How to make Bakery Style Super Soft Chewy Dinner Rolls | 微波面包


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  • Petals Amora
    Petals Amora 19 hours ago

    Is it ok if I didn’t put powder milk?

  • Elny Widjaja
    Elny Widjaja 7 days ago

    Can I replace active yeast with dry yeast instead? I'm a newbie in baking.

  • Elny Widjaja
    Elny Widjaja 7 days ago

    Wow...such a delicate bread there.
    Wld you pls show how to make cinnamon rolls?

  • Sita Ramdeen
    Sita Ramdeen 17 days ago

    These rolls so yummy thank you for the tutorial

  • Frendis Christian
    Frendis Christian 19 days ago


  • Stephen Tyrrell
    Stephen Tyrrell 23 days ago

    Thanks for the recipe, I made a loaf out of the mix and reduced sugar.
    It turned out great :)

  • Melody Feden
    Melody Feden 26 days ago

    Can you post in the recipe how long everything takes? After the folds how long do you wait to form it into balls? Thanks! Looks awesome!

  • Dennis Andrews
    Dennis Andrews 29 days ago

    Hi Mi . . . I enjoyed watching your video and listening to your charming voice ( with glee laughter too) Okay, I am going to try making your rolls for Thanksgiving (2018) Bye Sweetie! 😊

  • Lisa Cottrell
    Lisa Cottrell Month ago

    I'm very curious... to save time instead of rolling out each individual ball and roll up....can you roll up a long, slender loaf and slice into individual rolls?

  • Marline Harrold
    Marline Harrold Month ago

    great. Thanks lots. :D

  • Mai Vang
    Mai Vang Month ago

    Will my bread be okay without the milk powder

  • Kamla Ralhan
    Kamla Ralhan Month ago

    Ram katha Sant murlidhar dhar ji

  • Norma McElroy
    Norma McElroy Month ago

    Thank you for sharing this recipe, I'm going to try to make hoping I'll be successful. :)

  • Rafi Nabil
    Rafi Nabil Month ago

    What would happen if i dont put eggs at the end??

  • Do Phuc
    Do Phuc Month ago

    hi, can help me to pick the flour to bake, what is the most of factor to decide either this flour or that flour?, tks so much

    MICKEY MICKEY MOUSE 2 months ago

    Oh my this one is two thumbs up I will probably has this recipe to my baking journey it turn good and tasty

    MICKEY MICKEY MOUSE 2 months ago

    I am making this bread today can't wait to try it

  • KhOpHaE
    KhOpHaE 2 months ago

    Thank you Mi, came out great!

  • Wendolyn March
    Wendolyn March 2 months ago

    What if you don't have any powdered milk, What can I use?

  • Kelly Osmond
    Kelly Osmond 2 months ago

    This was fantastic - is the whole recipe with instructions written down somewhere so I can print and save? The video was great but want to add it to my recipe binder. Thanks!

  • No Compromise
    No Compromise 2 months ago

    Are you sure this should read 4 cups of bread flour and not just 3.5 cups? My dough was so thick it stopped my Kitchenaid from kneading and threw the bowl off track!

  • Jeffrey Cote
    Jeffrey Cote 2 months ago

    Wanna be my girlfriend? I'll buy you a whisk so you can stop mixing with that teaspoon.

  • April snow
    April snow 3 months ago

    what happens if the yeast start sticking to one another and what would happen if you didn't use dry milk or evaperated milk?

  • Jiny
    Jiny 3 months ago

    me: oooh might try this, *clicks* *looks* hmmm maybe on second thought i'll just buy it... (guys, i can't bake/cook that well, and i don't have much patience lol)

  • Erlyn Diaz
    Erlyn Diaz 3 months ago

    Ah kaya pala medyo hindi soft ung bread ko kasi masyadong dry ung dough ko.

