Places No Human Has Ever Set Foot on Earth

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
  • Some people may believe that the whole earth has been explored by now. There are in fact still places on earth that remain unexplored. The following are some places that you will almost certainly never get to go to, even if you really wanted to.
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    BE AMAZED  Year ago +2802

    For those of you wondering, the pictures in the video aren't of the actual places mentioned. Of course, nobody has been there! We used images that resemble the places so that you can imagine what they would look like.

    • James Woods
      James Woods 3 months ago

      @Mario Rendon how many times you gonna mention a mother dumbass. 10 years Old? There are plenty of buses to run in front of. Please do us a favor. I don't care how old this comment is. Fuck you.

    • James Woods
      James Woods 3 months ago

      @Mario Rendon suck a nut you dumb bitch. Say that in person. You never would. TVclip warrior

    • James Woods
      James Woods 3 months ago

      @Nick G means they were desperate to male ad revenue from views and could give two shots less how it comes off. Once the fantastical headline sucks you in and you spend 15 seconds you likely see an ad and definitely tick TVclip stats. People need to realize TVclip is not your tube anymore. It's a way to make money from ad views and clicks. Content doesn't matter so long as you get ducked in temporarily

    • James Woods
      James Woods 3 months ago

      In other words you faked random shit for views and ad revenue. Congrats

    • Tues
      Tues 4 months ago

      No way do I believe nobody has been here.

  • Eve Fit
    Eve Fit 2 hours ago

    I’m going to move their

  • Matthew Dixon
    Matthew Dixon 8 hours ago

    That’s not Mount Everest

  • Guy Greffenius
    Guy Greffenius Day ago

    greenland isnt even 3 million square miles. Australia is the biggest island.

  • Drama Llamq UwU
    Drama Llamq UwU 6 days ago

    I am sure people who took the picture stepped a foot lol

    C0NEY SAUCE 6 days ago

    So many typos in this video

  • Star Drawsz
    Star Drawsz 8 days ago

    I’m from Minnesota, -40° ain’t nothing

  • Jane Nonymous
    Jane Nonymous 11 days ago

    Places No Human Has Ever Set Foot on Earth ... indigenous peoples ... local governments say stay out .... photos from expeditions to that exact place ... the dumbest of clickbait

  • Alchorax
    Alchorax 14 days ago

    Wrong places n their names..

  • Rob L
    Rob L 15 days ago

    1:54 1,500 or 15,000

  • LemonMan
    LemonMan 15 days ago

    Greenland is not a country

  • Brian 54Doheny
    Brian 54Doheny 16 days ago +3

    "No Human Has Ever Set Foot" >All places people have been, but some may/nor cannot go.. omegalul Pure-Clickbait title

  • Dannon
    Dannon 16 days ago

    Say C-note one more fuckin' time....

  • M.J. Leger
    M.J. Leger 17 days ago

    At 1:i51, that is NOT the Mariana Trench, it is one of several "Blue Holes" and as far as the Amazon and other remote places that have their few native people, they do NOT want to be contacted, and may kill intruders! There are even still places on earth where cannibalism still exists; stay away from them! The Mariana Trench is only known to James Cameron and his crew as far as "touching" the area, which they did in a bathysphere, twice, I think. And there are still mountains that have not been climbed. Quite a few places that no humans have touched and it's best if they don't!

  • M.J. Leger
    M.J. Leger 17 days ago

    Unless you had some lucrative reason for going to those places, no one would even want to go to them! And there are even places right in America that have as yet, never had a human foot touch them! Pioneers and settlers DARED to risk their lives on places that were extremely dangerous (e.g., Donner Pass that killed so many) even our Grand Canyon takes lives every year, but most of those are from human stupidity! Still, people die in the Mojave Desert nearly every year, and other places as well. But most are NOT explorers in the true sens of the word!

  • Jessi Buttom
    Jessi Buttom 18 days ago +1

    This guys make the best videos there good think there life out there other then us

  • Feary Ember
    Feary Ember 18 days ago

    Do you mean that indigenous people are not humans

  • The Hit Lister
    The Hit Lister 19 days ago

    This guy is racist, he thinks if you're not white then you're not human. What a joke

  • neu-rot-ic psy-chot-ic

    You pronounce words incorrectly in addition to spelling them incorrectly.

