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  • ReaperGaming X2
    ReaperGaming X2 7 hours ago

    Doctor strange obviously save Iron man's life because he was probably going to be the most important person in the next battle against thanos

  • Thegreenboi Boi
    Thegreenboi Boi 14 hours ago

    avengers 4 aka avengers end game

  • angel desantiago
    angel desantiago Day ago +1

    My theory is that......

    ur Fat and mighty stupid looking

  • Edmark Pelayo
    Edmark Pelayo Day ago

    Stupid starlord thats his fault selfish...

  • lege pro
    lege pro Day ago

    he is a high functioning sociopath

  • Bugaboo Blend
    Bugaboo Blend Day ago

    Thanos snap wakes up chuck noris he knew it thats why he ran away as fast as he can and now pretending to be a farmer

  • Dizzzile
    Dizzzile 2 days ago

    Thanos:victory royale

  • Ramil Conchas
    Ramil Conchas 2 days ago

    Strange: "We are in the Endgame now."

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 2 days ago

    Star lord ruined avengers

  • Sunny Gogna
    Sunny Gogna 2 days ago

    My best bet would be Dr. Strange knew that Only Tony could actually find a flaw and that 1 in 14 million chance against Thanos. I have a feeling that Tony will sacrifice himself against Thanos to save everyone.

  • Redd Fury
    Redd Fury 2 days ago +1

    What if doctor strange didn't kill thanos because they need him (i mean cmon with the time stone anything is possible) because there's an even bigger enemy

    X RYDER L 2 days ago

    wow so he forsaw all this thats y he made this move awsome a real strategic planner his is like the shikamaroo of marvel ( naruto)

  • Bearded bacon Double bacon

    I mean it was pretty obvious because he said there was only one way they could beat cable .

  • blaze909
    blaze909 2 days ago

    Benedict Cumberbatch is not on the A4 casting list

  • Tasos Mark
    Tasos Mark 2 days ago

    Really awesome video aaaaand subscribed!

  • Arvind giri
    Arvind giri 2 days ago

    Marvel universe crosses over with the dragon ball universe.

  • Tanishq and Lekh
    Tanishq and Lekh 3 days ago


  • Bacon Lad
    Bacon Lad 3 days ago

    It’s not infinity war two, it’s called endgame

  • Sam Wallen
    Sam Wallen 3 days ago

    OOOOOO.....I see. His plan was to make thanos spare Tony's life

  • Potato Crusher XD
    Potato Crusher XD 3 days ago

    3:28 That face is scary.

  • princy forest
    princy forest 3 days ago

    I am sure he wanted Tony to live.

  • Rashmi Prasad
    Rashmi Prasad 3 days ago

    I think endgame will be the
    Title of avengers 4

  • Lord Raven X 21
    Lord Raven X 21 3 days ago

    The next movie is the endgame so yeah doctor strange real plan was to bargain with thanos

  • Core Weyer
    Core Weyer 3 days ago

    Avengers end game hehehe

  • What's Myfe?
    What's Myfe? 4 days ago +4

    And he said the title of avenger 4.

  • Nader Rezvani
    Nader Rezvani 4 days ago

    Time stone? Going back in time? I'm still wondering why Gandalf didn't call a couple eagles to grab Frodo and fly the ring to mount doom and save me 18hrs of my life....

  • Sylvester Eye
    Sylvester Eye 4 days ago

    Dr Strange use his time stone to see future and saw tony stark will be the key to kill thanos...That why he want thanos to spare tony life... Thonas probably kill tony if he know tony will be the key to kill him

  • tharun shan
    tharun shan 7 days ago

    Did you notice that dr.strange told ‘i wouldn't give up the time stone for anybody’ but gives it up for Stark reason behind is that will be the one who will help or even win the mad Titan

  • SL Channel Of Fun
    SL Channel Of Fun 7 days ago +1

    You can see the future Doctor Strange

    What does my report look like?

