Breaking Down What Miles Sanders Brings to Philly | Eagles Draft Central

  • Published on Apr 27, 2019
  • Get some insight on the Philadelphia Eagles' 54th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, Miles Sanders, on Eagles Draft Central presented by Dietz and Watson.
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Comments • 139

  • Benjamin Klein
    Benjamin Klein 2 months ago

    as long as wentz stays healthy we'll be ok

  • Ridge runner 1
    Ridge runner 1 2 months ago

    I love this kid but i wish we went Linebacker. I fear we will have to score 30pts a game to win.

  • Erik matthews
    Erik matthews 5 months ago

    He reminds me of LeSean McCoy.

  • SmithN' Wesson
    SmithN' Wesson 5 months ago

    Eagles also signed a speed wide reciever from Penn State as UDFA. Great draft with limited picks

  • Dead Serious
    Dead Serious 5 months ago +2


  • Dead Serious
    Dead Serious 5 months ago +2

    Those surface computers are hideous and it seems flimsy. F minus

  • Dead Serious
    Dead Serious 5 months ago

    "HI! I'mma female who has nice tits so they put me on the screen and I will act like I know football stuff" did ya really follow his career?

  • Rich Lo
    Rich Lo 5 months ago

    I'm jumping on different fan base YT..hope you guys enjoyed your picks. It's the only time when most of us collectively are happy..

  • Mark Hudson Sr.
    Mark Hudson Sr. 5 months ago +7

    Running Back, Miles Sanders from Penn State. Is a top Running Back in the Draft of 2019 season . Go Eagles.

  • Mark Hudson Sr.
    Mark Hudson Sr. 5 months ago

    Running Back, Miles Sanders from Penn State. Is a top Running Back in the Draft of 2019 season . Go Eagles.

  • Allen Moody
    Allen Moody 5 months ago +1

    Live in philly hate the eagles go cowboys

    • Stick32
      Stick32 5 months ago

      Born and raised in Philly now live in Dallas and I can't wait for the Eagles to come down here and beat the dog shit out of the cowgirls! By the way, who voted for them to be "America's team"????

  • William Blackfyre
    William Blackfyre 5 months ago

    Looking very deep at alot of positions, they are building a beast. LB and OG could use another solid player. Id like go get a S but we can wait with 3 pretty solid-good ones. I dont conpletely trust Gerry, Nelson, or Fort and would like another option at LB. Same with Pryor at OG, Brooks might not be able to start the season. Even if he can he will probably miss camp and need to get up to speed. A solid blocker that can shift from OG to C would be ideal but id take a OG if i couldnt get that.

  • Harry Hathaway
    Harry Hathaway 5 months ago +4

    If Carson Wentz doesn't take us to the Super Bowl in 2 years I will my personal opinion is we made a mistake about not keeping Nikki Sixx. I'm not saying that's so that he's got to win the Super Bowl but he's got to get to the Super Bowl we have so much talent on our team now it's just a matter of having the right coaching staff to bring it all together and that's probably what makes other teams different. Just imagine if Chip Kelly was the coach today with the guys we have it would be an utter disaster we win games but we wouldn't go too far because you're beat tension inside the locker room. And I remember all the people on the local radio putting Doug Pederson down that he sound like a goofball when he talked he look like a goofball he's not a good coach he'll never win a Superbowl and now they're kissing his ass.

    • SmithN' Wesson
      SmithN' Wesson 5 months ago +1

      This Foles worship is getting insane. What did Nick do? Played 2 GREAT games. Thats it. Wentz took you 11 and 2 with a bye. Everyone wants it all. Wonder what you are gunna say when Foles goes 6 and 10? Fickle Fans

  • ShizPhilly
    ShizPhilly 5 months ago +7

    Stop saying Shady 2.0 he’s Miles Sanders 1.0

  • Tahkeem Hilton2.0
    Tahkeem Hilton2.0 5 months ago +2

    Sanders will have a breakout season next year. He'll only see 25 percent of the offensive snaps this year. I doubt Eagles resign Howard after this year. Howard seems to be a one year rental.

    • Tahkeem Hilton2.0
      Tahkeem Hilton2.0 2 months ago

      @Fredy Villalobos Josh Adams might get stashed on the practice squad this year. And i can see Wendell Smallwood getting resigned with a bigger role.

