• Published on Nov 29, 2017
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Comments • 577

  • Oyuncu prenses TV
    Oyuncu prenses TV 6 days ago

    You so cute

  • Gacha Lizzie
    Gacha Lizzie 25 days ago

    This is the first video I watched from you

  • sailormars336
    sailormars336 Month ago

    OMVG THANK YOU FOR REIGNITING MY LOVE FOR DOREMI!!! I used to watch the dub on 4kids and have completely forgotten about it since then!!! 😭😭😭😭

  • Danielle Esguerra
    Danielle Esguerra Month ago

    Please tell me where you got them I'm so jealous it's awesome

  • Milan Kenan
    Milan Kenan 2 months ago

    Shugo Chara is my favourite! You're adorable and I love you. I just found you recently after watching PrettyPastelPlease

  • Trista House
    Trista House 2 months ago

    I think they look more like curly irons

  • shiusa
    shiusa 2 months ago

    $2000 ??? Did you say $2000.00 or were you saying $20.00 in a fancy way ?????? If that one wand was $2000.00 and your mom bought it for you as a gift then wtf adopt me????? My mom would laugh at me if I asked her for any of that kind of stuff, let alone spend TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS on it ???????

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  2 months ago

      +shiusa No no the whole collection is around 2,000$!!

  • Gacha Lizzie
    Gacha Lizzie 2 months ago +1

    It’s yes precure 5 gogo

  • akmb1987
    akmb1987 2 months ago

    I love princess, but DOKIDOKITEAM

  • Ariyanna Bell
    Ariyanna Bell 3 months ago

    Wrong Pegasus power wand I watched it before

  • winky wink
    winky wink 3 months ago

    no sh!t i thought those were adult toys lmao

  • Kissasheep the Chalk
    Kissasheep the Chalk 3 months ago

    all the wands look like dildos wut you talkin bout

  • Tomek Vincent
    Tomek Vincent 3 months ago

    The sweets poron looks a bit like the candy rod from kirakira precure

  • CuteGamerGamingGirl B
    CuteGamerGamingGirl B 5 months ago

    Precure that’s all I have to say.........I LOVE PRECURE!

  • Mahou-Yume
    Mahou-Yume 5 months ago

    is it weird that i'm watching this in 2018? also idk what my fav magical girl show is

  • Miracle Flowery
    Miracle Flowery 5 months ago

    I love precure so much

  • TheMuppetBabiesfan
    TheMuppetBabiesfan 5 months ago +1

    anything BUT Glitter Force , the WORST name for a precure show to ever screen on Netflix . Smile Precure is a AWESOME name ANYTHING BUT Glitter Force , HECK NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile Precure all the way ! No doubt ! My favorite cure is cure happy , cause of her cheerfulness ! And the fairy as well , Candy ! Done by Pikachu's voice actress in japan ! Which I LOVE !!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY , this is so cool showing your toys ! Thanks !

  • Gacha Harry Potter Studio Korkala

    9:08 rly? U need risu,patshier,kururu and poppun!

  • Scaryia girl squad
    Scaryia girl squad 5 months ago

    I've been collecting magical girl wands for years too

  • Malisia Hopkins
    Malisia Hopkins 5 months ago

    This is a review of all my favorite anime series's

  • Pinkgirl4eva 999
    Pinkgirl4eva 999 6 months ago

    Wait wait,wasn't smile precure made in 2013?not 2011 just saying.or maybe I'm wrong can someone tell me?

  • ParisYT Adventures
    ParisYT Adventures 6 months ago

    I love cure happy or glitter lucky idk what you call them

  • Cece :P
    Cece :P 6 months ago

    Also your missing two more wand and 3 more taps:
    The Jewlery poron which you mentioned and the Kurururu Poron which has another spinning top
    The taps your missing is the Rythm tap, the Pararara tap, and Hana Chan's tap/compact
    Also I did check for these they were all made and are all working toys

  • Pixie_
    Pixie_ 6 months ago +1

    My favorite video!

  • catoad
    catoad 6 months ago

    I love magical girl animes, and my favorite will always, ALWAYS be tokyo mew mew, it's just so sweet, simple and great and cute and wonderful and aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • RoxiArts
    RoxiArts 6 months ago

    Go! Princess will never beat Fresh Precure

  • Fast food Greasy Taco I love 150

    I love your hair 💕 great video I subscribed

  • Amu-Chan The Magical girl

    I love the parfume !

  • Nicole Taylor
    Nicole Taylor 7 months ago

    Smile cure is my all time favorite 😍

  • Lynisha smith
    Lynisha smith 8 months ago


  • Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn 8 months ago

    I love your long vids.
    Because when I see a long vid of yours I know that you like and care about the thing that you talk about in the video. And me to. I started to watch Ojamajo Doremi as your recommendation and I ADORE IT! But, PreCure will be my bae for my intire life. I love your magical girl videos! Because they are so cute and long so it's detailed and I just love to see you happy! I love you!

