A #MeToo Thanksgiving | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
  • It’s been two years since #MeToo exploded across the internet and took down some of America’s worst serial predators. Sam met with Tarana Burke, the woman who originally started the movement 13 years ago, as well as badasses Megan Twohey, Jodi Kantor, Chanel Miller, and June Barrett. Together they celebrated the first annual Sam’s Food Day of Gratitude, an original idea that has never existed before, so stop telling us it did.
    This piece was produced by Elizabeth Zephyrine with Adam Howard. It was edited by Daphne Gomez-Mena. Graphics by Cassidy Routh.
    What are some ways that lawmakers could better support survivors? Let us know below and show us how you will be a #MeTooVoter in 2020!
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Comments • 207

    RAINBOW STAR Music Month ago

    So good

  • Shelley Gilbert
    Shelley Gilbert Month ago

    Just keep it going Sam. Thank you.

  • Talavera Jose
    Talavera Jose Month ago +2

    As a human, this tears me apart. As a man I don't know what to say. I just have one theory of why this isn't faced head on. Congress would also face scrutiny because they would be some of the most affected by this, for they would also be incriminated of committing such crimes.

    • Zuma Zuma
      Zuma Zuma Month ago

      It's just something everyone got so used to... Institutionalized and internalized mysogyny. Really sad.

  • Check the Circuit
    Check the Circuit Month ago

    Why did those turkeys have to die for a comedy bit?

  • Joseph Dionigi
    Joseph Dionigi Month ago +1

    I agree 100% that it is of vital importance to expose and go after the machine (the system) that protects rapists and further victimizes the victim!

  • lunabranwen
    lunabranwen Month ago

    Many young guys are/were victims also. Should have invited at least 1 ? Just saying

    • lunabranwen
      lunabranwen Month ago

      @DN FI focused ? When did I ever say that ? What if you had a brother that was a victim ? I think just ONE guy out of that closet would not have been the center focus. VICTIMS would be the ficus. Wow !!!

    • DN FI
      DN FI Month ago

      Yes, god forbid there would be one thing on this planet that's not focused on men and that men are not invited to. We can't ever have that.

  • Delbane Ren
    Delbane Ren Month ago +1

    5:50 - cool so we are clear that Biden is an unwanted toucher. Now let’s stop pretending he is qualified to be President. #SandersCortez2020

  • Akram T
    Akram T Month ago

    Go talk about all these stories these days with woman's lying and destroy man's life and run with their female privilege

    • Akram T
      Akram T Month ago

      @Zuma Zuma just say voltaire metoo and see his videos of the metoo hypocrisy and double standard and female privilege

    • Zuma Zuma
      Zuma Zuma Month ago

      @Akram T ok dude, either you gonna have to use some punctuation, or nobody will read this, because it's unreadable. I only got so far as Esther Baker: and she's being investigated by the police. So looks to me like everything is working the way it should: accusations are investigated and doubts are raised when they are in order.

    • Akram T
      Akram T Month ago

      @Zuma Zuma esther baker and what metoo did to katy perry oh yes nothing and if Man did what cardi b said or did he now well be in jail oh yes metoo for everyone victim ha or the women who destroy man life for what a high 5 the power of woman game hashtag metoo or that 5 old boy for a hug oh yes poor woman's never lie about anything

    • Zuma Zuma
      Zuma Zuma Month ago

      Like who?

  • Akram T
    Akram T Month ago

    Oh #metoo the hypocrisy the double standard the female privilege

  • R. D'Aillee
    R. D'Aillee Month ago +1

    Samantha Bee is a goddess! XOXOXOXO

  • Heterosexual Caucasian Male


  • Christy Sweet
    Christy Sweet Month ago

    Meanwhile, DeVos is going to protect campus rapists and make women prove harassment was "Intolerable"

  • Fnu Lnu
    Fnu Lnu Month ago +1

    Gloria Allred & daughter believe the pushback is to win million$ in settlements, w or w/o non-disclosure agreements

  • Ireallyreally Hategoogle

    As a man with a brain and moral values, i support the MeToo movement.
    As a single middle-aged man, i wish all the creeps, the jerks, the abusers and the predators could have it tattooed on their forehead so that women would stay away and i might have a chance not to die single.

    • Akram T
      Akram T Month ago

      Mr soy why your feminist are so scared to talk about female privilege and toxic femininity oh yes that well hurts the victimhood Man bad women good feminazi

  • Ireallyreally Hategoogle

    Rich white MEN own the U.$., government and legislation included.
    Of course, they don't want laws that might one day be used against them.

  • Holland Kerr
    Holland Kerr Month ago +2

    I love a guest who laughs with the interviewer, though i can wholeheartedly understand why most dont, given the topics FF covers

  • god_forgive_us
    god_forgive_us Month ago +2

    I LOVE Tarana Burke! She is simply a phenomenal human being.

