Trisha Paytas is a terrible person

  • Published on May 18, 2019
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    This video was edited in a walmart parking lot so dont expect alot

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  • Lori Zimmerman
    Lori Zimmerman 3 hours ago

    She also made videos saying she was an addict and going through withdrawal. She was all talking, smiling, going to get food. That pisses me off. I was addicted to opiates. I went through withdrawal a few times and its hell not a walk in the park. You want to die. You feel like you got a bad flu, sneezing, watery eyes, can't sleep, restless leg syndrome, you get hot then cold, anxious, irritable, and you definitely dont want food. Oh that's week one, week two gets even better pissing put your ass, and all the other symptoms intensify. Oh not to mention the cravings. Then week 3 post acute withdrawal symptoms hit. Serious depression, anger, insomnia still there, the guilt hits thinking about how your addiction impacted the ones you love. And it takes a year or more for your brain to learn to make the things that make us happy, serotonin, dopamine, and small amount of opiate. This lier was on day 2 in a drive through ordering food, make up on, smiling. Addiction is no joke, and she should be ashamed of herself.

  • Mollymoo
    Mollymoo 8 hours ago

    Lol who’s crazy? Trisha locked Jason in her home all night , she stood at the front door not letting him leave!

  • LaurenTiare
    LaurenTiare 11 hours ago

    You can’t just ask to collab and then the next day you don’t feel good you ask them to scram? THE MAN SPENT HIS FUCKING MONEY ON A GOD DAMN PLANE TICKET AND TIME ON A DAMN VIOLIN COVER! wtf woman

  • Dermisola Peters
    Dermisola Peters 11 hours ago +1

    What in the hell, she needs to stop playing the victim card and apologize. She’s so extra, I’m feel sorry for him now wrapped in the drama

  • Ned Nagagor
    Ned Nagagor 15 hours ago


  • Maegan Byerley
    Maegan Byerley 16 hours ago

    Niko isn't the one who is crazy, Trisha is. At least he doesn't have to look fake and lie to get viewers. Also I hope in some weird way Trisha comes across this video and reads all these comments.

  • Sweet Like Arianators
    Sweet Like Arianators 19 hours ago

    she just makes me throw up

  • sora xxforever
    sora xxforever 22 hours ago

    Wtf is wrong with people

  • A Nightmare
    A Nightmare 22 hours ago

    She was probably just testing him

  • TheRealBambihooves
    TheRealBambihooves 23 hours ago

    What a nasty, evil little piece of work she is. 😠

  • emma t
    emma t Day ago

    she’s fucking crazy lmfao

  • Mya Tucci
    Mya Tucci Day ago

    We’ve been knew sis

  • Shannon McDonald

    She’s so ugly

  • Jlo Bronx
    Jlo Bronx Day ago

    Shes a bitch
    .. who would trust her ...

  • Jlo Bronx
    Jlo Bronx Day ago

    You are insane!!! I'd have bailed out too... this is terrifying

  • AJ
    AJ Day ago +1

    You know... I was going to put a witty comment or whateva but all I got is smh 🤦

  • Y Drag
    Y Drag Day ago +1

    This is horrible cuz he seems like such a genuinely nice guy!

  • *Pastel Doggu*
    *Pastel Doggu* Day ago

    Nikocado: *makes a cover*
    Trisha: *wait... that's illegal*

  • louis stan
    louis stan Day ago

    Yall remember when she was 18, dated a 40+ year old, played off his depression when he told her about it, and then didn't care when he committed suicide...?
    Like.. how are people just now saying "Oh, she's actually kind of trash..."

  • Smol Weeb X
    Smol Weeb X Day ago

    Also she says he’s a weirdo and yet she’s the one rubbing pizza all over her face lol

    LELE JNS Day ago +4

    Wow I didn’t know he could play the violin that good !
    I don’t really like him but wow.
    He should definitely do more on his channel

  • Tired Sloths
    Tired Sloths 2 days ago

    I'm still with Trisha on this one.