  • Rose Villamor
    Rose Villamor 3 months ago

    I like to watch the s vidio because I like to make bread but sometimes my dough not god I m despointed 😢

  • The Power of Nature
    The Power of Nature 3 months ago

    Mi there is a much easier way and less work to obtain the same thing I found I here

  • Elmer Espina
    Elmer Espina 3 months ago

    What flour alternative for bread flour?

  • Baia forev
    Baia forev 3 months ago

    This looks good but it is a lot of work. Well worth it though.

  • Roger Kaufmann
    Roger Kaufmann 3 months ago

    "everything gets married together"
    "just start the baby"
    "so flour won't be flying around the house"
    your expressions are divine!

  • sue ramli
    sue ramli 4 months ago

    Already done this recipe...skip the folding part...still come out great....tqvm

  • Maria Nascimento
    Maria Nascimento 4 months ago

    Por favor quero a receita escrita no idioma português

  • Rebeca Chavez
    Rebeca Chavez 4 months ago

    Me gustaría que fuera en español ya que están muy buenas las recetas

  • 2fast4you2
    2fast4you2 4 months ago

    I have a few chinece friends with restaurants, and boy let me tell you, after i saw how they bake them i never ate them again. Almost at the end before they take them out of the oven, the guy baking them will take a big gulp of water in his mouth, open the oven, take the bread tray out and spray the bread with the water in his mouth. Then they leave the bread in for like 2 more minutes in the oven before taking it out. They say it gives the bread a special shine. WTFOOOOOOOCK ?????? 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Monteiro Maria
    Monteiro Maria 4 months ago


  • joonie bear
    joonie bear 4 months ago

    I'm making these rn it took me like 5 hours to prepare them for the oven. I'm still a noob at baking so i hopefully they taste good👌 if they don't and I somehow messed it up I'm going to be real sad 😭 it going to be like the sponge cake all over again.

    THUCLINH NGUYEN 4 months ago

    Thank you for your sharing 🌷🌷🌷🌷

  • MUslAMic RAyGuNs
    MUslAMic RAyGuNs 4 months ago

    Whisking with a spoon... hmmmmm

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee 4 months ago

    I followed this recipe to a tee. I live in Australia, our water is heavily chemically treated, I make my own full cream milk with spring water. I used Bread Flour but also added 5 grams of Wallaby Bread Improve Powder to help the gluten develop in the dough, I also used Artisan Salt for Cheese making but only used half the amount of salt. This is by far one of the most successful recipes I have used. The taste of these soft milk dinner buns is heaven, the texture is so so soft, this recipe made beautiful soft rolls and tasted better than anything I have purchased. Follow the directions and you will succeed. I have a Kitchenaid Bowl Lift Mixer and it did all the hard work for me, really recommend anyone looking to buy a stand mixer to buy a Kitchenaid Bowl Lift Mixer truly worth the investment. Thank you sharing this recipe, I absolutely love the results.

  • shy shy
    shy shy 4 months ago

    Ok crazy question..... Can I use all purpose flour

  • prehistoricdinosaur
    prehistoricdinosaur 5 months ago

    Can I simply do Half the Recipe if I just want to bake 6pcs instead of 15 pcs shown in your video?

  • Elijah Thomas
    Elijah Thomas 5 months ago

    Only two pieces in one sitting!!!! I can eat the entire thang in one sitting. Goood video and teaching. Watched this.when I was very hungry. Single life🙄

  • Gladys Wanjiru
    Gladys Wanjiru 5 months ago

    I wish i could upload a photo of my results.. thank you so much.

  • Gataka Kito
    Gataka Kito 5 months ago

    hello can you give the recipe:)

  • Gataka Kito
    Gataka Kito 5 months ago

    wow it looks so religious, make me hungry:)

  • True Life
    True Life 6 months ago

    Чтож ты слова то высираешь???

    NO BODY 6 months ago

    Can I put sugar before I roll out the dough in the end

  • dan farquharson
    dan farquharson 6 months ago

    water in the oven to temp and HUMIDITY? lol you put plastic wrap over the bowl. no humidity is getting in or out.

