Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer (Inkling Revealed! - Nintendo Direct)


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  • GameXplain
    GameXplain  Month ago +703

    What characters are hiding in the flames? We try and find out!

    • Samuel Solberg
      Samuel Solberg 20 days ago

      @gamexplain Alright hear me out... Link stays the same because his moveset reflects Link from the whole franchise, not just from one game. BUT, which Zelda character from BOTW does nothing but still needs to be in Smash??? Zelda, right? Remember how Zelda was just given Link's magic moves from OOT in Smash? Why not keep Link using his most iconic tools from the series (so he's not outdated as soon as a new game comes out) but replace Zelda's OoT magic moves with the champion moves or even have her use the Sheikah slate. It would update Zelda so instead of representing the magic from an older title she'll represent the magic moves from BOTW. Her Up B: Just replace Farore's Wind with Revali's Gale. Neutral B: It's already a protective crystal... Make it Daruk's protection! Side B: Make the fire lightning and you got Urbosa's Fury. Down B: It's gotta be Mipha's to round the group out. Maybe it function's like Ness's down B, regenerating health if it catches energy projectiles. I think this way you 1. Keep Link with his iconic and already great moveset 2. Update Zelda (who has few/no iconic attacks in the Zelda games anyway and has sat as a bottom tier Smash character in Brawl and Wii U) What do you think?

    • LMGamer 36
      LMGamer 36 28 days ago

      Link and Mario

    • Juan Diaz
      Juan Diaz 29 days ago

      mattstat716 pause it at 0:47 and look at the bottom of the flames. He needed to be a little more specific.

    • William Crist
      William Crist Month ago

      Why no Klonoa?

    • Benjamin Yn
      Benjamin Yn Month ago

      GameXplain new fighters for Smash wishlist
      Tempo and Tappy from Harmoknight
      Tails from sonic the hedgehog
      Decidueye, lilligant, and heliolisk from Pokemon
      The angry birds(Red, The blues, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Hal, Bubbles and Stella) from Angry birds
      Jibanyan, Blazion and Blizzaria from yokai watch

  • Callum May
    Callum May 3 hours ago

    Anyone from Reddit?

  • gravy spectre
    gravy spectre 4 hours ago

    Once I was protesting about how Waluigi should be in smash 5, and some kid said "nobody cares about smash bros" on the outside I played it off cool, but on the inside, I was laughing harder than I have ever before.

  • Nube Gamer
    Nube Gamer 13 hours ago +1

    Characters that need to be long gone because they're clones/characters Nobody Asked for:
    JigglyPuff, Dr. Mario, Toon Link, Wii Fit Trainer, Greninja/Charizard (your pick), Dark Pit, Palutena, Lucina, Roy, Olimar (seriously, who plays as him), R.O.B., Shulk, Bayonetta, and Ryu
    Characters I want to see:
    Crash Bandicoot, Waddle Dee, Knuckles, Tails, Knuckle Joe, and Zero (Mega-Man).

  • MLGSansTheSkeleton 1444

    Just if they are still going to have sonic in the game I’m really hoping they wouldn’t make Sonics super form uncontrollable

  • 32bit Brick
    32bit Brick Day ago +1

    I just realised that 2018 is the 10th anniversary for super smash bros brawl

  • FungusGD
    FungusGD Day ago +1

    Every other smash character going into smash: *Get a friendly invitation in the mail*
    Inklings getting into smash: *Witness a fucking satanic ritual*

    SYGMA Day ago

    Yes reddit Hahaha 50/50

  • Nick_ Link
    Nick_ Link Day ago +1

    And on this day, the world shook.

  • ThunderStruck 115

    Who came to see if Dinkleberg was really in the flames?

  • Blue Blood
    Blue Blood 2 days ago

    Fact- Kameck is in smash 5

  • raji ismail
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  • Friskalia Bouron
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  • eshswam
    eshswam 3 days ago

    I hope they bring newcomers like
    King K Rool (Donkey Kong)
    Elma (Xenoblade Chronicles X)
    Rex and Pyra (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
    Waddle dee (Kirby)
    Banjo Kazooie (BanjoKazooie Franchise)

  • manny gonzalez
    manny gonzalez 4 days ago

    I just creamed my pants

  • Ross Universe
    Ross Universe 4 days ago

    #Reddit5050 HBU

  • Truce Production
    Truce Production 4 days ago

    The start of this video, could also pass as an old Nickelodeon commercial..

  • Jayden
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  • Dustin Haney
    Dustin Haney 5 days ago

    Larry Boy confirmed?

  • Jessi
    Jessi 5 days ago

    H Y P E

  • Maximo gallardo
    Maximo gallardo 5 days ago

    veri good

  • Plastic On The Ceiling

    Goddammit where’s my wallet...

