Lamar Jackson DOMINATES w/ 4 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
  • Lamar Jackson was absolutely on fire today. The Baltimore Ravens take on the Cincinnati Bengals during Week 10 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Comments • 839

  • Erik Hopkins
    Erik Hopkins Day ago

    So 5 total TDs? Wow!!

  • HScott410_
    HScott410_ 5 days ago


  • Navid
    Navid 13 days ago

    Boy's reaction @3:41 says it all

  • Darell Davie
    Darell Davie 22 days ago +1


  • Chris Bunce
    Chris Bunce 24 days ago

    That is the most beautiful spin move I've ever seen. No wasted steps or movement and it didn't even cause him to slow down. It was like the spin move was just a part of his stride.

  • Jairus Nouvel
    Jairus Nouvel 24 days ago

    3:30 That spin though!!

  • Ramone DeCurta
    Ramone DeCurta 25 days ago

    So you think Lamar Jackson is unique or doing something new?
    Go to 00:02:27 in the link above.
    I thought Lamar Jackson was so amazing because if HIS spin move. 😒 Check out the one I marked above. People act like Mahomes, Jackson and Watson do things Russ has never done. The guy has done it all!
    There’s not a throw, a run or a play that any of them will ever make that Russ hasn’t made. I love LJ, but my guy Russ has never gotten his due, and he’s been doing all of their sh*t for years. I can’t let that ride.
    Every time people “Ooh and aah” over one of their plays I’ll be there with Russ’s receipts.
    And Russ did the sh*t as a true rookie who stole the starting spot from a high-priced free agent QB.

  • Patrick Klippen
    Patrick Klippen 29 days ago

    Why does he only throw it to his tight ends?

    • Patrick Klippen
      Patrick Klippen 29 days ago

      I was expecting this performance to be a lot more impressive. I mean, I didn't see a single pass to a WR

  • anthony cooper
    anthony cooper 29 days ago

    3rd and 2 Lamar takes off, look at the spin move ,ooh he broke his ankles, and I thought John madden described plays well. That play etched in my mind. Forever. Hometown so proud and happy for Baltimore. Best play of the year for football. Touch down Raven's he is Houdini. 11/15/19

  • Donnell Crawford
    Donnell Crawford Month ago

    Harbough went to his brother and was like bruh I need that system you ran for Kap

    • glenn curry
      glenn curry 26 days ago

      Why would he do that. When the coach that created the system is already on the staff. ? Go ahead and admit, you just started watching football didn't you.

  • J B
    J B Month ago

    Vigil experienced Jackson’s elusiveness and speed firsthand. I felt sorry for him, but it had to be done.
    On a side note, it’s amazing how Urban, backyard vernaculars (broken ankles.....) has become standard practice with today’s sports announcers. You gotta respect it!!!

  • Pat Carter
    Pat Carter Month ago

    He's amazing.

  • Skyler Shaw
    Skyler Shaw Month ago

    That TD run is gonna be shown when he win MVP.

  • OfficalSkinzo 772
    OfficalSkinzo 772 Month ago +1

    In conclusion Jessie bates is ass..

  • Victor Nguyen
    Victor Nguyen Month ago +1


  • Stėw
    Stėw Month ago

    that spin will be the play of the year

  • Gavin Hughes
    Gavin Hughes Month ago +1

    1:58 Three Heisman winners in the backfield...

  • Shawn Prout
    Shawn Prout Month ago

    Well he showed he can take a hit that Td to Brown. The Cincy tackles smashed him and he got right up .

  • Xavier Quiroz
    Xavier Quiroz Month ago +1

    Ravens getting first round bye and beating chiefs in divisional round in January.

  • Jerusalem Jim
    Jerusalem Jim Month ago +2

    Let’s just remember Darnold and Mayfield was picked before him and he is by far a better QB than both they have all played the Patriots and guess who was the one that won against them

  • Jeff d
    Jeff d Month ago


  • No pad no pencil heyzel

    Lamar is having the most dominant season ever in football history

  • Richard Prado
    Richard Prado Month ago

    What a QB man, that's beautifull the way how he plays.....

  • t b
    t b Month ago


  • Yaser Abdelkadir
    Yaser Abdelkadir Month ago

    Hahahha he broke his ankles the commentary is funny im a cowboys fan it doesn't matter who the opponent was lamar jackson balled out he's the real deal don't forget he broke the Patriots undefeated streak

  • mistaeric
    mistaeric Month ago

    Todays QB's are showing you that they dont all have to be 6 ft 5 and 225 lbs to play in the NFL

  • Miso God23
    Miso God23 Month ago +1

    3:30 is unfair

  • ShockTheMaven
    ShockTheMaven Month ago

    We are LITERALLY watching history folks.

  • Hard Working American

    That spin move....smdh

  • Purple Stingray
    Purple Stingray Month ago

    Maaaaaan he really didnt have to burn them all on that run like that

  • Disappointed User
    Disappointed User Month ago


  • Kevin Henderson
    Kevin Henderson Month ago

    27 teams passed on this guy. The Bill, the Browns and the Pats have the distinction of passing TWICE. Even Baltimore didn't take him with their first pick, and they were already loaded at TE when they took Hurst. Only teams with full absolution are Houston (already had Watson anyway), KC (Mahomes), the Rams (highly invested in Goff), and Philly (already enough QB drama).

