What If You Only Drank Coffee? Ft. WheezyWaiter


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  • Life Noggin
    Life Noggin  6 months ago +401

    Hello beard lovers, coffee drinkers, and Life Noggin enthusiasts! Thanks for watching!
    Go check out Wheezy Waiter here: tvclip.biz/video/oHHHSucPh5A/video.html
    QUESTION: How much coffee do you actually drink? Is it a healthy amount?

    • MaxPlayz YT
      MaxPlayz YT 9 hours ago

      i drink coffee 3 times a day and mostly after coffee i drink tea (cuz) im british but not really

    • Lukey D
      Lukey D 27 days ago


    • Angel Herrera
      Angel Herrera Month ago

      I'm 9

    • Roel Lopez
      Roel Lopez 2 months ago

      I don't drink coffee or tea

    • Johnny S.
      Johnny S. 2 months ago

      1-2 cups a day

  • Puppy Lover
    Puppy Lover 5 days ago

    Should I be worried that coffee will hurt my health? Should i stop drinking coffee?

  • Crystal Cookie Ice-cream #iloveicecream

    It soo cute when Greg just like BAM! BAM! The computer

  • David
    David 9 days ago


  • Iman Malts
    Iman Malts 11 days ago

    This is why you dont drink coffee

  • Foot Productions
    Foot Productions 12 days ago

    Yesterday I started drinking coffee

  • Luxray TV
    Luxray TV 13 days ago

    "it's not greg, ITS NEVER GREG

  • DragonKazooie89
    DragonKazooie89 15 days ago

    I don't drink coffee; too bitter. I prefer teas and I all ready take a stimulant medication for my mild ADHD so I don't need it.

  • Joao 3222 Pedro
    Joao 3222 Pedro 15 days ago


  • Mr Memes
    Mr Memes 19 days ago

    70 cups of coffee can kill you. You would die if you only drank coffe

  • Lavender Leak
    Lavender Leak 20 days ago

    I'd prefer tea

    WILLIAM GUZMAN 21 day ago


  • Jhin The Virtuoso
    Jhin The Virtuoso 21 day ago

    Wait on 2.59, that was Castiel from Supernatural LOL

  • GamingWith CuteFluffyBunnies

    Usually I drink 1 coffee per week

  • Jtlovestoys
    Jtlovestoys 24 days ago

    Tea is better than coffee. I like tea tea is good

  • Siara Rayevich
    Siara Rayevich 26 days ago

    I do not drink coffee

  • TheGreatDragon :D
    TheGreatDragon :D 26 days ago

    Isn't drinking only coffee unhealthy, like you will never sleep and have a hard time of thinking :|

  • Aliy Tyrsunov
    Aliy Tyrsunov 26 days ago

    I don’t dink coffee at all

  • Rebecca Rushman
    Rebecca Rushman 26 days ago

    Hmmmm... (sips coffee)

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia 26 days ago

    i dont drink coffee

  • rayy of sunshinee
    rayy of sunshinee 26 days ago

    *sTaRbUuUcKs bAbYyYy*

  • Pan Kropelka
    Pan Kropelka 27 days ago


  • Danda Venkatarao
    Danda Venkatarao 28 days ago


  • XxGamerMayKittyGamesxX

    Can I try this at school?