    • Fredy Villalobos
      Fredy Villalobos 2 months ago

      Tahkeem Hilton2.0 who do you think will be Howard’s replacement if we don’t extend him? And also Sproles replacement ? Idk which RB will be available next season off top

  • Tahkeem Hilton2.0
    Tahkeem Hilton2.0 5 months ago

    53rd pick not 54th pick (description box typo)

  • Michael Martocci
    Michael Martocci 5 months ago


  • King_SB
    King_SB 5 months ago +1

    Ok Doug Pederson has no excuse to not use the run game this year. No pass heavy crap. Protect Wentz and mix it up for him.

    • Brenden Knowles
      Brenden Knowles 5 months ago

      It isnt the fact of them being pass happy that is the issue the issue is wentz making unecessary runs unless the game is on line and he has to run to get the first down.there is way to much weapons for him to be running or doug to call running plays for him.

  • want beef? Im your farmer
    want beef? Im your farmer 5 months ago +3

    Howard and Sanders =Waters and Garner ⛈☇

  • bigbodyrover
    bigbodyrover 5 months ago +24

    Wentz just needs to stay healthy. That's it. Dallas goedert and these young weapons. We are loaded!

    • Ty Nao
      Ty Nao 5 months ago +2

      @Josh Cotterell well he was healthy enough to take a big shit on the cheating fuck Cheatriots and Stinky Tom Brady for a Superbowl Championship and be Superbowl MVP so, that's healthy enough for me and it's a level of health Carson will never get to

    • Stick32
      Stick32 5 months ago +1

      Wentz will not be able to stay healthy, not the way he plays the game. In order for him to stay "healthy" and play the way he likes to play, he would have to be built like Daunte Culpepper, Donovan McNabb, or Big Ben and my all time Eagles favorite quarterback, Scrambling Randall Cunningham! He's too light in the ass too want to take off and scramble the way he does. When he was hurt in back 🔙 seasons, my first thought was "quarterback controversy"!

    • Josh Cotterell
      Josh Cotterell 5 months ago

      @Ty Nao Foles was never fully healthy either

    • Ty Nao
      Ty Nao 5 months ago +2

      sorry to break it to you but Wentz has never been healthy in high school, college, or NFL, and never will be. Foles was your savior and you cast him off

  • jakegetscake
    jakegetscake 5 months ago +6

    Now let Smallwood go dude sucks

    • Brenden Knowles
      Brenden Knowles 5 months ago +1

      Nah smallwood doesnt suck he isnt a franchise running back but he is good enough to be in a three running back rotation he was the eagles most consitent rb last season and he played in all the games last season.

    • CP
      CP 5 months ago

      @Dan Klesh people dissrespect smallwood left and right man, not his fault the front office didnt do much with the RB depth last year. He was SOLID

    • Dan Klesh
      Dan Klesh 5 months ago +1

      Was our best back last year but yea he sucks. Stfu ya dumb fuck

    • Matt Haddow
      Matt Haddow 5 months ago +1

      That game in LA though man. I was actually there and he looked good.

  • Gary Cardy
    Gary Cardy 5 months ago +12

    I'm a huge Penn State fan and have been watching him shred teams all year now it's time to shred the NFC east!

  • Gary Cardy
    Gary Cardy 5 months ago +5

    One thing won't happen Vander Esch for the cowgirls doesn't have a chance in solo tackling Sanders in the backfield like he did to Clement last year in our loss at the Linc on a crucial 3rd down in the fourth quarter. That was one play that had me screaming we need better talent at running back and has it ever showed up I can't wait fly eagles fly!

  • Greg Holmes-Brown
    Greg Holmes-Brown 5 months ago +3

    I predicted this pick!

