How Taylor Swift Makes And Spends Her Millions

  • Published on Apr 26, 2019
  • Taylor Swift just dropped a new single and music video with Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie after a cryptic countdown on her website teased the release. The singer and songwriter has amassed an estimated $320 million net worth and owns at least $84 million in real estate across four states. Her "Reputation" stadium tour was the highest-grossing tour in the US, grossing $266.1 million. She's also donated $113,000 to the Tennessee Equality Project, an LGBTQ advocacy group.
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    How Taylor Swift Makes And Spends Her Millions
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  • uly roth
    uly roth Day ago

    shes famouse because she writes alot of songs that are her own...when she does a concert i just hope she gets 50 percent of the tickect sales gate ect ect and i hope her manager is not ripping her off shes worth 300 million the metalica boys are worth that much each if she makes a movie she should get big price tag

  • uly roth
    uly roth Day ago

    hope she gets 50 percent of profits from her albums ect like micheal jackson deal and metalllica did in the 1980s

  • yousef rahman
    yousef rahman Day ago

    She has even more than 500 million dollars not 320 million

  • Kimberly Jameson
    Kimberly Jameson 2 days ago

    She should her soul! The illuminati is her god!

  • John R
    John R 3 days ago

    Actually, the Rolling Stones 2007 A Bigger Bang Tour grossed $674 million in 2018 dollars but has since been outdone by U2 on two occasions in 2009 and 2011. Sooo, not to be a Taylor hater, because I really like her...but..that info is a bit incorrect. Now the Rolling Stones did twice as many shows, but it might have been to smaller venues overall compared to what Taylor, the dudes are grampas, and have been popular for 5 decades. Props to Taylor when I see her rocking $600 million tours when she is in her 60s.

  • Rayd Swifties13
    Rayd Swifties13 4 days ago


  • Warrior Soul
    Warrior Soul 7 days ago

    Seriously though, who cares. Good for her. She can even burn it off she wants

  • Stephanie Broadwater

    I don't want her money, I want her for one night!

  • Comm Kav
    Comm Kav 10 days ago

    How does Taylor make her money?
    She treats her fans/customers with dignity, respect and fairness. Imagine corporations/businesses doing that. They'd easily be on top just like Taylor. But instead we get corporations who lie, cheat their customers and employees, steal, corrupt our governments and poison everything, our food, water, air, land....... You all need to learn from Taylor. Be good.

  • Käpt`n
    Käpt`n 10 days ago

    Is it necessary for one person to have so much money, two private jets, multiple houses etc.? I think Taylor seems pretty smart and nice in Interviews, she is beautiful, but this just irritates me. There are so many people working just as hard as her who can't afford shit. It's totally legit to say that she is a good songwriter and works hard, but it does not justify her being as rich as she is. Same goes for every other rich person on this planet. It's unfair. I wish people would stop thinking that being this wealthy and glamorous is a great lifestyle. Stop idolizing this! It's based on immorality. It's based on explotation of the poor. Where do you think all of her clothes come from? How much she pollutes the environment with her jets? Of course she donates and that is the least she could do. But compared to her overall wealth those donations are just fly shit. I am not trying to hate on her, I think it's just something fundamentally wrong with our society.

  • Léon le Magnifique
    Léon le Magnifique 19 days ago

    She would be so right to demand the gag of the Kartrashians, bless her if she obtained it.

  • da ne
    da ne 20 days ago

    id be her captain is she bought a boat hire me. id even massage her if she wanted me to stay on the boat. lol

  • Self Made Millennial
    Self Made Millennial 23 days ago

    She has always been a great business woman as well as a talented artist

  • donna easty
    donna easty 25 days ago

    Taylor is rich because she has talent and she is a great storyteller. Her new song ''Archer'' made me weep. People know Taylor for her catchy songs, I know her from her underrated songs,they show the true talent of this young woman.

  • donna easty
    donna easty 25 days ago

    I paid one hundred dollars to see Taylor in Melbourne and it was the best concert I have ever seen. And I have seen everyone from Queen to Ed Sheeran.

  • Conaday Sweet
    Conaday Sweet 26 days ago

    She is rich but I’m glad that she helps others

  • sean robbins
    sean robbins 27 days ago

    $279 for a ticket to one of her concerts! That's totally insane! Just goes to show how many fools there are in the world! The songs she writes are terrible & boring and she's just an OK singer! Nothing special. She looks good though but she's gonna get REALLY FAT as she gets older! I can see it in her face! Oh, yeah! Her song melodies are simplistic & repetitious, show no creativity or originality! They are songs for children! How can anyone put her in the same category with a Glen Frey & Don Henley, a Joni Mitchell, a Cat Stevens, a Paul Simon, a James Taylor, and others! They can't or shouldn't!