  • Emma Schmidt
    Emma Schmidt 2 days ago +1

    i like how trisha romanticizes mental ilnesses such as depression.

  • Art Lady
    Art Lady 2 days ago

    Trisha ? Hypocrite much?

  • Aisha Rahman
    Aisha Rahman 2 days ago

    Trisha... more like *Trash*a

  • Ali Rose
    Ali Rose 2 days ago

    Bitch needs help...that's all I gotta say

  • Mayu Vixen
    Mayu Vixen 2 days ago

    There are some TVcliprs who were nice at first take James for example but now he's like really mean and messed up and others who lie to their fans and only care About the money but there are some TVcliprs who stay nice and I admire them. For example nico. Tbh Shane is nice too and funny idk why people have hate on him.

  • lydia
    lydia 2 days ago

    trisha paytas suggesting that HE’S the crazy one 💀

  • XxRyxXii XD
    XxRyxXii XD 2 days ago

    Dang I used to like Trish.. He was so freakin sweet and didn’t deserve that! 🥺

  • NateJ 6
    NateJ 6 2 days ago

    The channel name is exactly what I said while watching this video lol

  • couch potato ._.
    couch potato ._. 2 days ago

    I don't like either of them, but Nick didn't do anything to her and she had absolutely no rights to do that.

  • Saskia
    Saskia 2 days ago

    I don’t get her at all. She’s crazy, fully crazy. This behaviour is truly disgusting.

  • Jeremy seidt
    Jeremy seidt 2 days ago

    Who hates Trisha

  • Trinity Platt
    Trinity Platt 2 days ago

    If she changed her mind about collaborating, that's fine, but tell him BEFORE he buys a plane ticket to come out and collaborate with you. Disgusting.

  • tea
    tea 2 days ago

    and that people
    is why you _screenshot._

  • Jenny Bean
    Jenny Bean 2 days ago

    Trisha has major mental problems, I have no clue why people like and follow her she would do the same to any of her fans on any given day , She's def not a good person , its all about the coin

  • Aria Gachea
    Aria Gachea 2 days ago

    Frik Trisha shes a lier bish.

  • tracy Star
    tracy Star 3 days ago

    She’s so fucking hideous like wtf 🤢

  • tracy Star
    tracy Star 3 days ago

    Isn’t she a racist too? I mean most of these people CLEARLY have a superiority complex but y’all still support them over a common hate of negros yet get mad when they shit on y’all too. She’s a fucking pig too, who made this greased up beluga famous?

  • DD Bears
    DD Bears 3 days ago

    Of course she’s not gonna apologize but she wants everyone to feel sorry for her while she cries and then the next day she makes amazing video it’s part of her MO. Anybody that knows her knows what she’s about and she’s a narcissist and she’s rude to a lot of people

  • Little Biscuit ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    He had spent his money went out of his time to go to California, that’s just messed up,Trisha that is fucked up what you done 🖕🏽

  • Julie Carucci
    Julie Carucci 3 days ago

    Whatever who cares,, Nik is out here being kind and thriving and she’s sitting in front of a camera most likely getting diabetes from all the shit she eats.

  • i lish
    i lish 3 days ago

    shes the one thats off. she needs to get a mental evaluation like now

  • Abcity
    Abcity 3 days ago +1

    As I watched this I was just stabbed with disbelief and memories of someone I knew who acted just like this and I even loved them/the friend. They did and said things very similar towards me such as, we both planned to go to an anime convention in her home state, then she canceled after I had spent almost 400 on a flight ticket and I could not refund it, her reason was she was too stressed, which okay. But she never apologized for the money I lost. Later on she accused me of abuse and abuse of others and cut off contact from me. Its people like this you catch on later just how toxic and selfish they are and wont admit it.

