How This 30-Year-Old Burlesque Dancer Living In NYC Spends Her $50K Income | Glamour

  • Published on Sep 27, 2019
  • We asked a 30-year-old burlesque dancer living in NYC with a $50,000 salary to break down what everything in her life costs. How much does one costume cost to make? How much does she make per performance? How much money does she have left over each month after her living expenses?
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    How This 30-Year-Old Burlesque Dancer Living In NYC Spends Her $50K Income | Glamour
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  • Jules Williamson
    Jules Williamson 20 hours ago

    the fact her dress strap is safety pinned on in a way that shows it's not properly connected upsets me on a deep and ridiculous level.

  • gradepending
    gradepending 12 days ago

    I'm like "45k in debt".... lucky. lol

  • I Ro
    I Ro 13 days ago +4

    45k for student loan, then she becomes a burlesque dancer🤦‍♂️... bruh

  • smartie1098
    smartie1098 23 days ago +2

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that she spends 150 on utilities? What does she eat? Ramen every day?

  • The Age of Fabulous
    The Age of Fabulous 24 days ago +5

    I adore how supportive her family is and that her mom even makes her costumes!

  • vwjmkv
    vwjmkv 24 days ago

    Graham Stephan should get on this

  • c abbott
    c abbott 24 days ago +20

    I never understand how the people in these videos pay so little in taxes. You keep 40 of 50k?? How is almost half of mine going to taxes?????

    • Jack Scherer
      Jack Scherer 9 days ago

      Literally my question

    • c abbott
      c abbott 20 days ago +1

      Sileena Stevens she says after taxes she makes $3,333 a month which is 40k a year

  • jess_a_yo
    jess_a_yo 25 days ago +4

    Who else is preparing their iced coffee and waiting for Graham to break this down?

  • Stephanie G
    Stephanie G 26 days ago

    Is this dita von teese??

    • caprice bellefleur
      caprice bellefleur 24 days ago +4

      Also, Dita is 47 years old.

    • Hannah Bray
      Hannah Bray 25 days ago +6

      Stephanie G no lmao, Dita Von Teese is a millionaire 😂

  • Alyson Broadbent
    Alyson Broadbent 27 days ago +19

    Are the tips apart of her salary? Because she makes a lot more I'm sure

    • Human Resources
      Human Resources 12 days ago +1

      @Alyson Broadbent true

    • Alyson Broadbent
      Alyson Broadbent 13 days ago

      @Human Resources yeah but most don't actually put all their tips on there so they don't have to pay taxes.

    • Human Resources
      Human Resources 15 days ago +1

      Yes, you have to count the tips as a part of your income, bartenders and waiters have to do the same.

  • Emily S
    Emily S 27 days ago +11

    Velvetina!!!! Omg so cool! This is so dope, glad to see her making moves

  • kamryn garcia
    kamryn garcia 28 days ago +142

    she doesn't even budget her student loans omg

  • Tanya L
    Tanya L 28 days ago +57

    Has motorbike as way of life but takes lyft and Uber everywhere.....

    • k m
      k m 7 days ago

      @caprice bellefleur Whats her instagram

    • caprice bellefleur
      caprice bellefleur 17 days ago +2

      I've seen her perform a number of times, and I follow her on Facebook. I've even spoken with her a little after some of the shows. What's creepy about it? That I recognized her without seeing her face?

    • Magda
      Magda 17 days ago

      caprice bellefleur it’s a bit creepy how you know that but ok

    • caprice bellefleur
      caprice bellefleur 27 days ago +10

      I have seen her ride her Harley to do a show, but I think sometimes she has too much stuff to carry. Also, she puts her motorcycle in storage during the winter.

  • Violett Reyes
    Violett Reyes Month ago +34

    I hope her dancing starts kicking off to the point where she makes more money. That student loan debt she has is steep. I feel like the only burlesque dancer I know is Dita Von Teese.

  • nunga cynderilla
    nunga cynderilla Month ago

    I love her dress 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Empire Textbooks
    Empire Textbooks Month ago +3

    Did she just say her dad watches her shows? They sure have a close relationship 🧐

    • Empire Textbooks
      Empire Textbooks 19 days ago

      Tina she said she wears pasties while she does the dance. That’s basically stripping.

