It Smelled Even Worse Than We Thought... | Let's Play #8

  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
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    We're back with another episode of Let's Play! Jamie hosts as Drew, Kara, and Joey play What's That Smell - a new party game where you have to guess what you're smelling. If you lose a round, you have to take a disgusting Whiff Of Shame. Trust us, you don't want to sniff those stank cards. Join us as we play What's That Smell and see whose nose knows the most!
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Comments • 874

  • Fairy Gamer
    Fairy Gamer 2 days ago +1

    :P ...that's all I have to say

  • Padyn Gossett-McDowell

    did anyone see the screen glitch at 10:00

  • Glitch Alajar
    Glitch Alajar 3 days ago

    Why does Joey reminds me of Blazkovicz from Wolfenstine

  • xZonexFramex
    xZonexFramex 4 days ago

    Oh cmon guys I was eating!

  • W.Bulldogs AUS Greece

    Kara really annoys me she is so mean to drew
    I hate that bitch 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬😤

  • Ærtic Girl
    Ærtic Girl 9 days ago

    Joey has a daughter !?

  • YouTube Sucks! 87
    YouTube Sucks! 87 10 days ago

    What's her name? Karen? The girl in the middle of the thumbnail I forgot. *HER FACE US LITERALLY LIKE MMMMMM* XDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Kelly July
    Kelly July 12 days ago


  • Ayda Pinar
    Ayda Pinar 12 days ago

    when I grow up I want to work at vat19

  • dawn ireland
    dawn ireland 13 days ago

    I want to come in but I can’t im a kid

  • wolf pack team
    wolf pack team 15 days ago +1

    I l
    I lo
    I lov
    I love
    I love t
    I love th
    I love thi
    I love this
    I love this s
    I love this sh
    I love this sho
    I love this show

  • Allie The Artic Wolf AJPW


  • Catherine Maria
    Catherine Maria 17 days ago +1

    Me trying to guess it even if I can’t smell it🤣💀🤦‍♀️

  • Kevin and Christie Lim

    "I was bathing with my daughter..."
    *she's young.*
    They had us in the first half not gonna lie.

    A CUBING MANIAC 19 days ago

    it looks like they dyed their hair pink/purple 10:46

  • erin park
    erin park 19 days ago

    i’m sure many girls were upset to find that joey had a daughter 💀

  • brandy31313
    brandy31313 23 days ago

    I love the cat cup

  • seema sinan
    seema sinan 23 days ago

    I have that game and I let my brothers friend smell It and he threw up 🤢🤮

  • Immys life And more
    Immys life And more 24 days ago

    I have got that game

  • Lisa Lawrence
    Lisa Lawrence 25 days ago

    My name is cinnamon and you guys said my name in the video

  • Anna Shulayev
    Anna Shulayev 26 days ago

    I played this game before.

  • Mandy Flynn
    Mandy Flynn 29 days ago

    Wot B.O.?

  • frankie hernandez
    frankie hernandez 29 days ago

    *Vat19 noses left the room*

  • Imlazydwi
    Imlazydwi 29 days ago +2

    I cant play this game, I nearly cant smell anything ;-;

  • skinny jason
    skinny jason Month ago

    joeys arms

  • Hey 3dgy
    Hey 3dgy Month ago

    "Im gonna choose Chara she's been a bully today" Undertale warning:
    Of course she is she killed everyone you loved AND STARTED A GENOCIDE AND SHE LIKES CHACOLATE!!!

  • Nina Playz
    Nina Playz Month ago

    I played that today! It’s Horrible!