  • Jake Wilson
    Jake Wilson Month ago

    Lamar Jackson is the best dual threat quaterback in the nfl!!! Lamar Jackson is the next Michael Vick!!! Lamar Jackson= Michael Vick!!! I ❤ #8 LJ!!! I love Lamar Jackson!!! I compare Lamar Jackson to Michael Vick and Tim Tebow!!! Lamar Jackson is the black mecca of Tim Tebow!!! Lamar Jackson is the best dual threat quaterback in the nfl compared to Michael Vick!!! He's Michael Vick JR!!! Action Jackson!!! I love Lamar Jackson!!! Go Lamar Jackson Go!!! I ❤ #8!!! I love this kid!!! This kid is special!!! Lamar Jackson is beast!!! Let's go Ravens!!! Ravens Flock!!! Lamar Jackson= Michael Vick!!! Lamar Jackson also= Tim Tebow!!! Lamar Jackson= Michael Vick and Tim Tebow!!! If Lamar Jackson wins a superbowl championship, I'll be happy for Lamar Jackson!!! I love Lamar Jackson!!! He's the man!!! I ❤ #8 LJ!!!

  • Caesar Chen
    Caesar Chen Month ago

    Damn.... I dont watch NFL but that spin move highlights caught my attention and now I am planning to follow Lamar Jackson highlights for a while...

  • Israel Cruz
    Israel Cruz Month ago

    He’s fkn awesome!!!!

  • jacob bey
    jacob bey Month ago

    I am so happy to see the NFL having Lamar Jackson....he's the most exciting and efficient player in a very long time. He deserves all the MVP talk that he's getting.

  • D brave Beats
    D brave Beats Month ago

    Imagine Lamar Jackson and Christian Mccaffrey on the same team

  • Skillsz Mcclain
    Skillsz Mcclain Month ago

    I hate the way the ball wobbles when he throws it lol, cant deny the production though

  • Damien Ramey
    Damien Ramey Month ago +1

    Time for the Ravens to own the AFC with this special kid! Im not even a Raven's fan, but respect!

  • TheEsoteric
    TheEsoteric Month ago

    "Magic" Jackson! I am a Vikings Fan but damn am I impressed with this young man. Doesn't matter who he plays, NFL players are NFL players, they're all pros.

  • Demartel Gilbert
    Demartel Gilbert Month ago

    Think I just found my new QB on Madden. A Madden do a update he should be a 99 Overall

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown Month ago

    The future is here

  • BaltimoreJak
    BaltimoreJak Month ago

    Not bad for a “Running Back”

  • Adonis Blandon
    Adonis Blandon Month ago

    Can't wait to see him and Deshaun Watson go at it

  • bioLarzen
    bioLarzen Month ago

    Weird highlight compilation: TD's - including a pick-six - have been left out, but several-yard screen passes are included...

    • Brain Over Brawn
      Brain Over Brawn Month ago +1

      What pick six? This is Lamar's highlights from the game.

  • FlashxSwazy
    FlashxSwazy Month ago +1

    He loves the TE

  • new hire
    new hire Month ago

    Bruh out there playing with Michael Vick Madden ratings

  • Rio Mio
    Rio Mio Month ago

    What did ppl expect he’s heisman trophy winner and baller in college I always knew he was gonna be good I still don’t understand how he went 32 Lamar Jackson>dam darnold baker josh Allen josh Rosen

  • king luba
    king luba Month ago

    This kid said it: Ravens will get a super bowl out of me, I promise.

  • Kuya Rick Kelley
    Kuya Rick Kelley Month ago

    Lol how can anyone watch this and say Lamar cant throw

  • Galactius Feeds
    Galactius Feeds Month ago

    Oh he broke his ankles😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    He should play wr tho 🤷🏿‍♂️😂😂😂

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    He left that stadium a crime scene

  • See It 2wice
    See It 2wice Month ago

    Wish my Pats had drafted him. He's incredible.

  • Hisfavor1
    Hisfavor1 Month ago

    We do everything better. They tried to keep black QBs out of the leader roles as Quarterbacks but as we know we're Great Leaders as well. The rise of "black" quarterbacks is inevitable which signifies other dynamic in our society of white supremacy-lol they hate it

    • brand robert
      brand robert Month ago

      They didnt try to keep black qbs out theres been plenty of them?

  • dsetgetatme
    dsetgetatme Month ago

    Lamar Jackson...YOURE AN ANIMAL!!

  • iamteamyou
    iamteamyou Month ago +3

    If the NFL Draft was 0% based on the color of a mans skin..... and 100% based on the the content of a players play.....
    the NFL Would look a lot different place. Especially at QB🏈

  • dsetgetatme
    dsetgetatme Month ago

    The commentator said @ the 1:43-1:48 mark.." Bates misses another tackle ..he's has a lot of those This SEASON" 😂😂😂😂 ...Commentator is a SAVAGE!!

  • GC Sports Cards
    GC Sports Cards Month ago

    -beats Brady and Wilson
    -has two games with a perfect passer rating
    -on pace for 1000 rush yards
    *keep telling me he is a draft bust

  • Caleb S
    Caleb S Month ago

    Lamar Jackson, the master of the spin move.