Top 10 McDonald's Secrets You Are NOT Supposed To Know


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  • Why
    Why 3 days ago

    Number 3 and 4 are complete jokes. They have to follow health codes and also propylene glycol and other chemicals are in such minute amounts that if they were not, theyd be in a lot of lawsuits

  • illness shaw
    illness shaw 5 days ago

    I’d like to take the women in this video to a nice dinner at McDonald’s, she can order anything on the menu too she a hottie

  • December Thomas
    December Thomas 6 days ago

    I can’t lie she lien about a lot

  • Neil Mcfarlane
    Neil Mcfarlane 8 days ago

    Blah blah blah Macdonald's anyone mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • H.I. Hussain
    H.I. Hussain 8 days ago

    Bless those hips

  • Vincent Bonina
    Vincent Bonina 8 days ago

    McDonalds is not supposed to be a career. Of course they don't make a lot of money. They flip Burgers

  • Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia 9 days ago

    Not all tried

  • Julia Caruso
    Julia Caruso 10 days ago

    Mc makes me full for 5 mins and then I get hungry again . They probably put some chemical so they we buy more of there disgusting food

  • The chicken Expert
    The chicken Expert 14 days ago

    Well there not secrets any more

  • orbarends
    orbarends 16 days ago

    The only people who are starving nowadays are in warzones. Stop using old pictures of famines to make a point about throwing away food. What do you want them to do? Send them the leftovers?

  • Susan Bernal
    Susan Bernal 18 days ago

    Number 7 is false😂😂 we don't throw away food every 10 min😂😂😂

  • Gera Melena
    Gera Melena 19 days ago

    I work @ a McDonalds & I can verify she is giving falso biased opinions

  • toothless ekans
    toothless ekans 19 days ago +1

    Are you still working at McDonald’s I can tell you that the Egg McMuffin thing is fake because we would always crack an egg on the grill in a round shaped mold and aside from butter we put on the grill to keep it from sticking we don’t add anything to it

  • Deonte Merritt
    Deonte Merritt 21 day ago +1

    I love McDonald's I worked there as employee only one time in 2014 I wad fry cook who cooked and did burger patties also McChickens too I loved my job being in training and focus learing everything it was fun cause baked the cookies too.

  • Kyle A
    Kyle A 21 day ago

    And none of these facts are relevant to the UK. Especially the 'chemical' nonsense.

  • Kyle A
    Kyle A 21 day ago

    You're British, so it's a CAR PARK. Not a "parking lot". And McDonald's workers are paid minimum wage in the UK. Like many workers.

    • Mary P
      Mary P 11 days ago +1

      …or a burial site for *Plantagenêt* kings :P

  • Izzy A
    Izzy A 21 day ago

    Propylene glycol is food grade. Ethylene glycol is used in car coolant.

  • The SMRT lover for trains and buses

    The MacDonald coke

  • Ree Ree
    Ree Ree 22 days ago

    Meh I work at McDonald's, it's a job. About the only things I can agree with are the wages and the warning of eating too much fast foods.

  • sam sanders
    sam sanders 22 days ago

    McDonald's ediacretsy circle of scam , keep chariting it.

  • Cotton Dude
    Cotton Dude 23 days ago

    I know she’s liein iv got many cold burgers and cold fries at mc Donald’s

  • Renee Shirer
    Renee Shirer 23 days ago

    Total lie.....

  • Linda Rush
    Linda Rush 24 days ago

    Gonna stop watching this Channel totally suspect And factually wrong

  • William R.
    William R. 26 days ago

    $15 an hour dosent do much these days nope but workin at Mickey Ds is nice knowing you dont do much to make that anyways easy money mates 😂😜🖕

  • William R.
    William R. 26 days ago

    Ooooooooo hellooooooo LOVE!!!!!!

  • juraij rocker
    juraij rocker 26 days ago

    This is fake

    • juraij rocker
      juraij rocker 26 days ago

      This is a lying and McDonald's is good

  • Manny Ramos
    Manny Ramos 26 days ago

    McDoodies taste great after a doobie!!

  • Hugh Haefner
    Hugh Haefner 29 days ago

    You're full of sh*t if you think they throw burgers out that frequently. More like after an hour.

  • richard stanley
    richard stanley 29 days ago

    most c.e.o's make that much more than the average workers

  • Brad Roper
    Brad Roper Month ago

    President Donald Trump Loves McDonald's.

  • Jack Lam
    Jack Lam Month ago

    Naturally you forget to say regarding wages. For entry level position. It is meant for you to just get by. You work hard and you show your commitment to the enployer. They would likely promote you or give you a better wage. If not? Search for a different job while holding this current miserable job.

  • Georgia Cooper
    Georgia Cooper Month ago

    I work at McDonald and this is BS

  • david donaldson
    david donaldson Month ago

    I will always love chicken Mcnuggets

  • nayroy18
    nayroy18 Month ago

    Number 7 isn't on Mcdonald's. From what I know, any food production is wasted from any store if it fails food safety.