  • Nico Grinold
    Nico Grinold Month ago

    Joey really wanted to smell that diaper tho

  • andres resendiz
    andres resendiz Month ago

    Hashtag dumbness and stupidness

  • David Yanke
    David Yanke Month ago

    My parents LOVE death wish coffee, and I love the stickers😂

  • Anu K
    Anu K Month ago

    Who else thinks Drew looks like Ben Affleck

  • brylee ASMR
    brylee ASMR Month ago

    800th comment sksksks

  • Its FerrousSphinx57

    That baby was at Taco Bell obviously

  • Spiders Doyoutube
    Spiders Doyoutube Month ago

    Who else smelled it from the screen
    No one ok

  • Stephen Lightbourn
    Stephen Lightbourn Month ago

    Kara's lowkey hot af

  • Arcticx369
    Arcticx369 Month ago +2

    Before this i watched a lot of spice videos so seeing jamie so calm is weird lol

  • Madlex Music
    Madlex Music Month ago

    I feel like Joey was lowkey favored this entire video 🤭

  • Mr. Waffles
    Mr. Waffles Month ago

    Am I the only one who hears the ‘lets play’ and immediately misses Eric. 😢

  • Olivia Shanks
    Olivia Shanks Month ago

    The nose of shame. Lmao.

  • circularsquare
    circularsquare Month ago

    If I played this and got leather, I would write “2017 Christmas my biological aunt got me a custom leather bracelet that said “Thank God I’m Weird” and I I didn’t stop smelling it until I had to go to sleep so my parents could rap the final few presents”

  • Bumble Bea
    Bumble Bea Month ago

    I really want that game tbh

  • zoyah kumar
    zoyah kumar Month ago

    Joey has a daughter?

  • Shataph Malfoii
    Shataph Malfoii Month ago

    Wait.. Joey has a daughter?😲

  • Ghostly Feeling
    Ghostly Feeling Month ago +1

    *Oh smell yeah*

  • ITs ThE YOuTUbe AlGorIThm
    ITs ThE YOuTUbe AlGorIThm 2 months ago +1

    Me: I can beat anyone at this
    My dog: Hold my beer

  • Lauren Wilder
    Lauren Wilder 2 months ago

    I hame that game !

  • Enderwolfskyler Yeet
    Enderwolfskyler Yeet 2 months ago +1

    7:21 I’m dying 😂😂

  • Destailleur Cedric
    Destailleur Cedric 2 months ago

    kara you're beautiful it's compliments the card extra old cheese toes it stinks it smells the feet just to know I'm curious

  • Erik Gaming23
    Erik Gaming23 2 months ago



  • GalaxyGirl :D
    GalaxyGirl :D 2 months ago

    A secret way of doing drugs!

  • Sarah Watson
    Sarah Watson 2 months ago

    Got so confused when they were talking about smarties. That’s not what smarties are, the chalky wonderful candy Are called Rockets. Smarties are candy coated chocolate dots.

    • Gabby Stephenson
      Gabby Stephenson 2 months ago

      Yeah America is just different. And I’ve never heard anyone call Smarties/Rockets wonderful. Where I live, we would just get them from teachers in elementary school with them saying “Here’s some Smarties for my smart students” and then the students would crush them up and “smoke” them behind the teacher’s backs. I’ve never seen anyone eat them after elementary school.

  • mohamed shehab
    mohamed shehab 2 months ago

    Did u guys change the thumbnail

  • MarysiaBurger
    MarysiaBurger 2 months ago

    i cant even survive the good ones i hate smells i get head aches and want to throw up

  • Tryb
    Tryb 2 months ago


  • Jumadi Bombongan
    Jumadi Bombongan 2 months ago


  • Kyle
    Kyle 2 months ago

    7:30 when you smell a rotten egg

  • Nicole Barnhart
    Nicole Barnhart 2 months ago

    I have what's that smell at my house

  • Allison Johnson
    Allison Johnson 2 months ago

    WHERES ERICK!!u can’t spell

    OMEGA BRO PLUSH 2 months ago

    If a dog was a contestant of this name he would win!

  • Laurel Cook
    Laurel Cook 2 months ago

    How would you store the smelly cards so that when you open the box, the whole game doesn't reek like vomit?

  • Life in a nutshell
    Life in a nutshell 2 months ago

    Did joey really win tho?

  • Nancy Guo
    Nancy Guo 2 months ago

    when drew smell the smothered in b.o. the sound

  • I_haz_no_comments
    I_haz_no_comments 2 months ago +1

    Something funny...