  • Shade Bleu
    Shade Bleu Month ago

    Ronan Farrow took out Weinstein, not these hoes.

    • Zuma Zuma
      Zuma Zuma Month ago

      He helped, but no, it was mostly them. He did a good job with Les and Schneiderman though.

  • Dawn Holm
    Dawn Holm Month ago

    #marianne2020 ..Marianne Williamson is the only ONE #bigtruth

  • Glen Boniface
    Glen Boniface Month ago +1

    White men are simply scared little boys when it comes right down to it.

  • primate924
    primate924 Month ago +1

    Eating animals is unethical

    • Ashley Flynn
      Ashley Flynn Month ago +1

      Thank you. I stopped watching when they brought out the corpses

  • Lubus Maximus
    Lubus Maximus Month ago +7

    Sincerely Bless the Hearts of
    Tarana, June, Chanel, Megan, Jodi and Sam
    Thank you for your courage, with your efforts there is a chance, a good chance, a very good chance
    Without these efforts no chance exists
    Thanks again,

    • Lubus Maximus
      Lubus Maximus Month ago

      Tarana is exactly how we pronounce Toronto in Canada, im from Toronto ya know...
      We are all from Tarana...

  • Crushi .Music, Art & Love.

    Samantha Bee on Full Frontal shares only truth and comedy. Please stop abusing our lovers, our mothers, our women our systems. Please. Crushi - 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 +

  • Tom Hendricks
    Tom Hendricks Month ago +1

    Remember 3 CEOs, all men control the music industry. The Big 3 Labels. Join the music revolution that would open music to all, not just 3 men. Test, do you think everything is best ever; radio, concerts, streaming, etc. This music revolution would also allow protest songs on mainstream radio, fair reviews, and pennies for play. The arts count too in making positive change.

  • Take the red pill
    Take the red pill Month ago +2

    Good thing nobody watches TV anymore.

    • Zuma Zuma
      Zuma Zuma Month ago

      Except old people, unfortunately...

  • Navid
    Navid Month ago +8

    I love how they didn't add a laugh track like a lot of similar shows do. It really makes it way better.

  • Jay Jones
    Jay Jones Month ago +3

    Thanks for the great work all of you have done! The world is a better place when it is easier to speak up and the bravery you have shown makes a difference for future survivors

  • Colin T
    Colin T Month ago +1

    Look, its Terrible Burka back to put black men in prison and have white men in never ending trials and settlements !.

  • Caspar MacRae
    Caspar MacRae Month ago +1

    3 wasn't enough, you should cook all the turkeys all of the time (please don't consume, chlorine won't mask the distaste)

  • setphaser
    setphaser Month ago +7

    yes. thank you to the survivors for keeping going. and to the survivors who were able to face their predator, to the survivors who were able to share their stories thank you, you are helping the world to see the pain and suffering that has been hidden and ignored for so long. i am proud to stand next to all of you and support you.

  • Nancy Beveridge Taylor
    Nancy Beveridge Taylor Month ago +10

    A lot of time you get attacked. Called a liar, a drama queen, etc. Sigh. For decades.

  • ChesterSnap
    ChesterSnap Month ago +3

    Does anyone ever _really_ mean "Bless their heart"?

  • Anne H
    Anne H Month ago +5

    Samantha Bee 🐝I love 💗 you! You make horrible things into a glass of lemonade and a way to laugh 😂 through our tears 😭. Thank you 🙏

  • poccio85
    poccio85 Month ago +3

    Peace, unity, having fun...these are the lyrics of KRS One!

  • Pappy Chulo
    Pappy Chulo Month ago +5

    Wolf Blitzer interviewed Nikki Haley a week ago and one of the clips he used was of Matt Lauer interviewing Haley. I guess the status quo is in full force.

  • Bradley Botanel
    Bradley Botanel Month ago +2

    why didn't this show up in my sub box?

  • zombieloveserte
    zombieloveserte Month ago +17

    I love Samantha Bee! It is so refreshing as a woman to see this incredibly talented and smart lady always standing up to everyone in the funniest, and snarkiest way possible;)

  • Kari D
    Kari D Month ago +4

    This is DELIGHTFUL

  • supergluehotty
    supergluehotty Month ago +4

    Them crocs though!

  • Sean-Patrick Prince


  • shmuli9
    shmuli9 Month ago +24

    I don't quite understand people (mostly, but - bizarrely - a few women) who think that "feminists hate men". WHAT? I know lots of feminists, and none think this. Even Gloria Steinem has said "she likes men". In my view, feminists just wants the same rights for everyone, male or female. My mum was sort of an early feminist - when the school directory came up, and she was listed as "Mrs. [my dad's first name] (Our last name)", she went up to the school and complained "that she has her own name"and she had to put up with comments at work like "Would you hold it against me, if I told you I loved your body?" [Har de har-har]

    • Akram T
      Akram T Month ago

      @Neeraja Balachander any lies like feminism help Man or feminism is about equality cuz I'm ready

    • Akram T
      Akram T Month ago

      @Neeraja Balachander and when hashtags all man are trash was trending on twitter oh yes that was not feminist who hate man that feminist who love Man

    • Akram T
      Akram T Month ago

      @Neeraja Balachander like the feminist who was in QandA oh yes feminist don't hate Man or the feminist who protest and stop MRA from talking about male Cancer

    • Akram T
      Akram T Month ago

      @Neeraja Balachander yo when your feminist well talk or fix the family court or draft is sexiest to Man oh yes feminism is about equality and Don't hate Man ha

  • Teresa Thayn
    Teresa Thayn Month ago +5

    Every misogynist was born from a woman!

