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Moto Z vs Moto Z Play Review: Which One Should You Buy?

  • Published on Oct 9, 2016
  • Here's my review of the Moto Z and Moto Z Play. Check out dbrand skins here:
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Comments • 752

  • Brenda princesa Lindaa

    I would never buy one of these disgusting atrocities, because I'm not stupid
    But anyway hypothetically, if I were to buy one of these, it would obviously be the one with the 3.5 mm headphone analog audio output
    "It's much thicker" LOL, so pitiful how you try to justify this shit

  • Brenda princesa Lindaa

    Hahaha fucking pathetic. Don't worry because there's a Usb to audio analog output adapter in the box? That's a reason TO worry.
    No headphone jack, no headphones included in the box, what a joke
    Lenovo destroyed Motorola, greedy corporate pigs

  • Charles I
    Charles I 3 days ago

    Guys how does this phone fare when it comes to emulation? PS1, PSP, NDS, N64, etc.

  • Mahmoud Zezoo
    Mahmoud Zezoo 16 days ago

    which better screen z play or lenovo p2

  • Kapilan
    Kapilan 20 days ago

    Moto Z play battery life is insane but if you want that sd820 get the original z and the battery mod

    • Kapilan
      Kapilan Day ago

      Zack Phelps I agree I don't experience any major slow downs but you can notice the weaker processer when heavy gaming. (Frame drops microstrutter) I also agree that the camera is pretty bad.

    • Zack Phelps
      Zack Phelps Day ago

      Kapilan I don't really miss the higher processer tbh. I have the Galaxy S8 Plus and the Z Play, and the only thing I really miss from my galaxy when I'm on the moto is the camera and infinity display

  • saad ghouri
    saad ghouri Month ago

    which should i buy btwn moto z play and z force..?

  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen Month ago

    I've had the Moto Z Play for a little over a year now and it's one of my favourite phones. The battery and performance are still amazing

  • Ole Andreas Sekkeseter

    the moto z offers wireless charging, but you have to buy the mod to do it. and the wireless charging can hit up to 10w.

  • Tahir
    Tahir 2 months ago

    Moto Z Play is sucks, a little pressure on screen and internal screen would break. What a shitty design from Lenovo.

    • Tahir
      Tahir 2 months ago

      It has been resolved by Lenovo. They accepted to repair it under warranty.

  • Ron Klijn
    Ron Klijn 2 months ago

    Bought the Z play for a nice price. I thought it must have a premium quality, because of the normal price, it has great battery life and the camera must be good for my needs and coming from a (died) Moto G 2013. It's mainly used as phone, so I hoped for good sound quality while making a call (that's almost never mentioned in a review...strange). Conclusion after 3 weeks: Great phone. Good camera, screen, speed, 4G-speed, insane battery, fast charging given the batterylife and very important perfect sound quality while calling...the person sounds exactly like irl. It's a perfect phone for what I paid (€299,-).

  • Syed Hossain
    Syed Hossain 2 months ago

    I Love the Moto Z Play.

  • NCG Accounts
    NCG Accounts 2 months ago

    How to repair sim holder tray (inside phone) of moto z

  • AJ's Fine Art World
    AJ's Fine Art World 2 months ago

    Sounds like the Moto Z is the way to go, but it depends on the price difference. As for the photos I don't notice much difference; the chunkier design of the Zplay is no big deal considering the longer battery life.

  • Nikki Miller
    Nikki Miller 2 months ago

    I moved from the iPhone 6s Plus to the Moro Play because of the projector.

  • Lisa R
    Lisa R 3 months ago

    I travel a lot and I have found that battery life Moto Z Play for me. Thanks for the review!

  • TheTripandTravel
    TheTripandTravel 3 months ago

    z play with battery mod battery life

    • Brendon
      Brendon 2 months ago

      I have the Moto Z play plus the new turbo power battery pack = 7000mAh Even more CRAZY!!!!!!!!

