10 "Healthy" Foods That Turned Out To Be Unhealthy!

  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
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Comments • 2 610

  • Noe Dominguez
    Noe Dominguez 12 hours ago

    I do coke all day I don’t eat at all js

  • Coltkiller Gaming

    2:41 phrasing

  • Unicorn chan uu And dragon kun gg

    I eat sushi all day.....welp guesse I’ll wait for my grave and die;-;

  • Common_Turtlez
    Common_Turtlez 3 days ago


    No? Just me?

  • Humorous Fraud
    Humorous Fraud 3 days ago

    When I eat sushi I don’t use soy sauce

  • Sanny Santos
    Sanny Santos 5 days ago +1

    You killed my veggie burger & sushi dreams lol

  • Impaled
    Impaled 6 days ago

    If I recall correctly, basic salads also typically aren't very healthy either. Lettuce contains almost no nutrients and dressing is full of sugar. Am I correct, Matt? Did I make a mistake?

  • Mopp Empire v0rt3x14

    Soooo eat nuts, fruit, lean meats such a chicken and drink water gotcha...

  • Videsh Danpat
    Videsh Danpat 8 days ago +1

    I subscribed to you not because of your puns but healthy choices that I didn't even know about thanks 👍

  • Edmundas K
    Edmundas K 8 days ago

    how many times i see a chubby ordering like super huge meal in McDonald or burger king and they order a fukin diet coke :D:D:D its like a comedy for free :D:D:D

  • brabssmaster the god

    at least in n out makes real veggie burgers

  • Mike Haugen
    Mike Haugen 10 days ago

    You're drinking kombucha which is very very healthy for you

  • John White
    John White 12 days ago

    Matthew Scammer

  • kitsufunksu902
    kitsufunksu902 12 days ago

    How bout a Krabby Patty?

  • unicorn cat doge galsInTheHood on roblox


  • domo mitsune
    domo mitsune 13 days ago

    So even healthy option foods will kill you. You just can't win you.

  • Moonlight dancer
    Moonlight dancer 13 days ago

    I dont eat those and the sushi I be very careful on what I eat

  • Midnight Run
    Midnight Run 13 days ago

    Salt is not the demon that the medical profession denounces it as. Yes, we do get too much salt in processed foods, but like everything else that is overabundant in processed foods, the body used what it needs and discards the rest (when was the last time a doctor advised to avoid Riboflavin...?).
    The medical profession (controlled by the pharmaceutical companies) do not give the body credit for knowing how to take care of itself. They see excess salt and immediately, they theorize that it holds too much water in the bloodstream, which creates too much pressure against the vessel walls - their explanation of "high blood pressure". By this logic, the body has suddenly gone haywire and has started accumulating salt for no reason. It's absurd.
    If the body holds onto extra salt, there has to be a reason. And the reason is that salt retains water (just as the medical propaganda proposes). But they're putting the cart before the horse. The reason the body starts holding on to more salt is that people don't drink water as they should and the function of the salt is to pull water from food and store it in the area outside the cells (not in the vessels). Edema is an example of this water being stored outside the cells and not in the vessels.
    It is stored outside the cells because that's where the salty "ocean" of water is located. The "ocean" of water inside the cells contains fresh water. This stored water is earmarked for one specific purpose - to be filtered and injected into dehydrated cells. This filtration/injection process is closely associated with high blood pressure because the increase in blood pressure provides the force necessary for the injection process - called "reverse osmosis".
    High blood pressure actually is caused by a lack of sufficient water in the vessels. Blood is normally 94% water and loses 8% of this water volume when you become dehydrated, resulting in thicker blood. This also causes the vessels to constrict to compensate for the water loss.
    A simple observation of a drop of blood from a fingertip will prove that the blood is thicker (and darker) rather than thin and watery, as would dictate if there was too much water in the vessels as claimed by the medical profession.

  • All by the best masters 101

    What can we eat

  • tho bur
    tho bur 14 days ago

    you're an idiot.

  • Kathy Main
    Kathy Main 14 days ago

    Whoever thought that any bacon was actually good for you?