  • Al Gilmore
    Al Gilmore 19 days ago

    Certain parts of Detroit have natives that have not seen a car...or even a wheel for over 50 years. They are primitives who kill outsiders and their government (North Sentinel island) leaves them well alone. The last time anyone visited was 2006.

  • Kellington Link
    Kellington Link 22 days ago

    May I suggest that you find a proof reader for your future videos. It was still a very interesting video. Great topic.

    • Bryon Lillard
      Bryon Lillard 18 days ago

      Half the places he named people have been there even the trench one guy has been to the bottom and stayed down there for over 15min before going back up

  • Amy Campbell
    Amy Campbell 22 days ago +1

    To be honest how on earth have they got these photos if no-one has ever set foot on there 🤔🤔🤔

    • Amy Campbell
      Amy Campbell 20 days ago

      @Sri Ram Oh I didn't see it my bad...

    • Sri Ram
      Sri Ram 21 day ago

      hey look at the channel's comment pinned in the beginning......

  • jamar Gale
    jamar Gale 24 days ago

    God did

  • jamar Gale
    jamar Gale 24 days ago +1

    Good did

  • jamar Gale
    jamar Gale 24 days ago +1

    God tid

  • Tim Zhen
    Tim Zhen 26 days ago

    If no one explor how u know

  • Demented Nun
    Demented Nun 27 days ago

    You lost me with the sea monster robot fighting thing I just couldn't take it seriously after that

  • Bredpan GT
    Bredpan GT 28 days ago +2

    Few dozen people already step on North Sentinel Island

  • Emilia's life
    Emilia's life 29 days ago

    Super busy and super fun

  • Akhil Bishnoi
    Akhil Bishnoi 29 days ago

    If no one has ever been to these places, how the fuck they got these pictures.

  • Jollabang
    Jollabang Month ago

    "Places No Human Has Ever Set Foot on Earth"

    "Remains largely unexplored"

    "was still somewhat explored"

    "humans have set foot on here."

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali Month ago

    This is not true that no human has ever set foot on these places. You can say that these places are least visited. But humans have reached there.

    • Muhammad Ali
      Muhammad Ali Month ago

      @RedRubyTwilight xx please read his caption twice. Then again your justification is also wrong. Some of them are national parks. You can say they are least visited places.

    • RedRubyTwilight xx
      RedRubyTwilight xx Month ago

      He means almost no modern humans have reached there people who live there remain archaic.

  • El lokito 5150:.
    El lokito 5150:. Month ago

    My dream is to live on a remote island all by myself so stupid ass civilized humans don’t stress me tf out

  • Digby Hockey
    Digby Hockey Month ago +1

    Australia is the largest island not greenland

  • Kevin Peterson
    Kevin Peterson Month ago

    One christian missionary also killed by north sential tribe indian (asia) island

  • Maximizerboy
    Maximizerboy Month ago


  • Tae Baek
    Tae Baek Month ago +1

    Never set foot on?
    Then how did they take pics from that place?

    • Star Drawsz
      Star Drawsz 8 days ago

      Tae Baek exactly wat I was thinking

  • Skullhunter
    Skullhunter Month ago

    i liked the add at the last

  • Skullhunter
    Skullhunter Month ago

    i liked only after seeing indian flag

  • Minakshi Poddar's Channel

    1:53 it is showed 15,000 not 1,500

  • Jarl Murovski
    Jarl Murovski Month ago

    Title says: places no human ever set foot on
    Video shows people in every pic lol

  • Ice Shard
    Ice Shard Month ago

    Bro hear me out you said no one visited star mountains then how come they have discovered species there?

  • Real Australian Mapping

    um sir, the largest island on earth is eurasia, greenland is the largest island nation

  • thomas olchove
    thomas olchove 2 months ago

    pronounced cee-no-tay not cee-notes

  • Jahna Nickels
    Jahna Nickels 2 months ago

    That car that was in that desert you showed us was the car that a man turned into a moter bike!

  • Keegan Kipke
    Keegan Kipke 2 months ago


  • Melo
    Melo 2 months ago

    958,000 people live in the Sakha Republic.

