How a Japanese Family Sushi Restaurant Gets You to Buy, Buy, Buy!

  • Published on Feb 23, 2016
  • The kids loving going to this family kaiten sushi restaurant where you can order using an iPad and win gacha gacha prizes.
    I know people will ask, so the place we went to is called Kura Sushi ( It's a chain restaurant that has many locations (we went to a Tokyo location), and if you go their site, you can see all the different locations and menu items.
    The cost of the 36 dishes was ¥4708 JPY, since many are asking.
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  • TeddyB3AR
    TeddyB3AR 52 minutes ago

    4708 yen? thats not that bad for 3 ppl actually.
    around the same in where I live (vancouver)
    ~$17-20 CAD per person at a restaurant like _White spot_ for example.

  • TeddyB3AR
    TeddyB3AR 55 minutes ago

    gamble while you eat. nice.

  • Slime Tester
    Slime Tester 8 hours ago

    I went their before

  • Cindy The Fabulous Candy

    do u mean gach life or gach u know wat shes talking about

  • Ellie DaSilva
    Ellie DaSilva 22 hours ago

    "It just means, you loose"
    *pushes brother out of the way*

  • Maria Fatkhullin


  • Emmie Morals
    Emmie Morals Day ago

    I didn't know that he was there dad

  • Risham Waqas
    Risham Waqas Day ago +1

    In Scotland restraunts what I eat for example fries or air and then ice cream🍟🍨🌬️

    • Risham Waqas
      Risham Waqas Day ago +1

      Wow sushi 🍣 if we can get this 1 like the sushi will upgrade every 1 like yay I got one like now the sushi upgraded to this🍱

  • MYSTRY19
    MYSTRY19 2 days ago

    It is just so satifying to hear the plates go in

  • Arixl_ YT
    Arixl_ YT 4 days ago

    I wish I had a stomach that could eat 36 plates I mean I can...but it won’t turn out well in the bathroom

  • Skye Pie
    Skye Pie 4 days ago +1

    I wish all restaurants we like these because these are awesome

  • Shannon Joy Sharp
    Shannon Joy Sharp 5 days ago

    Hello from grand ledge Michigan USA! I love watching your videos and learning about life in Japan! I think they owe you a free meal Because that luck machine is broken!!!!

  • Marianna Hernandez
    Marianna Hernandez 5 days ago +4

    36 plates for 41 dollars?!

    Thats it im packing my bags now!

  • ツnAkEdPoTato
    ツnAkEdPoTato 5 days ago

    I was about to say that singapore has this too until i saw the game

  • アジア人
    アジア人 7 days ago +2

    3:13 is no one gonna mention her pushing her brother

  • Goldy 123
    Goldy 123 8 days ago +1

    great technology in japan

  • Magdalena Ohashi
    Magdalena Ohashi 9 days ago +1

    i love sushi resto😍kura sushi is one of my favorite

  • IvyMe
    IvyMe 9 days ago

    Our fam restaurants ain’t this cool for sure kids are very lucky

  • IvyMe
    IvyMe 9 days ago +1

    Japan looks like the place to be man wow

  • IvyMe
    IvyMe 9 days ago

    The boy looks like the dad sooo much

  • Alexia Rattan
    Alexia Rattan 10 days ago

    In the caribbean for a pack of 5 sushi is $50+ damn

  • NoOneSpecial
    NoOneSpecial 10 days ago +1

    I wish I lived in japan :(

  • lily kurtaj
    lily kurtaj 10 days ago +1

    Ewww i dont like sushi 😷

  • Cynthia Shepherd
    Cynthia Shepherd 10 days ago

    What a cool place!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!💜

  • Jessie Sandoval
    Jessie Sandoval 11 days ago

    Me and my kids absolutely love all of these videos

  • Dragon Heart
    Dragon Heart 12 days ago

    Adorable kids

  • Mary Madrigal
    Mary Madrigal 13 days ago

    They eat a lot 🤪

  • *queenizzydeigh*
    *queenizzydeigh* 13 days ago +2

    Super clever!! I love how creative products are in Japan! 💖

  • ivyanna lovelace
    ivyanna lovelace 13 days ago +1

    In texas we have one of these places but a plate of sushi costs $2.50 and it’s called kura revolution sushi bar :)

    • ivyanna lovelace
      ivyanna lovelace 13 days ago

      Valerie Ruiz OMFG ME TO!! Being in Kentucky for the summer makes me miss it a lot :)

    • Valerie Ruiz
      Valerie Ruiz 13 days ago +1

      ivyanna lovelace I love that place!