  • Waynelolz
    Waynelolz 10 days ago

    You complety missed Captain Marvel

  • The taste of home
    The taste of home 10 days ago

    When thanos use time stone everyone will come back

  • tara mexicanlastname
    tara mexicanlastname 12 days ago

    What does Strange say too Tony? Right when he is looking forward in time and Tony says,(Strange WE ALRIGHT.) Stark says something to Strange and Strange winks his eye and nods his head. No one has noticed this.

  • Chen Kelly
    Chen Kelly 18 days ago

    let them call captain mervle

  • Emperor David
    Emperor David 19 days ago


  • Flame
    Flame 22 days ago

    Couldn’t doctor strange go backwards in time to go to thor then tell him to aim for the head??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Mysworn Guts
    Mysworn Guts 23 days ago +1

    What if Kratos join the battle?

  • Shikha Srivastav
    Shikha Srivastav 24 days ago

    please make a video on can storm breaker's handle can be broke up or not

  • Model World
    Model World 24 days ago

    Maybe he planned to let all those characters to live because the original avengers would survive only when Thanos snap fingers at that moment. Dr Strange bet his life for that moment and he did it

  • Patrick Felden
    Patrick Felden 28 days ago

    I think it is not only about Stark. I think it is about the 6 (or more as you said) having a synergy and beating. Together!
    At this point I also want every one who read this comment to read the further ones because many wrote very interesting theories!
    Like for example that the time stone was ‚active‘ and lit up which apparently means that it is being used which furthermore means that it could be from the future ......

  • Abhinav Singh
    Abhinav Singh 28 days ago

    Is plot now all around Dr strange.
    Will he himself be seen in Avengers 4.

  • pranav patel
    pranav patel 28 days ago


  • Erika Page
    Erika Page 29 days ago

    There's a theory that we do not know the time stones true power of what it can do.

  • Sandra Bell
    Sandra Bell Month ago

    all marvels super heros come together to defeat him fantastic four xmen and they bring back all the rest and the avengers

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord Month ago +1

    Hulk is definitely coming back

  • Jaime Van Wyk
    Jaime Van Wyk Month ago

    Still crying bout the movie.

  • leorio freecs
    leorio freecs Month ago

    Doctor Strange : Master Reality, Dimension, And Time
    When Is The Movie Doctor Strange 2 Aired?.

  • Everton Porter
    Everton Porter Month ago

    Remember the start of that conversation Strange had with Thanos on Titan? He referred to him as "...a Thanos." What was that all about?

  • Indulekha g
    Indulekha g Month ago +1

    Ok...I did not watch the movie and don't know much about it.but when thanos was about to kill Tony,couldn't strange reversed time insted of trading it

  • GermanDragoon6 :P
    GermanDragoon6 :P Month ago

    Why didn’t he just BARGAIN

  • Alphonse Alphonse
    Alphonse Alphonse Month ago

    But how are they gonna defeat thanks

  • Kaylee Facal
    Kaylee Facal Month ago

    The reason why the gauntlet broke was that the stones were from different universes. The gauntlet wasn't supposed to break. It wouldn't have broken if the stones were from the right universe. It's just a theory.

  • Jan-Vincent Ortiz
    Jan-Vincent Ortiz Month ago

    The real reason that Dr. Strange gave up the Time Stone is for Thanos to win. Thats because .......


    Thanos will be the hero of the next movie. The earth and the Avengers will need Thanos to defeat an even greater threat. That's why in the end credits it says "Thanos will return" because he will be needes ti save the universe.

  • JTZombiE
    JTZombiE Month ago

    I think strange needed stark alive because he said there was no other way

  • Lesther Sison
    Lesther Sison Month ago

    I think Doctor Strange saw DC destroying Thanos, LOL

  • SurrealChronos
    SurrealChronos Month ago

    See. If doctor strange HADN'T given Thanos the time stone. They never could have gotten it off the necklace later in the series. Thanos would have killed and went out of his way to either way. Snap or not. Although, this is accounted for I'm sure.