  • eric goodrich
    eric goodrich Month ago


  • Aussie Dave
    Aussie Dave Month ago

    People are starving because of communism and islam

  • Mary Simon
    Mary Simon Month ago +1

    My 2 year old Brother recognize's McDonald every time we pass it Driving. And he want's McDonalds. But, congrats for brain washing Children.

  • David Corbin
    David Corbin Month ago

    100% of Americans recognize the McDonalds logo but don't know who won the civil war ironic

  • William Golding
    William Golding Month ago

    Sorry..this one is BS Super Sized ! Did you really think that there was going to bi rib in it? McDonalds down the street from me get $12.50 an hour to start and go to $15.00 an hour. Living wage...most are part time workers. The higher the get paid the more you pay! Mickey D Hamburg orig. cost 15 cents

  • LittleBirdsings1
    LittleBirdsings1 Month ago

    Nope egg McMuffins have real eggs-my friend worked at McDonalds. The platters you get with egg on the side starts off as powder.

  • Heaven Ward
    Heaven Ward Month ago

    I don't like the McRib and I think it's nasty lol

  • _RyanDude_
    _RyanDude_ Month ago

    I GUARANTEE that she eats McDonald's even though she bashes the heck out of the company.

  • Paul Mccaffrey
    Paul Mccaffrey Month ago

    She screams SJW.

  • Matthew Fielder
    Matthew Fielder Month ago

    They don't warm us they encourage us

  • Matthew Fielder
    Matthew Fielder Month ago

    The "foaming egg". Is made with real eggs. And the salad does not have antifreeze formula in it. I work there

  • Gamer101
    Gamer101 Month ago

    Burger King Makes better chicain and better sweet & sour

  • Susie Reyes
    Susie Reyes Month ago

    Half of this is not true or more? I know workers from mcds i ask before i purchase. As Everyone should. They are the longest billion dollar franchise for a reason.

  • matthew harris
    matthew harris Month ago

    Propylene glycol is in alot of everyday foods and gel cap pills and yes. Some non oil based lube. But ethylene glycol is what's in antifreeze. Know what you're talking about beforehand k? K

    • matthew harris
      matthew harris Month ago

      Also propylene is non toxic (in general consumption)

  • Alex Bettcher
    Alex Bettcher Month ago

    The mushroom swiss is just a burger with swiss and uncooked mushroom soup. Its disscusting

  • Steven Escover
    Steven Escover Month ago

    Oh how about the additives put in the French oils? Yes it extends the time in the dryer but dont ask what it does to your body and putting imbalances in your lymph system.

  • Steven Escover
    Steven Escover Month ago

    Bottom line is pay high and the portion size keeps getting smaller. I remember when you would get a burger, drink and fries for less than 4.00 dollars. The hamburger was real meat not fricking fat and brisco. By the way ---dont ask about chicken mcnuggets chicken skin maybe pin feathers?

  • Sean Norman
    Sean Norman Month ago

    I love me and mc chicken sandwich with the Big Mac sauce...

  • jamesterrelldurrance

    A living wage at McDs??? Its a job for HS kids to make extra cash.

  • Armando Campos
    Armando Campos Month ago

    If it’s a secret then what the hell is it doing on TVclip

  • Daddydabs Az
    Daddydabs Az Month ago

    I worked at a mcdicks and there is no priority placed on the food going to the drive thru over the dining area all orders are to take 90 seconds or less from order to customer additionally I’ve never seen burgers get thrown away or any food get thrown away it all gets sold regardless of how old it is...maybe I just worked at a ghetto McDonald’s

  • Perpetual.Art
    Perpetual.Art Month ago

    Who the hell actually thought the McRib was actually a rib sandwich. Thats like thinking that Mc Nuggets are real pieces of white chicken meat. That must be for the low iq people!

  • Jaden Jeong
    Jaden Jeong Month ago

    Number 8: they shouldnt expect a living wage working at a job like mcdonald’s frontlines. Jobs like that are meant to give teens and other non-skilled workers work experience only, not for a living wage.

  • tx356 56795
    tx356 56795 2 months ago

    she sounds like a vegan trying to get people to stop eating mcdonalds lol i am pretty sure mcdonalds them selves debunked this by showing how stuff is made in factories

  • tbyjb
    tbyjb 2 months ago

    I hate this place. The burgers are tiny. It’s expensive and a total rip off

  • Seoteltrut Productions
    Seoteltrut Productions 2 months ago

    Employees at fast-food restaurants get payed less because they're not designed to be liveable wages, it's for high school students wanting to earn some cash to hang out with friends or go on dates. Not to live off of.

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones 2 months ago

    I don’t know about mcd’s, but Wendy’s started making real burger again in my area.

  • Craig Belldina
    Craig Belldina 2 months ago

    Living wage? Socialist BS. You're not entitled to a "living wage!" OR a job. You're paid what the MARKET demands. God damn liberals.

