• Published on May 4, 2018
  • Avengers Infinity War - Doctor Strange's Plan Explained! What did Doctor Strange mean when he told Tony Stark, "This was the only way," and "We're in the end game now"? What was the ONE future timeline Strange envisioned that led to the Avengers' victory over Thanos? Erik Voss explains the Doctor Strange scene in Infinity War, and how it connected to the ending. (SPOILERS AHEAD!) Why did Doctor Strange give Thanos the Time Stone? Why was it so important for Tony Stark / Iron Man to survive?
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  • sharath venkateswaran

    He just extended Tony's lifetime tbh🤧

  • Gabriel Atienza
    Gabriel Atienza 6 days ago

    Scenario #14 million and four ...Carol Danvers snaps gauntlet, wipes out all the patriarchy of the universe.

  • Typical Gamer
    Typical Gamer 15 days ago +1

    Dr strage give the time stone so that there will be avengers endgame

  • francisco andrada
    francisco andrada 16 days ago +3

    This motherfucker *PREDICTED* Endgame

    FAME GAMES 18 days ago +2

    . After watching this video
    Dr strange : wow i didnt really thought that way

  • sudhan Ramar
    sudhan Ramar 19 days ago

    But still doctor strange could have defeated Thanos with time stone....he could just freeze the time and utilities the time to remove stones and set him in the mirror dimension......but hey Tony die.....

  • Mattt Alfred
    Mattt Alfred 20 days ago

    Well Chief, you’re right. They did go back in time and well you’re right overall But boy oh boy did I cri.

  • VesperCiruela TV
    VesperCiruela TV 22 days ago +1

    I believe all the theories about getting things better if dr strange would suggest to stop starlord from interrupting while they are getting the gauntlet from thanos or even thor aiming for the head are easily suggested but would not mindfully execute in some ways . I think dr strange think that they needed the snap (from one of the avengers) for the large army of thanos. Even if the kill thanos and avoiding the snap, there is a lot of being that would have replace thanos maybe one on those mindful villians he trusted. That is a lot of work for them. Killing thanos and his army with a snap, i think is the main reason dr strange didnt suggest some way to kill thanos in the infinity war. Its not making it easily, its making it in a smart way.

  • FURY
    FURY 22 days ago +1

    After endgame
    The plan is clear

  • Jonathan Guzman
    Jonathan Guzman 24 days ago +4

    4:16 spolier in this comment "coff "well thatkinda happened

  • Arnav Gurram
    Arnav Gurram 24 days ago

    If the Avengers used the time stone in Endgame to go back to the events of Infinity War, everything that happened in Endgame would not have happened. If you remember the fight on Titan in Infinity War, Thanos was about to lose control of the gauntlet until Starlord punched him provoking him to overpower the group and regain control of the gauntlet. The Avengers could've went back in time to stop Starlord from punching Thanos which would allow the group in Infinity war to take off Thanos's gauntlet and defeat him. Another plot hole is that Doctor Strange saw 14 million outcome to defeating Thanos and only one of them they win. That is not true. In the winning outcome Doctor Strange would be able to see that Starlord punched Thanos resulting in Thanos regaining control of the infinity gauntlet. Doctor Strange could've prevented Starlord from punching Thanos in a numerous amount of ways, one being that Strange could've made Starlord fall unconcious so that he wouldn't be able to punch Thanos. There were two winning outcomes and one of them didn't allow the deaths of anyone.

  • shivansh gupta
    shivansh gupta 25 days ago +4

    U are just too good. U knew the story already.

  • ice angel 22
    ice angel 22 26 days ago


  • Aya Parayno
    Aya Parayno 26 days ago

    I'm shookt that you got it all right. I've watched the Avengers Endgame and your theory was very accurate! Especially the heroes you've mentioned in the end. They're all there in the endgame as well!

  • Saiko D
    Saiko D 26 days ago +7

    Thank you Peter Quill, without you there would be no Avengers endgame.

  • Balance Breaker
    Balance Breaker 27 days ago

    I just watched end game, but why strange didn't do the same thing when he was battling Murmamo to Thanos (forgot the right name) ?

  • IamY5150
    IamY5150 27 days ago

    You said Endgame so much you must have known that'd be the title for the next Avengers movie lol

  • Jk Schulte
    Jk Schulte 27 days ago

    Hahahaha. Most of what you said came true. Great job.

