Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer (Inkling Revealed! - Nintendo Direct)


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  • GameXplain
    GameXplain  9 months ago +754

    What characters are hiding in the flames? We try and find out!

    • Marioman 10100
      Marioman 10100 7 days ago

      I know it's release day, but I'm hearing the music that we thought was the theme song, and it ACTUALLY IS LifeLight in the background. It's slowed right down but it's there :)

    • Blad3sofGrass 2639
      Blad3sofGrass 2639 22 days ago

      sans undertale

    • Pokesonic456
      Pokesonic456 23 days ago

      All of them?

    • ThomasEyeThink
      ThomasEyeThink Month ago


    • Universal Juan
      Universal Juan Month ago

      All of them lol

  • Koro Moro
    Koro Moro 16 hours ago

    I love how the subtitles are more of a description of events than subtitles

  • Pioxys
    Pioxys 20 hours ago +1

    Still the greatest trailer in Smash Ultimate shown.
    It wasn't just the reveal, but how it was revealed.
    How it was presented all dark in the mysterious was amazing.

  • the nintendo fan2014

    0:47 if you closely i'ts sound like the actual lyrics

  • The supernintendokid

    *Bear this torch against the cold of the night
    Search your soul and reawaken the undying light*

  • i Met a Knight
    i Met a Knight 3 days ago

    I still shed a tear, I love Smash so much

  • Christopher Ross
    Christopher Ross 3 days ago


  • Vinsmoke Sanji
    Vinsmoke Sanji 5 days ago +2

    had to come back and tell yall, the wait was totally worth it

  • IZSM
    IZSM 5 days ago +6

    Going back, you can hear Ultimate's theme pretty clearly in the background after it zoomed up on the characters.

    • Sven Nevs
      Sven Nevs 4 days ago

      Oh shit , you are right!

  • Telruin
    Telruin 6 days ago +5

    I love this reveal still. The whole "welcome to hell" feel to it.
    The tremble in the inklings eyes as it realize where it is... as if they tell stories about this place. Legends they can't tell for sure if are real or just meant to scare kids.
    The jaded greeting of the veterans... They pity newcomers to this life, but they have also seen them arrive many times before.
    Mario: "They aren't ready, they shouldn't be here."
    Link: "None of us should."
    Edit: Added an imagined conversation.

  • shadowjago fanboi9
    shadowjago fanboi9 6 days ago +3

    Ah yes the first ever peek at smash ultimate man i remember how hype af this was

  • Zakkattack
    Zakkattack 6 days ago +2

    You can hear the theme song for smash ultimate in the background if you listen very closely

  • DrGonzalo
    DrGonzalo 7 days ago

    it's gud

  • Lonely Joe
    Lonely Joe 7 days ago

    Welp, it's out bois

  • Andres Tapia
    Andres Tapia 7 days ago

    175 days ago we found out this was in development

  • Mr.Welbig659
    Mr.Welbig659 7 days ago +2

    Crazy how the theme Lifelight was there the whole time. 0:47

  • John Cunnar
    John Cunnar 7 days ago

    Anyone else catch the main motif in Lifelight being played when the camera is panning out of the flaming smash ball?

  • Angela Woodburn
    Angela Woodburn 7 days ago

    Well after 9 months we’re finally here

  • The Trash Lord
    The Trash Lord 8 days ago

    It’s been nine months...

  • Chaofun
    Chaofun 8 days ago

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gets released.
    Smash fans: *It's free estate boys*

  • Solid Gamer
    Solid Gamer 8 days ago

    Where our journey began, today is December 7th

    INDOMINUS DANNY 8 days ago +3

    To think that it only felt like yesterday when this teaser was revealed and here we are now just a few hours away from it's release,what a journey we all went through,it was truly an ultimate experience

  • Alasdair Grant
    Alasdair Grant 8 days ago +2

    I’m watching when smash is released

  • MiDuWay
    MiDuWay 8 days ago

    We have arrived.

  • WinDocs
    WinDocs 8 days ago

    Here we go

  • Alex
    Alex 9 days ago

    It's been 9 months. Wow.
    Here we are. Just some hours and SMBU will be released. Get ready my bois, cuz it's time for the ULTIMATE CELEBRATION.

  • swampertdude
    swampertdude 9 days ago +3

    It's been a wild ride

  • LikerTubeEvolution Watching

    1 more day guys just on day

  • r0h4n
    r0h4n 10 days ago +4

    They made the squid from splatoon into a real thing lmao 😂

  • random 1116
    random 1116 10 days ago

    Thursday and then where at the finish line

  • June Woods
    June Woods 11 days ago +3

    Never has my brain gone into such a sudden and spontaneous meltdown than it has seeing this live for the first time. Best reveal Nintendo has ever put out
    (Has anyone noticed by the way that the ink at the beginning looks like a 3. Seems like Nintendo were really trying to throw people off course in the first few seconds)

  • HabsGamer
    HabsGamer 11 days ago +3

    0:47 Oh shit that music was there all that time !!