  • Shairah Cortez
    Shairah Cortez 5 days ago

    im here from reddit

  • Cedrick Johnson
    Cedrick Johnson 5 days ago

    0:51 cappy: IM SCARED OF THE INKLINGS! 😰😰😰😰

  • Cedrick Johnson
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  • CrackOnKid7
    CrackOnKid7 6 days ago

    I think the characters in the flames are CF (Captain Falcon),Goku,Vegeta,Mario,Bowser and lots more

  • AttachedSilver
    AttachedSilver 6 days ago

    If only you can run that fast in the game

  • MarioFans
    MarioFans 7 days ago +3

    I hope Sakurai will make a story mode for the Switch.

  • Ynoss YT
    Ynoss YT 7 days ago

    What a good trailer

  • Kevin Pradhan
    Kevin Pradhan 7 days ago

    Audi famam illius.

  • Nicole gaming
    Nicole gaming 7 days ago

    Y'know, this may sound ridiculas, but i would LOVE to see Escardoon make an appearance, if not playable, then at least as an assist trophy.😁😁😀

  • David Hill
    David Hill 8 days ago

    The Masterpieces (which clips of the games of the Fighters’ origins) should be (in chronological order):
    Donkey Kong
    Mario Bros.
    Wrecking Crew
    Super Mario Bros.
    Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
    The Legend of Zelda
    Kid Icarus
    The Mysterious Castle of Murasame
    Super Mario Bros. 2
    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
    Mega Man 2
    Dr. Mario
    Super Mario World
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    Kirby’s Dream Land
    Super Mario Kart
    Super Punch-Out!!
    Super Metroid
    Super Street Fighter II
    Donkey Kong Country
    Kirby Super Star
    Kirby Dream Course
    Panel de Pon (Japan only)
    Tetris Attack (Excluding Japan)
    Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War (Japan only)
    Metroid: Fusion
    Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade
    Metroid: Zero Mission
    Mother 3 (Japan only)
    New Super Mario Bros.
    The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap
    Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

  • Phd Dango
    Phd Dango 8 days ago

    I would love to see the main character from gunvolt be playable he seems like the perfect candidate for smash dlc at least if he don't make it to the roster

  • CherryTomatoVEVO
    CherryTomatoVEVO 8 days ago

    You know a Rabid is gonna' be in this game...

  • NintenLabs Nintendo Switch

    Someone found the actual release date,

  • Wyntr
    Wyntr 9 days ago

    *intense breathing*

  • cyberwitch activate
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  • Jonas _00_
    Jonas _00_ 9 days ago

    Inb4 it’s just a Smash 4 remake and the whole hype surrounding it gets dramatically shut down in a sea of fiery hatred...

  • Hyper Theme32
    Hyper Theme32 10 days ago

    I love the Inklings there sooo! Cute!~ >w< I love being them in Mario kart 8 for Nintendo Switch and of course I love Splatoon 2 💕😊

  • PATATA91 R
    PATATA91 R 10 days ago

    00:41 Tf2 v:

  • Joseph cavagnaro
    Joseph cavagnaro 10 days ago

    Im excited for this game

  • Crobat3trainer
    Crobat3trainer 11 days ago

    I still watch this once a day to feel happy

  • Dinochristan Is random

    0:50 this sounds like determination from undertale,so maybe a character from undertale might be in the game

  • Andrew Cheung
    Andrew Cheung 12 days ago

    Character idea: combine Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong into one playable character, like the Ice Climbers, and give them moves reminiscient of Donkey Kong Country 3. That or use one of the other combination of characters from the Donkey Kong Country series.

  • Huw - wuH
    Huw - wuH 12 days ago +1

    Link Vs. Ink

  • Huw - wuH
    Huw - wuH 12 days ago +1

    Can’t wait to see what Kirby looks like as a woomy.

  • old skool
    old skool 13 days ago +1

    I bought the switch for this exact trailer. Smash returns!! Let’s goo!!

  • Yashua Welch
    Yashua Welch 13 days ago

    Shadow the Hedgehog better be in this game

  • MrPainful21
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  • Swagster 9001
    Swagster 9001 13 days ago

    They are orange blue and white do you know what is that color

  • Bebek Dragon
    Bebek Dragon 13 days ago

    It will be good if the logo appear randomly in turf war

  • Kenny McCormick
    Kenny McCormick 13 days ago

    Here from reddit 50/50

  • Lucas David
    Lucas David 13 days ago

    are you a kid or a squid?

  • Shelica Jackson
    Shelica Jackson 13 days ago

    If you wanted to know, the original 12 characters from the N64 game are going to be put in the game too.

  • Santino Caputo
    Santino Caputo 14 days ago

    thanks god the cat is alright

  • _PentaMasteR_ Reloaded

    Came here from Reddit's 50/50 lol.

  • Rogash
    Rogash 14 days ago

    what if super smash bros where created just for a reason to have link and mario fight?

  • Nemon Cubez
    Nemon Cubez 14 days ago +1

    How long will it top the eshop charts?

  • Nakamura90
    Nakamura90 14 days ago

    Why do people think this is new its probably just a port lol

    • Nino Blarrow
      Nino Blarrow 13 days ago +1

      Nakamura90 It's a new game dude. You should of been caught on by now.