  • ShadyGabe
    ShadyGabe 29 days ago +6

    Now we know why he did it. He knew Tony was the only one to turn everything around.

  • bibhudatta moharana
    bibhudatta moharana 29 days ago

    You are almost right 😄😄😄

  • Joe Oran
    Joe Oran 29 days ago +7

    Just watched Endgame. Now, I know what Strange did last summer.

    • r v
      r v 29 days ago


  • churtangle
    churtangle Month ago

    Now we know

  • The Blox Fam
    The Blox Fam Month ago


  • Karl
    Karl Month ago

    At 4:07 couldn't you just NOT ruin infinity wars 2?😣

  • James Ramm
    James Ramm Month ago

    Love the dumb and dumber reference 😂

  • VasGaming123 123
    VasGaming123 123 Month ago +1

    What they have to do is open a portal to the Ben 10 dimension and he’ll destroy Thanos

  • Anti Gamergirl
    Anti Gamergirl Month ago

    Yo, my sadness doesnt stop it goes out of this world and universe I watched doctor strange many many many many times

  • NRG_Drag0
    NRG_Drag0 Month ago

    I am Groot
    I am Steve Rogers
    I am Erik Voss

  • Detek Gibson
    Detek Gibson 2 months ago


    I'm Eric Voss

  • Vlogsbydogs
    Vlogsbydogs 2 months ago

    So when thanos snapped the gauntlet did he have a 50% chance of snapping himself out of existence or if there was the time stone wut if it made the snap go back in time and snap away thanoses parents he could have killed himself

  • Glitch
    Glitch 2 months ago

    Why would you want to be in the little hands all over the body dimension? Are you one of those creepy guys who gets off rubbing against people in crowded elevators?

  • Team iCeY
    Team iCeY 2 months ago +1

    Half of the videos I watch of this channel is me laughing because of how funny Erik Voss is😂😂 1:07

  • GAD Choice
    GAD Choice 2 months ago

    The dr.strange can reverse all things instead of giving..or before thanos killing Tony stark

  • joy 12
    joy 12 2 months ago

    rocket raccoon is iron rocket in Endgame confirmed

  • Big Daddy Rabbit
    Big Daddy Rabbit 2 months ago

    Omg please leave captian marvel out of the next movie. Please.

  • Miyu Miyu
    Miyu Miyu 2 months ago

    Well Dr.Strange went through a lot of verses and there was only one where they won, so this is possibly a verse where they lost and were meant to lose in order for the other verse to succeed.
    Just my opinion don't crucify me.

  • Anigauge DM
    Anigauge DM 2 months ago

    Even of you don't consider this theory you have to realize thanos would have killed Dr Strange for the stone after he killed Tony anyways

  • Steel Brix
    Steel Brix 2 months ago

    It’s called endgame

  • Crystina
    Crystina 3 months ago

    Adam will be coming Guardians of the Galaxy 2 watch all the way till the end

  • The Own
    The Own 3 months ago +1

    It's clear that this was the path Strange saw of the "Only outcome where they win"
    Thus good guys, bad guys lose. The end.

  • Jayden Colour
    Jayden Colour 3 months ago

    This has missed my wounds better

  • Avanip kumar
    Avanip kumar 3 months ago +1

    Thanos:Have you ever heard love is blind.
    Star lord: I took it Seriously.^_^

  • Garage Money
    Garage Money 3 months ago

    But there were 14,000,606 possible outcomes

  • Kevin Reed
    Kevin Reed 3 months ago

    I'm the Dr

  • alwysBprepared
    alwysBprepared 3 months ago

    I think Tony Stark will be the one who ultimately defeats Thanos and if he had allowed him to kill Tony the one “Victorious Vision” could not come to pass.

  • Jaime Martinez
    Jaime Martinez 3 months ago

    Who is adam

  • Siala Leao
    Siala Leao 3 months ago

    That Dumb and Dumber Jim Carey reference lol

  • Jonah Lancaster
    Jonah Lancaster 3 months ago

    Deadpool needs to fight thanos

  • Toni Stark
    Toni Stark 3 months ago

    It begin with Tony Stark
    It will end with Tony Stark

  • Brooks Roberson
    Brooks Roberson 3 months ago

    One word that could have stoped all of this portal hand cut off

  • Aleksandr Pushkin
    Aleksandr Pushkin 4 months ago

    didn't Ultron defeat THanos? :S

  • OWEN C93
    OWEN C93 4 months ago

    So the chance of defeating Thanos was about 1/14.000.000
    Why didn't Dr. Strange execute that one chance he had, that 1 on 14M?