  • game84cube
    game84cube 2 months ago

    We got this game. We have yet to play. I feel like I'm cheating while watching this video

  • Crazy Crafty Kid
    Crazy Crafty Kid 2 months ago

    Smarties are called rockets in Canada 🇨🇦

  • Joseph Mot
    Joseph Mot 2 months ago +1

    At 15:40 tho lol

  • Xuan Lan Pham
    Xuan Lan Pham 2 months ago


  • Ghostbalone
    Ghostbalone 3 months ago +2

    0:20 looks like there is an angry face on the bottom of the trophy

  • Fruity Fruit
    Fruity Fruit 3 months ago

    Bruh freshly cut grass makes me wanna throw up:( I really don’t know why lol😂

  • Cosmic Squid
    Cosmic Squid 3 months ago

    I love snorties

  • Buttercupkat Productions

    If you have Smell o vision you could totally play along!

  • Galactic Wolf101
    Galactic Wolf101 3 months ago


  • Carolina Gunin
    Carolina Gunin 3 months ago

    How do smarties smell chalky, smarties are chocolate.

  • Manasik's world
    Manasik's world 3 months ago +1

    B .

  • Scooby And shaggy
    Scooby And shaggy 3 months ago

    It may just be me but smarties don’t smell like any thing

  • jellyboyjam
    jellyboyjam 3 months ago

    Is no one gonna talk about joeys voice crack? 7:21

  • Allison Howard
    Allison Howard 3 months ago

    i have played this game and there are really stinky cards. they obviously looked at the cards before hand to pick the nice smelling ones because there aren’t that many of them.

  • Maddie Ellis
    Maddie Ellis 3 months ago +4

    Smarties is chocolate where I live

  • hola_its_ karli
    hola_its_ karli 3 months ago

    I got this for Christmas :D

  • kawaii crafts
    kawaii crafts 3 months ago

    I honestly thought jon was the boss...

  • I’m the best drawer lol
    I’m the best drawer lol 3 months ago +3

    Smells like Butt flowers

  • Monia Aktar
    Monia Aktar 3 months ago


  • Mr. Jazz moose
    Mr. Jazz moose 3 months ago

    I didn’t smell anything this whole time

  • No Money Production
    No Money Production 3 months ago

    I wonder how they made that smell cards

  • Exotic Bonnie
    Exotic Bonnie 3 months ago

    Die drew!!!!

  • Nathan Kim
    Nathan Kim 3 months ago

    Vat19 can you play unstable unicorns

  • Cammy Quinn
    Cammy Quinn 3 months ago

    The guy on the left has the same fox mug as my dad ( sorry not keeping track of names )

  • Vivian Pham
    Vivian Pham 3 months ago +1

    Drew didn’t deserve it

  • Gacha Ocelot
    Gacha Ocelot 3 months ago

    Am I the only person who thinks Joey and Jamie are brothers?

  • Rakel Sól Jónasdóttir

    I have play this game

  • thefantasticjames
    thefantasticjames 3 months ago

    Sorry I know I ask this a lot but why isn't Joey shirtless in all these videos?

  • cayde six
    cayde six 3 months ago

    The first answer is grape. No help after that

  • Julian Park
    Julian Park 3 months ago

    Did anybody wish Drew and Jamie would always choose Kara as the loser?

  • Mulad Murthi
    Mulad Murthi 3 months ago


  • Chloe DIY
    Chloe DIY 3 months ago +1

    700 COMMENT!,!,!,!,!,!,!,!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilliana Paltan-Gaines
    Lilliana Paltan-Gaines 3 months ago

    he keeps losing

  • Lilliana Paltan-Gaines
    Lilliana Paltan-Gaines 3 months ago

    lol poor drew

  • Adam Shortt
    Adam Shortt 3 months ago

    Little did he know that his mom gave him grape cough syrup

  • Bad Premier
    Bad Premier 3 months ago

    I got this game for Christmas when I first played it it stunk up my whole house I had to throw it away

  • Llama Productions
    Llama Productions 3 months ago

    689th comment