  • duolingo bird
    duolingo bird 14 days ago

    In mexico there is this old Japanese guy that makes authentic sushi and it's 10 bucks for 47 sushi peaces and lots of rice and a big salad and 5 crab legs and trust me it's bomb

  • Itzurgurl XD
    Itzurgurl XD 14 days ago +1

    They have this in America....

  • Kittycat 6762
    Kittycat 6762 14 days ago

    The Kura place I went to was 30 plates for like $100+ and we got the toy at 20, and 30

  • Subhranil Dey
    Subhranil Dey 14 days ago

    Your kids are adorable.....

  • Amanda C
    Amanda C 15 days ago

    It’s below 5000yen for all that? Where is that restaurant?? I’m going there on my next trip back!

  • Alxofied Kxkxk
    Alxofied Kxkxk 15 days ago

    omg such a cool restaurant and your kids are way too adorable 😭 you could tell how disappointed they were not to win

  • Richie Evans
    Richie Evans 15 days ago


  • Jenna Ascuncion
    Jenna Ascuncion 15 days ago

    There so something like that where I live because its a Japanese restaurant and u can order food on the tablets and it comes on cars and there's a thing where food come around and u can just grab whatever u want and I just went there today

    QUEEN BABOON 16 days ago +1


  • Patrick Banks
    Patrick Banks 16 days ago

    There are couple different sushi places like this in my town, Houston. I like Kura the best :) It is most authentic modern japanese revolving sushi bar style. The plates are all $2.25 I believe, and then some of the specialty items that you order like ramen/udon or some hot food or desserts can cost a little more. But you always win a prize at 15 plates! Sushi Choo Choo has a few more locations around town, and always a decent place to eat, a bit more of the American-ized sushi options too (I love my philadelphia rolls!) Sushi Sakura is somewhere between the two. There are quite a few others that I haven't had time to try yet... Maybe one day. Bucket list!

  • Morganaaa _44
    Morganaaa _44 16 days ago

    American: In America, this is what obesity is like

  • Atawhai N
    Atawhai N 16 days ago

    Shins always eating tamago

  • only sarina
    only sarina 16 days ago +2

    They have a few of these restaurants here in the States • u • It was a very fun experience! I think I was able to get a toy at 15 plates • o •

  • Chiara Sciortino
    Chiara Sciortino 16 days ago


  • lazylazuli
    lazylazuli 16 days ago

    i like how the little girl just sat there and let her dad bump puff thing into her face instead of opening her mouth lmao

    FANS OF RIMORAV VLOGS 16 days ago +4

    Indian please please please give me like.
    Other countries people please comment me.

  • the ny dubbings
    the ny dubbings 16 days ago

    36 plates for 1000rs

  • Princess Ari
    Princess Ari 17 days ago +5

    Waittt cuz I didn’t know that was her dad😭

  • Atreyee Sarma
    Atreyee Sarma 17 days ago

    Why is that little girl so so so cute?? For such a small age, she is so mature. Reminds me of one of my cousins. This little girl and my sista are kinda similar. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Pochan the bunny
    Pochan the bunny 17 days ago +1

    I'm from India 🇮🇳🎶🎶🚺

  • Laurie M
    Laurie M 18 days ago

    Omg, the kids are so cute! I love how they're so involved and you do so much with them. Many parents are too busy for family outing nowadays. I want to go here, it's adorable and we don't have anything like this here in Montreal Canada. Family restaurants are very much about fries/burgers and soda still.

  • Miss Candyland
    Miss Candyland 19 days ago

    Japan is cOOl
    I mean look at that future looking restaurant

  • Stacy Crider
    Stacy Crider 20 days ago

    That girl is so rude to her brother when he tries to look at something or reach over her or try to get the camra to look at him the girl pooches hi away it's rude

  • Cooling Heat
    Cooling Heat 20 days ago +2

    America: how an American family restaurant gets you to *SWERVE, SWERVE, SWERVE*

  • Hanxi Guo
    Hanxi Guo 20 days ago

    I remember this but i only been in one of these places once.

  • Hanxi Guo
    Hanxi Guo 20 days ago

    How to make a ALL YOU CAN EAT restaurant earn more money and more customers:
    They make the soy sauce extra salty so you will be forced to drink water, thus making your stomach ful, then they leave quicker. Then the next customers come and its the same pattern. Soon enough MORE customers will come and they will earn more money at a all u can eat

  • TTV_JD108 Lol
    TTV_JD108 Lol 20 days ago

    I Go there IM America Ira fun

  • XOXO
    XOXO 20 days ago

    Is that his kids

  • Ellen Priest
    Ellen Priest 21 day ago

    Good video

  • Fadhilrahman 5
    Fadhilrahman 5 21 day ago +1

    I hate that girl!