  • Evil Dave
    Evil Dave 5 months ago +4

    This should be an interesting season 💚 Go Birds

  • Joe Wright
    Joe Wright 5 months ago +6

    One thing bout deuce if you ain’t blocking you ain’t playing

    • Joe Wright
      Joe Wright 5 months ago

      CardiacKip haha he gone learn then

    • PeeyanoKeys
      PeeyanoKeys 5 months ago

      ... and Duce specifically WANTED this dude or Howie wouldn’t have taken him

    • CardiacKip
      CardiacKip 5 months ago +2

      ,,,and dude does not block.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 5 months ago +8

    He'll be a impact rookie. Once he gets a grip; on how a wanna be 3 down back must pass protect in NFL. The QB especially, the one that was the 2nd overall pick the in 2016. The Philadelphia Eagles offense is LOADED, more than any other team in the NFC East. They don't need Sanders to be Barkley, or Elliot. They just need him to be a legit, & respected, threat out the backfield. Last year coordinators and defenders had ZERO RESPECT for the eagles running game, which impacted the pass game in mainly 2 big noticing ways.
    1st thing I noticed most impacted by the lack of a run threat, was the play action game (obviously). Guy's simply weren't buying it from the eagles. So that in reality makes pass blocking even harder. You have the whole defensive line; just coming for you. Also with Carson coming back from that injury, he didn't do the thing that made him more special among other quarterbacks in the NFL. He wasn't extending plays that he wouldn't of hesitated to extend in 2017. I understand some of that is being smart, but it took away a element defenses couldn't game plan a 6'5 240lbs QB scrambling around the pocket and throwing a 54 yard dart on 3rd and 19 like he did last year.
    So now not only do defenses know we have no running game (seriously consider who last year as a running back would the opposing defense waste time game planning for) having a respected threat in the backfield now...IT'S GONNA MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE
    the unit that benefits the most out of all this I think is the defense... They shouldn't have to play as many snaps this year as they did it year if they do something went wrong with the eagle offense most likely

  • Desmond Skinner
    Desmond Skinner 5 months ago +7

    Doug stroll was the realest💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💯💯

  • Call Me J. R.
    Call Me J. R. 5 months ago +7

    Brian Westbrook 2.0 or LeSean McCoy 2.0

    • Cambo Rambo
      Cambo Rambo 5 months ago +4

      @Ty Nao hes 5 '11, 211lbs

    • Ty Nao
      Ty Nao 5 months ago

      this sude Sanders weighs 180-190 lbs. In today's NFL he could get hit once and decide he's never gonna run hard again. RBs drop like flies, most replaceable and least important position in the NFL

    • Tahkeem Hilton2.0
      Tahkeem Hilton2.0 5 months ago +3

      I say neither. We shall see.

    • TheBrotherFromAnotherPlanet !
      TheBrotherFromAnotherPlanet ! 5 months ago


    • Evil Dave
      Evil Dave 5 months ago +4


  • Benny6968
    Benny6968 5 months ago +3

    Dillard, Sanders and Arcega is a very nice haul so far considering they started with the 25th pick.
    Sanders can do everything well and his running style reminds me of a young Shady.
    I was hoping the Eagles would pick him as he is my favorite RB in this draft.

  • TheNoEqualRecords
    TheNoEqualRecords 5 months ago +6

    Now we can get rid of Donnell and Smallwood keep Howard, sanders, clement and Adams. Howard and Adams are power runners clement and sanders I feel are versatile in the back field and receiving.

    • Tahkeem Hilton2.0
      Tahkeem Hilton2.0 5 months ago

      @TheNoEqualRecords Smallwood has special teams experience and can catch the ball and has gotten better at blocking. All Adams does is run between the tackles and has no special teams value. Being a running back in the NFL is more than just running the ball between the tackles. Only reason Smallwood wasnt getting as many touches as Adams last year because the coaching staff (Deuce Staley) werent big on his blocking skills. Not to mention Darren Sproles was taking third down reps from Smallwood because he is a better 3rd down value at running back catching the ball out of the backfield and making defenders miss tackles in open space. If anything Adams is expandable this training camp if he doesnt bring more to the offense. Adams needs to show he can be a well rounded running back this training camp. Smallwood needs to show consistency in his 4th year in the league. If Smallwood can show he's that well rounded 4th year veteran running back that can do it all then he'll essentially be taking Darren Sproles role on offense and a lock for that 4th running back spot on the roster. No more Sproles means Smallwood can become the backup punt returner and starting kick returner. Smallwood is more valuable then you think and will show it in his 4th year in the Eagles system. Adams at this point is a one year one trick pony that has no value on special teams, blocking, catching out of the backfield, and has to show reliability when it comes to ball security.

