$1000 Survival Kit in a Case


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  • Mario Esquivel
    Mario Esquivel 59 minutes ago +1

    Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom

  • Clayton Bagaskara

    Yoooo buy some boom mic or clip on mic. It makes your audio better. Pleasee

  • Mohammad Abdul-Basit Khan

    It is for nuts and bolts

  • beageek2
    beageek2 2 hours ago

    Can you please give me the physical dimension of that Pelican case. Or, even better if you have the model of the case. Thanks, BAG2

  • CowGames
    CowGames 3 hours ago

    $1000 for this? u got scammed

  • Zer0
    Zer0 3 hours ago +1

    More like 1000$ Suitcase

  • TheZPOP7
    TheZPOP7 4 hours ago

    I'm like, "for $1000 it better be a full on generator too lol"

  • Christ Agopian
    Christ Agopian 4 hours ago

    On all the stuffs he liked the case lol

  • Raul Cab.
    Raul Cab. 5 hours ago

    He still says "This is looks like"

  • Muriel Button
    Muriel Button 5 hours ago

    orrrr if there is a zombie apocalypse

  • PePPe 's missing frog
    PePPe 's missing frog 7 hours ago

    can u try the tent?

    DRAGONADElol 8 hours ago

    And there is a sugar free pepper mints ,Nice !!!!!!

  • Graecin Jeffers
    Graecin Jeffers 8 hours ago

    It is better to buy the case

  • Graecin Jeffers
    Graecin Jeffers 8 hours ago

    The hammer thing is for a wrench

  • Abhinav Kochar
    Abhinav Kochar 9 hours ago

    O.M.G...1000$ survival kit...still there is no magnetic compass which is the most important thing in survival kit..

  • Λευτέρης Ιωάννου

    I mean with all the survival kits and mre he could survive for a year

  • Gabriel Prezotto Lopes
    Gabriel Prezotto Lopes 10 hours ago

    Definelly give a huge thumbs up

    BARTEG_PL 11 hours ago

    a ja myślałem że to ja wydałem dużo na przetrwanie blin.

  • überguy
    überguy 12 hours ago

    Just junk worth 200+ perhaps.

  • Akshar Bahl
    Akshar Bahl 13 hours ago +1

    They should have given Sharpies or pencils or pen instead crayons

  • Akshar Bahl
    Akshar Bahl 13 hours ago +1

    He just got looted

  • Nico Zdar
    Nico Zdar 14 hours ago

    you got robbed

  • Rax The Dinosaur
    Rax The Dinosaur 15 hours ago

    If there's a zombie apocalypse I'm going to this guys house

  • Scooby Doo
    Scooby Doo 16 hours ago

    Jesus Christ that accent is horrid 🙉

  • Jason Johnston
    Jason Johnston 17 hours ago

    Well...I'm sure others have spent $1,000 on worse... got no examples, but I'm sure.

  • Thursday theories
    Thursday theories 19 hours ago

    He should actually test that stuff in a real survival situation

  • ICantThinkOfAName8
    ICantThinkOfAName8 19 hours ago

    You need a thread and needle for stitches

  • David
    David 19 hours ago

    TBH I just want the case lol

  • Smoke My Pipe
    Smoke My Pipe 20 hours ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the shipping of this heavy box costed more then the total value of all these items hahaha. The very least you’d expect is some cooking and drinking items to help. I know it had ready meals and the water filtration thing but the meals wouldn’t last a day with 4 people and 4 people constantly sharing a filtration water bottle isn’t exactly ideal, I’d rather something I can use long term if I need like a small pot at the very least. Seems like most of the tools included are only useable for other items in the survival box. I’d be surprised if that axe could even cut one of them matches in half, it looked very flimsy

  • MVGx Flight
    MVGx Flight 20 hours ago

    No flare pen...

  • Taylor Fulton
    Taylor Fulton 21 hour ago

    If you would have bought it separately it would have cost a lot more

  • Stephen Kosta
    Stephen Kosta 21 hour ago

    Throws medical supplies careless ly

  • Luke Matthews
    Luke Matthews 21 hour ago

    This reminds me of the Med Kit that Freddie's mom had in iCarly.

  • Kevin Carrick
    Kevin Carrick 22 hours ago

    it sucked 250 maybe

  • Nullamount
    Nullamount 22 hours ago

    At most worth $300

  • Aiko Aika
    Aiko Aika 22 hours ago

    I want this kit

  • Dr. K
    Dr. K 22 hours ago

    No way, i could buy all that for 200$ the contents are very cheap. Only good thing is that box. I'm an MD, that's ridiculous how limited the medical supplies are. We'd need much more to be on the safe side

  • VDJEcKz
    VDJEcKz 23 hours ago

    the pelican case itself is probably $600 rofl

  • Sierra Forbes
    Sierra Forbes 23 hours ago

    I'd be really interested to see you put one together with things you've tested and thought were good. just another 4 day system like this one was.

  • Road Bike Adventures

    Dieses Kram, was drinnen ist, gerade mal 300 Euro wert, mehr nicht ! Typisch abzocke !