  • Unathi Flatela
    Unathi Flatela 21 day ago

    I can't get over how life in Japan is so advanced

  • John Vandall
    John Vandall 21 day ago

    you have great childern.

  • Cristina Valentina Alexandroiu

    That's a lot a food

  • barb ryll
    barb ryll 23 days ago

    Oh boy you all must have been so full! Sushi is so delicious! Could your family please go eat that jiggly Japanese cheese cake? I would love to try it someday. Life in Japan looks very interesting 🌸🇨🇦

  • dsatt57
    dsatt57 23 days ago +1

    Plate cleanup and inventory loss is taken care of while trying to increase profits. Pretty ingenious actually!

  • Bashir Madhura
    Bashir Madhura 23 days ago

    I have went to Japan . One of the peace ful place around the world

  • Red Tortise
    Red Tortise 24 days ago

    My favorite roll is Ika shiri ana

  • TheBeLuvdTRex
    TheBeLuvdTRex 26 days ago

    41 Dollars for all that not to mention they dont tip in Japan... I hate the US.

  • xa Xa
    xa Xa 26 days ago

    Mong kênh bạn phát triển

  • Jenny Swift
    Jenny Swift 28 days ago

    Japan is one of the most beautiful country ever☺️☺️☺️

  • Jennifer Hudson-Gensler

    Those kids can EAT! ❤️

  • Rubén Ramírez
    Rubén Ramírez 29 days ago +2

    I’m from San Diego, California here in the US and we have a Kura here too. The prices here are ridiculous compared to Japan. I spent nearly $40 just for 15 small plates. And lets not forget tax. California really be doing us dirty here.

  • isabella
    isabella Month ago

    4,708 yen is about 43.04 in u.s. dollars, wow y’all are really dedicated to those games lol

    • isabella
      isabella Month ago

      oh its $41 dollars ig lol

  • Licht
    Licht Month ago

    Japan is so hi tech

  • jamaloding Batara
    jamaloding Batara Month ago +1


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    Rian Power Month ago

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  • Akryla
    Akryla Month ago +4

    In Poland we have restaurants with dumplings! (PL: Pierogi) We really like it... but I prefer pancakes :D

  • Leo Roberts
    Leo Roberts Month ago

    2019 anyone?

  • lσvє_lífє
    lσvє_lífє Month ago +1

    you can get the exact same things in Australia just saying. we call the spinny thing a train. there's like 5 types of these stores in Adelaide alone

  • Owl Love123
    Owl Love123 Month ago +1

    The sushi looked delicious and I know where I wanna move when I grow up...........JAPAN

  • salam yousif
    salam yousif Month ago

    Ive seen this 284times lol

  • J
    J Month ago +6

    "You want something daddy?"
    That was so adorable I have 2 daughters can't wait till they are old enough to explore food with me!!!

  • Roland Bengálka
    Roland Bengálka Month ago

    Hi Greg. i just wanted to know... Did you and Shin And Aiko overreat since it was 36 plates?

  • inksplat
    inksplat Month ago

    3:13 aiko pushed shin thats what my big sis does to me too

  • Finn Moss
    Finn Moss Month ago

    So interesting seeing this, in Germany you have to pay around 11$ and then you can take as many plates as you want, unfortenly there is not so much sushi :D And also drinks are kinda more expensive (e.g if you buy 2 Fantas you provably have to pay around 2.50-3$ each) and we don't have that "refill" thing like in America.

  • Sleeping Carrot
    Sleeping Carrot Month ago +1

    3:48 we lost again! *why do u seem so happy about that?!*

  • Maya Delgado
    Maya Delgado Month ago +1

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    kira c Month ago

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  • Martelle Casas
    Martelle Casas Month ago +4

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  • ቅንነት positive thinker

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  • Kelly Kang
    Kelly Kang Month ago +1

    Smiling throughout the video becuase of your children! they are so beautiful, handsome, bright and playful. Just so cute!

  • 🦄🐶🦚🌺
    🦄🐶🦚🌺 Month ago +1

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    🦄🐶🦚🌺 Month ago

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  • Aki Haru
    Aki Haru Month ago

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  • somaliatheist #
    somaliatheist # Month ago +1

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  • R. F.
    R. F. Month ago

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    • Klueless
      Klueless Month ago

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    Blue Phoenix Month ago

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  • clarky elysse
    clarky elysse Month ago

    8 Pieces of sushi in philippines are 200php or 4dollar and 12 cens

  • Love Lilly
    Love Lilly Month ago

    They have all you can eat sushi for an hour for 20 bucks a person but what you don’t eat you have to pay I don’t think that makes sense

  • The blue blue STITCH
    The blue blue STITCH Month ago +1

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