  • nozie yusof
    nozie yusof Month ago

    If the avengers win,maybe the scenes when half of the avengers fades away will be like reversing

  • gaming zone
    gaming zone Month ago

    If u guys have watched Doctor strange in the end MORDO says so i think that strange is trying to make it so that after they deal with thanos no other THREAT comes to Earth/Multiverse and so for that to happen he let thanos get all the infinity stones and then the people left after the snap will be able to kill thanos because now thanos does not have any goals to achive!!!

  • ultra fighter96
    ultra fighter96 Month ago

    Since he said it was the only way doesn't that mean they are in the one where they win

  • Savage Huncho
    Savage Huncho Month ago +1

    👌🏿🔥Should’ve had Deadpool in the movie🔥👌🏿

  • Lobster Cation
    Lobster Cation Month ago

    Kylo Ren will defeat Thanos

  • abren villanueva
    abren villanueva Month ago

    Why the other avengers did not died?

  • dj lattimore
    dj lattimore Month ago

    I now know that C.A. will look like Thanos and Hulk combied

  • haistappa vittu
    haistappa vittu Month ago

    The strange's plan is to Use the infinity gauntlet against Thanos and make Thanos think he's won, but In the end game star will somehow kill him or make him not a thret for the universe

  • haistappa vittu
    haistappa vittu Month ago

    I've come to bargain

  • Dan Akire
    Dan Akire Month ago

    One time i bought a harry potter necklace it looks like hermoine from prisoner of askaban where they time travel and tgen i go to school and they ooooooo you bought dr. Stranges necklace and i was freakibg triggered its not even close lookibg at dr. Strange necklace

  • Julius Ulit
    Julius Ulit Month ago

    Love the Dumb and Dumber reference! 😂😂

  • John Santiago
    John Santiago Month ago

    can you do
    about spiderman
    why did he died but he have upcoming movie

  • LeveL 8
    LeveL 8 Month ago

    Because... Their avengers.. not defenders.. they avenge. not defend..

  • Andrew Cain
    Andrew Cain Month ago

    I’m reminded of the first avengers movie (not captain America) where it was the ‘death’ of Culson (sp?) that really brought together the avengers, however manipulated by nick fury it was with the bloody captain America cards.
    Seems like they’ll assemble again on basically the same basis of loss and...cough....avenging.

  • Naif37 Plays
    Naif37 Plays Month ago

    Is venom teaming with them?

  • DaPotatoGurl2233
    DaPotatoGurl2233 Month ago


  • MythicalEthan
    MythicalEthan Month ago

    There would still be a reason on why Doctor Strange called Thanos to spare Tony’s life. Maybe ..... Would Tony kill Thanos in the future??

  • Renz Licarte
    Renz Licarte Month ago

    No thanos was right dr strange just kept that secret because he dont want to let any other people risk their life

  • Letty.Tulela Iipinge

    I wish Groot didn't fade away that's so sad, Groot is my favourite alien dood

  • MXrtremee 05
    MXrtremee 05 Month ago

    Tony will create a time machine

  • MXrtremee 05
    MXrtremee 05 Month ago

    The 6 avengers need to get the 6 stones

  • Above you Done
    Above you Done 2 months ago

    So we don't care on bringing back those other Planets people that were killed by Thanos for getting the stones. Anyone that were killed by Thanos should be brought back to life........ SNAP!!

  • t Wayne
    t Wayne 2 months ago

    If you wanna know the answear read the comics.. Dahh

  • being indifference
    being indifference 2 months ago

    You know the "Quill, we almost got this off" plan? Is like coming from such a contemptible person. I mean, if it is Wong, he could've just cut Thanos arm off, just like what he did previously with the monster. Happy ending

  • beau sky
    beau sky 2 months ago

    tony stark is the key to defeating thanos, in the future, with his wealth, leadership, ingenuity, creativity and strategies.

  • J B
    J B 2 months ago

    Dr.Strange was able to see the only chance to defeat Thanos. I think its also possible for thanos to use the time stone to avoid that defeat.

