Ken Jeong Answers More Medical Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

  • Published on Feb 18, 2019
  • Actor, comedian and physician Ken Jeong uses the power of Twitter to answer even more common medical questions. Will you get the flu from a flu shot? Can stress make you sick? What IS E. Coli?

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    Ken Jeong Answers More Medical Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED
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Comments • 18 397

  • Tyson Gilbert
    Tyson Gilbert Day ago

    Oh my God

  • ViZioN-Unbound YT

    Who saw the butt at 4:24

  • Noor Al-khafaji
    Noor Al-khafaji Day ago

    Who TF is this dude and why do I keep seeing him in every movie?

  • Kayden Blake
    Kayden Blake Day ago

    oh boy 😳 i think im coming down with a case of icarly 😔

  • dandy chiggins
    dandy chiggins Day ago

    Why does he sound like ricky gervais when he does the british accent

  • Liczt
    Liczt Day ago

    10:33 well, of course, his brain fall off

  • Ms. Awesome
    Ms. Awesome Day ago

    I’ve always imagined Ken Jeong being in scrubs (tv series).

  • GastrenhasOCD
    GastrenhasOCD 2 days ago

    I like seeing this side of him, he's a lot more mature than what you see in show's

    THE LAST DEFENCE 2 days ago

    Ken Jeong un

  • Irie Star
    Irie Star 2 days ago +1

    Ken Jeong: "Alright I think we're done with doc sup-"


  • Joshe Washe
    Joshe Washe 2 days ago

    How does he know all this

  • Patwick
    Patwick 2 days ago

    I'm going to doctor MiKe dont judge me

  • Tr Hof
    Tr Hof 2 days ago

    Mr Chow was the best character of Hangover! Loved him ever since..

  • J P
    J P 2 days ago

    I bet the guy next to you doesn't have half a brain

  • Taco Man
    Taco Man 2 days ago

    He had the most epic death in transformers 3 lol

  • Gamer4LifeYT
    Gamer4LifeYT 2 days ago

    I want this guy as my doctor

  • Carey Berendsen
    Carey Berendsen 2 days ago

    So much cursing

  • Luigi Fan 1987
    Luigi Fan 1987 2 days ago

    Of course Stu, that is cool

  • KanKeaKakes
    KanKeaKakes 2 days ago

    Rip Ken, this got 13 million views

  • bumboni
    bumboni 2 days ago

    why is Sr. Chang a doctor?

  • The Golden Controller

    E. Coli is in our digestive system too

  • That One YouTube Commenter

    That laugh 😂

  • louiethemouseful
    louiethemouseful 3 days ago

    Hilarious, he has tiny hands.

  • Ecstasy
    Ecstasy 3 days ago

    I know this is a bit racist but...

    *I was 100% expecting a high pitch asian accent*

  • Alyssa Freeman
    Alyssa Freeman 3 days ago

    I WISH he was my doctor

  • Lamonzo Daronzo
    Lamonzo Daronzo 3 days ago

    My mom went to school with him

  • Nathany Câmara
    Nathany Câmara 3 days ago

    "they're absolutely good... Some of them sucks... You should be ashamed of yourselves" MY GOD

  • TheViral Gopnik
    TheViral Gopnik 3 days ago

    This guy could be working as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

    BLEAKBLOOD 3 days ago

    When he managed to put the brain back in the model and then he moved it and it just fell again lmao that small pause when he looked down at it killed me 💀

    BLEAKBLOOD 3 days ago

    When he managed to put the brain back in the model and then he moved it and it just fell again lmao that small pause when he looked down at it killed me 💀

  • Your Average Potato Farm

    "never trust someone with 5 i's in their name"


    *YESH, ONLY 4 :D*

  • Malka Tomsky
    Malka Tomsky 3 days ago

    @drmike what do you think of this guy

  • Indefinable
    Indefinable 3 days ago

    The person in the thumbnail who made the tweet probably never went to the 6th grade, unless they were making a joke which that makes me the idiot.