    • Jennifer Shanahan
      Jennifer Shanahan Month ago +1

      Teresa Thayn IKR! Women birth the entire human race yet we’re the most persecuted class across different socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, race etc etc.

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown Month ago +37

    Why is Bill Cosby the only one in jail and the biggest catch is living it up free as a bird???

    • Zuma Zuma
      Zuma Zuma Month ago

      The trial is scheduled though

    • Bobby Brown
      Bobby Brown Month ago

      @Jemie Bridges they both have long history and Harvey is the cause of the whole movement and allowing him to be free based on his whiteness shows the movement is based in racism white power and male patriarchy and wealth

  • A dorable
    A dorable Month ago +1

    Female #metoo victims....what about the animals that were murdered for their meal. Hypocrates!

    • Ashley Flynn
      Ashley Flynn Month ago

      The turkeys on that table that were named after rapists were most likely female

    • Eduardo De Lara
      Eduardo De Lara Month ago +3

      What does Hippocrates have to do with this

  • Three Jewels
    Three Jewels Month ago +11

    I love you guys. And I love anyone reading this. If you've been subjected to a #metoo moment, I hope this helps you feel you're not alone. It helps me

  • dalinkwent202
    dalinkwent202 Month ago +16

    It's kind of irritating that so many people both for and against what they think "#MeToo" is had never heard of Tarana Burke until they saw this. Really, ask yourself how often you hear her name in ANY discussion/debate about MeToo...esp on social media. But that's how if often goes: People like Tarana Burke, Colin Kaepernick and others try to say something, and somehow America turns it into a food fight about nonsense that has little, if anything, to do with what the movement was about.

  • Sarah Pedro
    Sarah Pedro Month ago

    Guess what. That legislator is BERNIE SANDERS.

  • Hudaef Cares?
    Hudaef Cares? Month ago +5

    Weird. Why wasn't this video in my feed? I had to click on the other Sam Bee video to get this recommended to me.🤔🤨

  • For Progress
    For Progress Month ago +5

    Bernie has been a self described feminist for years. Maybe start there for help???

  • Meredith Richardson
    Meredith Richardson Month ago +10

    Meetoo voter.

  • XpnLef
    XpnLef Month ago +4

    Me too thanks

  • swgeezer
    swgeezer Month ago +2

    #HandsUp #MeToo #iCantBreath

  • JM Ellison
    JM Ellison Month ago +53

    "Bless your heart" means so many things, take it from a southerner

    • Paul Calixte
      Paul Calixte Month ago

      To be fair, Samantha is Canadian - I wouldn't expect her to understand off the bat.

    • Amanda C
      Amanda C Month ago +1

      JM Ellison, I agree as a southerner. “ I’ll pray for you” also has multiple meanings. We as southerners will let you know what we are thinking but we are also polite.
      Edit... we will offer you a home cooked meal, as well. No one needs to go home hungry.

  • Luna Wolfgang
    Luna Wolfgang Month ago +2

    Mario Batali

  • Hekata greyback
    Hekata greyback Month ago +22

    Tarana Burke seems like a fun person. So often in this joke interviews the person never really seems to know what to do with them selves. She is just laughing and still talking serious Go Tarana

  • Ada
    Ada Month ago +6

    You are all awesome! True sheroes!

  • Pontiakos
    Pontiakos Month ago +2

    Oh my God Sam bee! Bernie Sanders has been an advocate for #metoo but you (laughing stated) refuse to acknowledge his existence! Why not throw another presidential announcement party to resuscitate Kamala Harris?

  • M Jave
    M Jave Month ago +8

    Where are the men who have daughters, mothers, sisters, wife’s and females in their families from both parties?

    • Nonamie
      Nonamie Month ago +2

      I guess molesting daughters, mothers, sisters, wifes and females of other men.

    • Halos and Horns
      Halos and Horns Month ago

      Submissive women rarely make history

  • Gaspard Garcia
    Gaspard Garcia Month ago

    #TurkeysToo Go vegan. this is not food this is violence. turkeys doesn't deserve that. turkey voices do matters. F**k you, you speciest.

  • Kristian Meller
    Kristian Meller Month ago +20

    Tarana Burke has an amazing sense of humour.