Elsa: The Last Ice Bender | Frozen 2 Theory

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • Today Ben dives into the world of Disney’s Frozen to analyze the new trailer and try and determine if Elsa can actually control all 4 elements!
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Comments • 2 551

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  3 months ago +3107

    Long ago the four nations lived in harmony....

    • Cierra Anglin
      Cierra Anglin Month ago

      But then everything changed when the fire nation attacked

      (Legit was watching Avatar earlier)

    • Eleanor Kingry
      Eleanor Kingry Month ago

      @Rebekah Reid I am MELON LORD! Mwahaha!

    • Rebekah Reid
      Rebekah Reid Month ago +1

      We have watermelon but what about firemelon airmelon and earthmealon and the master of them all the avocado

    • Isaiah Smith
      Isaiah Smith 2 months ago

      Avatar was on Nickelodeon though. Also, if Aang was The Avatar before Elsa, which I believe he was, how come he couldn't control ice?

  • Arty Zara
    Arty Zara 2 days ago


  • Robyn Hough
    Robyn Hough 4 days ago

    Wouldn't the leaves blowing around be a kind of Easter egg to Pocahontas, with 'the colors of the wind?'

  • Terriss Ford
    Terriss Ford 5 days ago

    Idk if you've thought about this buy Elsa totally makes sunflowers and springy things in Frozen fever. I always thought it didn't really look like that stuff was made of ice.

  • emilymai
    emilymai 6 days ago


  • Eon Karitori-ki
    Eon Karitori-ki 9 days ago

    It'd be cool if this turned out to be true.

  • Emelie Waldken
    Emelie Waldken 11 days ago

    I REALLY HOPE NOT. I hope they're not going for something as done, re-done and re-re-done as the 4 elements. Avatar covered this classic pythagorean idea beautifully and many, many other stories were also based on it. I hope they are more creative and go, for example, for norwegian myths.

  • rbrtck
    rbrtck 15 days ago

    The other elements are all represented by spirits or other magical creatures such as giants. There are four elements apart from cold, which could mean that cold is the fifth element. Perhaps Elsa wasn't originally meant to be a human queen but some kind of spirit or magical creature representing cold, and the fact that she is missing from the Enchanted Lands was what led to whatever looming disaster is threatening Arendelle (and maybe the whole world). If this is the case, then Elsa may have to face a major, potentially life-changing dilemma concerning where she really belongs.

  • rbrtck
    rbrtck 15 days ago

    Elsa had become afraid of herself, which by the rules of this movie was what caused her powers to go out of control, and while this was true she was a real danger to everyone around her and would indeed have inspired fear in others, who might want to destroy her as a result. However, treating her as dangerous only made her more afraid of herself, which of course was a particularly insidious vicious cycle that trapped her for 13 years. The only way her parents tried to mitigate this was to train her to not feel anything at all, thereby suppressing her self-fear, but of course that sort of thing is nearly impossible to do all the time because she would naturally fear herself if someone, especially Anna, came too close to her or touched her. This self-fear could then cause real physical harm.
    Elsa's people accepted her later on because by then she was in control of her powers once more. They wouldn't if she had kept accidentally freezing people to death all around her or impaling them on magical ice spears.

  • Backdrop Kid
    Backdrop Kid 15 days ago

    O always thought anna would be.fire to so sad ice

  • ettaex
    ettaex 15 days ago

    Would she be from the Northern Water Tribe?

  • Jonathan LIU
    Jonathan LIU 17 days ago +1

    what if its the four element powers from ninjago?

  • Julii Olgiati
    Julii Olgiati 18 days ago

    tvclip.biz/video/agqyOhJntzg/video.html look at this

  • Farting Cats Are Awesome
    Farting Cats Are Awesome 18 days ago +1

    The last ai-

  • PrimalTheEmperor (primal9000)

    Elsa is an Avatar!

  • Paige Jasmine
    Paige Jasmine 23 days ago

    Ahh! So excited for the movie!

  • harshita sudhakar nagireddy

    I knew so much of the norse mythology he mentioned because of Magnus Chase.