  • BF3 forever Greene

    I’ll make sure to duck tape this to my backpack when I go hiking in the mountains 👌

  • A dead Alien
    A dead Alien Day ago

    WOOOow tweezers

  • Todd Mcgough
    Todd Mcgough Day ago

    I Beltane I could do better

  • Ethan O'Connor
    Ethan O'Connor Day ago

    You should do a video where you go camping for 24 hours with only that

  • Todd Mcgough
    Todd Mcgough Day ago

    Prybar and wrinch

  • Trick Sipnner
    Trick Sipnner Day ago

    You should make a video where you show your favorite survival items ;)

  • CoconutCrab
    CoconutCrab Day ago

    *puts on safety glasses to open box*

  • Craig Hartanagel

    That fat max utility bar the hook on it is used to grab 2x4s mainly but can be used for ripping apart anything. I have a huge one I use on demolition

  • Cohen Axtell
    Cohen Axtell Day ago

    Every thing to survive granny horror game

  • furious pez
    furious pez Day ago

    Ripped off

  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago

    That kit is absolute WEAKSAUCE

  • Death to the Weakling, Wealth to the Strong

    1000$ for a toothbrush and wipes.

  • FlaminPenguinz
    FlaminPenguinz Day ago

    If an apocalypse happens, I'm heading to his house!

  • A A
    A A Day ago

    No food 🥘

  • sarath r warrier

    i like this survival kid

  • Mohnish Kumar
    Mohnish Kumar Day ago +1

    Has anyone noticed 'QUICKSILVER'?

  • Martin Latham
    Martin Latham Day ago

    Are any of these things ever worth it or are they always a joke? I like the bags and case though.

  • Brat Bojan
    Brat Bojan Day ago

    Gadjic 😂😂😂😂

  • Stacey Story
    Stacey Story Day ago +1


  • InpouT
    InpouT Day ago


  • Marc Venne
    Marc Venne Day ago

    LOL sugar free peppermint? keep your breath fresh and your energy low in an end of the world scenario! :D

  • pixel pixel
    pixel pixel Day ago

    is my life worth a $1000 dollars,i think so

  • ANIME LOVER uploader

    Wew I love that survival kit

  • cancer jimmy
    cancer jimmy Day ago

    lol 20 dollars of items, 980 dollars for the box itself

  • z dubs
    z dubs Day ago

    The items and tools in there looked very cheap.

  • Journeys End
    Journeys End Day ago

    He is adorable. Kinda sweet and comes across childlike (that's a compliment)!

  • WatOutlaw41 Gaming

    Iphone X
    Survival Kit with awesome gadjicks

  • TheBrokenCrystal Games

    fortnite be like

  • Robert Dixon
    Robert Dixon Day ago

    I'll give you $40 for it.

  • Hetzr-CS
    Hetzr-CS Day ago

    what r u afraid of? $1000 lol

  • Marek Olszewski
    Marek Olszewski Day ago

    I thing for one use this backpak is good, beteer waay if you have that or nothing, 1000USD is too much but you get a lot of stuff (cheap but a lot ). Thanks for test it .

  • Die Rarree
    Die Rarree Day ago

    There was ointment "😶

  • Deborah Petith
    Deborah Petith Day ago

    We enjoy all your work, this one is really good.

  • Jolly firemonster

    Who gonna carry that huge thing.

  • Mitesh fegade
    Mitesh fegade Day ago +2

    No condoms..???

  • Rob Erickson
    Rob Erickson Day ago

    I wouldn’t be swinging that axe around

  • Xtian David
    Xtian David Day ago

    If hes could speak fluent English in this video with the same edits, this video would've been so boring... Love this guy

  • Abraham S
    Abraham S Day ago


  • patrice duncan
    patrice duncan Day ago


  • Best Website
    Best Website Day ago

    I would give you $200 for it.

    METALMAN4Wii Day ago

    Still more useful than a new iPhone.

  • Redneck Anthony
    Redneck Anthony Day ago

    Enough food for 1 person 4 days those meals are enough for 1 person 1 day

  • marwin winkler
    marwin winkler Day ago

    Confident acquire touch hero instrument shop Christmas surprised passenger equity.

  • Open Eye
    Open Eye 2 days ago

    I love how the case is bright orange so the thieves know who to attack first .

  • Open Eye
    Open Eye 2 days ago

    I havnt watched the video yet but let me guess you think a lot of items inside that case IS SOOOO COOL!

  • Pinhead Larry
    Pinhead Larry 2 days ago

    You should put that in your car

  • Philip Green
    Philip Green 2 days ago

    Do hot pepper challenge

  • Hacker000 dcitfir
    Hacker000 dcitfir 2 days ago

    All my saftey are my saftey glasses

  • BloodFlowRapid
    BloodFlowRapid 2 days ago

    This is cool but what happens if your car washes away...?

  • speakbigtruth
    speakbigtruth 2 days ago

    Yes it’s worth the hassle free peace of mind

  • Fred Dufour
    Fred Dufour 2 days ago

    woaaaah i need this !

  • StonedV Television
    StonedV Television 2 days ago

    Total ripoff

  • Noob Noob
    Noob Noob 2 days ago


  • Anthony Muller
    Anthony Muller 2 days ago

    Hes a russian manchild

  • Rhys Sandon
    Rhys Sandon 2 days ago

    He should be more appreciative even though it's $1,000 that's still really good

  • Tolik L.
    Tolik L. 2 days ago

    loks kind of like what they have on the big life boats .

  • FaZe_BOLT34
    FaZe_BOLT34 2 days ago +1

    Is it just me or did the case change colors?.... orange to red?

  • Zack Galasso
    Zack Galasso 2 days ago

    Who else noticed that he forgot to put the tape back

  • sonny de wild
    sonny de wild 2 days ago

    medkit in fortnite 10 sec. be like