Reacting To My High school Basketball Highlights!

  • I watched my old high school highlights...

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  • Tristan Jass
    Tristan Jass  2 months ago +640

    Make sure you guys hit the like button! Love you all and thank you for always supporting❤️🙏

    • bRoDyY m
      bRoDyY m 3 days ago +1

      I play for the central bulldogs

    • Samuel Pincus
      Samuel Pincus 5 days ago

      Tristan Jass dude your amazing I will always give you support!!!

    • Basketball Addicts 101
      Basketball Addicts 101 6 days ago

      I get the politics thing.... i worked so hard for a year after not making 8th grade i was like man i doubled my skill im definitely making the freshman team.. tryouts were so amazing i was standing out.... they took 20 kids.... i wasnt one of them... now i am on my first ever aau team and its so much fun joking around, traveling, all that stuff..... everybody doubts my skill but i like that cause i can show them up later and become that great player i want to be...... thanks tjass your a big inspiration to me and i love practicing those crazy layups.... so thanks TJass.... and to everybody reading this last part keep working on your skill no matter what people think of you.... always go for greatness... i went from never playing team basketball to scoring 19 in my first aau if i can do it anybody can if they put their hearts to it...

    • Hannah
      Hannah 18 days ago

      Tristan Jass love u

    • Z_ jallow
      Z_ jallow 20 days ago

      I wanna Flom for u Tristan I’m good at filming but I don’t make vids cause why not

  • king jim
    king jim 8 hours ago

    27:22 hahahai have put 34 in a game triple-double and we lost 85-62...

  • Timothy Cobo
    Timothy Cobo 2 days ago

    I love how he's acting as if he hasn't seen his highlights 1000+ times

  • Connor Meredith
    Connor Meredith 2 days ago

    Big fan tjass, your such an inspiration to me, stay safe and carry on as successful as you are💙

  • Tally Heat
    Tally Heat 3 days ago

    yo T Jass change my life bro come do a vid with me


    *🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀every day whatch this video🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀*
    1:26 💙💗
    👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💞

  • Gurnoor Hundal
    Gurnoor Hundal 4 days ago

    It doesn’t matter how ur jumper is at
    least shitting on everyone and the best in the league, u should make the g league

  • Nicholas Vaksdal
    Nicholas Vaksdal 4 days ago

    My cousins live in Milwaukee

  • Avery Wagner
    Avery Wagner 4 days ago

    I play AAU Ball and I completely understand the memories and playing in the hotels , it’s an amazing experience. Completely understand! 🏀🏀🏀🏀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Alan Bangura
    Alan Bangura 5 days ago

    You were nasty as a freshman.

  • Kevooo
    Kevooo 5 days ago

    If u miss playing u could play in college and make game day vlogs and stuff


    *Nice play🏀*
    1:40 💙🎬

  • Qaraz
    Qaraz 6 days ago

    how many times u finna get your hair permed ? because u might go bald foo

  • Abbie Porter
    Abbie Porter 7 days ago

    You were probably better then me at 1 years old Ian trash good work

  • Justin
    Justin 7 days ago +1

    your journeys not over, dont forget about doing everything u can to ball in the G League 🌎💪🏽

  • Donnie Levert
    Donnie Levert 7 days ago

    where was the school u went to (where is st.joes catholic academy)

  • Marquze Holley
    Marquze Holley 7 days ago

    you could of went to the nba

  • Finley GTTW
    Finley GTTW 7 days ago

    t jass getting major women in high school

  • Mason Wuenschel
    Mason Wuenschel 7 days ago

    This makes me miss AAU🥺

  • Benjamin Bird
    Benjamin Bird 7 days ago

    were you recruited by anyone?

  • AboTicS
    AboTicS 7 days ago

    I wasn’t able to make my baseball team because they made first basemen (my position) a 7th grader from a middle school in my spot because his dad was the coach my career is dead

  • maximoo
    maximoo 8 days ago

    Why didnt you go pro?

  • Pranjal Rana
    Pranjal Rana 8 days ago

    Media when tjass was in high school:😂😂😂 😂 get outta here
    Media after few years watching this: we fkd up 😶😶😶

  • One Deep Savage
    One Deep Savage 8 days ago

    Lol u private HS bball teams in Wisconsin are nothin but white kids...Public Schools seem much better/diverse

  • Silit 32
    Silit 32 8 days ago +1

    Did u have any offers


    *nice action*
    0:40 💘💙

  • I don’t know I don’t know

    could anyone back then dunk

  • datboiismoov
    datboiismoov 9 days ago

    Crazy to see someone who has as much fame as you do close to my town bro I lived in Milwaukee shits crazy

  • Noah Hunt
    Noah Hunt 9 days ago

    2:50 those backboards though 😂

  • depressed nevada fan

    Who even needs ballislife T?

  • Nick Patron
    Nick Patron 9 days ago

    That competition looks weak.

  • Los RaNgE
    Los RaNgE 9 days ago +1

    Yo Tjass the thumbnail tho🤣

    MISTER40 FIVE 9 days ago

    More like a justin bieber cross over

  • Li'l Draco
    Li'l Draco 9 days ago

    Yo 15 assists, that's crazy bro!