    • sean robbins
      sean robbins 25 days ago

      I'll check 'em out!

    • donna easty
      donna easty 25 days ago

      Strange how you quote James Taylor who has appeared on stage with Taylor many times. James has said that she is a prolific songwriter one of the best. Just because you hear a few pop singles doesn't mean you know anything about her music. Go listen to ''Safe And Sound'', ''Eyes Open'', ''Innocent'', ''The Best Days'', ''Never Grow Up'', Sad Beautiful Tragic'', Swift is a true artists.

  • Miss Parissa
    Miss Parissa 27 days ago

    I want a munchkin cat

  • lavender moon magick
    lavender moon magick 28 days ago +2

    a lot of people have told me i look like taylor swift. like lmao thanks for telling me i look like a rich, beautiful, and incredibly talented woman

  • Neil Smith
    Neil Smith 28 days ago +2

    Her singing is amazing. Just don't get all the 'singing experts' on these feeds... if by singing you mean vocal olympics like Ariana and Mariah then you are kinda limiting your version of the term 'singing'. Get with it she's the real deal singing, musician, writing, business and wait for it just being a nice person. There are plenty of analysts on TVclip who can point out just how insanely good she is. The difference Taylor has against most artists is she sings with the passion of the song in mind (she can do that because because she writes the songs) while playing an acoustic guitar anywhere... just rocks up and nails it. The likes of Michael Jackson, Beatles, Oasis the list is long could not do what she does. Taylor is an all in one package. Did Michael Jackson write/play everything he did at the last count he did not play any instruments and had a huge entourage helping him. Oasis... are you telling me they were great singers and who weirdly sounded like the Beatles except louder. Beatles... four in the band two wrote most but were they 'singers' of the style you are referring to? She is a very driven determined woman with a talent I have never seen in my lifetime. Great songs, awesoME creativity, beautifully presented (Yep y'all don't need to be covered in tattoos and have lyrics with 18 content in to do well in life). A great role model. Hey its Friday - enjoy!

  • Shelly
    Shelly 29 days ago

    Why doesn't anyone talk about her delux album release strategy where she incentivizes individuals to buy multiple copies of each album? With Reputation it was 2 separate magazines, with Lover it's 4 different diaries, and you can't get them without buying the album again - she'll sell twice as many again. I hate it, but I love it, it's genius!

  • Satria Primadana
    Satria Primadana Month ago

    why the hell she buy two different buildings at same street?

    • donna easty
      donna easty 25 days ago

      Because her building doesn't have parking underground,she always has to walk out her front door into the paps and flashing photographs. The building next door will allow her to have privacy and leave by the car park.

  • Julie Rodabaugh
    Julie Rodabaugh Month ago

    I love this blond bombshell. She has a wholesome fashion style for the most part. I bought her first album. I love how she made the cover really personal. Someday I hope to go to one of her concerts and meet her. Maybe I can sing a duet with her someday. I will never stop dreaming or reaching for the ultimate stars. I was born a superstar lol. My husband says I sing better than most of the artists out there. I am going to shut the front door right now and humble it up. I am trying to compliment Tay Tay tater tot. Swifty over here guilty as charged. 🤗 Life goals right there right there. Awe her cats are showing her up. Lmao. I love all animals even cats but currently only have one pup.

  • Romans 12
    Romans 12 Month ago

    God loves you. Jesus Christ his son died for you. Repent of your sins and turn to Lord Jesus for salvation. INTOUCH.ORG

  • Jennifer Wang
    Jennifer Wang Month ago

    She was just a country singer when I first heard her on the radio. I think she was 15 at that time, and I was 18. Scary how she's making millions, while I made nothing in my life time. 😅

  • Shane Lee Hallex
    Shane Lee Hallex Month ago +1

    She makes it because she works extremely hard

  • donna easty
    donna easty Month ago

    Taylor also owns ''Swift Transportation''. this includes tour buses 52 semi trucks. Taylor leases them to other artists and corporations when she is not touring. This woman is smart that is how she makes her money. Oh and writing incredible music.

