Top 10 McDonald's Secrets You Are NOT Supposed To Know


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  • StarRanchTV
    StarRanchTV 11 hours ago

    McDonald's doesn't make mozzarella sticks you dumb broad you are so f****** stupid

  • Frederick Sweet
    Frederick Sweet 2 days ago

    yea the "fluffy round eggs" she mentioned are real eggs fresh from the shell. So might need to do a fact check.

  • Maggie The Marshmallow

    I made tips 😉

  • Obdulia Fuller
    Obdulia Fuller 2 days ago

    No. More Mc donal cook. My rice. And beans

  • zanshelby03
    zanshelby03 3 days ago

    That's because it's not ment for a "living" it's a job ment for high school and college kids to make some extra money!

  • Outlaw McClure
    Outlaw McClure 3 days ago

    Sad thing is... They DO NOT throw old food out. They try to sell it. 😷

  • Tom Rauhe
    Tom Rauhe 4 days ago +1

    So if McDonald's produced less burgers and not throw them away... These burgers would wind up in Central Africa?

  • Daniel Johnston
    Daniel Johnston 5 days ago

    McRib, it looks like part of those old fashioned rubber mats! Probably tastes like one too!

  • Jeff M
    Jeff M 6 days ago

    I don't eat this crap anyway.

  • GoneBamboo
    GoneBamboo 7 days ago

    What kind of a pig leaves stale food at her office?

  • GoneBamboo
    GoneBamboo 7 days ago

    Only a communist thinks minimum wage and a living wage should be the same.

  • Stephane Boisvert
    Stephane Boisvert 8 days ago

    ... wait.... isn't that lemon juice?
    Never mind.

  • jzalrt si je g. _/ u

    I m diching mcd and I havent tried subway yet because I am to busy biting my big mac

  • Shaggy SmilesSRL
    Shaggy SmilesSRL 11 days ago

    It's actually illegal to walk through a drive through. We're told to call the police if someone comes walking up to the window.

  • Chai
    Chai 13 days ago

    Okay but you can’t just let the meat sit there all day.
    I work at McDonald’s, and sometimes the employees would eat the food that’s thrown away

  • Karen aka sapphire fan Miller

    How I don’t understand how she is lying or fake and I used to eat McDonald’s nothing happened I did not feel sick or anything I stopped because the food was losing its taste

  • Karen aka sapphire fan Miller

    Number 11: the nuggets taste like somebody sucked the life out of it

  • Joe Burrows
    Joe Burrows 15 days ago

    My brother worked at "farmland food" that is the pork factory that makes the mc rib also the same place where Wendy's bacon is from. Very clean and professional factory . I myself am not 100% on if the mc rib is all rib meat.. but it is all pork. That's what matteres. How she gonna say that's gross?

  • Nate Mo
    Nate Mo 15 days ago

    Half of these are internet myths. Shameful

  • Luiggii Love
    Luiggii Love 16 days ago

    why start the video with a lie. then end with a lie. the give employees a free meal when they work. & wtf mozzarella sticks were only available for a couple months yet you act like its a main popular item like chicken nuggets

  • Kia Webb
    Kia Webb 17 days ago

    When I worked there I made over $500 every 2 weeks 😂✋🏽

  • DonWard AreYouAwake
    DonWard AreYouAwake 17 days ago

    Roflmao hahaha 😂 1st McDs pays minimum wage unless you are a manager then they work you a lot harder... 2nd McDs gives their workers shift meals to make up for the low pay at least in America... Most McDs don't throw a lot of food out because they reset the timers or just don't use timers at all... Always order fresh food or else you might get a burger or nuggets that are 30 minute old... Then if you complain they say you are lying to get free food... Keep your receipt till you eat eat your food and don't eat it then complain they won't give you your money back... If you complain to much they will call the police... Be nice #1 rule don't make the people handling or making your food made... Watch the movie Waiting and Waiting 2 you will see what I am taking about 😂 Take care and have a great day everyone...

  • r8ersfan
    r8ersfan 19 days ago

    I love it when self-righteous ppl claim “I don’t eat meat!”
    Yet they wear perfume,makeup,leather clothes & shoes! No mistreatment of animals in those products right?

