• Published on Sep 19, 2018
  • BEST Magic Cop Prank (DRINKING In Public Trick!!!) - It worked!
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  • Magic Murray
    Magic Murray  10 months ago +48


    • Anthony Rodrigues
      Anthony Rodrigues 2 months ago

      Magic Murray please heart my comment

      JACKYL JACKYL 5 months ago

      Magic Murray
      Just became aware of you/ channel.... You brighten a few moments of my very dark pointless life...Thanks.

    • Evil Magma
      Evil Magma 9 months ago

      Magic Murray im your new subscriber

    • SweGamerD06 2nd
      SweGamerD06 2nd 9 months ago

      Magic Murray i want

    • GimmeYour Cookies
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  • Freddie
    Freddie 17 days ago

    "Are you serious" ? - his favorite sentence :)

  • QUR
    QUR 4 months ago

    It is Amazing
    Why police don't allow drink in park?
    i am didn't go abroad never

  • Victor Cruz
    Victor Cruz 7 months ago


  • king JKD
    king JKD 8 months ago

    These pranks will never get old

  • king JKD
    king JKD 8 months ago

    Damn it's so funny when you just walk away and take out the liquid hahahahaha

  • Caleb Childress
    Caleb Childress 8 months ago

    “Are you serious?”

  • CX부서진
    CX부서진 8 months ago

    That better be Apple juice Murray

  • abby
    abby 8 months ago

    Do mine

  • Patti Imel
    Patti Imel 9 months ago

    i subcribed and turned on notifications please heart my comment

  • Emilis Vo
    Emilis Vo 9 months ago

    *nice video*

  • Slurpie vs Moopers
    Slurpie vs Moopers 9 months ago

    Heart pls

  • Strani
    Strani 9 months ago

    The legend says that Magic Murray has a brother Andy Murray...

  • 김민태
    김민태 9 months ago


  • Daniel Silva
    Daniel Silva 9 months ago


  • TheSanctuaryl990
    TheSanctuaryl990 9 months ago

    what the song title at 1:02

  • babsi hrdy
    babsi hrdy 9 months ago

    Wow very good!

  • SweGamerD06 2nd
    SweGamerD06 2nd 9 months ago

    they feel like dumb when they get lured

  • Jeff Desnoyers
    Jeff Desnoyers 9 months ago

    Dude this is awesome how do you make the beer disappear hey that rhymed and that’s pretty weird how you got beer is sun lotion

    ASEELS ENTHUSIAST 9 months ago

    Magic murray you are the best magic prankster in youtube,INDEED,KEEP GOING

  • Frogsy
    Frogsy 9 months ago

    i watch the video sex ad plays what the heck

  • Tank gang Boogie monster

    I have put notifications on Murray

  • Ray Martinez
    Ray Martinez 9 months ago

    Murray im sorry i couldnt make it to PH to see u. I will soon hopefully u got more dates coming up!

  • Tony Torres
    Tony Torres 9 months ago +3

    The bottle stayed behind the pole

  • powa_jeNkins
    powa_jeNkins 9 months ago


  • My dog lulu
    My dog lulu 9 months ago +1

    Don’t mess with the police😂

  • CamoSquid21YT
    CamoSquid21YT 9 months ago +2

    As soon as you walked away from throwing it out, I was like 'no way is it in the sunscreen bottle' then it was...

  • CapeOnFire
    CapeOnFire 9 months ago

    Lmao it was beer in THE shampoo thingy LMFAOAOAOOA

  • Chico De Coster
    Chico De Coster 10 months ago

    Another hilarious one!! Thanks Murray!

  • TREVINparty
    TREVINparty 10 months ago


  • Lucas Alameda
    Lucas Alameda 10 months ago

    When are you gonna drop a diss track against other magicians?