  • Michael Leroy
    Michael Leroy 12 days ago

    Here we go

  • Octo Boi
    Octo Boi 13 days ago

    Nice job reuploading a video that isn’t yours

    • Bluerious
      Bluerious 6 days ago

      Octo Boi Youre fucking kidding me, right?

    • Spoonz
      Spoonz 8 days ago

      *What are you fucking retarded?*

    • Prism
      Prism 9 days ago +1

      pretty sure they just did it so people could discuss in the comments because nintendo disabled comments for their own video, and this was probably uplaoded before nintendo put it on their channel too

  • Amber Ridgon
    Amber Ridgon 13 days ago

    (Inkling girl makes an ink path then inkling boy appears)
    Inkling girl: You'll never take me alive!
    Inkling boy: oh yeah?
    Inkling girl: Yep! (Throws a splat bomb)
    Inkling boy: AAAH!
    Inkling girl: see?
    Inkling boy: okay I'm out can't do this anymore.
    (Inkling boy disappears and it's dark)
    Inkling girl: what the heck?! Darkness?! But it's the middle of the day! Where are you inkling boy?
    (Inkling girl looks behind her)
    Inkling girl: WHAAAAAAAT?!
    (SMASH BROS logo made from flames appears out of nowhere and inkling boy reappears)
    Mario and link: we will never stop staring at you until you join smash Bros.
    Inkling girl: Okay! Okay! Well join.

  • Mario Strikers
    Mario Strikers 13 days ago

    Less than one week bois. Let's goooo! XD

  • Blackwolf100 Revolution

    Inkling = Me
    Flaming Smash Ball = Dabbing in the wind in sonic boom tv show

    The year 2023 in a nutshell

  • Mr. Mega Mushroom
    Mr. Mega Mushroom 17 days ago

    I just realized this has captions...

    • Gengaguy
      Gengaguy 15 days ago

      When inkling throws the bomb and the *N A N I ?* are the best

  • TheEnderBlade
    TheEnderBlade 20 days ago +9

    0:47 *Notice the World of Light theme in the background*

    • TheEnderBlade
      TheEnderBlade 15 days ago

      Quite *lit* if I do say so myself

    • Gengaguy
      Gengaguy 15 days ago

      And that's the part where it says light will guide you on your way to the ultimate fight. It all makes sense because the smash logo is lit up and it's smash ultimate.

  • Konrad McClure
    Konrad McClure 21 day ago +2

    This still gives me chills every time i watch it

  • Konrad McClure
    Konrad McClure 21 day ago +1

    Really cool hearing the soft Lifelight theme now that we've heard the full version

  • MrRocky
    MrRocky 22 days ago +2

    It’s been 8 months friends. Now there’s only 2 weeks to go.

    TURDY_ WATER 22 days ago +1


  • Dren Sokic
    Dren Sokic 22 days ago

    I still get chills.

  • MegaChan
    MegaChan 23 days ago


  • enderpig
    enderpig 24 days ago +4

    It's hard to notice, but..
    Listen very closely to the audio at 0:47 and you can hear ''lifelight'' quietly behind the fire!

  • ZachtheGamer 43
    ZachtheGamer 43 24 days ago +2


  • I used to be a musician
    I used to be a musician 24 days ago +2

    Whether i get this game or not,
    i've never seen a reveal trailer so well done. The reveal of the smash logo was perfect.
    Any composure you had inside was gone the second you saw it.

  • CarsonTheCookdude
    CarsonTheCookdude 29 days ago +4

    Here’s a neat detail:
    At around 0:44, when the smash ball was revealed, you can hear the main theme being hummed. It’s very quiet but just take a listen!

  • Mauricio Gomez
    Mauricio Gomez Month ago +2

    The music in the final is the main theme of smash ultimate. Amazing!

  • cyniford
    cyniford Month ago +3

    Ok why has nobody pointed out that the smash ultimate main theme plays in the background when the smash logo appears?

  • BlackFang74
    BlackFang74 Month ago

    ink girl looks on with dread in her eyes.

  • flownominal
    flownominal Month ago +1

    I didn't notice the song, "World of Light" was already here since the reveal.

  • Scourgesbestbuddy
    Scourgesbestbuddy Month ago +1

    Did anyone else come back to this trailer to hear the main theme of Ultimate being sung ominously from another video too? oxo

  • Zora89
    Zora89 Month ago

    The music makes sense now...

  • Yunkitor
    Yunkitor Month ago +2

    Ever notice the ultimate theme in the background

  • mn73211 _
    mn73211 _ Month ago

    "Don't worry it's just a port"

  • JD Dao
    JD Dao Month ago

    Is it December yet?
    I can't wait any longer!!!

  • Fire Jeth
    Fire Jeth Month ago +1

    Anyone watching in November 2018?
    Also, why are comments disabled in the original video?