  • Lohith I Olekar
    Lohith I Olekar 3 months ago

    I laik moto z play

  • The Brain
    The Brain 3 months ago

    My Z Play got 1010 on Geekbench. Hmmm

  • Simple Edd
    Simple Edd 3 months ago

    From a gamer perspective, get the Moto Z Play WITH Android 6 (China Version 64gb rom), while playing Clash of Clans it lasted 8 hours. The reason i sayed Android 6 is because people have been reporting that 7 killed 2 hours of the battery life... The Chinese version (with is the cheapest and best) doesn't have updates so it's a win and the OS works perfectly.

  • JuaffreBlumpkins
    JuaffreBlumpkins 3 months ago

    I have a HTC one M8 and I love it. 3 1/2 years later and it's still functioning like day 1.
    This phone looks fucking great and that extra battery life, God damn!

  • Rayzr
    Rayzr 4 months ago

    Which normal consumer has 2 or more phones that is not for work

  • Anton Johnson
    Anton Johnson 4 months ago

    I think you should check this group out (latest coupons from Chinese store):
    See ya

    THANK YOU 4 months ago


  • Uzma 1982
    Uzma 1982 4 months ago

    So undecided. Getting a new phone for Christmas this year, and I keep going back and forth between the 2. I want a great battery, because I play games on it.
    But it sounds like the Z is for playing games, which is confusing since the other is called "Play".
    I also want to be able to take pictures, but I don't need the best quality since it's more about capturing the moment then being super crisp and clear.
    I want a phone that I can play Pokemon Go with, watch anime, read manga, browse Facebook, check e-mail, listen to Spotify, take videos/ pictures, and play my various other cell phone games.

  • Steven Warren
    Steven Warren 4 months ago

    Im still rocking the droid turbo lol I want a phone with motion sensors wireless chargeing a reasonable battery and a front facing speaker it also has to fit all of that into a protective case so the turbo2 is allot more appealing to me

  • Walden
    Walden 4 months ago

    5-6 hours of screen on time is very low for moto z play . I bought a pre-owned moto z play last week and it has around 8-9 hours screen on time using apps like ( youtube , movies in chrome and facebook )

  • Kyle Upton
    Kyle Upton 4 months ago

    Matthew Moniz I play Pokémon Go a lot and watch youtube and play online, which phone will be better?
    I was leaning tords Moto Z Play

  • Ron Ross
    Ron Ross 4 months ago

    Look cool

  • sameer mhatre
    sameer mhatre 4 months ago


    KIRAN WANDRE 4 months ago

    i want to know how tough is moto z play.....drop test

  • presidentiallsuite
    presidentiallsuite 4 months ago

    Do the battery come out of either?

  • nicholas kawlni
    nicholas kawlni 5 months ago

    moto z and moto z play support vr headset

  • Mr Katie Cat
    Mr Katie Cat 5 months ago

    thank you so much i couldn't decide which one to get this helped a ton.

  • Clichés
    Clichés 5 months ago +1

    moto z play or zenfone 3?

  • Jose Otero
    Jose Otero 5 months ago

    These phones are good with battery life. I’ve seen the phone in person and Motorola did good this time

  • Ashif Raees
    Ashif Raees 5 months ago

    Hey I just wanted appreciate your language and speaking ability... I must say, it was impressive, I'm a MotoZ Play user myself and I had a small regret when it came to speeds, sure the Z Play stutters in certain areas... But overall... I think it beats a wide range of other expensive devices effortlessly... :)

  • RAVI Sridhar
    RAVI Sridhar 5 months ago

    Thanx for ur comparison i was really confused which to buy seeing the price difference but now i have made up my mind to buy moto z play THANK YOU

  • Eduardo Lainez
    Eduardo Lainez 5 months ago

    using dbrand skins affects the usage of moto mods? Cheers mate, good review

  • Carder B
    Carder B 5 months ago

    I found the z plays processor not as slow as you made it out to be. Games didn't lag enough to be noticeable, also the battery gives a longer experience playing games away from a charger

  • Antonio Viper
    Antonio Viper 5 months ago +1

    Moto z is a nicer phone

  • Afri Anca
    Afri Anca 5 months ago

    cool review

  • Alaeddine Bensalem
    Alaeddine Bensalem 5 months ago

    the moto z and moto z play are around the same price here in germany . which one should i buy ?

