How Taylor Swift Makes And Spends Her Millions

  • Published on Apr 26, 2019
  • Taylor Swift just dropped a new single and music video with Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie after a cryptic countdown on her website teased the release. The singer and songwriter has amassed an estimated $320 million net worth and owns at least $84 million in real estate across four states. Her "Reputation" stadium tour was the highest-grossing tour in the US, grossing $266.1 million. She's also donated $113,000 to the Tennessee Equality Project, an LGBTQ advocacy group.
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    How Taylor Swift Makes And Spends Her Millions
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  • jaden yuki
    jaden yuki 7 days ago +1

    On the next episode:
    How buisness insider makes and spends their thousands

  • CareBearCool GAMING
    CareBearCool GAMING 9 days ago

    I’ll never forget how happy I was when my dad bought me one of her albums☺️

  • Fairytale Wizard
    Fairytale Wizard 10 days ago

    Cos people love her .and want her to do well ..x

  • Brelyn Detz
    Brelyn Detz 10 days ago

    I looooooooove you swift ahhhhhhhh

  • Enoch Posada
    Enoch Posada 16 days ago


  • maria thiede
    maria thiede 20 days ago +1

    I would not give these people any money

    • Dajana Glapski
      Dajana Glapski 18 days ago

      Then dont waste your time .among pointless comments on here. Do actually think anyone cares whether you do or not. Move on.

  • Zinia Jubil
    Zinia Jubil 21 day ago

    She kills it cause she's a queen and she knows it :")

  • Henry Tran
    Henry Tran 22 days ago

    My eyes say to mind that " the pink color to fit her clothings "

  • bob carfet
    bob carfet 23 days ago

    Play stupid games get stupid prizes.

  • Tango Bango
    Tango Bango 23 days ago

    Wow! Gawky, skinny Miss Swift has become a beautiful, voluptuous, young woman. 🥴

  • G R
    G R 24 days ago +1

    i love her so much. queen.

  • Pepins Spot
    Pepins Spot 25 days ago

    So jealous.

  • Karen Hardie
    Karen Hardie 26 days ago +1

    She works really hard. To add to that she is talented and smart.

  • Lovely Xd
    Lovely Xd Month ago

    Since when i was very young and listened to her songs. I always realize this girl is very smart. Even tho she was well known as someone who only likes to make songs about her break up she definetly earn lots and lots money in the past even won awards for it.
    She didn't care about the haters, she did what she thinks and what she felt like. She is actually very kind and doesn't like people cheating on her thats why she became so angry and used to put her exes in theyr songs. Her reputation was ruined by some people yet she grew up and became even more famous and popular. However her tatse of music is now different compared to before i am still a big fan of her. Every man should need such a clever and smart woman as her, cuz believe me she is definetly someone to marry with cuz she cuz if she even can makes herself boost her own business in so many million dollars she can even make her husband open a business and can start from an unknown celebrity to someone well known in the world. She is so powerfull, she can have many businessess she wants and yet all be still be sucessfull. The amount of guys who left her were really jerks tho, hope the one she is now with realizes she is a one girl u must keep. Cuz losing someone as taylor is a big mistake. And i am happy the kardashian cant say no bad mouth to her anymore. Haha.

  • Tony Chen
    Tony Chen Month ago

    i like our song teardrops on my guitar love story and sparks fly.

    Seriously, in addition to being catchy, "captivated by you baby like a fireworks show", which man wouldn't fall in love with her? It's like she sings "come kiss me" without showing her vagina and being a whore.

  • Tony Chen
    Tony Chen Month ago

    taylor swift is popular because she crafts a mysterious public image as ultra-romantic and loving

    She sings "I AM ROMANTIC AND LOVE KISSING BOYS" thereby instantly getting the attention of men WITHOUT SHOWING HER VAGINA AND BEING A WHORE.

  • Sarahgrace Cook
    Sarahgrace Cook Month ago

    Because she’s... Beyonce

  • Jane Leung
    Jane Leung Month ago

    I would reconsider the voice chosen for the voice overs as it’s very monotone and makes it hard to keep watching.

  • Heba Ahmad
    Heba Ahmad Month ago


  • 803 Mastiff
    803 Mastiff Month ago

    She loves her fans and makes them pay avg $279 to see her in concert singing about her personal issues...peoples are idiots

  • Rawan Mamdouh
    Rawan Mamdouh Month ago


  • Rawan Mamdouh
    Rawan Mamdouh Month ago


  • SmellyCat
    SmellyCat Month ago

    Plenty of people are willing to waste money on concerts. Not Me.

  • Satria Primadana
    Satria Primadana Month ago

    and i read miley cyrus responded to taylor's letter to apple by "i don't need much money, i have house and dogs" while miley showed off her pitty nipples in her music video for fame aka money . Pathetic

  • gargi sharma
    gargi sharma Month ago +2

    Summary in one line: She works EXTREMELY hard.

  • Son Ho
    Son Ho Month ago

    Beautiful 👍

  • Davin Raincloud
    Davin Raincloud Month ago

    Does she.... now here me out.... make and sell songs?? 😲😲

  • Joy is Sulli's clone

    She has no problems, her future is well secured, The haters are the 0nly ones who's problematic... with no money hahaha! Hate more, thats the only thing you can do with your pathetic lives, you have no future.

