My Road to 10,000,000 Subscribers. (emotional)


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  • afro med
    afro med 32 minutes ago

    I watche your videos everything

  • shooter 693
    shooter 693 Hour ago

    you retarded negro

  • Eniku yenna pannalam
    Eniku yenna pannalam 3 hours ago

    Congratss dude.....

  • The Mobile Potato
    The Mobile Potato 5 hours ago

    I haven’t even got 10 subs yet

  • Jordyn Botha
    Jordyn Botha 6 hours ago

    Congrats rug feels like yesterday that you were 15 and just starting the rugrats are sooo proud ❤❤❤❤❤

  • NuKe Gaming
    NuKe Gaming 9 hours ago

    Congrats bro, I’ve been here since 800k and I remember u saying how 10 mil was your dream and now that u hit it I wish u nothing but the best

  • Rose Diaz
    Rose Diaz 10 hours ago

    Omg I'm crying I watched this 34 times now I love you FaZe rug 💗💗💗

  • The Jakenator 007
    The Jakenator 007 10 hours ago

    rug rats

  • Doggo Land
    Doggo Land 11 hours ago

    I got chills watching this video !!!! Congratulations on 10 million!!!!

  • Daisy Palacios
    Daisy Palacios 12 hours ago

    Your an inspiration like you been doing this for so long and you never give up on your self ❤️ even when ppl didn’t believe you did dont tank is we tahnk you 💯🎉🎉

  • whats good
    whats good 12 hours ago

    Faze rug or ninja

  • Krazy Developer
    Krazy Developer 14 hours ago

    So proud. I've been inactive lately, sorry for that. You're doing great! ;)

  • HeyzYT
    HeyzYT 15 hours ago

    this makes me wanna cry

  • Amy Carey
    Amy Carey 17 hours ago

    Never seen rug give the finger

  • Amy Carey
    Amy Carey 17 hours ago

    Where's marcelle

  • Madagashcar
    Madagashcar 19 hours ago

    Congrats to 10 million subs rug

  • Gamer God Livi
    Gamer God Livi 21 hour ago

    All of us watched he grow up

  • Jodi Dulin
    Jodi Dulin 22 hours ago

    You are so cool :). This is so emotional

  • Mr Unknown
    Mr Unknown 22 hours ago

    Do you guys remember the first tunnel video

  • غلا العنزي
    غلا العنزي 23 hours ago

    انت عربي زيي

  • Ansh Tewari
    Ansh Tewari Day ago

    Watching since 4mil and it feels like it was yesterday..

  • фЖЖЖф ;I
    фЖЖЖф ;I Day ago

    Skills bro literally

  • Kyan Alnajjar
    Kyan Alnajjar Day ago

    I was watching you from 2 million omg

  • Alvaro Rodriguez

    Oml congratulations I have watched you from when you first started and I love the edits #10 million!!!!!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • King Pelon
    King Pelon Day ago

    ur bless my friend, im very happy for you .god bless u for millions more to come. keep it up. stay bless

  • FIRE
    FIRE Day ago

    Hey what’s the song?

  • OrbiT RemiXx
    OrbiT RemiXx Day ago

    who been here since before 1mil

  • GhostlyNinja
    GhostlyNinja Day ago +1

    This thing is hella nostalgic wow..

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl Day ago

    Next thing ya know you’ll be the next pew die pie

  • life with lia
    life with lia Day ago

    I'm so proud of you Brian!❤ You deserved it😭 We all love you, and dont forget that😭💘❤

  • SkynyBone
    SkynyBone Day ago

    Congrats Rug. You are one of the best and most wholesome people on this platform. I hope i can get some subs someday. I will be starting this weight loss journey on my channel.