  • Dobos Attila
    Dobos Attila 6 months ago

    If U don't PLAY just choose Moto Z Play LOL.

  • Ani Guha
    Ani Guha 6 months ago

    Very nice review mate, but one thing you got wrong, and I'm surprised that so many people claiming here owning the moto z play but still couldn't say that z play doesn't have 1080p display, it has 4k UHD display along with super amoled. Also one more thing you didn't mention about both the phones is the water repellant nano coating, apart from these great video...👍✌️

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz  6 months ago

      Hi Ani, thanks for watching! = ) But the Moto Z Play doesn't have a 4K UHD screen. It's only 1080p and yes it's s-amoled. Maybe you'r thinking of Video recording? You can capture 4K Video. Most phones don't have a 4K screen.

  • luckan99
    luckan99 6 months ago

    I got the moto z with JBL soundboost for about 350€, that's an insane deal for what you get and I love the phone! It's easily the best phone iv'e had.

  • Max Scott
    Max Scott 6 months ago

    Upgrading to the Z Force is definitely worth it. According to the specifications, anyway. The camera, screen, speakers, and even data transmission definitely make my old Droid Maxx look stupid. And I am amazed every time I check it while it's charging. Every time. It seriously charges in and hour and a quarter, and then I can watch Star Trek in "hd" for twelve hours straight before I have to charge it again. It's got a pretty great cpu and gpu too. I like the os too. Even the autocorrect is actually ok, and I hate autocorrect. Also, the camera is amazing; It's worth the extra money just for that. But basically, it's way, way better than the others. That's my opinion, anyway.
    If I sound kind of stupid, it's because I'm thinking about how much fun this phone is and I am.

  • finchni
    finchni 6 months ago

    whos on the "cant find any good cases for the moto z play" train

  • Maulina Amin
    Maulina Amin 6 months ago +2

    Snapdragon 625+3510 mah battery+battery mod=monster battery life. Like if you agree

  • jim cherkas
    jim cherkas 6 months ago

    he failed to mention that the JBL speaker also has added battery life so you do get something more than just buying separate speaker

  • Silvie Hafitri
    Silvie Hafitri 6 months ago

    moto z play

  • Ripun Gogoi
    Ripun Gogoi 6 months ago

    how is the gaming experience in moto z play

  • Monique Harris
    Monique Harris 6 months ago +1

    Just switched to Verizon and was fortunate to get the Play for $5 a month! If that wasn't enough they offered the JBL mod at a $50 discount and the shells for $6. I love this phone!!!!!!!

  • Xervoo
    Xervoo 6 months ago

    I bought a Moto Z for 280€. Can't complain about that. Buying the battery pack with wireless charging and I'm set.

  • Tredon Aldridge
    Tredon Aldridge 7 months ago

    moto Z play for life!!!

  • Le Beauf
    Le Beauf 7 months ago

    I search a phone who are powerful, good battery,good screen and good camera under 400$/€

  • Francisco Venegas jr.
    Francisco Venegas jr. 7 months ago

    Moto Z Play has a massive battery and could be had for $5.00 a month from Verizon. Hard to beat that.

  • Dr. Don Sandell
    Dr. Don Sandell 7 months ago

    Moto Z Play here. Android N works flawlessly with no stutter in any app I use. Hats off to Motorola er, Lenovo for great optimization. Battery life is outstanding. I have used quad HD displays phones and quite frankly I'd rather have a full HD display for better battery life, after all it is only a 5.5" display. When I bought mine from Verizon they had knocked down the price to $10 a month for 24 months. So, a great phone for effectively $240 which is a WAY better deal than the plastic Samsung J7 that felt like a burner phone in hand for the same $10 a month!