  • M1stic Hatter256’s
    M1stic Hatter256’s 8 months ago

    I love your video 😍😘💕❤️💜💞💝🧡💓💛💗💚💖💙💕

  • Alyssa Kirchoff
    Alyssa Kirchoff 8 months ago

    I love glitter force

  • Alyssa Kirchoff
    Alyssa Kirchoff 8 months ago

    Like glitter force?

  • Jennifer Bennett
    Jennifer Bennett 8 months ago

    Have you seen Madoka magica magical paella

  • Jennifer Bennett
    Jennifer Bennett 8 months ago

    Lovely anime magical girls collection

  • ちにさら
    ちにさら 8 months ago

    Omg I tought nobody knew ojomajo doremi! It was my favorite anime when I was child and It aired on tv!

  • ちにさら
    ちにさら 8 months ago

    I've always wanted sakura's star rod since I watched the anime when I was 10! I love sakura chan! She's so cool

  • Talia Tuttle
    Talia Tuttle 8 months ago

    In Da name in the moon I will punish you!

  • Aesthetic Loser
    Aesthetic Loser 8 months ago

    I honestly love glitter force tbh. Glitter Breeze is my girlllllll uwu

  • Sugar Paw
    Sugar Paw 8 months ago

    My favorite magical girl series as precure and sakura card captor 😍

  • R.CorpseGirlSaku
    R.CorpseGirlSaku 8 months ago

    All that Doreme y'all. Y'all Yoooooooo

  • Asahina Mirai
    Asahina Mirai 8 months ago

    Precure 5 Gogo! Nozomi is my girl

  • Ylva Shyweb
    Ylva Shyweb 9 months ago

    My heart exploded for some reason...She is just way too cute x)

  • Grunkle Stan
    Grunkle Stan 9 months ago

    I used to watch all of these cartoons as a kid and I must admit I'm kind of jealous of your cardcapor sakura itemes, I loved it so much.

  • Emily Mason
    Emily Mason 9 months ago

    I love Glitter Force/Smile Precure

  • Kenny Lin
    Kenny Lin 9 months ago

    this looks like a dildo collection

  • Magical galaxy Lavender
    Magical galaxy Lavender 9 months ago +2

    Thanks for saying that it’s not glitter force I have seen people saying it is glitter force and it soooo annoying

  • Laura Torres
    Laura Torres 9 months ago

    I actively hate that they called the dub "Glitter Force"

  • Kawaiilover 36
    Kawaiilover 36 9 months ago


  • Kawaiilover 36
    Kawaiilover 36 9 months ago

    Try to get a creamy Mami wand

  • diana Bonez
    diana Bonez 9 months ago

    Pixielock I just notice some of those wand look like some of the star vs the forces of evil princesses wand ( if you guy know ) .

  • Destiny
    Destiny 9 months ago

    I'm curious do you like puella madoka magica? It's my first magical girl anime and I plan on watching more, but do you like it?

  • Kamorah Osoria
    Kamorah Osoria 9 months ago

    But it,s glitter force not precure

  • nessuno cometutto
    nessuno cometutto 9 months ago


  • Undomiel Arwen
    Undomiel Arwen 9 months ago

    wedding peach, gigi, mew mew power..???

  • Jessa
    Jessa 9 months ago +1

    Hi im new to watching your stuff and all but i was wondering if youve seen Madoka Magica? Ive watched that one and then some of the netflix english adaption ones you mentioned

  • Anhii100
    Anhii100 9 months ago

    Where you buy that stuff

  • Cece :P
    Cece :P 10 months ago

    Just asking, but have you ever seen Tokyo Mew Mew? It's a total throwback anime from 2005 which is also a magical girl one which is freaking awesome and you need to watch it and the weapons are so expensive but aaaaawweeessooommmee 😍😍😍😍

  • Lily Lozada
    Lily Lozada 10 months ago


  • ohira matani
    ohira matani 10 months ago

    Omg pretty cure

  • ya boi MCREE
    ya boi MCREE 10 months ago

    You probably shouldn't touch that Cutie moon rod proplica with your hands... well the painted shiny parts like the orb since it states in the paper it came with that the paint can come off when you touch it since our hands can get oily naturally and cause it to come off or chip faster x-x

  • nhi le
    nhi le 10 months ago

    vfjjtdfghhjnju tao lao

  • GaMiNg AnNiKa
    GaMiNg AnNiKa 10 months ago

    I love the glitter force and I watched it on Netflix 😋😍😘😛

  • Gacha Emma
    Gacha Emma 10 months ago

    Luchia-mearmid melody
    Emily-glitter force
    Maya-glitter force Doki Doki
    Chocola- sugar sugar
    Regina,Natalie-glitter force Doki

    • Gacha Emma
      Gacha Emma 10 months ago

      These are my favourite girls

  • Melissa Miller
    Melissa Miller 10 months ago

    the sakura card should be with the star wand and the clow card should be with the other wand

  • Farming life
    Farming life 10 months ago


  • Caralena Lindberg
    Caralena Lindberg 10 months ago +1

    Glitter Force is what really got me into magical girls, so when I found out about precure, it opened me up to this genre. Now, I am so deeply in love with magical girls, it's almost fanatical! Thank You Glitter Force for ruining my life in the best possible way!!!

