How a Japanese Family Sushi Restaurant Gets You to Buy, Buy, Buy!

  • Published on Feb 23, 2016
  • The kids loving going to this family kaiten sushi restaurant where you can order using an iPad and win gacha gacha prizes.
    I know people will ask, so the place we went to is called Kura Sushi ( It's a chain restaurant that has many locations (we went to a Tokyo location), and if you go their site, you can see all the different locations and menu items.
    The cost of the 36 dishes was ¥4708 JPY, since many are asking.
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    Music: "Dusty Tears" by Silent Partner, "Good Starts" by Jingle Punks, "Soho" by Riot, and "Sunshine in my Heart" by Jingle Punks

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  • ShortTrash
    ShortTrash Day ago

    yOOO I just realised he was their dad omg

  • Mariam Airan
    Mariam Airan Day ago

    Is Greg the dad?

  • Favi Cortéz
    Favi Cortéz Day ago

    Adorable kids! Ingenious restaurant!
    It’s cool to see kids actually eating and enjoying real food!

  • Faith Forty
    Faith Forty 2 days ago

    love these documentary films! And the kids are so cute! ❤ Hopefully one day soon my Husband and I will get to visit Japan. Definitly on our bucket list!

  • GamerJeffreyYT
    GamerJeffreyYT 2 days ago

    "Oh my goodness, we just want the toy." Lmao

  • From The Little River

    Your kids are so lovely :)

  • Gacha Pandoria
    Gacha Pandoria 2 days ago

    Why did she call you daddy???

  • Kayla Chaka
    Kayla Chaka 2 days ago

    Wait did she say Danny or daddy I he her dad ?

  • kid ringo
    kid ringo 2 days ago

    Its like the airport...go collect luggage carts people don't feel like walking back for 20 min to get $1.50 US. teaches japanese children how to bus tables....and play rigged casino games....

  • Kassandra Campos
    Kassandra Campos 2 days ago

    Your kids are the best. I was laughing so hard when they were both trying to figure out how to get the plates off the conveyor.

  • Addy Bonnetti
    Addy Bonnetti 3 days ago

    Such cute kids

  • Jayden 26
    Jayden 26 3 days ago +1

    Unlimited ??

  • Unlucky ship
    Unlucky ship 3 days ago

    taco places are where i'm from.

  • Vilja Skriko
    Vilja Skriko 4 days ago

    Japan is amazing! If I was there, that really gets me to buy, buy, buy!

  • Random Universe
    Random Universe 4 days ago

    I came up with this idea and I felt truly special but dang Japan is just to dam advance..... RIP😒😭🤣👍👌🏼👌

  • Aya Mierzwa
    Aya Mierzwa 5 days ago

    And yes I’m japanese

  • Aya Mierzwa
    Aya Mierzwa 5 days ago

    I went to one in japan and the special ordered sushi comes on a train it’s so cool

  • 1 Hour on Music
    1 Hour on Music 6 days ago

    If you guys wonder what this place is, its called Kurasushi, it has a lot shops all across Japan.

  • Thowba Naseer
    Thowba Naseer 6 days ago

    i am from japan my name is thazan hawa i am 10

  • Tae Beach
    Tae Beach 6 days ago

    Japan always has the best Food!

  • Micah Tisbe
    Micah Tisbe 7 days ago

    Oof 36 plates they lost but andrew and Steven in worth it buzzfeed won for the first time

  • LongXp
    LongXp 7 days ago

    6:10 lolxdd
    Didn't expect Rubik's cube appear that much in my life as a cuber

  • Jasmine Woodward
    Jasmine Woodward 7 days ago

    didnt buzzfeed come here?

  • imad the mozart lover

    i love cucumber rolls and onigiri

  • C.ngkong
    C.ngkong 8 days ago

    Sekali kali makan warteg lah jangan sushi mulu

  • lauren allissa
    lauren allissa 8 days ago

    I really hate that because she like arrogant people ..

  • Gabriel Wilson
    Gabriel Wilson 8 days ago +1

    Everything with rice.

  • CeCeLxtty
    CeCeLxtty 8 days ago

    I have watched this video like 30 times

  • LargeBlueCircle
    LargeBlueCircle 9 days ago

    OMG this place looks like a drug, I want it IV drip right into the blood stream. Why cant USA have this?!

  • hima adi
    hima adi 9 days ago

    i think that kid look like a man who sing "cut the parachute before we dive"

  • henta tigo
    henta tigo 10 days ago

    Do you know kurazushi comic?
    This comic is made for CM. It is for kids. But...the story is crazy.
    first term, the comic is normal heart warming story. There is cute character, happy world, many dream, and good success story.
    But middle term, enemies use mind control. Heroin is princess. She endeavour for citizen in adversity. Her farther is bad king. But it is made bay mind control. Happy kingdom citizen have many anger and pain. One day, citizen rise in arm. Heroin notice mind control and true enemy.
    She go to stop revolution with hero's kindful message. But, heroin is too little. The voice is not reached to citizen. When hero arrive there, there is a grave. Princess is dead with trample.

  • Boeing 727- 200
    Boeing 727- 200 10 days ago +2

    Someone steals your order

    • Pino Pino
      Pino Pino 5 days ago

      They count the plate so it doesn't really matter

  • Margit Ouma
    Margit Ouma 10 days ago

    They are so civilized in Japan. Healthy, tasty food. What beautiful people.