  • Thomas Simmons
    Thomas Simmons 2 months ago

    Idc if she lies I'd still hit it

  • yes nice
    yes nice 2 months ago

    Where the hell did you even get all this false information from lmao

  • Blazey
    Blazey 2 months ago

    Exactly, the salad is drizzled in oil for a start.

  • Erika Pennella
    Erika Pennella 2 months ago

    I just ate McDonalds & my stomach is killing me🤤

  • Andres Rodriguez
    Andres Rodriguez 2 months ago +1

    I make more than someone who works at chick fil a where the food is 10 times more expensive

  • tim hart
    tim hart 2 months ago

    Bull! McDonald's can't give perishable foods away because of health department regulations. Spoiled food=sick people!

  • Brownbeartmb
    Brownbeartmb 2 months ago

    Fu lady

  • Kayn Gray
    Kayn Gray 2 months ago

    I used to work at McDonald's

  • Franklin Lara
    Franklin Lara 2 months ago

    Her voice is cute

  • Mathew Anctil
    Mathew Anctil 2 months ago

    Some of that was complete bs! I worked at McD's in Canada for a long time. Most of the top 10 was completely false!!!!

  • derk militar
    derk militar 2 months ago

    When a Feminist works at Mcdonalds O N C E.

  • Duncan Kinzer Jr.
    Duncan Kinzer Jr. 2 months ago


  • Nathan Elliott
    Nathan Elliott 2 months ago

    ...wait, when did the double big Mac come out? I gotta go!!!

  • Nathan Elliott
    Nathan Elliott 2 months ago

    Calm down, it is pork covered in rib sauce. Close enough...

  • Jared Adams
    Jared Adams 3 months ago

    Fast food workers think they should make $15+ per hour 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 when you get my simple order right and arent fuckin retarded, then maybe...POSSIBLY....could that be an option.

  • KieronKN Singapore
    KieronKN Singapore 3 months ago +1

    *Mr Krabs wants to know your location*

    • Mary P
      Mary P 11 days ago

      …and *Fox News*

  • Lee Froideveaux
    Lee Froideveaux 3 months ago

    I worked at McDonald's for 6 years , they never throw old food after 10 minutes , more like 30 to 40 minutes

  • Scott Harrison
    Scott Harrison 3 months ago

    Rebecca Felgate needs to change career...

  • Christopher 0205
    Christopher 0205 3 months ago

    I’m gonna stay with whataburger cya.

  • McKenna Burns
    McKenna Burns 3 months ago

    In my town, the McDonald's employees get paid 2 dollars more an hour than I do at a bar and grill. 10 < 8 an hour

  • jaytube2112
    jaytube2112 3 months ago

    How to make a McRib. 1. Take actual rib meat and chew it up. 2. Spit the contents into a rib mold and then place on a McRib bun. 3. Reheat, wrap and serve.

  • Richard Dwyer
    Richard Dwyer 3 months ago

    Pg is only used in non toxic antifreeze. Ethylene glycol is in antifreeze. 2 completely different chemicals

  • Amber Osburn
    Amber Osburn 3 months ago

    McDonald's is nasty slop

  • ixnine
    ixnine 3 months ago

    “There is no rib in the McRib...”
    No one cares!

  • S
    S 3 months ago

    Poison..... mckillyourself

  • DaveyTheDJ
    DaveyTheDJ 3 months ago

    Okay my favorite McDonald's item is quarter pounder with cheese and when I worked at McDonald's privately franchise had to pay for meals unless it's at the end of the night store close and we got to take home the Food now from McDonald's Corp stores free food for lunch

  • Lame Gamer
    Lame Gamer 3 months ago

    Automatic disliked time you start talking about a livable wage.

  • cronn100
    cronn100 3 months ago

    Sounds like an agenda. Cheerio, Love.

  • Rusty Shackelford
    Rusty Shackelford 3 months ago

    Stop having kids if you can’t support them simple. World hunger is a problem caused by stupid parents. Stop having kids

  • Bubba DooM
    Bubba DooM 3 months ago

    8:18 AM 11/5/2018

  • mohammed alfurayh
    mohammed alfurayh 3 months ago

    I don't believe what you are saying

  • Morijke Nelson
    Morijke Nelson 3 months ago

    The Rothschild own all Mac Donald's dead children's meat is what your eating in your burgers google RABBI ABRAHAM FINKELSTEIN .

  • Splaticus Blah
    Splaticus Blah 3 months ago

    NONE of these are secrets.

  • James Mara
    James Mara 3 months ago

    I wonder if she gives good head.

  • Russ Grunert
    Russ Grunert 3 months ago

    Fast food is not supposed to be a family supporting job, it's an entry level job

  • Captain Ike Wants Likes

    I thought this was suppose to blow my mind. Here's another fact 1 in 3 people will or have worked at McDonald's at some point in their life.

  • Some One
    Some One 3 months ago

    Which comments are false?

  • Carl Wakeling
    Carl Wakeling 3 months ago

    MEATS COOKED FULL OF MAGGOTS 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