Sean Evans On Most Tragic Hot Ones Guests


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  • Brian axb
    Brian axb 10 hours ago

    This podcast is like an awkward teenager trying to make friends at school. Cringe.

  • cat swag
    cat swag 2 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay hype

  • dnlkr
    dnlkr 6 days ago

    Eddie Huang had a rough time. Started at wing 10 and then didn't wash his hands before using the bathroom.

  • Dylan Pritchard
    Dylan Pritchard 6 days ago

    “But it’s good TV” ya lost me there Sean Evans. You make a killer WEB SHOW. Own it!

  • meltedwaffles
    meltedwaffles 7 days ago

    FUCK H3 they are so trash

    MITAR MITRA 7 days ago

    Why do hosts look like crackheads

  • Cornea
    Cornea 9 days ago

    Riff raff drank like 5 beers and milk😂😂

  • itzAndy
    itzAndy 10 days ago

    Dj Khaled was the worst. Not only did he quit super early, he was just sitting there talking like he was the best fatass in the world.

  • ohhh ryyyon
    ohhh ryyyon 11 days ago

    Host is full of shit..he just blabbing on whatever he thinks people want to hear...anybody fucking real anymore??!!..fucking BS epidemic

  • iLLeag7e
    iLLeag7e 11 days ago


  • Brent  Loy
    Brent Loy 12 days ago +1

    Sean knows how to host.

  • Caitlyn Jenner
    Caitlyn Jenner 13 days ago

    martin garrix is a champ

  • Young Rage
    Young Rage 14 days ago

    No joke, Sean Evans must've left trails of gravy lava in the early days of the show.

  • luke nackley
    luke nackley 15 days ago

    Sean is so happy to be on this show it's so cute

    TBK TIME 18 days ago

    lol yacty

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell 19 days ago

    Sean Evans is a cool kat. Im excited to see where he is gonna go.

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson 21 day ago

    Milk challenge I have killed it twice now!

  • Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid

    I don’t think I could make it past the 5th or 6th wing. I used to be able to handle hot sauce but now can’t since becoming an old turd. 😩

  • Shalom Stevenson
    Shalom Stevenson 23 days ago

    Surprised he didn’t think of Bobby Lee first. Dude straight up pooped himself in the middle of the interview.

  • Thomas clayton Hawkins

    God I fucking hate h3

  • Charlie Luciano
    Charlie Luciano 24 days ago

    Joe Budden had to be one of the worst guest on hot ones

  • mousekill82
    mousekill82 24 days ago +1

    Ethan. Let Sean finish answering the question that you asked ffs

  • Texas Viking 806
    Texas Viking 806 24 days ago

    Sean Evans sounds like he has permanent heart burn.

  • Ariel Macias
    Ariel Macias 24 days ago

    Yo this boi Sean a robot 1:10

  • fai ali
    fai ali 25 days ago +8

    vince staples was the funniest guest hands down

  • Michelle Cox Photography

    Lol so funny

  • juniorbove
    juniorbove 26 days ago

    Sean Evans doesn't come across as a corporate robot in this wow

  • eastwood brown
    eastwood brown 26 days ago

    That fuckboy dj khaled. Tell the truth.

  • BigDad138
    BigDad138 26 days ago +2

    Does she have a brain injury? She sounds "touched"

  • samuelmdouglas
    samuelmdouglas 27 days ago

    Mgk was the shittest episode, hes a rude fuckwit

  • deniz benzetsel
    deniz benzetsel 27 days ago

    Guy Fieri, no milk, no water.

  • stephen hartley
    stephen hartley 27 days ago

    my homepage is filled with recommendations for videos of podcast hosts interviewing other podcast hosts

  • RJW
    RJW 27 days ago

    coolio got the itis lol

  • Toxic Touch Productions

    Sean Evans is a fantastic person.

  • makerstudios
    makerstudios 28 days ago +2

    Coolio was a freaking boss. I don’t care if he had to lay down. He ate a spoonful of 🔥.

  • benny snickers
    benny snickers 28 days ago

    Action Bronson couldn't even open a bottle of booze (think it was champagne? ) and fucked it up and spilled it all over Sean's laptop. Plus he claimed to be a high level athlete. 😑🍾. He was a bad guest.

  • Random Robert Renditions

    If I got a penny for every "like" in this interview I'd be a millionaire.