    • Fire Jeth
      Fire Jeth Month ago

      Paper Mario oh now I remember thx

    • Paper Mario
      Paper Mario Month ago +1

      Because of cancerous smash fans

  • James Deerwood
    James Deerwood Month ago +4

    The foreshadowing of this trailer is amazing. It shows what happens at the end of the final smash direct, which all the characters just together, emotionless showing their deaths, whilst in the background you hear the faint vocal track of what appears to be the main theme tune

  • Nerd Kernels
    Nerd Kernels Month ago

    Only a month away! Came back to remember how awesome this was

  • Nikita Matakupan
    Nikita Matakupan Month ago +7

    guess what guys? Right in 0:48, YOU CAN HEAR THE MAIN THEME OF SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE! Listen carefully!

  • PatricktheHedgehog01
    PatricktheHedgehog01 Month ago +2

    Guys wouldn't it be something if Daisy, Ridley, Simon, Richter, Chrom, Dark samus, King K rool, Isabelle, Ken, and Incinaroar were playable in this game? But what are the chances of that ever happening? it's as likely as A piranha plant being free dlc.

  • Senior Coconut
    Senior Coconut Month ago

    and now we know so much about the game that this isn't even that cool of a trailer

  • Ken Krumbach
    Ken Krumbach Month ago +1

    And now they probably regret joining smash.

  • gamer117
    gamer117 Month ago +1

    Remember when everyone was desperate for this one reveal?

  • Blocky
    Blocky Month ago +1

    I can hear the main music !

  • Reese Jackson
    Reese Jackson Month ago +3

    We sure have come a long way in 9 months

  • nrj6490
    nrj6490 Month ago +6

    remember when people were calling this game a port?

    • True Roman
      True Roman Month ago +1

      I mean, it objectively isn't a port no matter what people say. Just take spirits mode AND the new Adventure/Mini-Subspace mode alone. All characters have new animations in moves, new artstyle, returning stages all look improved, new techs, new everything is what i'm saying... how does that = port to people?

  • Meg
    Meg Month ago +1


  • ThomasEyeThink
    ThomasEyeThink Month ago +3


    • Ya Boi Jay
      Ya Boi Jay 9 days ago

      Why are so many people noticing this just now

  • Alex Wake Presenta:

    Ahora tiene sentido

  • A Person
    A Person Month ago +2


  • White Darkness
    White Darkness Month ago +1

    Any came here after the spirit mode

  • Quilava Lover
    Quilava Lover Month ago +6

    I like how Ultimates theme plays in the background.

  • Dylan Night77
    Dylan Night77 Month ago +3

    when I first saw that smash ball in her eye I literally cried

  • [WUT] Bobo
    [WUT] Bobo Month ago +2

    How fair we came. A great journey

  • Kitty
    Kitty Month ago +3

    *Oh how far we have come.*

  • Walter Melgar
    Walter Melgar Month ago +2

    Wait til their eyes glow red!

  • Matthew Lapsley
    Matthew Lapsley Month ago +9

    Bear this torch against the cold of the night.
    Light will guide you on your way to the Ultimate Fight!

  • John Childs
    John Childs Month ago +2

    Yo I just realized they have the smash theme playing in the background 😲

  • Rhombulus The Time Out Guyღ

    Looking at this trailer now, you can now hear the melody of the theme song.

  • Fernando's Randimations

    Just watching this after the direct from November this game has changed

  • Bold and Brash
    Bold and Brash Month ago +3

    Just felt like yesterday...

  • Joetastic_Joe
    Joetastic_Joe Month ago +1

    0:47 you can't faintly hear the theme song to ultimate.

  • Yonk
    Yonk Month ago +3

    Coming back to say that the World of Light reveal's entity that shot the beams charged up with the same note and similar sound of this reveal trailer. That suspense build up to the Smash ball. It's a neat retread of the doom.

  • Shooter Meggy
    Shooter Meggy Month ago +1

    Feels good to be in smash!

  • Universal Juan
    Universal Juan Month ago +2

    0:47 Had to come back and appreciate the stealth theme drop. Oh, and who's in the shadows? Facking everyone!

    • Yonk
      Yonk Month ago +1

      And coming back again realising they might all be inhabited by spirits

  • Sergio Baptista
    Sergio Baptista Month ago

    And then came the grinch

  • Carlos Dinamite
    Carlos Dinamite Month ago

    Yes, take is 50/50 XD

  • Miles Monaco
    Miles Monaco Month ago +3

    The theme song was revealed all from the start. Hear it in the background.

  • frog pig
    frog pig Month ago +3

    0:05 looks like map of the UK

  • EricTGK
    EricTGK Month ago

    The captions are amazing

  • ShadowCookie Girl
    ShadowCookie Girl Month ago

    Smash trailer showed up before the vid started lol

  • Peter Weikert
    Peter Weikert Month ago +1

    This shook me to my BONES when I saw this live.

  • pkrocking7 YT
    pkrocking7 YT Month ago

    When i saw this i though there would be splatoon 3

  • EBMudkips
    EBMudkips Month ago

    Ah the good ol days were Ridley was to big

  • TrademarkTM
    TrademarkTM Month ago

    I can't believe it's been 7 months already...

  • Jake White
    Jake White 2 months ago

    It was midnight when the Direct was on in the UK, I couldn't sleep because of how hyped I was.

  • matchingbird
    matchingbird 2 months ago

    How did none of us notice that it quietly plays the new main theme for the game? 🍋