    BANGTAN IS OXYGEN 29 days ago +1

    *spills tea*

  • Trisha Crans Stick
    Trisha Crans Stick Month ago

    I guess I'm one of the unlucky ones, I get the sprays when I drink coffee XD

  • Saud Ahmed Shaikh
    Saud Ahmed Shaikh Month ago

    i prefer tea over cofee

  • Jan Lawniczak
    Jan Lawniczak Month ago

    *does something on his laptop...*
    WheezyWaiter: SO DON'T SNEAK UP ON ME! >3

  • Jade Gelin-Pierre
    Jade Gelin-Pierre Month ago


  • Yeinze Valencia
    Yeinze Valencia Month ago

    I drink once a week am I going to be ok?:/

  • T.V.A. gaming
    T.V.A. gaming Month ago

    A cop a day

  • Josh Hernandez
    Josh Hernandez Month ago

    I been drinking some coffee but it’s good

  • Golf Duo
    Golf Duo Month ago

    I drink chocolate milk not coffee

  • cyonniaqueen squad 2

    I only drink 8oz of coffee every week

  • Sabrina chloe Creamymilky

    I drank no coffee

  • Theweirdster12
    Theweirdster12 Month ago

    I don't drink it all black, my mom does though

  • da bezt goku
    da bezt goku Month ago

    I drink coffe
    But like 1 Cup every morning
    but im 13,is this bad?

  • Marie Tallman
    Marie Tallman Month ago

    allllllllllll most EVERY thing that is man made can cos cancer

  • Sead Mujadzic
    Sead Mujadzic Month ago

    I have drinked three cups of coffe how much have you

  • Zippy Zoey
    Zippy Zoey Month ago

    1 cup

  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer Month ago


  • Fanboy_dude_bro
    Fanboy_dude_bro Month ago


  • Lythic Seasons
    Lythic Seasons Month ago

    I never drink coffee

  • JaredMLG
    JaredMLG Month ago

    i barely drink coffee, because just one cup of coffee can cause a lot of trouble, for other people, because i go bonkers over coffee

  • Harry TChen
    Harry TChen Month ago

    I drink 1 cup a day

  • Anamations on YouTube

    I don't drink coffee but my mom drinks 3 coffees a day

  • Japanese parrot boy

    Coffee is bad for kids😵
    So i never drank it xD

  • Experiments chanel BG

  • Isaiah Camarena
    Isaiah Camarena Month ago

    I drank 0

  • Ayden Redmon
    Ayden Redmon Month ago

    No coffee for me

  • Silenced Kitten
    Silenced Kitten Month ago

    I sometimes rarely drink coffee, but when I do it's so goood, I only drink about 2 cups every 2-3 months

  • Emily Saldivar Reyes

    I love this channel and this isthe best👍👍👍👍👍

  • Ghostly Gamer
    Ghostly Gamer Month ago

    greg on overdosed coffee sounded like Tweek from South Park

  • Abhi Gamer
    Abhi Gamer Month ago +1

    You would die

  • unknown sparrow
    unknown sparrow Month ago

    I drink9999999999999999 to the tenth of9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999septrillion gallons of coffee per nano second

  • Kennedy perales
    Kennedy perales Month ago

    I don't drink coffee

  • whitters ricchy
    whitters ricchy Month ago

    I drink a cup of coffee and two energy drinks a day

  • DarrenTheRPBoy
    DarrenTheRPBoy Month ago

    1 cup a day

  • Jochelle Golez
    Jochelle Golez Month ago

    I don't drink coffee because I honestly don't like the taste

  • frog maniac
    frog maniac Month ago

    When I drink one drop of coffee I just say DON'T DRINK COFFEE AYE to my classroom

  • Chill Dude
    Chill Dude Month ago

    1 cup

  • Tuesday Bandy
    Tuesday Bandy Month ago

    Are you a coffee person or a tea person
    comment below and like

  • keblub The notorious

    You should of brought ginger pale for this video

  • connie wang
    connie wang Month ago +1

    I don't react to coffee....

  • Crankiebox 99
    Crankiebox 99 Month ago


  • Aidan G
    Aidan G Month ago

    Omg all these slender man ads

  • Coffin
    Coffin Month ago

    I don’t drink coffee

  • Dragan Obrenović
    Dragan Obrenović Month ago

    My mum literally is this

  • Countryball cat HeyItsNotMey

    I drink tea!

  • Bryant squad
    Bryant squad Month ago


  • Mathew Zahedi
    Mathew Zahedi Month ago

    I drink tea

  • Kevin Olvera
    Kevin Olvera Month ago

    I'm a cild and I don't drink coffee.