  • Chris Gazzard
    Chris Gazzard 4 months ago

    Look, if there is one thing i know about battles: weather in war or in sport or in chess or anything like that there are always two key points that drive someone to victory,
    1: is tactics, or just the brains to outsmart your opponent.
    2: Is desperation. To really give something your best you have to be desperate to achieve your goal.
    The Avengers have always won, simple as that they have learnt to simply fight harder and eventually they win. But what Dr. Strange does is outsmart Thanos, and the Avengers. Showing them the cost of their defeat and so they will be desperate to achieve victory over Thanos.
    This is my theory on what Dr. Strange is up to. Let me know what you guys think.

  • Lost Alone
    Lost Alone 4 months ago

    Of course Anti-Thanos with his boot of contraction and limit stones will have something to do with this.

  • Ilke Koroglu
    Ilke Koroglu 4 months ago

    F*** you Star lord

  • Rahul99grover
    Rahul99grover 4 months ago

    Probably he had already used the time stone and knew the only possible way of beating the thanos
    And for that he wants tony alive at any cost

  • Plant Gameing
    Plant Gameing 4 months ago

    But that's weird you has very powerful powers you have a time

  • Lauren Cast
    Lauren Cast 4 months ago

    Yeah because before Dr strange saw the one way they can 'win' he said something about he would protect the stone over any of them but after seeing that one way he soon changes his mind and saves Tony instead of the stone

  • Alex Boi
    Alex Boi 4 months ago

    “If you can make a god bleed people will cease to believe in him”

  • Willis Patterson
    Willis Patterson 4 months ago

    Doctor strange gave thanks the stone cos remember he said there was only one way that the avengers could win

  • Carbie Velez
    Carbie Velez 4 months ago

    I'd say that just cause Dr. Strange mentioned that 1 win, we may not be saying that play out. The win cld still be based on a time before Thanos acquired all or certain stones. Therefore as alternate universes exist we may just accept that they all die or wtvr this fate has taken onto them it just is... The "win" we'll see is just that one of the many possibilities mentioned but they still die or worse among the many others...

  • Clara Holst
    Clara Holst 4 months ago +10

    “Thanos, i´ve come to bargain...”

  • Real Thanos
    Real Thanos 4 months ago +2

    Now i know.

  • DazeyJay Productions
    DazeyJay Productions 4 months ago

  • gamegirl
    gamegirl 4 months ago

    There is only one way and the way it went down was the one way.

  • Bryan Gillespie
    Bryan Gillespie 4 months ago

    My thing is. I feel as if the only way for them to succeed was for Strange to ensure that Tony lived. Tony needs to get back to Captain America to form the avengers again. The whole movie was a mess because they were all split up. Tony and Steve need to form the true strength of the Avengers. Tony’s death would only ensure it would never happen. Just my thoughts.

  • Brenda Heredia
    Brenda Heredia 4 months ago

    I am still confusuion...

  • fuc nibbas
    fuc nibbas 4 months ago

    I call it's Thor's fault bc he should have gone for the head
    Or Starlord's fault bc he couldn't deal with his anger at a therapy session

  • Just call me Sir
    Just call me Sir 4 months ago

    I seriously just read: "Infinity War: Strange plan explained"

  • 100 subscribers with some videos?

    Strange said he won't care if spidey or Tony need help. He wont try to help he'll try to win. Therefore he didnt care about sparing Tony as a friend, it is part of the plan

  • Armando Zertuche
    Armando Zertuche 4 months ago

    1:21 I thought doctor strange was throwing me the finger lmao send help lol

  • Afif Farhan DJ HAVOC
    Afif Farhan DJ HAVOC 4 months ago +1

    the stone was Time Stone.I think strange gave the stone to thanos because he know that thanos will lose in future.