  • David Dickey
    David Dickey Month ago

    What about frozone

  • kissedbyfire
    kissedbyfire Month ago

    and then the fire nation attacked

  • Math PP
    Math PP Month ago

    Frozen 3: melted

  • Reeses Neko19
    Reeses Neko19 Month ago

    Hmm...this would be a cool idea to play with in FROZEN but i dont think this is going to be entirely true .
    1) there's gonna be law suits if Nickelodeon find out Disney is trying to make another version of Avatar in movie form
    2) Even though i think it wont be entirely true i can see her possibly gaining maybe Water...and Air abilities ...you know something to compliment her ice powers
    3) Then this will start probably have questions like why doesn't Anna have powers...or will this lead to Anna discovering she has them too or is she plain normal
    4) yea i can see these things elsa sees to be forshadowing something but it could also be the things she encounters on her journey to find her and annas past and her powers
    5) did her parents or their parents have powers it could be that on one parent side it skips a generation or so and if both parents are normal as far as we know then i can see why elsa would have powers if it skips her parent generation to hers
    6) it could just have something to do with her ancestors or even the creation of their kingdom itself and how its created
    Overall i like your theory but if it ends up with Disney getting a lawsuit i can see them just having her gain two more a win win on both sides

  • Talking w/ Alex
    Talking w/ Alex Month ago


  • Brooke the Gem
    Brooke the Gem Month ago +1

    Grandpapi: We always thought that Elsa’s powers were TOO MUCH for this world. But now we must hope they are enough. How can ice be “ too much”? Unless her being the avatar was “ too much “? And the “world”? Elsa can ( as far as we know) can only control ice. She froze Arendelle so he might mean that if she loses control she could destroy it. But maybe some threat can only be defeated bye an avater. Plus! First movie: my POWERS flow from the AIR into the GROUND. And also notice that Elsa’s castle’s color resorts to our feelings. Take a look at the colors:
    Blue/ Happiness/:Ice ( OBVIOUSLY)
    Red:/ Stress/Fear/: Fire(in the trailer)
    Yellow:/ Anger/: Earth(Gold found in earth)
    White:/ snow: Air ( since air is invisible white is the closest)

  • Brooke the Gem
    Brooke the Gem Month ago

    What if that giant IS Marshmallow but Elsa blasted him and he turned into a earth giant?

  • Brooke the Gem
    Brooke the Gem Month ago +1


    Elsa’s Ice Castle ( THE STRONGEST THING SHE DID ON PURPOSE. That her emotions controlled)
    Blue ( water/ ice)
    Red ( fire)
    Gold ( naturally found in EARTH)
    Purple ( Sometimes the color of the sky that causes wind)


    Disney’s money going down the drain... 💵 💲❌

  • Fordawinman
    Fordawinman Month ago +1

    Who else read the title as the last blender?

  • Shelby Benzie
    Shelby Benzie Month ago

    is his shirt inside out

  • Cierra Anglin
    Cierra Anglin Month ago

    5:40 🎶There are giants in the sky🎶

  • Cierra Anglin
    Cierra Anglin Month ago

    4:05 Air Nomads.

  • wulf muont
    wulf muont Month ago

    Mind blown!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😧😧😳😳😳😳😳

  • PurpleWolf
    PurpleWolf Month ago

    Maybe at the start she finds out that she can control all of the elements and then her body can't contain all this powers so at the rest of the movie they are trying to found a way to separate all the elements from Elsa

  • Rambling Cat
    Rambling Cat Month ago +1

    Well now I have to finish rewatching avatar the last air bender before frozen comes out. Thanks
    It’s not long of a show I’ll probably rewatch 3 times before frozen comes out

  • Emma Jewel Worship
    Emma Jewel Worship Month ago

    So... neck yourself really means drown yourself

  • Michael Chan
    Michael Chan Month ago

    Elsa vs Aang death battle

  • Christian Viewmont
    Christian Viewmont Month ago +1

    How did Elsa get to be a ice bender? I wonder... 🤔🤔🤔

  • Harper Kiser
    Harper Kiser Month ago


  • Holly May
    Holly May Month ago

    The leaves could also be fire as in the trailer when the fire powers come out leaves are all around so that could signify the fire element.

  • Lucy Nicholson
    Lucy Nicholson Month ago

    I believe the water horse might be a kelpie and it didn't drown Elsa because as u suggested she has control of all the elements

  • D Diamondrage
    D Diamondrage Month ago

    If thats the movie elsa is going to be Much much much cooler

  • Senator1Zeth
    Senator1Zeth Month ago

    the lay out just from what you showed just made me think of the Road to Elderado type of deal, where you have a prophecy saying you'll see these signs along the way to reach your destination here.

  • Stuart Hawkly
    Stuart Hawkly Month ago

    But Kennaz is the fire rune. You know, that C shaped one?

  • Dabria Tomlin
    Dabria Tomlin Month ago +1

    Another point on the horse is- if you want to stretch it this far- Poseidon, the god of the sea, is also the god of horses. :)
    I love this.

