Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer (Inkling Revealed! - Nintendo Direct)


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  • GameXplain
    GameXplain  6 months ago +737

    What characters are hiding in the flames? We try and find out!

  • Herbal
    Herbal 11 hours ago

    Thats a lot of run speed on their gear

  • Mr Sidentor
    Mr Sidentor 3 days ago

    I love how characters like Villager, Sonic and Rosalina just get invited into Smash while the Inklings get an entire Cult to invite them.

  • Wong Chiing pinh
    Wong Chiing pinh 3 days ago

    that english subtitle tho

  • Forest Mou
    Forest Mou 4 days ago

    Turn on CC and I saw oh god

  • Dank Potatoes
    Dank Potatoes 8 days ago +1

    0:33 Black people in 1950s southern states finding a burning cross in their backyard

  • ValdrinEndrit
    ValdrinEndrit 13 days ago

    It's really epic to watch this trailer now and hearing the SSB Ultimate theme in the end.
    Well played Nintendo!

  • Aqua: /
    Aqua: / 14 days ago

    Shit actually knowing the theme and re watching it is low key shakin moi

  • Travis L
    Travis L 14 days ago

    Anybody else see this and think... "The 'Terminator 2' theme song would fit SO well here." (Y'know, after the first dozen watches lol)

  • Gamerrr Dude
    Gamerrr Dude 15 days ago

    0:48 Did anyone here the slow version of the Smash Ultimate theme?

  • Чингис Сембай

    Ok they've added inklings............*But where is DJ Octavio* ?

  • TheCosaNation
    TheCosaNation 16 days ago

    Just noticed the part of the ultimate theme playing during this trailer. Sakurai you sly fox

  • King K. Rool 2013
    King K. Rool 2013 17 days ago

    Im back here because of the reddit 50/50 challenge.

  • Ugandan Knuckles
    Ugandan Knuckles 17 days ago

    who heard the smash ultiMate main theme in the backround?

  • DakkaNoms
    DakkaNoms 19 days ago

    I hear the call.

  • Teawrecks856
    Teawrecks856 19 days ago

    Holy crap I never realized you could hear the main theme in the trailer :D

  • Kajex Surnahm
    Kajex Surnahm 20 days ago +1

    0:48 The fact that we hear the theme for Smash Ultimate at that point, and _nobody_ knew... Genius.

  • Kayden Blackburn
    Kayden Blackburn 21 day ago

    *E V E R Y B O D Y G E T O N T H E H Y P E T R A I N !*

  • xXDilly1966Xx
    xXDilly1966Xx 22 days ago +1

    Did anyone else notice the theme song in the background

  • Khanh Thanh Troll
    Khanh Thanh Troll 22 days ago

    1:01 Killer Queen is confirmed for SMA5H !!
    (That Sound Effect tho...)

  • jump 7holes
    jump 7holes 23 days ago

    I’m so fortunate that the Inklings are in Smash now! :D
    Also that’s how they got PTSD

  • CdnJaeger
    CdnJaeger 23 days ago

    Looking back, I love how they subtly put the main theme in the trailer through the choir before even revealing it in E3

  • ColonelSanic
    ColonelSanic 23 days ago

    "Hey kid, Welcome to the big leagues."

  • Walter Junior
    Walter Junior 27 days ago

    *R.I.P my wallet lelz*

  • Walter Junior
    Walter Junior 27 days ago


  • Shiraishi
    Shiraishi 28 days ago

    Easily one of the best video gane reveals ive ever seen

  • Gon
    Gon 28 days ago +4

    That would have been funny if the boy inkling splatted her while she was distracted.

    • TrademarkTM
      TrademarkTM 23 days ago

      Oh my god yeah I was thinking the same exact thing 😅

  • gαмєя вσιѕ
    gαмєя вσιѕ 29 days ago

    WHO came from 50/50 ??

  • Geoffrey Evans
    Geoffrey Evans Month ago

    Anyone else noticed the main theme when the Smash Logo appeared? Awesome!

  • TanksAlot
    TanksAlot Month ago

    This is splatoon

  • Playtendo2000
    Playtendo2000 Month ago

    0:42 At this point in time, the internet exploded from hype!

  • EvanGamer
    EvanGamer Month ago

    turn on captions

  • TSH
    TSH Month ago

    anyone notice the smash ultimate theme

  • Steve Butler
    Steve Butler Month ago

    To me it is as if she's looking into the eyes of *God* and this *Nintendo* *God* says to her you have been chosen..

  • Corey Gray
    Corey Gray Month ago

    I can already feel the money loosening from my wallet

  • Sir Mcswaggersauce
    Sir Mcswaggersauce Month ago

    reddit 50 50

  • luckygaming98
    luckygaming98 Month ago +3

    Here we are 5 months later with Simon Belmont in smash

  • Emotional Chromosome
    Emotional Chromosome Month ago +2

    Captions 👌🏻👌🏻🙌🏻😩

  • Nin10Dii
    Nin10Dii Month ago +4

    Bless whoever captioned this whole video lmfao

  • Nin10Dii
    Nin10Dii Month ago

    King K. Rool lol

  • faith
    faith Month ago +3

    I just shit myself reading the captions for this ohmygod

  • chicken tendie
    chicken tendie Month ago +4

    love the captions 10/1

  • Grandimations
    Grandimations Month ago +6

    People: Uuuugggghh it's just more Splato-
    People: *tossing chairs across the room and punching shelves*

    WAKE ME UP INSIDE Month ago +1

    This was probably the best reveal trailer ever

  • Anima Negra
    Anima Negra Month ago

    So the Inklings (that are obviously different from any other Nintendo char) freeze in fear and see a giant, burning cross in the woods with two creepy guys standing in front of it... That's KKK material!