  • Gary Thompson
    Gary Thompson Month ago

    certain people are underpaid and certain people are overpaid but if i were a million billion or trillionare i would think though entirely what to do with that money and i would literally never give anyone at all a 100 $ or 500 $ tip no way no how.

  • Ryann Lewis
    Ryann Lewis Month ago

    Taylor is amazing y’all can stay mad

  • Joaquín Valdez
    Joaquín Valdez Month ago

    Straight to my broke self being 🤣

  • Gary Holloway
    Gary Holloway Month ago +1

    You raaang your Hiney?!$GT$

  • Esra Swiftie
    Esra Swiftie Month ago

    My queen 😍😏

  • Batman
    Batman Month ago

    She is gorgeous!

  • Arno L.
    Arno L. Month ago

    Taylor we need your secret to make million dollars like you. We could buy a mansion a year!

  • Arno L.
    Arno L. Month ago

    You'll bet she'd buy a new mansion before the end of the year. La Swift knows how to spend her money!

  • Muhammad Hamid
    Muhammad Hamid Month ago

    She work for the money

  • Bryner Jimenez
    Bryner Jimenez Month ago

    Upload a video of how I spend my thousands

  • Jim Rossi
    Jim Rossi Month ago

    "Taylor, you are Pure Genious...! " +1

  • Nina's World
    Nina's World Month ago

    My queen

  • Khira Sheey
    Khira Sheey Month ago

    Taylor swift is Taylor Swift😊😘 i think money is just like a bonus to her,coz her true investment, are seeing people loving her for being who she is,and truly believes on her music and continuously supporting it....😊

  • Gagan SiNgH Chhatwal

    Self made woman

  • i'm okay :D
    i'm okay :D Month ago

    queen works hard, loves what shes doing and pour her soul to every song and every performances, and she returns love to people who love her.

  • Hi
    Hi Month ago

    She's a millionaire, but beat a billionaire

  • ruth getter
    ruth getter Month ago

    Gosh I envy her so much, she is highly blessed

  • The Author of Pain
    The Author of Pain Month ago

    My only crush Taylor swift 💕

  • Vicky
    Vicky Month ago

    4:56 to skip to how she spends her millions


    After the scooter feud the title is
    How Taylor Swift loses her millions

    • donna easty
      donna easty Month ago

      As the writer of her music Taylor still owns the publishing rights to all her music which could make it hard when Scooter wants to sell her music for adds or movies, etc. Don't forget due to new laws she will regain ownership of her music in 35yrs.

  • Writefromthecuff Cuff

    Diamonds are forever
    Diamonds are a girls best friend
    It rings true
    She's a best friend too

  • sabeen fatima
    sabeen fatima Month ago

    I didnt remember to like the video til i saw the cats😍

  • Nebby
    Nebby Month ago +1

    Well this didn’t age well

  • Taylor Swift 13
    Taylor Swift 13 Month ago +1

    Haters will watch her videos and try to pick up bad points in it and criticize it while she will make more and more money on pure hardwork and fame

  • Derrick Curry
    Derrick Curry Month ago

    I will make my million by sueing everybody but you because you are covered,.

    You need too calm down 😂
    Panic at the Disco 🤡

  • Gregory Rollins
    Gregory Rollins Month ago

    One thing about her airplane that everyone misses is the planes number. N898TS. It's a palindrome of your birthday. N=12, t=20=2, s=19=10=1. So it's 1289821. Then with 13 on it. 1+2=3+8=11+9=20+8=28+2=30+1=31, 3113. It's a birthday palindrome plane.
    That's the coolest thing ever . And girls don't know math. Seems they do to me. Peace

  • Tonino 8
    Tonino 8 Month ago

    love her persona and music, good for her

  • swiftie lover
    swiftie lover Month ago

    Earns million and spends on cats

  • sara neziri
    sara neziri Month ago

    She legit wrote a song and used all the money she won from it for charity, that's freaking amazing!! Idk why some people hate her! I agree, I'm not fond of her latest songs either, but she truthfully deserves all the respects!!!

  • Suneta Popal
    Suneta Popal Month ago

    She is the best because she a pretty.

  • Jordan Hatten
    Jordan Hatten Month ago

    This is an artist who knows that the music business is a business!

  • Ayah Saeed
    Ayah Saeed Month ago


  • hiems
    hiems Month ago

    Awww can I pet the cats?!

  • Harrison Engle
    Harrison Engle 2 months ago

    Doesn't she come from a banking family...