  • Loretta Warnick
    Loretta Warnick 6 months ago

    I can not find recipe can anyone help me?

  • Zaneta Mcleod
    Zaneta Mcleod 6 months ago

    Where do you get the milk powder from?

  • Nouf Ibrahim
    Nouf Ibrahim 6 months ago

    My dough got stickier than the one you made :( what did I miss? Thanks!

    • Nouf Ibrahim
      Nouf Ibrahim 6 months ago

      it worked fine! I filled it with cheese then add sugar syrup on top! today i'll do it again with pizza filling. so so good

  • chu Harry
    chu Harry 6 months ago

    Kneading is fun

    ALICE 6 months ago +3

    Amazing!!!! I tried this out and I love it so much. My family couldn’t stop eating them. I totally recommend even tho it took a lot of patience and time!

  • khalipileh khu
    khalipileh khu 6 months ago

    Once they are done poofing, aww so cute

  • Yeo Eileen
    Yeo Eileen 6 months ago

    can i mix all purpose flour & wheat flour . you using upper or lower heat and middle case? thks!

  • Virginia Lacar
    Virginia Lacar 7 months ago

    Thank you very much for sharing your nice video's...

  • xiuqian87
    xiuqian87 7 months ago

    It works! Thank you for your recipe :)

  • Sewwandi Rajapaksha
    Sewwandi Rajapaksha 7 months ago

    Great recipe and method. Came out perfect. I have tried similar recipes before but have omitted the folding for convenience, but this time I folded as shown here and realised it makes a huge difference in the texture. Also, I used all purpose flour, still the bread came out great. Thanks for posting...!

  • lily mbae
    lily mbae 7 months ago

    "i can actually eat two in one sitting"😂😂 oh child..more like 10 for me

  • Jhonatan Baez Castillo
    Jhonatan Baez Castillo 7 months ago

    in the minut 12 its a ghost behind

  • niceday8888
    niceday8888 7 months ago

    Thank you. Great instructions. Made it just like yours.

  • Belle Serra
    Belle Serra 8 months ago

    This was soooo good! My kids kept asking for more :)

  • Chacha Alsayed
    Chacha Alsayed 8 months ago

    Is anyone else she’s using a spoon to mix the wet ingredients or is it just me ...

  • Kia Wang
    Kia Wang 8 months ago

    I have been making bread for umpteen years and I highly value your approach and henceforth shall adopt it. In the past I tend to use volume measurements but with modern electronic weighing gadget nowadays I weigh the ingredients. However I shall use teaspoon and tablespoon as they are convenient. My heartfelt thanks.

  • Jorge Villares
    Jorge Villares 8 months ago

    I just made these; they are very, very good. Thank you for giving us the recipe. I followed your instructions to success. This recipe will be my new go-to rolls recipe.

  • Lorain Landsmans
    Lorain Landsmans 8 months ago sent a copies

  • Lorain Landsmans
    Lorain Landsmans 8 months ago

    Koppie sent

  • The Simmering Pot
    The Simmering Pot 8 months ago

    Nice video! Check out the soft rolls I made too!

  • Alvie E-K
    Alvie E-K 8 months ago

    I don’t have milk powder 😭 can I use regular milk??

  • C fam
    C fam 8 months ago

    Looks good yummy

  • TA-455-SD
    TA-455-SD 9 months ago

    You said you could eat two rolls in one sitting...
    I would eat ALL of them in one sitting! Just sayin...

  • kensington sweenie
    kensington sweenie 9 months ago

    It should be 2 cups of bread flour not 4 as written. If dough is sticky when removing from bowl add a few tbsp of flour until desired consistency.

  • Neko San
    Neko San 9 months ago

    Wonderful recipes ! Thank you :)

  • Chelle Weatherspoon
    Chelle Weatherspoon 9 months ago

    Thank you! That was an amazing tutorial.