    • TheNoEqualRecords
      TheNoEqualRecords 5 months ago

      Ryley Opielski Smallwood is not better than Adams also Adams came in and took Smallwood reps because he’s better. Smallwood been here three years and hasn’t taken the next step. He’s good on special teams but the draft helped there a lot. I like Smallwood but he’s not better than Adams. Adams runs lower than Smallwood and his hips are more fluid in the hole, Adams has a stronger lower body and has more weight for the grind of a Rb in the NFL. But as training camp starts we shall see who fairs better but my money would be Adams with a full training camp and more knowledge of the offense.

    • Tahkeem Hilton2.0
      Tahkeem Hilton2.0 5 months ago

      Not sure about that. Smallwood has special team value and can put it all together in the offense (blocking & screen game) this year after getting his feet wet the last 3 years in Philly.

    • Rex Real 100
      Rex Real 100 5 months ago

      @Ryley Opielski Adam's is a BEAST he jus need more CARRIES that's all

  • Ryan Grieves
    Ryan Grieves 5 months ago +2

    Really like this pick. Good run game will keep Wentz healthy

    • Brenden Knowles
      Brenden Knowles 5 months ago +1

      What will piss me off this upcoming season is if doug still calls qb runs or sneaks for wentz either hand the ball of or get rid of it if no one is open no need for wentz to run with the ball less hits will equal a longer carreer

  • Adam Cocozza
    Adam Cocozza 5 months ago +58

    well Donnell Pumphrey, it was real. It was fun. But it wasn't real fun.

    • T Dillinger
      T Dillinger 5 months ago +1

      @Tahkeem Hilton2.0 we added nico Evans. Undrafted running back

    • Adam Cocozza
      Adam Cocozza 5 months ago

      @Stick32 We might trade Wendell, and Josh is probably hitting the practice squad and will be called upon if there are injuries. They might tell Sproles to hold off and they will sign him if 2 guys get hurt. He could be like our Kenjon Barner insurance. Break in case of emergency!

    • Stick32
      Stick32 5 months ago +1

      @Adam Cocozza I think Sproles best years are behind him. He should not be a factor in the decision of running back. As a life long fan of Philly (Eagles, 76ers, Phillies, and Flyers) teams, I like the Steinbrenner approach. Stop with the nickle and dime process to building teams. You want to make money you have to spend money. And understand that this is a business it's not personal. When you have a new car you do understand that you have to keep it in "running" order. Tires get bald, oil needs to be replaced, air and oil filters, etc. I wrote all of this to say every team OWES it's city the best team that can be fielded. And we all know that the Eagles are a Superbowl caliber team. Let's do this!!!!!!

    • Phuong
      Phuong 5 months ago +1

      They keeping all 5, assuming sproles not being there.

    • Tahkeem Hilton2.0
      Tahkeem Hilton2.0 5 months ago +1

      @Ron G Smallwood may get traded for another player at a position of need. Adams can always land on the practice squad.

  • Costa Zambaras
    Costa Zambaras 5 months ago +6

    Love the pick! And kudos to the staff who made this video possible. It’s one of those things you can take for granted. But these guys/gals have no idea who the Eagles will pick. So think about the amount of work it takes to be prepared for a video like this to be posted within an hour of the Eagles selecting the player. They probably have to prep for a couple hundred players and only actually talk about 4. Thanks guys!

  • Rytoast99
    Rytoast99 5 months ago +2

    PSU student and eagles fan here. very happy with this pick! hes not saquon but he should succeed especially with the eagles o-line being much much better than revolving door that PSU's line has been recently

  • Mike Rohan
    Mike Rohan 5 months ago +1

    Bears get rid of Jordan Howard then move up to get the guy they really wanted PFF phenom Montgomery ! Eagles get Howard but all of the sudden they need a running back ?

    • Mike Rohan
      Mike Rohan 5 months ago

      smack the shit...... How does it feel ? Leonard shot goes > doink , doink , doink , doink and in !

    • want beef? Im your farmer
      want beef? Im your farmer 5 months ago

      @Mike Rohan 😂😂😂 two bitches.. pull your panties up Mike

    • Mike Rohan
      Mike Rohan 5 months ago

      Katie Caddle ... Way to be a strong opinionated women !