  • ebonylv8
    ebonylv8 3 days ago

    Wow she seems to a bit off😅

  • Supreme of Teens
    Supreme of Teens 3 days ago

    Trisha is a troll ma'am wbk...

  • Euggie uwu
    Euggie uwu 3 days ago

    I 100% believe Trisha is fucking insane

  • Alyssa Ayers
    Alyssa Ayers 3 days ago +3

    Tell me why he almost sounded like Shane Dawson 💀.

  • Jane Beller
    Jane Beller 3 days ago

    Trisha reminds me of Aaryn Williams. Always thinking only about herself and ruining relationships and friendships. Also Aaryn is a racist pig too

  • Jules Dolan
    Jules Dolan 3 days ago

    She got dumped by Jason for being a liar. She lies constantly.

  • Bmore Pretty
    Bmore Pretty 4 days ago

    That's the "Hollywood Hookup".
    Its where you say "Let's hook up" but don't actually intend to...

  • gumicandyAJ Tan
    gumicandyAJ Tan 4 days ago

    Trisga is such a b*#$* and is so mean and that guy didn't deserve it and like this if you agree

  • eystudies
    eystudies 4 days ago

    Nikocado: would you like to collab with me?
    Trisha: HELL YEAAAHHH!!!!
    **few days later**
    Trisha: wEll i nEveR sAy iM gOnNA Do a cOllaB

  • LeshPrez Projects
    LeshPrez Projects 4 days ago

    I used to like trish but now I see she’s goal human trash

  • Justin C
    Justin C 4 days ago

    Who cares to much drama. When does the fishing start

  • Traelee DeLarme
    Traelee DeLarme 4 days ago

    This makes me sick to think shes this popular honestly

  • lOlOlOlReal TalklOlOlOl


  • I love Jhope23
    I love Jhope23 4 days ago

    Everybody knows Trisha is a terrible person 😂😂

  • Danyeal Craig
    Danyeal Craig 4 days ago

    I don't know who she is but she looks like shit and this is what makes people afraid to meet people, talk to people, make mukbang videos and especially collab. She is clearly unstable like someone else we all know who did this same bullshit recently. Hmmmm!

  • blue moon
    blue moon 4 days ago

    w8 a min. im losing brain cells trying to understand what she is saying lol.....

  • Yvette Smith
    Yvette Smith 4 days ago

    She's stupid asf!

  • Anita Blunt
    Anita Blunt 5 days ago

    title's *FALSE* she's _skinny_

  • SherreLynn
    SherreLynn 5 days ago

    I used to like Trisha but she's a narcissist and a self centered pig. She should try being honest.

  • roman hall
    roman hall 5 days ago

    Regardless if you didn't get a response before you left don't you think that's a queue not to go?

  • banana milk
    banana milk 5 days ago +1

    5:46 666 likes? Guess we’re onto something Trisha

  • Annabella Perez
    Annabella Perez 5 days ago +1

    She's an incredibly entitled and manipulative person, and even the way she carries her self is untrustworthy

  • BloxyDreams
    BloxyDreams 5 days ago +1

    She’s such a pain in the..... yeet.

  • Claudia Baluk-Abata
    Claudia Baluk-Abata 5 days ago

    OKAY. YOU ASKED FOR HIM TO MEET UP. HE TRIED TO. Then you ghosted him and now accusing him of harassment? Jesus Christ, this woman!

  • Tessnim El Hallabi
    Tessnim El Hallabi 5 days ago

    Added to the list of why trisha doesn't have any friends💀

  • Lilac Strawberries
    Lilac Strawberries 5 days ago

    o O o F f Trisha just got W R E C K E D

  • SuperPotato
    SuperPotato 6 days ago +1

    Trisha is a fake asf person ;)

  • Ann makes you cringe

    Trisha just wanted to start so e tea because people were getting bored

  • SleepyMcFroggo JR.
    SleepyMcFroggo JR. 6 days ago

    I’m not a subscriber to Niko but he seems very nice!