  • JesseGthefantasticmagician
    JesseGthefantasticmagician 10 months ago +1

    Suntan lotion

  • Liege North
    Liege North 10 months ago

    i love u murray heart me please

  • lefi Schultz
    lefi Schultz 10 months ago

    So goood

  • Derkux
    Derkux 10 months ago +1

    You are a great magician idk if i spelled it correct but id like your content keep it up 👍

  • Darkromano Suicida
    Darkromano Suicida 10 months ago


  • Wolfie playzs
    Wolfie playzs 10 months ago

    Hi Murray, you're awesome. I "heart" you as a youtuber.

  • Noah LockHeart
    Noah LockHeart 10 months ago

    I have to be a huge fan of yours I watch every video and used to reply every day.
    I've watched you since 5k subs

  • Asil Salim
    Asil Salim 10 months ago

    King of faking

  • cheezy
    cheezy 10 months ago


  • Jason Loch
    Jason Loch 10 months ago

    I'll be in vegas this weekend. My son is a huge fan. You have a show going on?

  • Jason Loch
    Jason Loch 10 months ago

    Lol that was epic! Keep up the good work.

  • hunteranubis
    hunteranubis 10 months ago

    you should always zoom on cops face before walking away those expresions are priceless

  • Mario is MLG
    Mario is MLG 10 months ago

    Don't like my comment murray,pin my comment XDD

  • Amazing Dancer
    Amazing Dancer 10 months ago

    Lots of love from Nepal 😊

  • gowri ethiraje
    gowri ethiraje 10 months ago

    I like your videos and your voice Murray 👏👏👌👌👍

  • JDXGamingZ
    JDXGamingZ 10 months ago +1

    OMG that trick was insane! Keep it up yo!
    When you suddenly stop a guy from drinking beer in a sunny day and when you realise he only bought a suncream with him...
    And you're like whaaaaaaaa..

  • Vin Diesel
    Vin Diesel 10 months ago

    As always awesome making the cops look stupid...LOL.... Keep it up Murray.

  • SkeltonJack Gaming
    SkeltonJack Gaming 10 months ago

    Has anyone told you, you're a genius?

  • MLGDumpTruck
    MLGDumpTruck 10 months ago

    How did u make bottle disappear bro?

  • Teddy Ytt
    Teddy Ytt 10 months ago

    I'll deal with paranaoia hallucinations and delusions in an out of my head, and during those rare moments when I get distracted enough to ignore the no sense your there for me Mr Sawchuck thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • X
    X 10 months ago

    To far away

  • Terrence Leonard
    Terrence Leonard 10 months ago

    I love you Magic Murray

  • Jack-o -Lantern49
    Jack-o -Lantern49 10 months ago

    🎃 great video

  • King Loose
    King Loose 10 months ago

    I WANT A HEART!...Aabra Ka Daabra! >>>

  • Power Dome 2498
    Power Dome 2498 10 months ago


  • Power Dome 2498
    Power Dome 2498 10 months ago

    Hi murry

  • matt smith
    matt smith 10 months ago

    You and cops Murray lol mess with other folks or u may be on magician most wanted

  • Lost Birds Production
    Lost Birds Production 10 months ago +1

    You did it again. The greatest MF'ing Magician in the entire world. Jesus would be laughing on this one if his watching lol

  • Alma M
    Alma M 10 months ago


  • Alma M
    Alma M 10 months ago

    Good one

  • Adam Van
    Adam Van 10 months ago

    That is so cool

  • Jay Lazzaro
    Jay Lazzaro 10 months ago


  • Rachelle Royert
    Rachelle Royert 10 months ago

    You have done this so many times, and I still don't know how you do that 🤔

  • Bonkerz
    Bonkerz 10 months ago

    How are you not on americans most wanted list? You pranked so many police officers, Good job man.

  • Harmin Vlogs
    Harmin Vlogs 10 months ago

    "Are you serious" is Murray's go to tagline. Lol

  • wolfyandpigington
    wolfyandpigington 10 months ago

    Man I'm late but loved the video

  • Il Quoz Il
    Il Quoz Il 10 months ago

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    I’m original for begging for likes

    Still bad at joking

    If you’ve scrolled this far just like so my I don’t kill my self? Or something from crippling depression

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    GANEIZ VLOGS 10 months ago

    Love u from India

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    Heart this shit boo