  • Christopher Castro
    Christopher Castro 14 days ago


  • Jane Marsee
    Jane Marsee 15 days ago


  • Barbasan Barbasanov
    Barbasan Barbasanov 15 days ago

    Matt, ti svemu pronalazis mane.

  • Daemonium Minschus
    Daemonium Minschus 15 days ago

    *muscle is heavier than fat* numbers on the scales went up.

  • Wayne Pollard
    Wayne Pollard 16 days ago

    Diet sodes
    me: someone tell matpat!

  • GraemeWolfMas 2
    GraemeWolfMas 2 16 days ago

    Water is delicious tho

  • EvilMonkey578
    EvilMonkey578 16 days ago

    Granola plain is healthy right?

  • shawn bunker
    shawn bunker 17 days ago

    That burger looked so good

  • stephen madl
    stephen madl 17 days ago

    Hmmm... there are new findings that sodium, i.e. salt, has little to no effect on blood pressure.

  • Its Just Brit
    Its Just Brit 19 days ago +3

    Everything is bad for you. Might as well eat what you want. We all gotta die anyway.

  • Ferrari Ford
    Ferrari Ford 21 day ago

    I am here for Maggie 😂😂😂😎

  • chris zag
    chris zag 21 day ago

    glad i only eat bacon and cheese and drink only beer with my cigarettes

  • Ansley M.
    Ansley M. 21 day ago +1

    Wait! Soy and yeast powder is bad for you WAT!! I deny that statement and die happy.

  • Tre Farr
    Tre Farr 22 days ago +3

    I use coconut 🥥 oil to lube my boyfriend for... well use guys get it 😂🥥🕊🥶

  • UL Huntsman
    UL Huntsman 23 days ago +1

    Maaaan I showed this vid to my dad who's a vegetarian and he flipped at coconut oil and veggie burgers but he said "oh well I'll still eat it" XD

    • Ansley M.
      Ansley M. 21 day ago

      Lol same tho but he said soy is bad so I mean I'm not gonna stop eating......

  • GhostWarrior580
    GhostWarrior580 24 days ago

    I'd rather die than stop eating sushi, you can't stop me 🙅‍

  • AquaZack
    AquaZack 28 days ago

    good think i drink only water and some other drinks randomly

  • Teena Courtney
    Teena Courtney 28 days ago

    I will not eat margarine, now that I know how it's made...Ugh gross

  • Glen Pritchard
    Glen Pritchard Month ago +1

    The supermarket "juice" you disparage that is filled with "added sugars, presevatives, and added chemicals meant to taste like juice" sound more a such-and-such "'drink", than the "not from concentrate" juices I buy at my local grocery store. Be fair in your criticizm. (Generally speaking, I love your videos.)

    • Anna G
      Anna G 28 days ago

      They're just as bad. Both are flash pasteurized which destroys nutrients. Separating the massive amounts of sugar in oranges from the fiber and stuff in the orange itself is horrible for your body. Youd be much better off just eating an orange

  • new world leader
    new world leader Month ago

    NOT MY TUNA ROLL!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭

  • Hashiro from ReLIFE

    I watch these vids for his jokes

  • Hashiro from ReLIFE
    Hashiro from ReLIFE Month ago +2

    I'm confused everything is unhealthy?wat du I eat?

  • Melissa Hemenway
    Melissa Hemenway Month ago

    I love the way you go coos coos more like nope nope ...lol

  • Chloe Davies
    Chloe Davies Month ago +1

    Me:looks at title thinks yes clicks on it.
    Future me:watches it.
    Me:eats everything that I previously ate

  • Shannon Kelley
    Shannon Kelley Month ago +1

    Wow right before he said Turkey bacon I just finished eating it lol

    • Ansley M.
      Ansley M. 21 day ago

      Same but with veggie burgers lol

  • Dogz Rulez
    Dogz Rulez Month ago

    4:21 hold up... the athlete closest to the screen has for fingers on the right hand...

    • Ansley M.
      Ansley M. 21 day ago


  • Tank R.
    Tank R. Month ago

    HEY! Regular Coke gives me heart burn and Pepsi tastes like poop. So Im havin my diet Coke. Deal with it.

  • Bananaman XD
    Bananaman XD Month ago

    2:40 I’m allergic to nuts so....