  • M Powell
    M Powell 7 months ago

    I got this phone Moto z play because of the battery mod, I love this phone. I will be upgrading to the next generation when it comes out

  • kosarkaszee
    kosarkaszee 7 months ago

    Matthew this is very good review, thank you.
    I have one question, I want to buy Z play mostly because baterry life is really good. Camera is not sooo bad, right? And what you think, will Motorola maybe release a update so it could be better?
    Thank you for answer in advance :)

  • Average Jdj
    Average Jdj 7 months ago

    I watched this because I'm getting my Moto Z Play tomorrow

  • tavtel
    tavtel 7 months ago

    Good review. I do have a use for the projector mod...providing it works. I want to demonstrate 360 video using TVclip to a group at a time. I'm assuming that whatever you see on the screen will mimic on the projector. So while showing a 360 video, whether moving the phone or moving the shot on the phone screen, the wall image will do the same. Is that a safe assumption?

  • Frederick Martin
    Frederick Martin 7 months ago +1

    how to run music without the front creen lit up

  • George Sandoval
    George Sandoval 7 months ago

    On the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, there is a campaign for
    a slider keyboard Moto Mod. This Mod probably answers your
    question as to what kind of must have Mod to get.

  • sarpele romanesc
    sarpele romanesc 7 months ago

    please, can you tell me wich is the best phne under 400$?

    ANDRO FUN 7 months ago +1

    Z Play

  • Lucka
    Lucka 7 months ago

    I want to buy one of these . But I dont know which one :) please Help me

  • Party over Work
    Party over Work 7 months ago

    Moto Z vs Moto Z Force is the Force again way better. in this video i tought wow, the Z looks good. but the camera in the Z looked bad AF in an other review from Z vs Force.. soo idk

  • bruv w
    bruv w 7 months ago

    I'm gonna get the moto z play it's cheaper and still amazing

  • Entjik Jeffrie
    Entjik Jeffrie 7 months ago

    Thank you for the review Matt! You are 100% correct on the gaming. I owned Moto Z Play & I returned it because games kept crashing. I bought Moto Z with 4GB ram & 64GB storage unlocked version because the price dropped from $699 to $447. The Moto Z performance is a lot faster and games don't crash anymore. I still have the 3 years old iPhone 6 plus which is ok.

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz  7 months ago +1

      +Entjik Jeffrie you're welcome!! I'm glad you're liking the moto z it's a great phone !

  • PraveenKumar A
    PraveenKumar A 7 months ago

    thank you bro ., good video

  • Badr Beyari
    Badr Beyari 7 months ago


  • Demid Z
    Demid Z 8 months ago

    I usually get 10+ hours of screen on my z play. Thick is why I chose play over the regular z. Also the interface works smooth still.

  • SilverBullet27188
    SilverBullet27188 8 months ago

    What is the audio quality difference between the two phones? I was wondering if Motorola would stuff a DAC into a thicker design?

  • Tech Infinity
    Tech Infinity 8 months ago

    Watching this on my moto x style/pure. Though I'm still on the marshmallow version. Nougat's not out yet, so much for fast updates on moto phone :(

  • Steven Attila
    Steven Attila 8 months ago

    Hi! How about EIS? As I know there is no OIS, but an electronic image stabilization. How shaky are the videos??

    FGALVANP28 8 months ago

    I know there's one space for a memory card wich I have... and one for a simcard, but there's a third one, it looks like a plastic can be removed.

    FGALVANP28 8 months ago

    do anybody know if the second space for a sim card works, I can see there's some extra golden metal pins, like if the phone is made for double simcard....

  • Manu Roy
    Manu Roy 8 months ago

    My Moto z play is good in all aspects even in gaming the only issue that I can complain at all is the autofocus delay as you mentioned. It annoys sometimes when we need to take that special moment snap.

  • ace flame
    ace flame 8 months ago

    z Force?