  • Jono208
    Jono208 Day ago +1

    I had to move houses so I could not watch you for ages and when I came back I said holy s*** and I could not believe you got 10m I’m so happy about you

  • Hussaini
    Hussaini Day ago

    Struggling and set your goals I like it

  • Skliws
    Skliws Day ago

    been here since 600k, congrats man

  • Itz David
    Itz David Day ago

    Is it wierd i cried

  • Hockey Boy
    Hockey Boy Day ago

    Faze rug you are the best i am with you all along i will never doubt you i was with you since 100000

  • Danielle Bumpus
    Danielle Bumpus Day ago

    You suck faze rug

  • just gamesNL
    just gamesNL Day ago

    where is mike

  • Patti Rivas
    Patti Rivas Day ago

    Can you do more hide and seek please

  • Muhtasim Alom
    Muhtasim Alom Day ago

    Anyone knows the song after 4:02

  • Ninja _
    Ninja _ Day ago

    I’ve been a rug rat since 500 subs

  • Neil Tapia tortocion

    congrats bro i wish youre my brother

  • Albert Plays
    Albert Plays Day ago

    *This is just the start💪*

  • Will Ed
    Will Ed Day ago

    im hga

  • Talon Wilt
    Talon Wilt Day ago


  • Kelsey Anne
    Kelsey Anne Day ago

    Honestly so proud to be a rugrat 😭💕

  • Kelsey Anne
    Kelsey Anne Day ago +1

    WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I’m so happy rug!!!!!!!! 💛 you make me so happy

  • Mark Dossantos
    Mark Dossantos Day ago

    Play fortnite at the cinima

  • Mike Nation
    Mike Nation Day ago

    If your reading this I hope you come very rich and achieve your goals if you could sub to my channel as in trying to reach my goal of 1k I have set right now would appreciate it . I hope you have a great great day.😁😁

  • Bizz Bizz
    Bizz Bizz Day ago

    Yo wtf? i cant stop watching this. My heart sinks. CONGRATS BRO damn its kind of depressing that the CoD days are over. I love you Bryan

  • lordgoku bot
    lordgoku bot Day ago

    Feels like the 5 million sub hit was yesterday

  • Lionkilian
    Lionkilian 2 days ago +1


  • mk43m8
    mk43m8 2 days ago

    Let’s go ruggggg I’m showing love and support to your channel 24/7

  • Xxxtentacion 89
    Xxxtentacion 89 2 days ago

    Does anyone remember how rug would always have sleep paralysis? And tell us about it

  • DoubleDownBros
    DoubleDownBros 2 days ago

    Im so happy for your accomplishment, I hope one day I just hit 1k subs, thats like all I ask for. I mean your a nice guy you deserve this good job. Keep it up.

  • Dmccards 22
    Dmccards 22 2 days ago

    The drake bell video was almost 2 years ago. And theyve been in their new house for over a year..... time flies

  • Francisco Garrido
    Francisco Garrido 2 days ago

    Click baited your way to the top with cringey content.

  • Angel Colorado
    Angel Colorado 2 days ago

    Anyone agree👌👌

  • BooM Chinzah
    BooM Chinzah 2 days ago

    Honesty stopped watching you when you quit cod and "started vlogging" but woah 10 mill?!?! What did I miss out on. ily rug❤️

    XX STR8XXGOD XX 2 days ago +1

    Subscribe to my channel
    Comment done
    I'll do the samething if u want rug to hit 11,000,000

  • Vilma Galvan
    Vilma Galvan 2 days ago

    Ummm what's the song?

  • itzyoboiruuben
    itzyoboiruuben 2 days ago

    11:07 when your mom said ur grounded from fortnite

  • OG moe sargi eric & jake

    u made me a you tuber I love you bto

  • Ann Mejia
    Ann Mejia 2 days ago

    Rug the intro made me cry so much Like I just can't believe you made it this far I'm so excited for you I can't wait for everything that can happen in the future congratulations # Rugrats for life

  • Janaya and edits
    Janaya and edits 2 days ago

    faze rug i love your videos and i hope you become a star in the future thank you

  • Penny Pincher-Coins
    Penny Pincher-Coins 2 days ago

    congrats on 10mil,,,,,i subbed,,,,,,sub me cause i need subs

    BEAST OF DUTY 2 days ago

    I am so happy to be a RUG rat ❤❤

  • SaefAD Playz
    SaefAD Playz 2 days ago


  • SaefAD Playz
    SaefAD Playz 2 days ago

    congrats brain u deserved it times going so fast and we are all growing up and its making me cruy