  • luis garcia
    luis garcia Month ago

    Sorry " " but about " real cow butter is very healthy for you and needed for survival asked a real youtuber dr."AND about coco nut is no nothing bad but all beneficial for us I'm 65 and no problems PLEASE asked a real nutritionist dr.and correct your wrongs you are fun but need to be better informed.

  • i do cool videos
    i do cool videos Month ago

    Ok. I will just get some poison.

  • Sheng Lor
    Sheng Lor Month ago +1

    Good thing I never tried these XD ok I’m actually serious

  • Random Satanist
    Random Satanist Month ago

    Don’t live long, live free

  • Oi Mate
    Oi Mate Month ago

    Average fat consumer *can i get a meaty bull chicken cheese steak sandwich with chips fries chicken tenders and nuggets with a ***_S N O R T_* _DiEt cOkE_*

  • Steven Freel
    Steven Freel Month ago

    So, basically, these are the foods for me.. As, unlike many people it seems, I need to gain weight.. Around about 2 & a half to 3 stone!! Upside, I've been told to gorge myself on high calorific foods, but healthy foods are needed to be able to use those extra calories, & protein better.. It's hard to do though!! Harder than losing weight by far!!

    • Steven Freel
      Steven Freel 21 day ago

      @Ansley M. 😂😂 I'm eating loads, & still not putting it on!! 🙄 But I'm eating more than I was, so that's probably why I'm pretty much the same weight, only about 7lbs gained!! 😂 Little steps huh!! Thanks very much for the kind words, have a great day!!

    • Ansley M.
      Ansley M. 21 day ago +1

      Just drink oil🤣🤣 I know it's not that easy. I hope ur doing better!

  • Martin Fairclough
    Martin Fairclough Month ago

    Bacon mmmmm mmmmmm yummy

  • WitherPlay Pen
    WitherPlay Pen Month ago

    (Sees thumbnail)
    Well good thing I hate coconut
    (Sees bacon)

  • cats United
    cats United Month ago

    Is honest kids healthy

  • presley rone
    presley rone Month ago

    I’m still replacing my meals with Diet Coke LOL

  • Country Club Lawn And Tree

    I'm good with number 6 since I don't drink dietary sodas anyway

  • Andrew Farley
    Andrew Farley Month ago

    coconuts kill 150 people per year sharks kill 4-6 per year think about that protect the sharks

  • J O'Driscoll
    J O'Driscoll Month ago

    4:47 now I want a Snickers. DANG YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE!!!

  • brabssmaster the god
    brabssmaster the god Month ago +1

    at least in n outs veggie burgers are just cooked veggies and not veggie patties

  • G Ram
    G Ram Month ago

    I’m anemic and when my iron is low, I eat ice. A ton of it. I’m doing it as we speak. Good to know it’s such a healthy choice.

  • Cute Husky
    Cute Husky Month ago

    Diet coke... Death. If you never had the risk of death, you would have to stop everything.

  • Courtney B
    Courtney B Month ago +4

    Homemade granola is healthier.. i make my own but w honey fresh dried fruit(i do myself) and oats.
    Basically just read dam ingredients and u could avoid unhealthy foods.
    Make yout own veggie burgers. 10x healthier

  • Madison Jardine
    Madison Jardine Month ago

    I'm allergic to milk so I have to do margarine

  • Russ W
    Russ W Month ago

    I still love my diet sodas.

  • the Glitchy diamond

    How do I order all of these at the exact same time

  • Mc007Queen
    Mc007Queen 2 months ago +1

    That's why I was getting chest pains after I had that Diet Coke at work at lunch time

  • Simone
    Simone 2 months ago

    They gave me all that stuff in school.. I’m grateful I’m not a stroking diabetic 🤒🤕🤐

  • Monica Del Coro
    Monica Del Coro 2 months ago

    im not giving up sushi!!!!! ill die, ill die happy!!

  • L B
    L B 2 months ago

    Quit eating all the foods that people will tell you are bad for you and you're probably going to starve to death. Life is short. Eat what you enjoy!

  • Checkers_or_wreckers 007

    Imma still gonna drink a diet dew

  • Melanie martinez
    Melanie martinez 2 months ago

    Fruit juice