  • Peter Jonkers
    Peter Jonkers 19 days ago

    destroy all fastfood chains,,world revolution

  • Raymond Collier
    Raymond Collier 20 days ago

    Deep fried chicken heads 😂😂😂

  • Phantom Passport
    Phantom Passport 20 days ago

    Wow I learned absolutely nothing new. This is all stuff that has been basic knowledge in the media for 2 decades

    COUTION BIOHAZARD 21 day ago

    their chicken nuggets are tasteless

  • Stanley Poznanski
    Stanley Poznanski 21 day ago

    CEO don't care about there employees any ways

  • Stanley Poznanski
    Stanley Poznanski 21 day ago

    I hate McDonald's they need to shut there doors she right about how fatty there food is .

  • Joshua Taylor Madison
    Joshua Taylor Madison 22 days ago

    I always get stale, cold, hard fries. I never get fresh fries.

  • Expert Dogemachine
    Expert Dogemachine 23 days ago

    I have never seen you with glasses on

  • James Page
    James Page 24 days ago

    British voices are annoying

  • matthew baker
    matthew baker 24 days ago

    This was stupid.

  • Anonymous Eagle
    Anonymous Eagle 24 days ago

    The eggs are made fresh. I used to open. We crack them every time we need a batch made. Dont know where she got this info.

  • Anonymous Eagle
    Anonymous Eagle 24 days ago

    Incorrect. Incorrect. Oh look. Another thing that is incorrect.

  • P Johnson
    P Johnson 24 days ago +1

    I laughed so hard when she said "Mackey Deez" @ 3:46 good glitch lol nice presentation tho. keep em comin 👍 ...

  • Connor Perkins
    Connor Perkins 25 days ago

    Most of this is not factual. We only make food when the order is taken, and everything that is food related has a special timer on it which when expires it thrown out, because it is no longer viable to sell. They take food safety seriously, because it can be devastating to get a customer sick. Also fries do not sit longer than a couple minutes before we serve them as we have charts for demand that we follow. Drive Thru doesn’t get priority as all food is made based the time from when the order was taken no matter if you’re in drive thru or lobby. Finally we don’t add anything extra to our eggs as they are cracked into eggs rings on the grill. We legally can’t donate extra food to charity. The reason the food doesn’t rot is because it losses all of its moisture and dries up preventing mold from growing.

  • Laura Muñoz
    Laura Muñoz 25 days ago

    That's a lie I work at McDonald's and they always ask what I'm going to eat. lol And Btw who the hell gonna keep a burger and fries for 6 years unless she's a hoarder

  • Daniel Johnston
    Daniel Johnston 25 days ago

    But wait! There's more! 100 pct real beef? Yeah, they only put in about 10pct. beef, the other 90 pct. Is paper products! Fact!

  • Daniel Johnston
    Daniel Johnston 25 days ago

    Fast food? Yeah, fast at ripping people off! The great American rip-off!

  • john cowher
    john cowher 25 days ago

    #1 there's a McDonald's near me that pays $11.75 /hr , in my area that should be more than enough to have a life .
    #2 with the above being said you should be able to servive on that wage if you are a high school kid (first job) or a college kid WORKING to help yourself out thru school . Or a single adult person living on their own in a modest rental . THESE TYPES OF JOBS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE LIFELONG CAREERS! !!!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE NEED TO STRIVE TO BE BETTER AND WANT MORE FOR THEMSELVES AND GO TO A COLLEGE OR TRADE SCHOOL TO GET A BIG ADULT STYLE JOB!!!!

  • Duncandragon 13
    Duncandragon 13 26 days ago

    Lel you look like a young miss battle axe

  • Given jade corre
    Given jade corre 27 days ago

    i get horny when she said hmmmmmm

  • Ye Humbug
    Ye Humbug 27 days ago

    I still love McDonalds, forever and always ❤️❤️ 😘🍔🍟

  • TootsiesCreationz
    TootsiesCreationz 27 days ago

    McRibs are freaking AWESOME! Wish they sold them year round!!

  • Mr Davis
    Mr Davis 28 days ago

    I just ate a Juicier, Cheesier Quarter Pounder with cheese....and it was awesome!!! 😂😂

  • Van Nocturne
    Van Nocturne 29 days ago

    *10 More Reasons For Me to Not Eat at McDonalds....EVER AGAIN!!!!*

  • Comentarista Qualquer

    Lol i click in this video then it appaered a burger king advertisement

  • Joe Ninety
    Joe Ninety Month ago

    She's talking about America, NOT Europe. We have strict food laws in the UK.