  • Ellen Langford
    Ellen Langford Month ago +7

    “My power flurries through the air into the ground”
    “I am one with the wind and sky”

  • yuqi is babie
    yuqi is babie Month ago

    ew god no go away

  • Charlotte Stringer
    Charlotte Stringer Month ago

    Water horse=Sea monsters other form!!! #Fantastic beasts and where to find them II!!!

  • Charlotte Stringer
    Charlotte Stringer Month ago

    Plus, blueish Fire. Ice is blue ish.

  • Madisyn Davis
    Madisyn Davis Month ago

    Well what if they go searching for the reason why Elsa has her powers, and when they find the origin location, her powers start acting out of wack?

  • EgA
    EgA Month ago

    Stack it bark up when possible, helps protect the wood from the weather

  • Brooke the Gem
    Brooke the Gem Month ago +3

    Disney: Ha! There never gonna figure this one out!
    SCB: Elsa is the avatar!
    Disney: ..........how u know.....

  • Aurora sanchez
    Aurora sanchez 2 months ago

    What if Elsa had the same powers as frozone. Like, the scene where Elsa is using her powers to put out the fire, what if she didn't have enough oxygen after putting out the fire so she became weak. I'm just putting my thoughts out there because I remember in The Incredibles 1, frozone couldn't put out the fire in the burning building so he had to drink a cup of water in the Jewlery store to regenerate his powers. Maybe there is more evidence backing this up?

  • Jacks Animation
    Jacks Animation 2 months ago +2

    Do another avatar video

  • Angharad Paul
    Angharad Paul 2 months ago +1

    Why does this feel like spoilers??! Lol

  • Prince_Nocturne
    Prince_Nocturne 2 months ago

    It's *FAR* more likely that the explosion of runes is being contacted by other mages, or magic itself letting her become aware that she's not alone, and is some kind of chosen wielder of an element. The rest of the movie is working to recruit the wielders of the other elements, to stop some imposing... something, I dunno that yet. But I'm guessing the two new characters we see are the air and fire mages. Going to guess the guy hiding is air and has little control over himself, and the girl is fire. That only leaves earth, probably something with those giants. Unless they give it to Anna, which I could see. Cop out, but I see it.

  • Gayvenclaw Commonroom
    Gayvenclaw Commonroom 2 months ago +3

    When i saw the horse I was like:
    What a nice patronus!

  • Ethan Abrahamse
    Ethan Abrahamse 2 months ago

    Could you also explain about the color of the fire because it isn’t really a fire color it’s ok if you don’t have to

  • Ethan Abrahamse
    Ethan Abrahamse 2 months ago

    Please could you explain the horse in more depth

  • Smashton
    Smashton 2 months ago +2

    I thought the Nekk was called a Kelpie

  • micoy mcsmiley
    micoy mcsmiley 2 months ago

    This is the #1 theory you've ever made. I really enjoyed all of your ideas and you really have some amazing reasons to support them.

  • cailin h
    cailin h 2 months ago

    also the horse could be connected to water because Poseidon, the god who rules the seas, created horses. but this could be a stretch since Arendelle is nordic and has no connection to greek lore

  • ItsMabey
    ItsMabey 2 months ago

    Ok, so I've got a theory about Elsa's girlfriend, which is something a lot of people have been asking for. If ur theory is true, then maybe they will come out with 4 movies, each for a certain element. Maybe elsa's girlfriend has already mastered 1 or 2 of the elements, Im thinking earth and air. Also, I think that Elsa's girlfriend may be one of the Sami people, the indeginouse people of Norway, maybe even their chief. In one of the most iconic trailer scenes, we see a little girl and a boy being wooshed by a gust of wind. There is a big difference between the boy and girl. The girl is wearing what looks like Sami clothing, and her skin is darker. The boy is wearing very european clothing, and is caucasian with blonde hair. As we know, the sami were hurt as a culture and forced to conform to european beliefs and systems. Maybe this cheifstus is trying to protect her people with her powers. She sees one of the children, maybe even her sister, playing with what, to her knowledge, could be someone trying to hurt them, and so she wooshes the boy up to protect the girl. I also think she made the earth giants to protect the tribe. Elsa and Anna are very european. These giants could be programmed to push out europeans to protect the Sami people, thats why the giant was after Elsa. (Also I dont think this is Elsa's giant because why would it hurt her if she made it) Maybe later in the movie, Elsa finds the cheiftus and they fall in love and maybe agree that Arendelle will help protect the Sami people. Maybe christoph will find his parents because he is sami. Maybe the entire movie will start off with christoph getting memories of his parents and them trying to find them. Also this would give Elsa a wicked poc magical cheif girlfriend which I think would be really cool.