    • Tina
      Tina 24 days ago +3

      Empire Textbooks She’s a burlesque dancer, not a stripper. Still, I admit that I would be awfully embarrassed in that situation! Couldn’t do it.

  • Empire Textbooks
    Empire Textbooks Month ago +10

    Why do they crop out her head? Why can’t they find people who are comfortable enough being on camera? CNBC Millennial Money manages to do that...

    • Sabria Ramirez
      Sabria Ramirez 26 days ago

      Sharon oddlyenough k lol

    • Sharon oddlyenough
      Sharon oddlyenough 26 days ago +1

      Maybe they don't want to be like the other channel exactly. Maybe they want more focus on the information than the person. Maybe its none of your business

    • Empire Textbooks
      Empire Textbooks 26 days ago +1

      Emma I know you’re upset but that doesn’t answer my question sweetie

    • Emma
      Emma 27 days ago +2

      Get over it

  • Burnt Sage
    Burnt Sage Month ago +20

    Love how there's so much variety of careers, jobs and lifestyle for this series. Wish there was more videos.

  • A Ric
    A Ric Month ago

    Move to Vegas like I did, ditch the clothes, become a stripper and make 300k a year. 🙄

  • revelink strawberry
    revelink strawberry Month ago +32

    i dont get why the company doesnt reimburse the props and costumes

  • Matt Sezer
    Matt Sezer Month ago +36

    Are all of these "business expenses" that she mentions subtracted to get the $50k salary she claims to make or does she only gross $50k before she subtracts her business expenses? This is a huge difference and really needs to be explained.

  • nicole smith
    nicole smith Month ago +6

    Finally! Where have these series been?!?

  • Adrian Ghandtchi
    Adrian Ghandtchi Month ago +4

    I love this blue dress she’s wearing

  • oh julian
    oh julian Month ago +5

    Why is she giving me Velma Kelly vibes? We stan.

  • Yana S
    Yana S Month ago +15

    She has an interesting career, and she seems like an intelligent and lovely person.

  • Grl Pwr
    Grl Pwr Month ago +4

    So interesting! Please do more of these🙌🏽

  • Joshua Todd
    Joshua Todd Month ago +3

    I love these videos!

  • Theunpretty
    Theunpretty Month ago +74

    Man, I don’t wanna wait 2 months for these videos 😭😭😭

    LUX MUSIC Month ago +431

    Her voice sounds like a mix of Emma Roberts & Emma Stone.

    • Samantha F
      Samantha F 19 days ago

      Or a higher pitched Jennifer Lawrence

    • Churry Clerk
      Churry Clerk 20 days ago +1

      Molly Burke and Sarah Jessica Parker to mee

    • Erin Cole
      Erin Cole 28 days ago

      Yeah I was gonna say I think she sounds like Anna Farris!

    • Whoknows ?
      Whoknows ? Month ago +1

      At first I thought this was Sara Jessica Parker

    • Dayanara Urena
      Dayanara Urena Month ago +6

      I would say Emma Stone and Anna Faris

  • Sequence
    Sequence Month ago +55

    Here before Graham Stephan reacts

  • Kia Cokely
    Kia Cokely Month ago +4

    I love this series

  • Tracy Nguyen
    Tracy Nguyen Month ago +31

    This series needs its own channel

  • Brittney Martinez
    Brittney Martinez Month ago +19

    She sounds exactly like Emma Robert

  • Its Britney Bitch
    Its Britney Bitch Month ago +737

    "I have 1.398$ to spend"
    *has 45k student loans*

    • Romeo Wilson
      Romeo Wilson 13 days ago +1

      @thecreoleson maybe that 14k she is saving may be going towards her loans at some point 🤔 dont judge before you know the whole story

    • thecreoleson
      thecreoleson 22 days ago +3

      @Ella Seo She should get out of the mindset of "I have this much to spend". How about trying to say "I have this much to save"??? She is not doing it right in my opinion and I hope she changes it soon.

    • Ella Seo
      Ella Seo 25 days ago +14

      thecreoleson sometime getting a job in your major is extremely difficult and you have to go someone’s here else... also she’s trying to support her job so she can earn more.