  • Evan Woods
    Evan Woods 3 days ago +1


  • _Asgardian Princess_
    _Asgardian Princess_ 3 days ago +1

    4:24 MOOOOOD

  • Dream Production
    Dream Production 3 days ago

    Where is Luis other half of his face?

  • Melanie Cray
    Melanie Cray 4 days ago

    Can we get a show with him answering anonymous medical questions that seem obvious so people are afraid to ask...

  • Liam Zieg
    Liam Zieg 4 days ago

    3:33 LMAOOOOOO

    KING FROST GAMING 4 days ago

    Is it only me or these guy actually become a judge on americas got talent

  • Hi Ima fangirl :p
    Hi Ima fangirl :p 4 days ago

    Me in a nutshell

  • Chelsea Bullo
    Chelsea Bullo 4 days ago

    Mr Chow I’m impressed

  • Chenshilong Sun
    Chenshilong Sun 4 days ago +1

    Title still says Tech Support... smh

  • Shareen
    Shareen 4 days ago +1

    He‘s actually hilarious 😂

  • Annie Smith
    Annie Smith 4 days ago

    Laughing at my own jokes like 6:24

  • luella june
    luella june 4 days ago

    Is this a scheme to educate people on basic health? hmm

  • Jad Maroun
    Jad Maroun 4 days ago


  • Lebron Irving
    Lebron Irving 4 days ago

    I didn’t know mr Chow was a doctor

  • Visild79
    Visild79 4 days ago

    Ken Jeong Un

  • Melike Cetinkaya
    Melike Cetinkaya 4 days ago

    This man kills me... should I see a doctor?

  • N Kay
    N Kay 4 days ago

    8:57 LOOOOOOOL

  • Another Person
    Another Person 5 days ago +1

    As a doctor, this is the best thing I've watched all week.
    Also gomerblog represent!!!!!

  • 陈维仁
    陈维仁 5 days ago +1

    I love how he toasted every tweet and did that crazy stuff and answer questions seriously at the same time.

  • Michael Gill
    Michael Gill 5 days ago

    My Stepdad was Choking on a piece of Porkchop and had Trouble swallowing where are the Proper Locations given for the Heimlich Maneuver ?

  • Simprincess
    Simprincess 5 days ago

    shut up.

  • Sarah Barbour
    Sarah Barbour 5 days ago

    I actually forget to breathe sometimes... I just kind of circulate the same bit of air in my lungs. I don’t really realize it when it happens. Anyone else? Should I be concerned?

  • Adri Willes
    Adri Willes 5 days ago

    I got a flu shot and then about a week later I was hospitalized with infuenza A...

  • Папа Сталин

    Absolute legend

  • Alan Barboza
    Alan Barboza 5 days ago

    He goes to being a judge about everything in a tweet to being a comedian to being a doctor

  • Cameron Pullar
    Cameron Pullar 5 days ago

    Is it just a coincidence then that I got the flu the day after getting a flu shot😂😂

  • Wilma Andersson
    Wilma Andersson 5 days ago

    I almost died by laughter when the body-models brain fell off

  • Mwep Mwep
    Mwep Mwep 5 days ago

    Stopped in the middle of the video. It was too funny i cant afford to wake my neighbors in the middle of the night.

  • Oof Le oof
    Oof Le oof 5 days ago +1

    why hello pierce pierce

  • Juliet Paul
    Juliet Paul 5 days ago +7

    Be like my friend Luis over here who is totally chill.
    After 2 seconds,

  • Eunhan Choi
    Eunhan Choi 5 days ago +1

    Hi I'm Kim jeong UN and welcome to the rice Fields

  • Dig Bick
    Dig Bick 6 days ago

    Okay, TVclip, I'll watch it

  • Joey crab cakes
    Joey crab cakes 6 days ago

    Ayyye me scurvy dog matys, I crave orange juice!!!

  • NC Cuber
    NC Cuber 6 days ago

    he starts making jokes and then he gets serious 0:40

  • Paîge Dawsøn
    Paîge Dawsøn 6 days ago

    Can he be my doctor??