  • Joe Ninety
    Joe Ninety Month ago

    McDonalds in UK pay a good wage, from what I hear.

  • Koopa Gangster Rules 2001

    Honestly, I don't eat McDonald's at all die to the disgusting things inside it.

  • my love songs
    my love songs Month ago

    More black people eat at McDonald's than any other culture. Blacks have been targetted by the restaurant chain, with mostly blacks starring in their commercials, and slogans like "I'm Lovin' It". Most blacks leave out the 'g' in most words.

  • Rev
    Rev Month ago

    Nice propaganda.

  • mike williams
    mike williams Month ago

    whoever made this video i feel for you because your try to help people with truth and get called crazy see how people react to this wait until something serious happens people are going to blindly run to hell instead of to OUR CREATOR not all but too many

  • ocpud2999
    ocpud2999 Month ago

    If most of the McDonald's workers are college and high school students why would they need to make 15 bucks an hour? Every I mean every fast food place does not provide liviable wage anybody can do the job called supply and demand

  • Wethem Nwords
    Wethem Nwords Month ago

    Although that may not be the case with good old Mackey deez

  • Lagu
    Lagu Month ago


  • Rex II ForSure
    Rex II ForSure Month ago

    I don’t eat fast food after working in a kitchen where the dishwasher while wiping a dish would often go to food ready to be served and fart on it. Eew that was gross and creepy!

  • Fuggler Adventures
    Fuggler Adventures Month ago

    I buy only McDonlands salads but I only use salad dressing I bring from home. My doctor told me not to use McDonlads salad dressing.

  • Claudio Como
    Claudio Como Month ago

    You're worrying about old school "fake news" nutritional fears, the salt and sugar content are more dangerous than the fat and cholesterol content.

  • William Styers
    William Styers Month ago

    Not a secret in this whole video. LOL As far as the "living wage" the minimum wage was never intended to be a living wage but rather an entry level wage for people such as teens just entering the job market.

  • Crystal Mccoy
    Crystal Mccoy Month ago

    I used to work at micky d's and we had to count the food waste and make genuine cut backs due to food cost.

  • kenneth peter oliver

    I'm off to macky dees this is a good advertisement

  • stiffller russell
    stiffller russell Month ago

    I wouldn't eat this crap if you forced me to eat it

  • BeachMiguel sobe
    BeachMiguel sobe Month ago

    fat over weight fat America!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kirk Laurie
    Kirk Laurie Month ago

    Gee, does she have an anti-McDonald's agenda...??

  • TheOerdin
    TheOerdin Month ago

    She acts like we should be surprised that fastfood workers are low skilled and low paid.

  • Angus Heuer
    Angus Heuer Month ago

    All breakfast items like eggs are made to order 100% fresh

  • Robert Rawls
    Robert Rawls Month ago

    This lady dont know crap but she is full of it

  • BillyBob Roberts
    BillyBob Roberts Month ago

    Nuggets are actually human meat from China

  • HeavensLuv
    HeavensLuv Month ago The pink slime at the end of the video is a BLIANT LIE??? Please watch the video to prove her dishonesty!??? Thank you!!

  • thejadegiant
    thejadegiant Month ago

    WOW! She really hates McDonald"s. These are all facts that everyone knows. If you want a "Living Wage" don't work there, pretty simple....

  • Nancy M
    Nancy M Month ago

    What college degree should I earn to work at McDonalds? NONE - it's called unskilled labor. Starting at minimum wage is logical. If people want to make more money, learn marketable skills. Working at fast food joints is meant for teenagers and perhaps college kids. Don't preach what you do not understand.

  • matt osterud
    matt osterud Month ago

    But like.. compared to WalMart or Subway, Mcdonalds treats it employees very well.
    Like of all the places to work, among the bottom end jobs, Mcdonalds is one of the very best.

  • PitchToTheRhino1
    PitchToTheRhino1 Month ago

    McDonlads pulls its lettuce out of the trash from the week before. Don't believe me? Open your burger sometime.

  • Angls Reflections
    Angls Reflections Month ago

    I love McD's fries!! They are the BEST!! I love their breakfast platters, too - fluffy pancakes, melt-in-your-mouth biscuits, crispy bacon, yummy hash browns, oh my!! Mighty tasty and this video doesn't dissuade me from eating at McD's in the least - oh, and I'll have a caramel frappe with that breakfast platter, please! I don't splurge on fast food that often, but when I do, McD's is the place for me!!! It's an occasional treat so I'm not really worried about the calories, salt, etc. I usually eat healthy - all things in moderation, right?