  • Win Nie
    Win Nie Month ago +15

    Great video, What’s going with her right shoulder strap?

    • missmarie1193
      missmarie1193 Month ago +10

      It looks like it's removable, probably so its easier to get out of.

  • Nena _
    Nena _ Month ago +79

    2:04 you forgot to blur her info

  • Candice Dodd
    Candice Dodd Month ago +61

    Her career seems so fun and adventurous! I love her dress too!
    I hope she’s paying down on her student loan. I wondered what the heck she majored in?

  • carmenj1231
    carmenj1231 Month ago

    Why are these videos only white women?

  • Homme Clé
    Homme Clé Month ago +37


  • YoshiPeach Mario
    YoshiPeach Mario Month ago +154

    lovely body, lovely voice. Not sure about the decapitated head though.

  • dird89
    dird89 Month ago +31

    Graham where are you

    • Sequence
      Sequence Month ago +2

      Drinking his .20 iced coffee 😂

  • Ms. UNA
    Ms. UNA Month ago +3

    I want to do one of these!

  • cato
    cato Month ago +19

    student loans. LOL. for stripping??

    • Martina
      Martina 24 days ago

      @Zoya Haque 😂😂👍

    • Zoya Haque
      Zoya Haque 24 days ago

      @cato you sound like a person who thinks belly dancing is stripping

    • darkchurchhill
      darkchurchhill Month ago +8

      You sound very ill informed. She went to the new york school of burlesque. It's something that needs to be taught because unlike stripping you don't just take off your clothes. Stripping is only a small part of burlesque. It's basically a seductive theatrical performance and audiences are usually women. Most the time the performer is fully clothed and as the show progresses slowly removes one article of clothing at a time. It's also less intimate then stripping as there is no personal connection or lap dances. People sit in a crowd in a theater or a staged venue and watch the performer on the stage dance, act, manipulate people's imaginations, etc.

  • Rhinocesaurus
    Rhinocesaurus Month ago +58

    Waiting for the Graham Stephan video

    • gabby maria
      gabby maria Month ago

      I was thinking the sameeeess

    • Sequence
      Sequence Month ago +1

      Millennial money ......GLAmur😅

    • Ulla Scheik
      Ulla Scheik Month ago +1

      It would probably be “makes 3million a year, spends $0”

    • franny pie.
      franny pie. Month ago


  • Crystal W
    Crystal W Month ago +10

    How is rent is $1400 in NYC?

    • turtledove
      turtledove 26 days ago

      I have friends who live in Astoria that pay around that for a decent sized one bedroom.

    • prakash kumar
      prakash kumar Month ago


    • Matt Sezer
      Matt Sezer Month ago

      Definitely possible if you have roommates. I've paid less than half of that.

    • Emily Browning
      Emily Browning Month ago +2

      Seems standard to me if not high for her salary. She probably has a roommate like most people.

    • franny pie.
      franny pie. Month ago +16

      @Sheep y'all need to look at quiet neighborhoods in brooklyn and queens cuz you could easily find a 2-bed 800+sqft apartment for around $1600 with utilities included. manhattan/downtown bk/lic aren't the only places to live lol

    JUST BRIANNA Month ago

    oh shes fuckin cool huh

  • madeline luzon
    madeline luzon Month ago +413

    Is she going to pay her student loan debt? 👀

    • Sana Shakir
      Sana Shakir 28 days ago +1

      Doodle Earth btw what I mean by $25K and up is that the cheapest private one that I know of is 25K. Most are around 40K. So 25K isnt a common price for private unis in my state.
      Also graduate school (aka education after a bachelors degree) costs more. Its usually $20K for public schools in my state, and $50K and up for private

    • Sana Shakir
      Sana Shakir 28 days ago +1

      Doodle Earth in the US public unis/colleges are partially funded by the government so theyre usually cheaper than private ones. The rate depends on each state and how much they choose to put into education but its almost always cheaper compared to private unis within each state. In my state, the really good 2 main public unis are about $10K, the smaller ones are between $5-8K. All private ones in my state are $25K and up per year. This is all just tuition prices. This doesnt say much about quality though, as the one I go to now (one of the big 2 public unis) is better than some of the private ones

    • Doodle Earth
      Doodle Earth 28 days ago

      Sana Shakir What’s the difference between public and private unis though?