  • James Griffin
    James Griffin 9 months ago

    Where’s the measurements ?..

  • melly wu
    melly wu 9 months ago

    Tried baking this recipe and the result is wonderful! Thank you

  • A. P.
    A. P. 9 months ago

    Ingredients are off especially the amount of milk. Technique is good but recipe will not work the way it is written.

  • Lily Toni
    Lily Toni 9 months ago

    so good . tq

  • Goodtimes
    Goodtimes 9 months ago

    White bread is unhealthy

  • ghostt girl ghostt spook

    and your bread looks so awesome!!

  • ghostt girl ghostt spook

    do you have a recipe for bread machine's?

  • ghostt girl ghostt spook

    looks so good, going to make it!!

  • Jen Tančica
    Jen Tančica 9 months ago

    beautiful. im trying the recipe now!

  • alexis ferfer
    alexis ferfer 9 months ago

    I made this at high altitude in Longmont Colorado in the winter and it works great. I had to use gold saf yeast because active dry yeast took 2 hrs to rise, add in around a 1/2 cup of water because the dough was really dry in the beginning and bake at 375. I was so surprised this worked because I would even mess up boxed cake. Thank you for such detailed instruction and visual. I didnt know what bread dough should look or feel like and being at high altitude makes it even more challenging. Seeing how the dough should look like over time in the stand mixer helped me troubleshoot and adjust this recipe. The second time I made this I added pineapple concentrate instead of water for Hawaiian style roll. You are the best! I will try your chocolate cheesecake recipe next.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 10 months ago

    “And sprinkle in the yeast”
    *dumps whole thing*

  • susan hallet
    susan hallet 10 months ago

    Your recipe and method is the BEST!

  • Cindy Thornton
    Cindy Thornton 10 months ago

    Where's the recipe? I see the ingredients below the video, but nothing else.

  • Peacock For Sale
    Peacock For Sale 10 months ago

    That is some yummy looking buns
    But a whole day goes into making of this

  • Peacock For Sale
    Peacock For Sale 10 months ago

    A whole day goes to make a bread ??

  • slowtrtl
    slowtrtl 10 months ago

    I made this last night and it was a SUCCESS! Thank you so much!

  • Proper way to live by  giving

    James 3: 13 Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.

  • Al-Yahnai Hawkins
    Al-Yahnai Hawkins 10 months ago

    +Baking With Mi ... now them some fine looking buns for sure! A little more work intensive than I care to endure - but, maybe I will give them a try - if anyone comes to visit? Does the dough freeze well? I ask because if I were to make a batch - I might as well make it a double or triple if I am going to get that involved, but wouldn't want them to go to waste if I can't freeze the dough - rolls too big once risen, but not so bad before rising... know what I mean? And young lady - Thanks for the Excellent Video! but now I am going to check out biscuits...

  • Richard Ade
    Richard Ade 10 months ago

    Mi I have tried your Roll receipy twice and the dough is not elastic and I used Bread flow it does not work

  • Shanny Barfield
    Shanny Barfield 10 months ago

    Made this recipe I have to say this is a great starter recipe. I make everything by hand because I'm just getting into baking stuff but I have taken this recipe as a base and made a lot of tweaks to make it how I can by hand. Thank you so much!

  • Janan
    Janan 10 months ago

    Tried this but the bread turned out hard and flour taste strong, any advice?

  • Zorglub Bolgroz
    Zorglub Bolgroz 10 months ago

    I am going to try these out. Looks delicious 😉👍

  • Mitchelle Beverly
    Mitchelle Beverly 10 months ago

    wow, you English is so good!!!!! Where did you learn such good English? Is your native language Mandrin?

  • بتول علي
    بتول علي 10 months ago

    good good

  • Lady Soso
    Lady Soso 10 months ago

    Omg i will mekad

  • Jiab smile
    Jiab smile 10 months ago

    Thank you for share this recipe ,it's very soft bread... i love it :)