  • Keep making fun of my Name on here

    😭😭it’s like if it was yesterday when it all started :( keep it up bro 😞

  • abby pickard
    abby pickard 2 days ago

    I was here befor 1mill I'm shocked how big faze rug ARMY GOTTT 😢🤘✌☺

  • Jinxd
    Jinxd 2 days ago

    You really do live the best life rug, you deserve it 🔥

  • Abing Muhamad
    Abing Muhamad 3 days ago

    You are so amazing

  • Logan Tudor
    Logan Tudor 3 days ago

    I have watched you 3 million

  • LiL Havo the Kid
    LiL Havo the Kid 3 days ago +1

    Congrats rug been here since 600,000 what's the beat to this vid someone plz tell me much love

  • Mason Ferg
    Mason Ferg 3 days ago +1

    happy 10m subs dude

  • Isis Salgado
    Isis Salgado 3 days ago

    Congratulations and your motivation is unbelievable your the actual man I love you so much

  • Veronica Arispe
    Veronica Arispe 3 days ago


  • Jasmin Samuels
    Jasmin Samuels 3 days ago

    Good job yall

  • oZvni
    oZvni 3 days ago

    *how is this emotional*

  • AiR SiDe
    AiR SiDe 3 days ago

    The first video i saw from your channel was when you start of the vlog running up the stairs and I specifically said " woo! I need to exersice more but it was the vid of your clothes moving in your closet from then i Started watching your vids i love you Bryan!!! Follow your goals and dont give up !!!!!!

  • Bolt Nitro
    Bolt Nitro 3 days ago

    Your the highest FaZe member with 10MIL subs

  • Bolt Nitro
    Bolt Nitro 3 days ago

    Been here ever since 700k, love ur content, keep it up to 20mil

    BARTTHE COMMUNSIT 3 days ago +1

    ;_(. I miss all the members that have made there life as happy as they wanted to do but still wrong choice they made a whole community sad for happiness :_(

  • Dapinder Kaur
    Dapinder Kaur 3 days ago

    Sad I'm so happy for you

  • Brittney Vandermeer
    Brittney Vandermeer 3 days ago

    I love this video so much you have come along way I’ve been watching you since 6 or so million I know that’s not a long time but I love watching your videos love you Rug keep up the good work ❤️

  • William Christensen
    William Christensen 3 days ago +1

    Congrats my man

  • Logan Paul
    Logan Paul 3 days ago +4

    1 like if you cry 😭 Everytime🙏🙏

  • Logan Paul
    Logan Paul 3 days ago

    It reminds me of when I was young

  • Maddie Massengale
    Maddie Massengale 3 days ago

    omg congrats I have been with you since 2013 and it feels just like yesterday❤️❤️

  • Jacob Grow
    Jacob Grow 3 days ago

    Rug you deserve it I’ve been an OG subscriber for a while and I love your videos.

  • Maxgucci 10
    Maxgucci 10 3 days ago

    Subscribe to my channel and like the videos please faze rug

  • The Epic llama
    The Epic llama 3 days ago

    U are the best youtuber u give me so much motivation for school and everything keep going rug

  • Luca Roncen
    Luca Roncen 3 days ago

    Congratulations Bro!10M

  • Sarmad Sarmad
    Sarmad Sarmad 3 days ago

    Making TVclip videos is stupid to be honest. It would be better if you did a better job that makes maybe 2000$ to 4000$.

  • Joaquim MSilva
    Joaquim MSilva 3 days ago

    I miss cod videos anyone remembers 360 collat trickshot

  • JRonald Pacardo
    JRonald Pacardo 3 days ago

    Ahhhhhh so tears of joy

  • Mermaid Secret
    Mermaid Secret 3 days ago

    U deserve this xxx

  • Captain Raymond
    Captain Raymond 4 days ago

    You are the most subbed TVclipr in a year!!!!