  • Quince Rwö
    Quince Rwö 6 days ago +2

    trisha is a pig

  • mex
    mex 6 days ago +1

    i don’t think she’s manipulative at all. i think she says shit and then regrets it and she’s too childish to think of a way to tell the person she’s changed her mind.
    she’s a very funny and entertaining person but i think she needs to learn how to be a bit more mature when it comes to situations like this.

  • Rachel Madura
    Rachel Madura 6 days ago

    wtf he got lied to like that that makes me feel so bad for him😤

  • SuperKazoo
    SuperKazoo 6 days ago

    Whats the point in lying like this...

  • And I opp -opp-opp
    And I opp -opp-opp 6 days ago

    Trisha is problematic..

  • Abreham gamer 2019
    Abreham gamer 2019 6 days ago

    What a bitch

  • Itz_ Lydia Playz
    Itz_ Lydia Playz 6 days ago +2

    Avocado...He's Gay...?
    I'll Totally Respect If Its Ture

  • Cinder 14
    Cinder 14 6 days ago

    Trisha: you have to let things go
    *still posts videos about Jason Nash*

  • pr3ttyluhh.thangg
    pr3ttyluhh.thangg 6 days ago

    She’s honestly weird, and always tries to play victim. She needs serious help.

  • Hanjizawa
    Hanjizawa 6 days ago

    Trisha mad ugly. Rat ass liar

  • Adrienne Lopez
    Adrienne Lopez 7 days ago

    Whiny ass bitch smfh

  • Catlover222
    Catlover222 7 days ago

    All the tea youtube has been brewing is giving me life

  • Dooey Tee
    Dooey Tee 7 days ago

    Stopped watching when it said this was the tea so far 0:01

  • CheatZX 23
    CheatZX 23 7 days ago

    Trisha is bitch I am going to hate in her videos

  • mcry
    mcry 7 days ago +4

    Exsume me what. This is a whole new level of antisocial behavior. It wouldn't kill her to text him a "hey I'm very busy this month we can't meet bye bye" what a self centered person

  • allyson j
    allyson j 7 days ago

    We knew this already sweetie

  • Kerri Glover
    Kerri Glover 7 days ago

    bro this is the definition of munipulation. yeah i go through times when i cant get out of bed, where i dont eat for days. but if i have plans with someone, i will cancel them. not just ghost.

  • rummagingchaos
    rummagingchaos 7 days ago

    i don’t like nik. but what trisha did was rude and ridiculous. i stopped watching her years ago cause she’s fucking psycho

  • denise marie
    denise marie 7 days ago

    She is disgusting. Inside and out.

  • Hannah Marie
    Hannah Marie 7 days ago +1

    I think we all already knew this

  • 7 days ago

    Damn she's fake but i still love jason and the vlog squad

  • golden maknaejungkook
    golden maknaejungkook 7 days ago +1

    You saying he's mental?? Well look at you honey!

  • ѕтσям
    ѕтσям 7 days ago

    Do we even need to make a video about it? I think the whole world knows! She's just a sex wanting woman and a junkie and just crys/meltdown for no reason. 🙄🙄🙄

  • Jonasftw
    Jonasftw 7 days ago

    What is the point of all of this? They're clearly both a bit unstable... and downright uneducated. Dragging this out is pointless.

  • MajesticStarYT ღ
    MajesticStarYT ღ 7 days ago +1

    T is for terrible
    R is for rapists
    I is for I am ugly
    S is for scaredy-cat
    H is for hell
    A is for actually ugly

    She got a frog face

  • 카르멘Carmen
    카르멘Carmen 7 days ago

    This is sad and insane... it looks like she just needed to create a new drama to make a fuzz about, so she created this lie! Plus am i the only one who hates the way she texts? Too annoying.

  • Narek Gevorgyan
    Narek Gevorgyan 7 days ago +1

    Bitch is dumber than a piece of broccoli