  • EpicCoolPlayer900 :/

    I’m the unlucky 30%

  • NewBattleShip Gaming


  • Kevin Vargas
    Kevin Vargas Month ago

    It is said that sugar is 2x more addictive than cocaine! I don't have a source but you can search it up nice and easy with Google but yea I drink coffee not sure how much but not alot maybe like once a month or every 2 months it depends on the event or day it is but yea I'm very cautious of what I eat and drink I mostly eat what I cook and drink water 95% of the time but yea coffee is in the 2% of my life and is very delicious thanks noggin for informing me on what the effects are on it!

  • Ash _MSP
    Ash _MSP Month ago

    I don't like coffee but I LOVEEEE TEA

  • The S.A. Times
    The S.A. Times Month ago

    I drink one sip a year

  • Burhan Senih
    Burhan Senih Month ago

    None I’m 9

  • Aneeta Hamayun
    Aneeta Hamayun Month ago

    I neva drank coffee after the third time in a month I was jumping and my eye twitching omg but if I had to drink caffeine then I would recommend costa coffee

  • Steady
    Steady Month ago

    *DoN’t SnEaK uP oN mE!*

  • Joseph Simon Suarez

    I just drink one coffee everyday

  • laughing lemons
    laughing lemons Month ago

    Tbh I don't drink coffee😆

  • CrispyComments •
    CrispyComments • Month ago

    I actually hate coffee. It’s bitterness is too much for me

  • meanings peeps
    meanings peeps Month ago

    0 cups

  • redpandagaming 12
    redpandagaming 12 Month ago


  • Pranav Kumar
    Pranav Kumar Month ago

    2-3 cups of joe

  • Devon thehedgehog
    Devon thehedgehog Month ago

    0% coffee

  • Krokojee
    Krokojee Month ago

    How much coffee i drink:
    I dont drink coffee, im 12

  • Cumorah Kowallis
    Cumorah Kowallis Month ago

    Meanwhile, I don’t drink coffee or anything with caffeine in it, but I also don’t produce serotonin properly so I am constantly tired even if I get plenty of sleep

    LEON THE CASTER Month ago

    one can of coffee everyday

  • daydreaminboutwdw •
    daydreaminboutwdw • Month ago +1

    What if you drink decaf?

  • Edwyn Thrash
    Edwyn Thrash Month ago

    I don't drink coffee but I do drink soda so I drink about a 2 leader a day
    Yes I know I'm addicted

  • RellowLife
    RellowLife Month ago

    I dont like coffee

  • jessy dunn
    jessy dunn Month ago

    i drink coffee all day and night i dont drink any thing else no suger and powderd skim milk first thing in the morning last thing at night nothing else i have a 500ml mug i carry every were i go and a straw i just sip it all day long 2 heaped table spoons of good coffee in the cup and my body is normal i sleep well no headaches poop fine lol ,id like to know how my body does it not hyper been doing this for over ten years just drinking coffee nothing else ,

  • Diamond Dragon
    Diamond Dragon Month ago

    i don't drink coffee

  • Snuffy Thecat
    Snuffy Thecat Month ago

    u cant sleep if u drink coffee

  • Jesse Kelberg
    Jesse Kelberg Month ago

    i have one a day but not saturday or sunday

  • Tasha Venture
    Tasha Venture Month ago

    I ONLY drink coffee .. for about 3 years I have been eating something small like cereal once evry couple days and I drink about 6 cups of coffee everyday.If its 2am & I wake up & need a drink I make coffee.I used to never drink it IDK whats going on with me...I am so extremely stressed & drink coffee get full & don't eat.I rarely use the bathroom ...maybe 3 times a week..its painful because of this non eating..If I'm without coffee I freak out ...Its a horrible addiction IDK if im more addicted to caffeine or the sugar I use a lot of sugar. I never used to drink coffee it has taken over my life / I tried to cut back...I can't do it..i get shakey & irritable . I hate that feeling.


    I only drink 2 cups so i will be okay

  • Denali Liyanage
    Denali Liyanage Month ago

    One cups for me