  • Jason Peloquin
    Jason Peloquin 2 months ago

    5:45 What is that number?

  • Chopper
    Chopper 2 months ago


  • Gilgamesh Of Sumer
    Gilgamesh Of Sumer 2 months ago

    greenland isn't a country...

  • TheMercifulMinecart MysticMylese

    Wow those tribes are brutal

  • JPD
    JPD 2 months ago

    bro u have so many followers and u spell so many words wrong and give so much misinformation. how in the world do you have so many followers and have that little amount of care with your videos?

  • Nikhil Tongire
    Nikhil Tongire 2 months ago +1

    Sponsor me. I will go everywhere

  • James M
    James M 2 months ago +17

    *Hőẃ Tő Áĺíǵń Ẃíth Thé Űńívéŕśéé Tő Áttŕáćttt Ẃhát Ӳőú Ẃáńt Űśíńǵ Thé Ĺáẃ őf Áttŕáćtíőńńńńń (Thé śéćŕéttt) ***

  • Its_Audrey Gacha
    Its_Audrey Gacha 2 months ago

    2:00 wait! If Mariana Trench is in the east
    of Philippines..and I’m Filipino....we’ll never gonna set foot on Mariana Trench in a million years NO!!

    • Zenon Magat
      Zenon Magat 2 months ago

      and thats why the philippines have box jelly fish and other weird creatures
      Edit:im filipino to!

  • Zombie Rusty Shackleford

    I wonder what they think about the helicopters flying over them. Do they think it god or the devil.

  • Susan R. Brown
    Susan R. Brown 2 months ago

    U forgot mammoth cave in Kentucky USA..... Over 400 miles of cave tunnels (known) n most not been traveled or seen by humans.
    One of my favorite places in the world, done the 9 hour spleunking tour several times....would love to be able to go farther. /Sigh🤠

  • Ran Katz
    Ran Katz 2 months ago +1

    Places No Human Has Ever Set Foot on Earth
    there is nothing on this list that deserves this title

  • Saberian Dream
    Saberian Dream 3 months ago +1

    Might have renamed this "places no civilized human has ever set foot."

  • Jack French
    Jack French 3 months ago

    some of these places have been discovered btw. just not fully.

  • Catty Noire's Spring festival

    There are some Indigenous people's here in Philippines. Indigenous people's are the first people's here in the Philippines and also in Brazil wait a minute!
    This is not a prank this is real!
    Gave me at least one like for my comment.

  • MrClintPlayz1
    MrClintPlayz1 3 months ago

    nobody stepped on the earth core

  • Nat is my Name
    Nat is my Name 3 months ago

    I bet you one of the 13 million that have watched this have jow

  • Sauryan Gupta
    Sauryan Gupta 3 months ago

    The Kanringboque Peak(Mt . Kailas) you forgot it.

  • James Dunbar
    James Dunbar 3 months ago .. Please try again

  • Darren Hammond
    Darren Hammond 3 months ago +1

    Australia is the worlds largest island, not Greenland.

  • Tobi Le Lemurien
    Tobi Le Lemurien 3 months ago +1

    I am not usually like this but this video is so incredibly inaccurate!

    The name of the video: "Places _No Human_ Has Ever Set Foot on Earth"…
    @1:20 "3000 indigenous peoples" live there. - Hmm, uncivilized people are not human, then?

    @1:51 the image not the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific near the Philippines, it is of The Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize. That is a difference of 13,286 km between them!
    @1:56 you say "it is a 1500 mile long" but you write "15,000 mile"

    @4:04 "11,000 spicies" (species maybe?)

    */ why do you keep switching between the Metric system and the Imperial system? It is quite confusing:
    @2:10 Mariana trench talks about Everest’ top a Mile Under water
    @4:13 Star Mountains 10,000 mm of rain
    @5:52 Greenland 8M sq. miles,
    @5:56 the ice is 3200 meters thick in places
    @6:21 2mm of rain
    @6:28 31,000 sq. mi.