  • Jason Inouye
    Jason Inouye Month ago

    Frozen coldbrew coffee 👍

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott Month ago

    I loved 4:44

  • SGL
    SGL Month ago

    She looks like Austin Powers

  • kid hollywood
    kid hollywood Month ago

    Im from anchorage Alaska

  • Tyler Mitchell
    Tyler Mitchell Month ago

    Living wage, get a degree? Stop bitching? We want more money for easy labor, okay lets automate the industry.... good job guys.

  • Ash Roach
    Ash Roach Month ago

    I don't even work at Macdonalds but I know friends who have and still do. Most of this is bull

  • Calvinasdf2012
    Calvinasdf2012 Month ago

    The bias in the video is crazy could you be more liberal??

  • blakespower
    blakespower Month ago

    I knew that drive thru got priority just by going in the restaurant a few times when I saw a long drive thru line and I started looking at the car that I would have been behind and they came and left the drive thru by the time I got mu food

  • Nena Lopez
    Nena Lopez Month ago

    Her accent pisses me off

  • Cman Awesome
    Cman Awesome Month ago

    i work at Mcdonald's so that #1 "fact" is in fact a lie because they give us food and the franchise owner eats the food that we sale

  • islands are gay
    islands are gay Month ago

    I don't even eat at McDonald's. Matter of fact, I only eat at Dunkin donuts!

    • blakespower
      blakespower Month ago

      why are you here then? you better than Us? its like those people who say I don't watch TV but they have a 60 inch TV in their house

  • Walter Willis
    Walter Willis Month ago

    I used to work in McDonalds - the only way eggs could have those chemicals is if it was fed to the chicken. We cracked and cooked each egg for the egg mcmuffins, and we cracked and whipped the eggs for the biscuit sandwiches. Or at least that was how it was done in the 1980's

  • Meir Fisher
    Meir Fisher Month ago

    Mcdonald's food dries out and not rotting like an apple, just getting dry. So this woman is stupid + annoying. tragic

  • jr areola
    jr areola Month ago

    She doesn't know what she's talking about.

  • William Cooper
    William Cooper Month ago

    You look cute with the glasses I like them!

  • Anthony Thorp
    Anthony Thorp Month ago

    McDonald's had the best fries until the no transfat thing

  • Oliver Rodriguez
    Oliver Rodriguez Month ago


  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez Month ago

    Why is it on TVclip if we are NOT supposed to know?

  • Dog Wood
    Dog Wood Month ago

    How to become a billionaire. Invest in producing sugar, fat and starch. Sell it as food to stupid Americans. Invest in health insurance, pharmaceuticals and hospitals so you can profit off the stupid Americans you make sick. Finally, invest in funeral homes and cemeteries for the ones who eventually die.

  • Sebastian Cline
    Sebastian Cline Month ago

    You cant walk through the drive thru. Well, you can, but i can't guarantee that you'll get to place your order. Also, "there's no rib in the mcrib, but theres pork". Ever think that it might contain RIB meat from said pork?

  • Ethan Shephard
    Ethan Shephard Month ago

    All imma say is don't be making videos about "McDonald's Secrets" when they aren't true. Trust me, the employees, like myself will call you out on it 😂🤔

  • It's_Rage_Time
    It's_Rage_Time Month ago

    I’m actually a Mcdonalds manager and just because The few stores she probably went to, to see what they were like are trash. If you work efficiently and have a intuitive mindset you can minimize the waste the store produces granted lunch and dinner rush are a little unknown on how they’ll turn out. At the end of the day the crew are the workers that make the store great. They need to learn how much to use when someone orders, as in don’t really need to put down things in bulk, in the slower part of the day they need to pretty much cook to order most things to avoid waste, finally transitioning between lunch and slow work can be hard because there is a chance of having more waste. I think in an 14 hour shift I worked I made sure waste was gonna be close to 0 and it was I think we only threw away 2 filet of fish and 4 pieces of reg meat

  • cers0001
    cers0001 Month ago

    I never liked Mc'd's

  • James
    James Month ago

    "they don't give food waste to charity"