  • Zodia Clan
    Zodia Clan 10 days ago


  • Deskawaii
    Deskawaii 10 days ago

    How do they know what you ate? Or do all the plates cost the same?

  • Mariana Mendoza
    Mariana Mendoza 11 days ago

    I also really like mexican food

  • Kübra Atatürk
    Kübra Atatürk 11 days ago +1

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    ASMR with leah queen 11 days ago +1

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    i saw this restraunt once on buzzfeed !

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    Ashley kate 12 days ago

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    Matthew Ballard 13 days ago

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    Polina K. 13 days ago

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  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 13 days ago

    This is the best thing I've ever seen.

  • MeKi Lau
    MeKi Lau 13 days ago

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  • Itzs Amy
    Itzs Amy 13 days ago +2

    Thats cool!😘shout out

  • Rainer Benedict Kartika

    Indonesia Sushi restaurants are mostly sliding one like the bottom, but there is one restaurant using only the train method. But there are no double ones.

  • Dhanang Wibowo
    Dhanang Wibowo 14 days ago

    5:08 Aiko not impressed.

  • Takahiro Uchida
    Takahiro Uchida 15 days ago

    I recently tried that restaurant in Japan. Kura Sushi right?

  • アジア张
    アジア张 15 days ago +5

    6:47 Is It Their Food Or Other People's? 🤔

  • Skr1bblezfte
    Skr1bblezfte 15 days ago

    There’s one in Cali that’s called kulu and is the same as this

  • Anna Weiss
    Anna Weiss 16 days ago

    I want to Japan... :)

  • Phoebe Hello
    Phoebe Hello 16 days ago

    BuZzfeed came here

  • Erik Clements
    Erik Clements 17 days ago +1

    Do they have any restaurants like this in America?

  • Alex Cam
    Alex Cam 17 days ago

    Sadily im british where we dont have sushi....
    Just mash potatoes and sausages 😂😂

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    Snory LAX 18 days ago

    Finally i found someone which eats as much as i do in a Japanese restaurant! LOL

  • sherry a
    sherry a 18 days ago

    NEW Subscriber here 🙌 great video thank you !!! I really wish you would have told us how much the money in USD the meal was for all 3 btw these children speak Perfect English and are adorable !!

  • Pescad0 Ramirez
    Pescad0 Ramirez 18 days ago

    Uhhh uhhmoh no....

  • The English samurai
    The English samurai 19 days ago

    From where I am from the sushi is delivered by a Shinkansen ( bullet train ) by the way if you are wondering where I stay in Japan it is chichibu ( anohana city) but I live in England

  • Mar-Works
    Mar-Works 19 days ago

    50 buck meal not bad

  • SuperYang
    SuperYang 19 days ago

    Daddy: I’m crying because im paying all my pay

  • Anna Tylla
    Anna Tylla 20 days ago

    What a cool place

  • Prabhjit Sokhal
    Prabhjit Sokhal 20 days ago

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    andrew crago 20 days ago

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  • Dr. K
    Dr. K 20 days ago

    36 plates for 4708 yen... Just under 50 usd that's not bad at all

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  • Niina The Animr Lover


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    Liliap0p 22 days ago

    i remember i once decided to get 5 ice-creams for myself with one of them machines ._.

  • Geocinia Tolosa
    Geocinia Tolosa 22 days ago

    We have one like these in Manila. In SM AURA the japanese family restaurant is called “ GENKI SUSHI “.

  • Lillie M
    Lillie M 22 days ago

    Is it Nagoya? I m Japanese

  • TheWorldAccordingToLPS !

    5:65 I watch that show Haha!

  • Ying Huang
    Ying Huang 23 days ago +2

    Amazing. How did the machine eject the plate of sushi right next to their seat? Really amazing user experience!

  • TheTeaChild
    TheTeaChild 23 days ago

    My home country’s restaurants gotta step it up!

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    Anita Paulic 23 days ago

    Japan are seriously living in the year 3000 😂
    Like if you agree 😂

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    Eric Kosak 23 days ago

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    Rais Dariq 24 days ago

    aburi chizu samon is basically "every cheese salmon (you've ever ate)" if you're american

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    Uhh Jen 24 days ago

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  • Hario Seno
    Hario Seno 25 days ago

    there's a sushi restaurant like this in Osaka​, it's located at Osaka Bay Tower office complex

  • JOA
    JOA 25 days ago

    The restaurant in Irvine has the same exact thing. 😊 I had fun, it was a new experience for me.

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    GabESM Gaming 25 days ago

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    SUPER COBRA MAN GUY 25 days ago


  • KK TheUnicorn
    KK TheUnicorn 26 days ago

    They have the same restaurant in California
    What you do to get your food is put your thumb in the little slot on the top and put your index finger in the slot at the bottom push up a little bit the clear lid will pop up and you can grab your food

  • Unicorn Channel 2
    Unicorn Channel 2 26 days ago

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  • Steven Leonard
    Steven Leonard 26 days ago

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  • David Poindexter
    David Poindexter 26 days ago

    There is a crappier version of this place in Tulsa Oklahoma.

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    that sushi bar must be owned by EA

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    Yamstarch 27 days ago

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