    • donna easty
      donna easty Month ago

      Her father was an investment banker but Taylor was signed at 14 to write music for other artists. Taylor's talent lays in her songwriting that cannot be brought. And when she signed with Big Machine she was their only and first client. Not bad.

  • Sage_Ivory Killer
    Sage_Ivory Killer 2 months ago +1

    Thumbnail: How Taylor Swift makes her millions
    Title of video: How Taylor Swift makes and spends her millions

  • Ali Özlü
    Ali Özlü 2 months ago

    Make rihanna

  • Matt L
    Matt L 2 months ago

    She could waste a few bucks on a weekend getaway, with ME!

  • Jeffrey Michael
    Jeffrey Michael 2 months ago

    Anyone seen Shania Twain lately....once they use you up they throw you out. Not if but when.

  • Ayrav Zorom
    Ayrav Zorom 2 months ago +1

    She makes millions because she always stays true to what she really is. People who do what they are meant to are always happy, healthy and full of love

  • Taylor Swift Archive
    Taylor Swift Archive 2 months ago

    Her mind. It amazes me sometimes.

  • Phillip Alex
    Phillip Alex 2 months ago

    Let justin make is comeback

  • Valerian
    Valerian 2 months ago +6

    If you think about it, it's hard NOT for her to be successful, just look at every single aspect of her music and image. Here are some more reasons why she makes the big bucks:

    1. On top of creating pop music that is catchy, understandable and therefore wide-reaching, her music is personal, non-explicit and not sexual. Her music being PG-13 has a lot to do with her popularity. 7 year olds can sing her songs without it being weird.

    2. She's not active on the internet, exactly why whenever she erases all of her instagram, we're all like "omg is there new music...what is it going to be like...what's the is she going to surprise us this time." It's not about giving away the cool stuff all at once, it's about pre-viewing, pre-releasing them, giving sneak peeks, and building up to the final release of the album. All the mystery and theories makes her every album the more exclusive and exciting.

    3. Like this video explained, the girl understands how to market herself. She understands money and the music industry, and she's willing to either go against it or play its game, whichever benefits her the most. That's what makes me respect her so much is that she not only got a musical brain, she got a business one too.

    4. Scandals inevitably contributes to her fame. All the private conversations behind these scandals are unknown to us. The scandals might not be as severe as the media puts it, but scandals do boost publicity, whether if it's good or bad.

    5. Authenticity. Personal. If you've ever been to one of her concerts, you'd know that every single one of her show is a distinct and unique experience that only the people who went can experience. All of her fears, hopes, and dreams are revealed in her songs. When she talks to the audience in her concerts, her words are spoken with love and vulnerability. She is not only mature as a musician and as a businesswoman, she is a mature and loving human being who embraces her flaws and wants all of us to do so as well.

    5. Not everyone likes her or her music. In fact, the hate and criticism are overwhelming. So she responds, with absolute grace. She writes them into her songs. She keeps minding her own business. She is unapologetic and has conviction in her voice and in her music. She fights on and is consistent with writing music.

    6. The more I write the more I realize that this list can get quite long. Her political standings, her cats, etc. etc. are all factors to her image. So in conclusion, here's something Taylor wrote herself (this was in the Reputation Target limited edition magazine), and I think it sums up her message to us pretty nicely:
    "The point being, despite our need to simplify and generalize absolutely everyone and everything in this life, humans are intrinsically impossible to simplify. We are never just good or just bad. We are mosaics of our worst selves and our best selves, our deepest secrets and our favorite stories to tell at dinner parties, existing between our well-lit profile photo and our drivers license shot. We are all mixture of selfishness and generosity, loyalty and self-preservation, pragmatism and impulsiveness."

  • Jedi Mark
    Jedi Mark 2 months ago

    Taylor Swift was rich before becoming famous, she is the daughter of a music businessman.

    • donna easty
      donna easty Month ago

      Her father was an Investment banker nothing to do with music. And she was signed at 14 to write for other artists. Her songwriting can't be brought and that is where she makes her money.

  • David Riley
    David Riley 2 months ago

    Vivendi owns universal music, comcast owns NBCUniversal

  • wallewally
    wallewally 2 months ago

    Taylor is not the only person who does a multiple month album release cycle with multiple singles lol..... literally almost all female pop stars do that

  • Rita Matos
    Rita Matos 2 months ago

    She adopted her cats, not bought

  • A C
    A C 2 months ago +1

    This is the most unpleasant narrative voice. Fire this girl lol

  • ces banal
    ces banal 2 months ago