  • Cameron Dennis
    Cameron Dennis 28 days ago

    H3h3 needs to stop showing up on my reccomend because the click bait titles get me, but whenever he talks I need to stop watching the video

  • marcusgeraint
    marcusgeraint 28 days ago

    I came here for Sean Evans and absolutely not the H3H3 channel. Gutted I’ve given you two a view.

  • Ron dog
    Ron dog 29 days ago

    hot ones challenge was easy af, bought the sauces. how could you throw up from that.

  • Leopold
    Leopold 29 days ago

    IMO Bobby Lee was the most tragic gues ever..the guy literally shit his pants!

  • S W
    S W 29 days ago +37

    I always love when an interviewer interrupts a great anecdote to tell a half-formed terrible one that goes nowhere.

  • bullsi20
    bullsi20 29 days ago

    Anybody else think the host of hot ones is 100% a serial killer?

  • AcaciaTreeTV
    AcaciaTreeTV 29 days ago

    He had a better interview with Bill Burr😂😂

  • Dan
    Dan Month ago +1

    Yay 3 incredibly boring people talking to each other.. exactly what the world needs.

    • Jarfankle _
      Jarfankle _ 10 days ago

      Yay one incredibly boring comment criticizing the fundamental structure of podcasts. Exactly whay the world needed.

  • Lord Trylynnatot
    Lord Trylynnatot Month ago

    Bobby "I just shit my pants" Lee

  • theLucianIancu EVL
    theLucianIancu EVL Month ago

    That cute dog tho 💚

  • Spencer Zamora
    Spencer Zamora Month ago

    Fuck king batch. And fuck iggy azelea. I'm so tired of this shitty talent.

  • Haha Yeah I've Heard of Memes

    Wait til you meet a pencil - it's like typing but in real life

  • Shawn Chamberlain
    Shawn Chamberlain Month ago

    FYI, I'm literally a food addict and milk is my crack....
    I've always wanted to do that gallon of milk thing that no one seems to be able to do....
    There was a time in my life where I went thru 9 gallons of whole milk a week....
    That's over a gallon a day.....
    I'd regularly sit down to one meal and drink over a half a gallon of whole milk with double chili dogs...with no problem...
    I would definitely take the challenge....
    But we'd have to talk time constraints....
    I feel I can do one gallon in the time it takes to watch a 'long' hot wings 20 minutes...
    "AND"...….I have to have some 'other' filler.....of my cookies or cake....etc
    As a final note.....not sure if I could do a gallon of 'whole' milk in 20 minutes....
    As I stopped drinking whole milk around 1998 and switched to non fat.....
    I know I could knock out the non fat...….and I honestly think I could with the whole too.....
    But it's been 20 years since I have drank whole milk regularly.....
    But, if by chance I was given an hour.....I'd knock back a gallon of whole milk.....easily......

  • Venom LeTitan
    Venom LeTitan 3 months ago

    I actually wonder what mega death hot sauce tastes like.

  • LiL SOSA
    LiL SOSA 3 months ago

    I fucking love sean evans *no homo*

  • lilnetty2
    lilnetty2 3 months ago

    Russell Brand did well

  • Marco Kenata
    Marco Kenata 3 months ago

    I thought that when Coolio passed out, he was in Gangsta's paradise for a while

  • Buke
    Buke 3 months ago

    Sean reminds me of a smaller Dana white

  • Paul Tom
    Paul Tom 4 months ago

    Look at the Sean's watch...

  • Turkish Gypsy
    Turkish Gypsy 4 months ago

    Dj khaleds pussy ass barely got to the 3rd wing😂😂

  • BrokenRedBench
    BrokenRedBench 4 months ago

    Eddie Huang, by far.

  • Devin Reilly
    Devin Reilly 4 months ago

    God shes ugly

    HOOLIGAN 4 months ago

    You forgot about Tom Arnold. Lol. Poor Tom got destroyed

  • Pearlie Grace
    Pearlie Grace 4 months ago

    whos the strongest in hot ones tho?

  • Eric Myless
    Eric Myless 4 months ago

    Forgot about DJ Khalid making it to only the second wing.

  • Chris Liotta
    Chris Liotta 4 months ago +3

    The woman here has a really deep voice, but that’s cool.

  • Yoel Arenas
    Yoel Arenas 4 months ago

    *hand gestures intensifies*

  • recovery beer
    recovery beer 5 months ago

    In most cases, guest being sensible.

  • recovery beer
    recovery beer 5 months ago

    Tapped out

  • recovery beer
    recovery beer 5 months ago

    the impulse

  • recovery beer
    recovery beer 5 months ago

    Who was taking it the worst.