  • Duck Q.
    Duck Q. Month ago +1

    This is a kid friendly version of bearing the curse of the brand and being sent to the Underworld. Don't believe me? Compare the two, the world going dark, the logo appearing suddenly, and figures appearing from the shadows, think about it.

  • Chaos Ninja Z
    Chaos Ninja Z Month ago +4

    I now realize that the music at the end is actually the theme

  • Mapleleaf AJPW
    Mapleleaf AJPW Month ago


  • ITZSlushy
    ITZSlushy Month ago


  • Chato
    Chato Month ago +7

    I just noticed the music playing after Inkling girl turns around is a tease of the main Smash Ultimate theme! Nice Easter egg

  • Yoav King
    Yoav King Month ago

    This is really fucking creepy

  • Electron_InThe6ix
    Electron_InThe6ix Month ago

    Such a sick reval trailer

  • Ruh-Ruh
    Ruh-Ruh Month ago +8

    If you listen closely you could hear the Smash Ultimate then playing when the logo pops up

    • The Gaming Lion
      The Gaming Lion Month ago +4

      I just noticed that and came here to check if someone else did too! Holy crap!

  • Impact Blader
    Impact Blader Month ago

    I dont get what happened :/

    • Snowhue
      Snowhue 19 days ago

      Smash bros was announced

  • Coolgame Player
    Coolgame Player Month ago +5

    Give this comment a thumbs up if you hear the smash bros ultimate main theme!

  • YoungSinatra117 •

    Infinity war part two

  • nsbathome
    nsbathome Month ago +2

    On this day, Man has achieved max nut.

  • Thunder-Storm
    Thunder-Storm Month ago +1

    Decided to look back at this trailer and I've only just realised that the inkling has bio-luminescent spots on the inside of her tentacles

  • meli castellon
    meli castellon Month ago +1


  • The Kirby Fan
    The Kirby Fan Month ago

    I'm execited for this Game!

  • EddieGames592
    EddieGames592 2 months ago

    Who else is doinf reddit 50/50 challenge

  • sad girl
    sad girl 2 months ago


  • Hevno Joor
    Hevno Joor 2 months ago +1

    The smash pro characters standing in the dark are like 'You call that fighting?'

  • ningel e snowball studios

    The best part is the inkling fight! I don't care about smash, I care about splatoon!

  • Kind boi
    Kind boi 2 months ago



    Those flames in the middle of their battle...

  • Maria Eleuzina
    Maria Eleuzina 2 months ago

    I have switch

  • Danger Da God Of Destruction


  • Yoshologist
    Yoshologist 2 months ago


  • ecompi_youtube
    ecompi_youtube 2 months ago

    Wheres waluigi

  • StandOffJam
    StandOffJam 2 months ago

    XD I live it when people reacts to it

  • Mun/Quara hits a yeet
    Mun/Quara hits a yeet 2 months ago

    All I remember was Etikas reaction

  • Fifi 08
    Fifi 08 2 months ago +1

    Definitely better than seeing a tv fall onto a cat.
    Reddit 50/50 sometimes makes me sweat a lot.

  • Sans 127
    Sans 127 2 months ago

    That animation tho

  • superharoldbros89
    superharoldbros89 2 months ago +1

    0:47 coro AAAaaa aaa... A. Aa🎵🎶

  • gaticraft criticas de pelis juegos

    ha and they said they did not get to smash

  • Asa Gillespie
    Asa Gillespie 2 months ago

    50 50 Anyone?

  • IronSheild XD
    IronSheild XD 2 months ago

    Btw I got the vid from a redidt 50/50

    FOUS EGG 2 months ago

    Came here from fifthy fifthy

  • sabercircle 7
    sabercircle 7 2 months ago

    This still gives me chills even after the full reveal and roster and gameplay was shown at e3

  • Xliight HD
    Xliight HD 2 months ago


  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse 2 months ago


    • Shade
      Shade 2 months ago +1

      Oh look a Normie

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 2 months ago

    0:22 🍑👀

  • Tybracadabra
    Tybracadabra 2 months ago

    Link ready to fuck some shit up

  • h o t t u b
    h o t t u b 2 months ago

    First clip don't you notice it to report reference

  • Ro Unda
    Ro Unda 2 months ago

    The song is the same as the game theme revealed in E3

  • MewNinjASTR UX
    MewNinjASTR UX 2 months ago +1


  • The 1 and only CHEEKY!
    The 1 and only CHEEKY! 2 months ago

    Who is here from 50/50

  • Heart Break Productions

    I'm here for 50/50

  • Lukas Sprehn
    Lukas Sprehn 2 months ago

    I hope the Drifter from Hyper Light Drifter is in the game.

  • Nebula EF
    Nebula EF 2 months ago


  • EnjoyChoke
    EnjoyChoke 2 months ago

    I for real never noticed the theme being sung in the background!

  • BobWhoNeedsAJob Bobert
    BobWhoNeedsAJob Bobert 3 months ago


  • Captainzero5637
    Captainzero5637 3 months ago +1

    the main theme music of smash 5 sounds in the trailer that means that we know this music since 3/8/18 ( 0:50 )

    • Matthew Lapsley
      Matthew Lapsley 2 months ago

      Its pretty cool how they put littles teasers like that.

  • Xioa -WUT-
    Xioa -WUT- 3 months ago

    Did anyone saw when it got dark the white part of the tentacle got a bit purple?Maybe the tentacles are glow in the dark?

  • Lps Princess Ashley
    Lps Princess Ashley 3 months ago

    Reddit 50/50

  • Caleb Coffee
    Caleb Coffee 3 months ago +3

    This already feels nostalgic

  • Garret Wieringa
    Garret Wieringa 3 months ago +1

    Guys Mario tho

  • Bilal Bilen
    Bilal Bilen 3 months ago