  • The Holdster
    The Holdster 10 days ago

    Definitely did not avg. 15 assists a game

  • Aka Cute_boy
    Aka Cute_boy 10 days ago

    if can play 2k 20 i think people will like it

  • dave rapien
    dave rapien 10 days ago +1

    Think you for sowing me it🐰

    • dave rapien
      dave rapien 10 days ago +1

      Think you for showing me your hilghts

  • Taco Party
    Taco Party 10 days ago

    What are some of these courts 😑

  • Charlie Marks
    Charlie Marks 10 days ago +1

    Ay tjass I just started watching I used to arch professer then I saw you I am subscribed and have notifications on and also like every video

  • shaye maceachern
    shaye maceachern 11 days ago

    did you not recive offers?? would you play d2?

  • Vincent Meeks
    Vincent Meeks 11 days ago +3

    T Jass: “look at dat jumperrr”

  • Crucial Crypto
    Crucial Crypto 11 days ago

    yeah if there was one thing i could take back is time. woulda worked so much harder, and really lived in the moment

  • Joyce Carden
    Joyce Carden 13 days ago +1

    That shirt makes me think of 2k 18

  • jermaine tejada
    jermaine tejada 13 days ago

    Tjass is really a good passer

  • FaZe Ben
    FaZe Ben 13 days ago

    This video will switch up to his second channel.

  • Johnnie Smith
    Johnnie Smith 14 days ago +1

    Hi TJass im in fourthgrade and Im 5.7 feet and i get bullied and my mom tells me there jealouse because im so tall

  • Askyya Freeman
    Askyya Freeman 14 days ago

    Facts time really does listen to this all the young hoopers go hard at it while you can cause before you know it you’ll wake up and it’s over

  • Claude Alvey
    Claude Alvey 15 days ago

    I think you could make It to the NBA if you played basketball until College

  • Williy From Philly Rev. of Truth

    Enfuego that Eggo!!!! Big T!!!

  • BTMedia
    BTMedia 16 days ago


  • Mosh xd
    Mosh xd 16 days ago

    Crazy how times flies

  • Peter Ludwig
    Peter Ludwig 17 days ago

    I’m an Iowa state fan what is wills last name

  • DD Playz
    DD Playz 19 days ago

    11:16 buddy got triggered like who pissed in his happy meal

  • Danny Gipe
    Danny Gipe 20 days ago

    Why didn't u try out for the nba

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 21 day ago

    How old is this dude now?

  • The 2 Savage Boys
    The 2 Savage Boys 23 days ago

    T jass u should have went to the nba

  • Keagan Berndt
    Keagan Berndt 24 days ago

    Yo tjass idk if you’ll see this cause the videos older but DM me on insta @keaganberndt I’m from the greenfield area and we should link and hoop bro forreal

  • laquinta myles
    laquinta myles 26 days ago

    What up man

  • Braydon Spotted Bear
    Braydon Spotted Bear 26 days ago

    You and my bro Evan the exact same from ball to looks but he fw drugs 😂

  • Conor Larkin
    Conor Larkin 26 days ago

    Bro u remind me of me playing basketball not even joking your court vision is insane

  • Sam Jester
    Sam Jester 26 days ago

    Rid man is insane after his vids I go out and try one of his moves and after 19 attempts and fails I am like hold up let me whatching that again and

  • samuel sam
    samuel sam 27 days ago


  • black ops 2 baby
    black ops 2 baby 27 days ago

    That's funny im number three

  • Matthew Oertli
    Matthew Oertli 28 days ago

    I never got the opportunity to play AAU because I was in foster care I’m a big hooper never got the opportunity to show my skills

  • Thomas Turbyfill
    Thomas Turbyfill 29 days ago

    Your catholic?

  • Zack Peterson
    Zack Peterson Month ago

    We both live in Wisconsin did you ever play the superior Spartans ?

  • JB Breeezy
    JB Breeezy Month ago

    lmaoo i'm in the studey in one of the clips, we torched you guys but you had some highlights.. crazy

  • Jack Wagoner
    Jack Wagoner Month ago

    If the tjass was 6 foot 4 he would be in the league

  • emoreno36
    emoreno36 Month ago

    the cool thing is that i live in Wisconsin

  • CaSh
    CaSh Month ago

    how tall are you?

  • PushingTheLimit
    PushingTheLimit Month ago

    Tristan please lower the likes to 30k I want to see part 2

  • Steven Elliott,Jr.
    Steven Elliott,Jr. Month ago

    I'm a simple man when I see 50 ad rolls I dislike and leave

  • Leo HD
    Leo HD Month ago

    Time does go by fast😪

  • Kelvin Tran
    Kelvin Tran Month ago

    Damn bro... i went to Oak Creek wouldve been crazy if I saw you play upfront

  • Logan Moeller
    Logan Moeller Month ago +1

    Bro you be representing Wisconsin my home and my place

  • Mason Weidenhamer
    Mason Weidenhamer Month ago +1

    Hey tjass I'm playing high school and I want to play aau but I'm scared to tryout do u have any advice

  • greg blackford
    greg blackford Month ago

    At 3:52 you got a team mate all alone on the wing and nobody sees him.

  • zay gaming
    zay gaming Month ago

    Height don't matter it shows, I'm a 6th guard in 8th grade and t jass would mess me up

  • Theo_PlayZ_ YT
    Theo_PlayZ_ YT Month ago


  • Pikachuslays titans

    You should join the nba