  • ReepZ
    ReepZ 14 days ago

    Who is from Reddit?! :D

    YTPH PTY 15 days ago

    I cry everytime

  • ISniPerGoD HD
    ISniPerGoD HD 15 days ago

    Thank you reddit 50/50

  • DecimationMan
    DecimationMan 15 days ago

    Some of you might be wondering why this trailer is darker than the others. It’s because they’re finally introducing blood into the game

    • Snowhue
      Snowhue 7 days ago

      But it's a friggen kids party game come on!

    • DecimationMan
      DecimationMan 13 days ago

      yeah it would be such a turn on

    • Nino Blarrow
      Nino Blarrow 13 days ago

      DecimationMan That would be cool though.

  • snek0warlord
    snek0warlord 15 days ago

    *intense mario*

  • Rhoman Blayze
    Rhoman Blayze 16 days ago

    I’m excited

  • Moonwalk5000
    Moonwalk5000 16 days ago +1

    Okay. There has been no update so far, other than the smash invitational 2018, since the trailer appeared almost 4 weeks ago. What gives?

  • Smile_Killer
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  • Ael Solo
    Ael Solo 16 days ago

    50/50 challenge

  • Noel Ruse
    Noel Ruse 17 days ago

    Do you think they will release Smash controllers again? (like they did with Smash for Wii U)

  • Montanachief The Second

    0:22 Watch closely. Slow down the video, and if you look closely enough, Inkling Boy goes cross eyed.

  • CommanderShimi
    CommanderShimi 17 days ago

    Finna gonna nut 🥜

  • thedudeguy1
    thedudeguy1 17 days ago

    *M E M E*

  • Leea Udvarhely
    Leea Udvarhely 17 days ago

    am here from reddit

  • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Still hoping for Shovel Knight and/or Shantae.
    And instead of Cloud, I hope we get a generic Black Mage... because they are awesome and OP at Volleyball apparently (Sports Mix)

  • Banjo
    Banjo 18 days ago +1

    They better invite me this time.

  • ocean is life
    ocean is life 18 days ago +1

    I like how it shows Mario and link at the end . The true money makers of Nintendo...

  • FortehxD
    FortehxD 18 days ago

    50/50 xd

  • Kevin Pradhan
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  • k i l l e r b e an
    k i l l e r b e an 18 days ago

    These ink children are about to get they ass kicked by the god hand

    Holy THEGUNFIGHTER 18 days ago


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  • Van Phillips
    Van Phillips 19 days ago

    this was from Redit

  • Flat Round
    Flat Round 19 days ago

    0:53 Link: Mario, why did you set the logo on fire?

    • Flat Round
      Flat Round 12 days ago

      Link: But you know it's gonna burn down...

    • Nino Blarrow
      Nino Blarrow 13 days ago

      Flat Round Mario: To make it look more f**king awesome.

  • Freddy FazBare
    Freddy FazBare 19 days ago

    Who came here from Reddit?

  • Anonymuusi
    Anonymuusi 19 days ago +1

    They are gonna add like a goomba as a playable character for april fools

  • Vanos Ford
    Vanos Ford 20 days ago

    I don't understand the hype (not a fan of Nintendo)

    • Vanos Ford
      Vanos Ford 13 days ago

      Nino Blarrow k

    • Nino Blarrow
      Nino Blarrow 13 days ago

      Vanos Ford Well, your late bro. Too bad.

    • Vanos Ford
      Vanos Ford 19 days ago

      The Mayor both

    • The Mayor
      The Mayor 19 days ago

      Vanos Ford of the Inklings or smash bros?

  • familia neto pra sempre

    vim do 50/50

  • Michael Twiddy
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  • Mr lol
    Mr lol 20 days ago +3

    If Marx was in smash bros he would have his basic attacks but for his final smash he would fire his laser

  • noodle
    noodle 20 days ago +1

    this is fake inklings don't run nearly that fast

  • jake shim
    jake shim 20 days ago

    Mario and link straight up look like they just came back from the dark souls remaster and have seen some serious stuff

  • Michael Takamoto
    Michael Takamoto 21 day ago

    The game will be released on December 31st

  • Neoo41 ­
    Neoo41 ­ 21 day ago

    name of the song when the inklings are fighting?

    • Neoo41 ­
      Neoo41 ­ 12 days ago

      Thanks!! i've searched that song since they launch the trailer!

    • Erick Maverick
      Erick Maverick 12 days ago

      Splattack! from Splatoon

  • Logan Triplett
    Logan Triplett 21 day ago

    How have I not seen this yet??!?!?! I just found out about on Watch

  • AmeerTube
    AmeerTube 21 day ago

    i am here from the FiftyFifty reddit challenge, yeah this is one of them.

  • Moonwalk5000
    Moonwalk5000 21 day ago

    Honestly, after seeing this trailer during the Nintendo Direct, I thought Sakurai would still be vacationing after the completion of Smash Wii U/3DS and the DLC, since he does deserve a break.

  • ice gamer 234 riner
    ice gamer 234 riner 21 day ago

    I saw breath of the wild link YAY!!!!

  • Salif Ouedraogo
    Salif Ouedraogo 22 days ago

    Im just waiting for them to add shrek into the game