    • Doodle Earth
      Doodle Earth 28 days ago +1

      Sana Shakir I don’t think we have the option of public or private unis... once you’re out of mainstream education here (high school), everything costs regardless of whether you want to go to college or uni. if you want higher education that the rate is pretty much the same I think

  • MedianaDhea
    MedianaDhea Month ago +214

    what only 50k a year? i thought burlesque dancer make more than that

    • sophiethepegasus
      sophiethepegasus 8 days ago

      honestly strippers deserve their wages because stripping is not easy and is a profession that i frankly admire

    • Mike Honcho
      Mike Honcho 24 days ago

      That might be just what she reports lol

    • Paula Gebhardt
      Paula Gebhardt 25 days ago +1

      I wish we made more but nooooope

    • TwistedStepford
      TwistedStepford 25 days ago +6

      Stripping most certainly does not take longer, burlesque is a huge performance. Stripping is not.
      Although your audiences are vastly different.

    • MedianaDhea
      MedianaDhea 26 days ago

      @Moifi kea hmmm could be 🤔

  • Fiend
    Fiend Month ago +11

    She makes hella bro,my parents combined make 30k

    • Kay Lee
      Kay Lee Month ago +4

      Sounds like poverty

    • rike
      rike Month ago +1

      Sheep in Europe it’s hard to survive on 30k as a combined income together as well, people still don’t make more 🤷‍♀️

    • Sheep
      Sheep Month ago +11

      Fiend its funny you say that because where I live you cant even survive on 30k. Thats like a part time job here lol it sucks

  • Jodie
    Jodie Month ago +130

    Her voice reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence a little. Great video!

    • carnival30
      carnival30 Month ago

      Jodie Yeah I thought that too. Especially her laugh. Very cute.

    • Brittney Martinez
      Brittney Martinez Month ago +1

      She sounds like Emma Roberts to me

    • OOF
      OOF Month ago +1

      Jodie true

  • Dom N Ink
    Dom N Ink Month ago +25

    Ok this was cool and inspiring for small biz and making a life you want to live. (Exhilerating too!) And now I will go look up a burlesque show to go see.. Lol.

  • frisbeeeater
    frisbeeeater Month ago +74


  • C. Allen
    C. Allen Month ago +148

    All those business related expenses!! I wonder if she itemizes on her tax returns?

  • Kim L
    Kim L Month ago +15

    Wow! I love her voice!

  • Ninjitsu 101
    Ninjitsu 101 Month ago +2

    I see an opening tonight!

  • Heaven Pottinger
    Heaven Pottinger Month ago +13

    I love her dress!!

  • Tiara Allen
    Tiara Allen Month ago +202

    I MUST know where she got that beautiful dress.

    • dep dat
      dep dat 23 days ago +3

      @ZOZ MOH if you dont like it, dont comment lmao

    • Miki Kaczmarzyk
      Miki Kaczmarzyk 25 days ago +6

      @Tiara Allen It's a Tatyana dress. I have the knee length version. Not sure they make it anymore, but just search Tatyana blue sequin dress.

    • ZOZ MOH
      ZOZ MOH Month ago +13

      So ugly 😟

  • Ishan Ali
    Ishan Ali Month ago +583

    I’ll bet a large sum of money she has short pinned curls like
    Marlyn Monroe

    • franny pie.
      franny pie. 27 days ago +5

      @caprice bellefleur your hair can be long and still pinned into curls

    • caprice bellefleur
      caprice bellefleur 27 days ago

      You'd lose. She's got shoulder-length black hair, sometimes a bit longer. She's worn it a number of ways.

    • caprice bellefleur
      caprice bellefleur 27 days ago

      @franny pie. Yes, she does.

    • franny pie.
      franny pie. Month ago +44

      and perfectly red lipstick :)

  • Delani Ranville
    Delani Ranville Month ago +4


  • Hiranya Wijesekara
    Hiranya Wijesekara Month ago

    first comment! plz give me likes rain! ( i never got many likes} lol
    want to see her face