  • Caralena Lindberg
    Caralena Lindberg 10 months ago

    Pretty cure is my all time favorite mahou shoujo series, besides Sailor Moon! I love Smile Pretty Cure the most, though GO! Princess is awesome too.

  • Tkjk04
    Tkjk04 10 months ago +2

    13:18 wait, are you saying the other precure shows won't come to USA? I'll never get to see Kirakira precure?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOooOooOoOO!

  • Happy Sugar Cakes
    Happy Sugar Cakes 10 months ago +1

    Jillian you always make my day and whenever you make a video I am always interested in what you upload. I have been with your channel from the start and I always will be. There is never a day where I will get bored with your vids. Keep up the good work. Love: Anelia.

  • Poetry Games
    Poetry Games 10 months ago

    I hate how the make Chibiusa powerless

  • The Kitten Kat
    The Kitten Kat 10 months ago

    Ive only ever seen glitter force and half of sailor moon. *Help me!*

  • Mega-p
    Mega-p 11 months ago

    your cat is so cute i wasn't paying attention when he was on screen sorry LOL!!

  • Karen Rodriguez
    Karen Rodriguez 11 months ago +1

    I live in the usa so i only watched smile precure and doki doki precure i watched it on Netflix

  • Eric Steen
    Eric Steen 11 months ago

    Say can u do a giveaway cause I love love glitter force!!!❤️

  • Miyuki Hoshizora
    Miyuki Hoshizora 11 months ago

    Smile precure/ Glitter Force

  • Dwight K Schrute Assistant to the regional manager

    Okay but can we talk about how calm your videos make me? I feel like I'm in a TRANCE when I watch your videos. They're bright, sparkly, colorful, magical, entrancing. This channel is the BOMB DOT COM OK! :3

  • faticoool fati tubers
    faticoool fati tubers 11 months ago +1

    I. Love. Hair 😘😘

  • Nemu
    Nemu 11 months ago

    How do you get the precure anime in the USA?

  • Ellygator57
    Ellygator57 11 months ago

    I got the bandai book of clow, complete with all of the cards, at a thrift store for $3. i was so stoked!

  • Ari J
    Ari J 11 months ago

    I love how pink and colorful all ur vids are!

  • Laredouter
    Laredouter 11 months ago

    Madoka Magica is my favourite magical girl anime

  • lumetics
    lumetics 11 months ago

    Now I actually want to start a magical girl collection. I need to watch more magical girl stuff!! You earned a sub ♡♡♡

  • SakuraLikes Sweets
    SakuraLikes Sweets 11 months ago


  • SakuraLikes Sweets
    SakuraLikes Sweets 11 months ago

    I love you hair and also I AM A PRECURE FSN

  • ava grace
    ava grace 11 months ago

    Why are you obsessing over plastic wands that make sound? I mean I like the way they look but why are they so expensive that’s basically what they are...

  • Autkiddo Jackie
    Autkiddo Jackie 11 months ago

    love magical girls
    btw your hair is like goals

  • sharon 1661
    sharon 1661 11 months ago

    im so jealous i have nothing from any anime 😭

  • Benadryl Cabbagepatch

    Do you watch Star vs the Forces of Evil? It's not an anime but Star is pretty much a magical girl

  • •Gacha Kabob Kajx•

    I watch glitter force it is my favorite show and I always wanted a glitter pact

  • Arianna Gonzalez
    Arianna Gonzalez Year ago

    So is precure and glitter force is the same but in englishM

  • まきのりまき


  • Katie Pavy-Miller

    I am a big fan to 😍😘😗😙😚

  • Neisha Brown
    Neisha Brown Year ago

    2:29 hey u made a rhyme.....aaaannnnndddd so did I

  • Rosemary Sapphiresky

    I know you don't like it , but the candy rod from a la mode would look really good wth your magical girl collection 😊

  • paradise 00
    paradise 00 Year ago

    just a dream come true ,love it

  • Anne Khalesi
    Anne Khalesi Year ago

    okay but like Tokyo Mew Mew, what are your feelings? cause thats my childhood and my favourite.

  • Addie's World
    Addie's World Year ago

    Do u have the linkle stick?