    • Mike Rohan
      Mike Rohan 5 months ago

      City of brotherly love > What a myth !!! Philadelphia be proud of your boy > smack the shit outta anybody < 34 yrs old and still picking on girls ! Thank you philly for your open arms to outside opinions !

    • want beef? Im your farmer
      want beef? Im your farmer 5 months ago

      @Katie Caddle shut up bitch, this is a man's world, sit your ass down

  • J Johnson
    J Johnson 5 months ago +2

    Shady 2.0

  • news now philly
    news now philly 5 months ago +4


  • kyoto vaiau
    kyoto vaiau 5 months ago +1

    Oh yeah
    Let's goooooo

  • Jeffrey Ike
    Jeffrey Ike 5 months ago +24

    I love this pick.....Howie does it again.......Now get us a good LB

    • mcsuchnsuch
      mcsuchnsuch 5 months ago

      Yup, Mack Wilson and Terrill Hanks are still there!! Hell, I’ll consider Safety, Marvell Tell as a hybrid Nickel LB.

    • Eric W.
      Eric W. 5 months ago

      Deionte Thompson

  • buckwildboys1
    buckwildboys1 5 months ago +4

    3rd down back nice compliment to Howard, good pick hard to live up to Saquan Barkley but good player

    • buckwildboys1
      buckwildboys1 5 months ago +1

      @AOB respect bro

    • buckwildboys1
      buckwildboys1 5 months ago

      Why some people have to be so confrontational can't we all have our own opinions on our team some will agree others will not, be mature folks, go birds!

    • AOB
      AOB 5 months ago

      buckwildboys1 Ok, my bad

    • want beef? Im your farmer
      want beef? Im your farmer 5 months ago

      Live up to what ? 2nd overall pick , 2nd round pick. Nothing to live up too ijs

  • Rk9
    Rk9 5 months ago +15

    7:56 Dougie P walking by in the background.

    • Chris Colbert
      Chris Colbert 5 months ago

      @Scott Benoit might be hard to see, goats have great camouflage

    • Scott Benoit
      Scott Benoit 5 months ago +1


  • Samatar David
    Samatar David 5 months ago +12

    Exactly where he was expected to go. Middle of the 2nd round. And the 2nd running back taken. He has really good hands, vision, balance and speed. Literaly the second coming of M
    Lesean McCoy. Not great at anything but good at everything! Perfect 1-2 punch. See Giants u dont have to drop the 2nd overall pick on a productive running back. 🖕😁🖕

    • Star Key Little G
      Star Key Little G 5 months ago +1

      Honestly he reminds me more of Barry Sanders

    • Edward Savage
      Edward Savage 5 months ago +1

      I love the pick but Saquan has the potential to be a hall of famer. I would have used the 2nd pick on him.

  • The Rhythm
    The Rhythm 5 months ago +34

    They took Jordan howard and they have Miles Sanders? fuuuuuuuck

    • Zamax
      Zamax 2 months ago

      I’m a eagles fan and I support the bears and wished they would have played the saints

    • Mike Rohan
      Mike Rohan 5 months ago

      Honest answer why the bears got rid of Jordan Howard > he was not happy with not getting the ball and that made him a no fit for coach Nagy's mismatch offensive scheme. Bears traded his attitude despite his talent and production .

    • Gavin Stuhler
      Gavin Stuhler 5 months ago +1

      The Rhythm much respect to you brother your run game will be nasty too tarik, montgomery and davis

    • Ghool Goth
      Ghool Goth 5 months ago

      SmithN' Wesson He left supposedly because he didn’t like the head coach, or was it the manager? One of his superiors.

    • The Rhythm
      The Rhythm 5 months ago

      SmithN' Wesson I’m sure it was a mixture of power/speed ratio and lack cap space, but still. He’s a great running back and will almost definitely rack up 1000 yards this season.

  • Marie DeBooth
    Marie DeBooth 5 months ago +17

    Perfect pick at 53. Fly Miles Fly 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • bigman9099
    bigman9099 5 months ago +15

    This just made me feel better about the pick.

    • Eric W.
      Eric W. 5 months ago +2

      miles sanders is nasty

  • Mally
    Mally 5 months ago +2


  • Big D
    Big D 5 months ago +2

    Yea buddy

  • D S
    D S 5 months ago +2