  • Marvin Hernandez
    Marvin Hernandez 5 months ago

    Didn’t Bobby lee shit himself

  • Sakata Gintoki
    Sakata Gintoki 5 months ago

    martin garrix is just a kid

  • adrienne
    adrienne 5 months ago

    The comment section is just people spelling DJ Khaled wrong

  • Ballconei
    Ballconei 5 months ago

    My legs are red I don't feel good.

  • Spicy Güero
    Spicy Güero 5 months ago

    Dj Khalid didn’t deserve to be on the show. He disrespected the host many times and couldnt even go past the 2nd or 3rd wing. What a lil bitch

  • The 80's Wolf
    The 80's Wolf 5 months ago +5

    DJ Khalid played himself and was a whiny quitter. Outbossed by tiny white guys and women etc.

  • kineticraptor
    kineticraptor 5 months ago +8


  • Jeff Knox
    Jeff Knox 5 months ago

    "We didn't swab his underpants." Sean, you need to realize you have certain obligations to us fans.

  • Mark Jackson
    Mark Jackson 5 months ago +19

    Coolio just wanted to stay the night because he doesn’t have a home to go to

  • Vending Machine Bud
    Vending Machine Bud 5 months ago

    *I'm about to drop this cantulope, dude*

  • Bjergenstein
    Bjergenstein 5 months ago

    Please invite Jacpsepticeye, Markiplier and Pewds as a trio taste. would be sooooo good :D

  • Adrian D
    Adrian D 5 months ago

    The ending about dropping fruit was fucking stupid.
    Way to ruin the entire joke for low hanging fruit.

  • Rolando Motilla
    Rolando Motilla 5 months ago

    i never knew shitting yourself was an art.....

  • nikeguy2
    nikeguy2 6 months ago

    “There’s some guy in a peach suit, dry heaving over the sink” 😂 that sounds like some Scooby Doo shit.

  • adam langdon
    adam langdon 6 months ago

    "I'm about to drop this cantaloupe dude"...that should be code for something...slang for about to shart....

  • censor everything
    censor everything 6 months ago +1

    Not surprised DJ Khalid tapped out. Won't even go down on his wife. Total pussy.

  • kurt woyma
    kurt woyma 6 months ago

    the hottest thing i ever ate was a pizza a friend made with reaper extract infused into the sauce and topped with dried and chopped scorpion peppers and with some capsaicin crystals worked into the cheese. i chugged 2 and a half gallons of chocolate milk just so i could start breathing again, and i gotta say i was super happy with myself because i never threw up. i definitely was doubled over for a solid 2 hours but i didn't vom so now who's the real winner??

  • Heff Heff HeffHeff Heff

    I came hear for joji

  • Maggie Wannamaker
    Maggie Wannamaker 6 months ago

    Is that a Montreat Hat? It looks like the gate bro...

  • mabvsfd
    mabvsfd 6 months ago

    "I feel like I can shit my pants at any time. I'm always clenching my asshole." - Ethan Klein
    I NEED this t-shirt.

  • 2 Brains
    2 Brains 6 months ago

    This guy is nice on camera but you can tell off camera he's smug as fuck

  • Chase O
    Chase O 6 months ago

    I was tryna eat my breakfast dafuq

  • Atticus Kelly
    Atticus Kelly 6 months ago

    what is the ending music?

  • A Hernandez
    A Hernandez 6 months ago

    Should've brought up Dj Khakid... truly pathetic episode. He said some stupid ishh like, "just because I give up doesn't mean I'm a quitter"

  • Big Chunk
    Big Chunk 6 months ago

    Bobby Lee

  • Jonathan Nunez
    Jonathan Nunez 6 months ago

    Lol the music at the end is the only reason why I subscribed lol

  • Julio Cruz Jr
    Julio Cruz Jr 6 months ago

    I find her attractive

  • Jeremy Fukala
    Jeremy Fukala 6 months ago

    The hand gesture from the thumbnail looks like Sean is teaching someone how to drive a manual transmission.

  • HeHoZy
    HeHoZy 6 months ago

    Fuck i love Sean.

  • Jay Stubbs
    Jay Stubbs 6 months ago

    I don’t understand why the woman is on this show. Is she high all the time?

  • Måri
    Måri 6 months ago +5

    We all came here waiting to remember DJ Khalid 😂 I'll tell you now he's not mentioned. You're welcome.

  • Tony From Syracuse
    Tony From Syracuse 6 months ago

    whne I eat something spicy I get a bad case of the hiccups