    Once more -- where no human has ever set foot..? Then, @6:57 "home of the Sentinelese"

    So many inaccuracies... uncorrected since 2017… even after all the comments.
    Unsubscribed and []

  • humongous chungus
    humongous chungus 3 months ago

    oh btw nice copying lol

  • humongous chungus
    humongous chungus 3 months ago

    "see note" rlly man? You couldn't take 2 minutes out of your time to see how to pronounce it? Typical It's pronounced seh-noh-teh

  • jen wen
    jen wen 3 months ago

    anyone 2019?

  • B21RebelAmerican
    B21RebelAmerican 3 months ago

    I've been to all these places

  • likira111
    likira111 3 months ago +1

    >no human been here
    >tribes live here
    You saying they aren't people?

  • Chisto Plays
    Chisto Plays 3 months ago

    5:45 there's a mess up in the numbers

  • Mr Hydrogen
    Mr Hydrogen 3 months ago

    This is contradicting..if no one has ever explore these places..then how the heck does this video knows about this places lmao

  • Jimmy Exe
    Jimmy Exe 3 months ago +2

    Greenland isn’t actually a country. It’s owned by Denmark

  • The Groovy Chick
    The Groovy Chick 3 months ago

    How the hell is the Marianas Trench a United States national monument??? It's nowhere near America!

  • Rikki Velez
    Rikki Velez 3 months ago

    The fact the title says no human has set foot there but it shows places where intentions people live is problematic. Are they not humans too?

  • Janek H 2019
    Janek H 2019 3 months ago

    Omfg giant from Clash of Clans and Clash Royale

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 3 months ago

    What about the island of snakes off the brazil coast? You forgot to mention that

  • Alex Hoefler
    Alex Hoefler 3 months ago +3

    This is literally the worst video. You can’t even write or say numbers correctly and you had false information throughout. It’s not hard to factually post information in a video
    Fake news.

  • DeJake
    DeJake 3 months ago

    5:47 We know this because Australia doesn't exist

  • Klemen
    Klemen 3 months ago

    its clear u are an american
    i am pretty sure there are no indigenous people living in austria hahahhaha. maybe australia but not austria
    sadest thing is 71 thousand people dont know the difference

  • TahitianTreat BabyBatter

    You know something is up with a location when even thieving European folks dont wanna colonize it.

  • * KEVIN
    * KEVIN 3 months ago


  • levi Hughes
    levi Hughes 3 months ago

    There spreading communism

  • Mayank Ahlawat
    Mayank Ahlawat 3 months ago

    Bitch there is a good reason why 9k people disliked this video. You can name any shhit and say no one been there. This video is like my girlfriend telling me that my dick is the first thing to get her in vagina after her fingers. LIE

  • Mayank Ahlawat
    Mayank Ahlawat 3 months ago

    Bitch. Ur arrow is toward Jammu and kashmir, Indian state. Ass hole, people live there.

  • IAm FuzzyDolphin
    IAm FuzzyDolphin 3 months ago

    2:35 alright people, Pokemon go is dead but we're going to the bottom of the ocean anyways

    Jk I just wanna drown myself

  • B carp
    B carp 3 months ago

    lol sakha republic is not explored?

  • Jeffrey Romasanta
    Jeffrey Romasanta 4 months ago


  • shawn justesen
    shawn justesen 4 months ago


  • Archie Gray
    Archie Gray 4 months ago

    You said humans seet foot on
    Indigenous peoples count

  • YeetMy Yote
    YeetMy Yote 4 months ago

    I have been inside a yucitan cinote

  • Otja Semba
    Otja Semba 4 months ago

    i am from Namibia. Actually most Namibian coastal Towns fall within the Namib dessert.

  • xxoxia
    xxoxia 4 months ago

    I remember hearing that story about the 2 fishermen finding that island. That would suck. I would be trying to join their tribe and shit. Fuck modern civilization.

  • Ryker Solis
    Ryker Solis 4 months ago

    Pacific rim

  • Toan Hanh
    Toan Hanh 4 months ago

    you missed inside of active volcanoes

  • Guttorm Markussen
    Guttorm Markussen 4 months ago

    Why, WHY do you guys lie in about 50++% of all ur "facts"? I'm going towards you guys are actually born with serious braindamage.

  • Today Tomorrow
    Today Tomorrow 4 months ago

    Dont tell them fuckin money hungry Republicans. If there's natural gas there then them assholes will be there
    Like kinder Morgan assholes