a video on Indian MRE

  • Im C O T W
    Im C O T W 24 days ago

    So its a 4 per 4 day kit but only 2 sleeping bags? lol Anywho i like the case and organizer pouches a lot but the materials i could buy for less than $200 for sure.

    • bilodeaum283
      bilodeaum283 10 days ago

      i suggest you look again. they were 4.

  • Not so cool GAMING
    Not so cool GAMING 24 days ago

    Great to have

  • Caroline Alexander
    Caroline Alexander 25 days ago


  • Brandon Yisra'el
    Brandon Yisra'el 26 days ago

    1000$ I could have 4 people last 4 months

    THE SHROUD OF TURIAN 26 days ago

    Why didn't they put in a bunch of 1kg C4 explosives too????

  • MrDapda
    MrDapda 27 days ago

    Seemed like mostly cheap junk