  • Adriana Pineda
    Adriana Pineda Month ago

    Cause shes queen and her concerts are🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Gary Dimaggio
    Gary Dimaggio Month ago

    Who cares

  • Leur Van Maravilla
    Leur Van Maravilla Month ago

    Lady Gaga, please!

  • Luige Anacan
    Luige Anacan Month ago

    Taylor Swift's tour ticket cost $249
    While Taylor Swift tour ticket cost $500? HES INSANE HHAHAHAHAHA

  • MikeVvoski draws
    MikeVvoski draws Month ago

    Taylor Swift is a marketing genius 🙌

  • Taylor swift love
    Taylor swift love Month ago +1

    I love her!! 😍Who else?

  • Wesley Currier
    Wesley Currier 2 months ago

    We need to see more of her cats 😂
    Olivia and Meredith were in Deadpool2

  • Adonis Top of Men
    Adonis Top of Men 2 months ago

    good documentation ......

  • Tore Foncello
    Tore Foncello 2 months ago

    Ma più vi guardo e più mi agorgo che ancora non avete imparato a saper dialogare con il resto del mondo e non è così difficile per voi che avete le cose in mano e solo lo rgoglio che vi trasforma un be e ciauuuu meda ma inpara sa murra bella ecc ecc

  • dirty diamond
    dirty diamond 2 months ago

    My dear MS Swift you entertain millions of individuals across the globe. The enormous cost of touring in monetary and emotional cost on your part is incalculable. I am more an admirer than fan as 66 year old men are not your fan base. I am happy you have whatever you need to continue your ability to continue entertaining millions across the globe. It is a tuff gig. Congratulations.

  • Hamna
    Hamna 2 months ago

    She’s more than just a pretty face! 😜

  • ExperiencedGhost
    ExperiencedGhost 2 months ago

    Remember that Spotify were sued? This was because they stole $1.5 billion of artist's revenues.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 2 months ago

    She s a good musician like Gaga You see they can play instruments.I do nt know which musical grade they got to. Elton got to Grade 8.
    Now Mariah Carey. She s a singer song writer. How does she write songs. I ve never seen her play a musical instrument..
    Good luck to Taylor.
    She s got 2 private jets and various mansions

    ISHI BAYLA 2 months ago

    but i suport her hard work

    ISHI BAYLA 2 months ago

    making millions while singing about your ex when your the one that really hurted them. nice one

  • Nick Abadilla
    Nick Abadilla 2 months ago

    We are devoted to taylor❣ Coz she's Our Queen👸🏼😍

  • Ricardo Llano
    Ricardo Llano 2 months ago

    Those cats worth more than myself damn. 😂

  • Blah Bla
    Blah Bla 2 months ago

    I wish im one of her cats hahaha

  • Ekta Sharma
    Ekta Sharma 2 months ago +1

    Queen period.

  • Rawan Mamdouh
    Rawan Mamdouh 2 months ago

    She makes history 💖

  • Swiftie Directioner
    Swiftie Directioner 2 months ago

    Pop Titan

  • Rose Calvert
    Rose Calvert 3 months ago

    I'm so proud to be a Swiftie

    DENNY CGK 3 months ago

    the beauty free on TVclip only promotional
    there's all good on Taylor Swift Musica
    so many people do not understand how to buy
    and there's must dedication how to buy on their country
    using their country own language.
    Taylor Swift can sing for example me from my country
    she sing my language
    and hearing
    so many this country like and want buy.
    and the other like
    Japan maybe or Afrika Arab Chinese
    more language she can sing with fluent
    the more she get.
    hug and love.
    she is not alone to make money, there's crew's, management and anything.
    the crew ia not sure too can sing and more famous
    its named mutualisme simbiosis.
    and how the film can make little cost and get much its that money management been work.
    the impossible get much money without press the cost.
    and the cost is private no one have to know exactly.
    if cost big much
    they must sell more to get profit.
    the important build some biggest can not been alone.
    is not far if there is smart people and all the vamily suport by money or other.
    you gonna be the person they know.

  • TWO Otaku A
    TWO Otaku A 3 months ago

    she got 2 cats

    IRON MAN 3 months ago

    She's anorexic

  • tj mouse
    tj mouse 3 months ago

    Not only is she absolutely hot, she's a brilliant mind for business and has fortitude. Hats off to you Ms. Swift

  • KEJE78
    KEJE78 3 months ago

    Ok long speech, short sense is, Taylor is a force in the music Industry. 🎶🤜

  • Anton
    Anton 3 months ago

    All I'm thinking is "Please invest in e-sports especially in fighting games. We need money."

  • WarriorPhantom17
    WarriorPhantom17 3 months ago

    hey this video was released when Taylor Swift released Me!

  • Alison
    Alison 3 months ago

    Yall made sooo many mistakes it's embarrassing omg (nothin to do with time if yall think so)

  • Phoebe El
    Phoebe El 3 months ago

    Aahhahaa it's funny how you're talking about her multimillion private jets and in the next sentence about her cats being worth around 1.5k Like... that's peanuts to Taylor. She could buy 100 cats and still get more interest on her money :D

  • Phoebe El
    Phoebe El 3 months ago

    2:21 this is crazy!!! But in the 2020 Berlin concert, the concerts in front row were only 150€... why is that? are Europeans less likely to spend 300 for a ticket? Or is this tour just so different as it's promoted to be?