  • Al K
    Al K 2 months ago

    Someone please contact Marvel or whoever’s in charge of the production TO NOT MAKE HUMANS FIGHT COSMIC BATTLES. That’s why Guardians of the Galaxy never got popular. The people who wrote comics back in the days when a brilliant people. They just made stuff up along the way, the difference was who articulated the best. Even I used to make Comic strip cartoons back in the 90s.

  • leerey14
    leerey14 2 months ago +1

    If stranges one outcome to win was to give him the stone, why even fight in the first place to get it off his hand?

    • Chadzter TV
      Chadzter TV Month ago

      Because it IS supposed to happen. Things may change if he just gave up the time stone to thanos. In order to get the"win" outcome, he let the scenes flow as what he see on his vision.

  • Dasani Owl
    Dasani Owl 2 months ago +5

    Doctor Strange did say in the beginning of the movie that he put a spell on the time stone. "Trying to break a dead man's spell could be quite troublesome." I think that when Doctor Strange gave Thanos the stone, it was cursed.

  • s o p h i x c l
    s o p h i x c l 2 months ago +1

    I think hulk is gonna get his power back.

  • Iron Aria
    Iron Aria 2 months ago +2

    I am okay with every outcome IF DOCTOR STRANGE RETURNS! Or what? Oh there will be another war :)

    • Shaneo
      Shaneo Month ago +1

      100% Doctor Strange was the MVP in Infinity War

  • Xyshom Avazax
    Xyshom Avazax 2 months ago

    To me, Thanos is the biggest flaw with AIW. First, his motivation isn't firmly established. He *says* "overpopulation," but we don't *see* its effects, so we're left to trust that he's right. Second, his solution doesn't make sense. He claims that by exterminating half of all life he's saving it, but if the problem is resource management, he didn't need to use all six gems to MURDER half of everyone. With the other five powering the Reality Gem, he could rewrite whatever f/laws of physics create a universe teeming with life it (allegedly) can't support. Double the resources, make life use resources more efficiently, provide purpose to populations that reproduce young, give everyone longevity so they're not so concerned with making future generations, develop technologies to harness resources from inhospitable locations. So many applications ... but he chose the method that would earn the greatest resistance, thus most likely to fail? He didn't make his case, and he's not very smart. He is the Brett Kavanaugh of the MCU.

  • toniodotcom
    toniodotcom 2 months ago

    (Dr. Strange) "...I see 14,000,605"
    (Tony Stark) "How many where Star-Lord doesn't ruin it?"

  • rebel without a cause!
    rebel without a cause! 2 months ago

    Adam Warlock please save us from captain marvel !!!!

  • notdatpal
    notdatpal 2 months ago

    But what if Thanos also use the Time Stone to look into the future? 🤯

  • kimmaryjhris
    kimmaryjhris 2 months ago

    I just watched it today. I NEED ALL OF THEM TO COME BACK, especially Dr. Strange so he can explain himself.

  • Matthew Liguori
    Matthew Liguori 2 months ago

    If Strange foresaw the outcome, then he wasn't betting on just Tony Stark to survive, but for all those surviving characters to survive.

  • slick67cuda
    slick67cuda 2 months ago

    Interesting 😊

  • 6969 subscribers With no videos

    Did I come here to know what was the plan or tell me what’s the story again ffs we already watched it dumbshit no need to remind us you fuckwit

  • Anton Salvador
    Anton Salvador 2 months ago +26

    He gave the time stone because the directors told him to do so.

  • GMRMAS 65
    GMRMAS 65 2 months ago

    I actually thought at the end of the movie all the heroes will be together in one setting then they will win. When i watched the movie wth i thought the avengers would win lol

  • Skell Bones
    Skell Bones 2 months ago

    I for one, am for Roman numerals...

  • Clemsiegh _
    Clemsiegh _ 2 months ago

    unless you are nezhmetdinov you don't sacrifice your queen

  • Frances
    Frances 2 months ago

    Stark: How many, did we win?
    Strange: Won!

  • FACT side
    FACT side 2 months ago

    Avengers 4....really going to be damn interesting.....lets see the twist which marvel studios will be bringing