  • Joseph Joe
    Joseph Joe 6 days ago

    Cant believe he s a doctor

  • Aman Ramesh
    Aman Ramesh 6 days ago

    Anyone noticed his twitter profile pic?😂

  • Joseph Leatherbarrow

    You should get this guy to react to anti-vaxxers

    • thePRUH!!!!
      thePRUH!!!! Day ago

      A lot of swearing and just straight up disappointment I bet.

  • Joyce Smith
    Joyce Smith 6 days ago

    How come all doctors can't be like this

  • snowpop096
    snowpop096 6 days ago

    4:11 don’t you mean be like my brother?

  • Crap topz
    Crap topz 6 days ago

    Ecoli isn't a bacteria than kill you. It can cause urine infection. Anyone here than can explain me HOW THE *************** it can someone kill

    • thePRUH!!!!
      thePRUH!!!! Day ago

      The E. Coli mentioned wasn't specific, some types of said bacteria can kill.

  • Sarah Mir
    Sarah Mir 6 days ago

    8:56 "u don't forget to breath.....or u die"😂😂😂 im dead

  • Bella C
    Bella C 7 days ago +7

    What Ken Jeong must be thinking every time someone tells him their symptoms:
    "But did you die?"

  • Lobro Roam
    Lobro Roam 7 days ago

    My favorite doctor

  • Cringy Creeper
    Cringy Creeper 7 days ago

    I absolutely died at the part where he goes shut up

  • Ivy Ripple
    Ivy Ripple 7 days ago

    I once swell up and got like paralyzed after I got the flu shot once
    It felt like my arm was on fire

  • xNiopleJrx
    xNiopleJrx 7 days ago

    Were you in Goosebumps 2?

  • Luis Cruz
    Luis Cruz 7 days ago

    I think he got worst, stick to acting

  • floral.fading
    floral.fading 7 days ago +5

    “i just called my wife who is a doctor and the official answer is i dont know” that got me !!

  • Pocket Size Gaming
    Pocket Size Gaming 7 days ago +3

    He’s got more confident. He’s swearing now lmao

  • Elias D’Haese
    Elias D’Haese 7 days ago


  • Luka Bird
    Luka Bird 7 days ago

    If you close your eyes, he sounds a lot like Conan OBrien.

  • Dabshaleem
    Dabshaleem 7 days ago

    when jackie chan became a doctor ?

  • Dabshaleem
    Dabshaleem 7 days ago

    1:53 when you hit your toe on the bed rail

  • Alistyr Marqueux
    Alistyr Marqueux 7 days ago

    I laugh considerably harder than merited at the "Miranda rights" joke.

  • JG Inocchips
    JG Inocchips 7 days ago

    When you forget that this guy is actually a licensed doctor...

  • FullHalfCircle
    FullHalfCircle 7 days ago

    u docta yet?
    No, dad, I‘m an actor.
    Take too long. Talk to me when u docta.

  • Thuy N
    Thuy N 7 days ago


  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 7 days ago

    Well common cold's daddy is rare hot E.coli?

  • AJ Heart
    AJ Heart 8 days ago +1

    *us earphone users sweat nervously*

  • TempestSora
    TempestSora 8 days ago +13

    Either be a doctor, a comedian or an actor.

    Hold my stethoscope and beer.

  • V V Thunder
    V V Thunder 8 days ago +1

    I break out in hives when I get stressed

  • Lizzy Lahaie
    Lizzy Lahaie 8 days ago +4

    E. Coli ≠ iCarly

  • Private Account
    Private Account 8 days ago

    Can you not make the *bleep* so loud

  • Scott Geleas
    Scott Geleas 8 days ago

    I wish he answered that question about how much alcohol is safe to drink in a day.

  • Gabe Clinger
    Gabe Clinger 8 days ago

    Doctor watches house md one time:

  • Lily Comb
    Lily Comb 8 days ago

    lex *ii* al *i* ja *i*

    *FOUR* is