  • Lamuk Juliet Naw
    Lamuk Juliet Naw 4 months ago +1


  • Jeff Doe
    Jeff Doe 4 months ago +1

    Starlord fucked up

    • Aquatixx
      Aquatixx 4 months ago

      Jeff Doe this movie could have been soooo different if he Starlord did not get mad...

  • Samuel Hilton
    Samuel Hilton 4 months ago

    Bet there trapped in the sole stone

  • CrazyGreek Cats
    CrazyGreek Cats 4 months ago

    Here are some of the decisions from the interactive movie

  • Rachel Hale
    Rachel Hale 4 months ago

    You forgot Thor was still alive

  • RAtlLE snAKeYT
    RAtlLE snAKeYT 4 months ago +3

    1:13 Did he just say Thanis

  • Nikki Meredith
    Nikki Meredith 4 months ago

    What about when Thanos asked Dr. Strange why he did not use his greatest weapon referring to the stone?? Or was I just hearing things??

  • Tawfiq Zafar
    Tawfiq Zafar 4 months ago +2

    DR.Strange:we are in the endgame. Avengers4 title:EndGame

  • Amanda the melon `
    Amanda the melon ` 4 months ago

    redskull told thanos he had to give a soul to get the soul stone, so he killed gamora. Now that he has/had it, he is forced to protect it. So that realm he was in at the end was where he is going to be forever since he is protecting it. Therefore he is trapped in there. Reply if you have a different theory

  • AzItsuk i
    AzItsuk i 4 months ago +1

    Why didnt Just doctor stranger GO Back in time And give thanos father a Condom why just u didnt Stupid

    • AzItsuk i
      AzItsuk i 4 months ago

      +Aquatixx right

    • Aquatixx
      Aquatixx 4 months ago


  • kaivaly tolbande
    kaivaly tolbande 4 months ago

    Dead pool will end all..Just see

  • Matthew Huston
    Matthew Huston 5 months ago

    not at all, lol dr strange plan was working, and they was about to getthe shit off his hand but star kid fucked it up end game means, that was they only chance and its done so the best he could do is help the only person who had faith in killing thanos and asking for his life to be spared

  • MHeerah _1205_
    MHeerah _1205_ 5 months ago +1

    You can’t “want” people to live. It was by luck that that these guys survived. This was how in was meant to be. In all those 14 million outcomes These people were the chosen ones and strange knew that.

  • Gamer Light
    Gamer Light 5 months ago +1

    Doctor strange is very mysterious

  • EJ Movement
    EJ Movement 5 months ago

    The title of Avengers: Endgame makes perfect sense after watching this video.

  • Lowell Barton
    Lowell Barton 5 months ago

    I wonder if he started a time loop it just took millions of times to win

  • TungTung555
    TungTung555 5 months ago

    Dr strange could have use “Thanos I have come to bargain”

  • Kris Xela
    Kris Xela 5 months ago +1

    Who is here after endgame trailer.... 😎😎

  • Axoo Abad
    Axoo Abad 5 months ago +1

    I think he missed one more way to win the war since I mean, remember the others stopped and ruined his meditation while looking in the future. So maybe just a maybe, there are other ways too. Like plan ahead to stop Star Lord on smacking Thanos. I mean.... If he didn't smacked Thanos at the face, spiderman could have successfully removed the Gauntlet. Then Thanos would be weaker. And they can beat him more easier.

  • Fat Thor
    Fat Thor 5 months ago

    Wait a sec, I just had a realisation why did Rocket survive??

  • Millicent Thomas
    Millicent Thomas 5 months ago

    Dr.Strange: Thanos, I've come to bargain.

  • Angelo Ornelas
    Angelo Ornelas 5 months ago

    Starlord gets to die because he f@$!#* it up for the world

  • Thegreenboi Boi
    Thegreenboi Boi 5 months ago

    avengers 4 aka avengers end game

  • angel desantiago
    angel desantiago 5 months ago +1

    My theory is that......

    ur Fat and mighty stupid looking

  • Edmark Pelayo
    Edmark Pelayo 5 months ago +1

    Stupid starlord thats his fault selfish...

  • lege pro
    lege pro 5 months ago

    he is a high functioning sociopath

  • Bugaboo Blend
    Bugaboo Blend 5 months ago

    Thanos snap wakes up chuck noris he knew it thats why he ran away as fast as he can and now pretending to be a farmer