  • I love wall.e
    I love wall.e 8 months ago

    my z play speaker blown out 😣😣😣 don't play rolling sky while the cylinder sound is going

  • Isaac Korff
    Isaac Korff 8 months ago

    I only car about a battery life. It's a fu**ing Phone fist and foremost. Thanks for the review

  • Deepak Aswani
    Deepak Aswani 8 months ago

    I have a moto z play and I love it because its 🔋

  • John Griffith
    John Griffith 8 months ago

    Hi Matthew. Superb review as usual. I have the Z Play and I've had just about every phone out there, including the Z you compared here. The Play is just an outstanding device. One thing no one talks about is call clarity and the best noise cancellation of ANY phone I've ever used. I can drive with the window down, the sun roof open and the person I'm talking to hears only my voice. In comparison, my iPhone 6s work device has mediocre noise cancellation as people complain of background noise in a similar setting. Moto has always nailed call quality and the Z Play just kills it!

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz  8 months ago

      +John Griffith thanks John!! That's awesome I'll have to test that out with call quality

  • Dakkaron
    Dakkaron 8 months ago +1

    Now there is a mod worth buying the phone for:
    At least for me. I am buying the Z Play as an upgrade from my Motorola Droid 4 because of that keyboard mod.

  • DC3
    DC3 8 months ago

    good review man, subbed. Thinking of getting a Moto z because the price is pretty good right now for the spec, not sure about the getting a white one though because I'm not rich or a pimp why couldn't they just make it silver and white, gold is so tacky.

  • William Calderwood
    William Calderwood 8 months ago

    a really cool mod would be the desktop drop in interface. drop your phone on the plugin module and poof you get keyboard, mouse and desktop running Android/Linux. (Ms is already doing this with their windows phones...soooooo...)

  • Armando Medina
    Armando Medina 8 months ago

    Great review! Very detailed. Thanks for the info. Just subscribed to your channel

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz  8 months ago

      You're welcome Armando! Welcome to the channel = )

  • TheTexasOOF Gamer
    TheTexasOOF Gamer 8 months ago

    I'm using a Moto z play and Its perfect 👍👌

  • Mech0z
    Mech0z 9 months ago

    Should we expect a yearly upgrade of these about august? I value batterylife and can wait a few month if they bring out a new model with 4-6 month

    • Mech0z
      Mech0z 9 months ago

      Got a link?

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz  9 months ago +1

      Yup! Leaks are already circulating of the next Moto Z Play

  • Shane Kweens
    Shane Kweens 9 months ago

    Receiving my Moto Z Play next week. Can't wait for the killer battery life, zero lag and battery pack option. I'l take that over all brands flagship device any day.

  • Jack AFC
    Jack AFC 9 months ago

    Moto Z for 249€ or the Moto Z Play for 279€ which one should I buy? ATM I have a Huawei P10 but I like the Moto Z and Z Play so much. Please help me.

  • Arjun dwivedi
    Arjun dwivedi 9 months ago

    m using z play haven't face any problem while playing hd games like asphalt,strangers wrath, NFS, Rayman adventure n many more no lag at all.

  • Shane Horne
    Shane Horne 9 months ago


  • Likhith Rudresh
    Likhith Rudresh 9 months ago

    I just want to know as per overall performanances which is gud ?? moto z or moto z play ??
    waiting to get an answer

  • The Alex Project
    The Alex Project 9 months ago

    the moto z droid isnt glass its metal

  • Chao Li
    Chao Li 9 months ago

    "if u don't play games" oh shit. guess it's off my buy list

  • Gordon Yap
    Gordon Yap 9 months ago

    Google took over the project ARA from Motorola and there was no news. Motorola had the prototype running and was shortly taken out. I believe this mods things will work out fine. They had been innovating since donkey years back. I would say the projector thing is one of the most cool thing. The cam mod, I find it too expensive seriously for the kind of price for a mod is too much. Oh yes btw, external storage, is it 256 or 2TB?

  • Lukman Gunawan
    Lukman Gunawan 9 months ago

    nice video...i have moto z play.
    its cool with more battery life.
    if ur gamer. u should buy this.

  • Sneaker Knowledge
    Sneaker Knowledge 9 months ago

    Moto Z have a glass back