Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Kris Jenner

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
  • James and Kris Jenner take turns asking each other very personal questions about the Kardashian family and James's career, which they must answer or eat a disgusting food, like bull's penis.
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Comments • 5 005

    MERGEZ ATOMIQUE 34 minutes ago

    I was waiting for this.

  • Emma Wilmott
    Emma Wilmott Hour ago

    Omg idk y they’re always so grossed out by the egg its not old its just put in this chemical alkaline thingy. I eat them all the time in my tofu salad, they’re actually rlly good. (They are delicacies in China.)

  • Jersey's Life
    Jersey's Life Hour ago


  • beans
    beans Hour ago

    Kris reacted to the smoothie just like Kim LOL

  • _JV_ 19
    _JV_ 19 Hour ago

    Oh this is great
    I would have had the whole glass of hot sauce

  • Notorious Pandas
    Notorious Pandas 2 hours ago

    Kris looks so much Like kim

  • Jemima Rhys Jones
    Jemima Rhys Jones 2 hours ago

    At 6:26 I swear I saw a red light flash from the ring!!! And it looked like it was FROM the ring not from the lighting!!!! Go look and tell me if you see it!!!!

  • GiorgiK
    GiorgiK 2 hours ago


  • I swear way too fucking much

    1000 yo eggs are actually very good

  • Asha Patel
    Asha Patel 3 hours ago

    K eat your egg 😂

  • Arabelle Buckmaster-Gardner

    Kris could have said Kylie because she goes on about how she doesn’t enjoy being in the spotlight all the time

  • queening
    queening 4 hours ago

    Is this staged?

  • Jade Lamond
    Jade Lamond 4 hours ago

    I genuinely want to know how much money he was paid

  • There has been a mistake
    There has been a mistake 4 hours ago +1

    hey it's *That woman*

  • Lindsey Haight
    Lindsey Haight 5 hours ago

    I've always wondered, what happens if someone on Spill your guts or fill your guts is vegan??😂😂

  • Paola Guzman
    Paola Guzman 6 hours ago

    Cow tongue tacos are the best

  • Karen Luo
    Karen Luo 7 hours ago

    The egg isn't really a thousand years old that's just the name

  • Xaminer003
    Xaminer003 7 hours ago

    Didn’t he already tell the story about Kanye? Repetitive much 🙄

  • Marta
    Marta 7 hours ago

    We want Harry Styles, PLEASE JAMES

  • Justin
    Justin 7 hours ago

    YO this shit lowkey racist everything on this shit is Chinese food. Plus some of this shit is good too.

  • Anastasiya Babycheva
    Anastasiya Babycheva 7 hours ago

    Cow tongue is good with garlic if sliced thin! She should know that if they’re such huge “Armenians”

  • Aden Adil
    Aden Adil 8 hours ago

    Do you really want to get food poisining

  • Simply Kelya
    Simply Kelya 8 hours ago

    Could you please do a spill your guts challenge with the Avengers cast or Liza Koshy

  • Nariah Hall
    Nariah Hall 9 hours ago

    "It's like a drive threw" 😂😂😂

  • Nariah Hall
    Nariah Hall 9 hours ago

    @4:36 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nataly Alexa
    Nataly Alexa 9 hours ago

    “Okay eat your egg”
    Sorry mom

  • zainab abdullahi
    zainab abdullahi 9 hours ago

    haha i’ve been waiting for momma jenner lmao

  • Queen Svetlana
    Queen Svetlana 10 hours ago

    my new favourite bff's

  • Elvis Hermes-Dinka
    Elvis Hermes-Dinka 11 hours ago

    Bit insensitive to say "many poor", just because you have a Rolls Royce, does not make you a better human than others.

  • Lover Boy
    Lover Boy 11 hours ago +1

    Kris is like the first person to swallow on this show 😂

  • Allie Anderson
    Allie Anderson 11 hours ago

    gordan throwing yeezy shade i love it!!!!!!!!!

  • Tamia Allen
    Tamia Allen 11 hours ago

    Its like a drive through

    Oh she has been to a frive through

    Also me probably a gucci drive through

  • The Leon Gaming
    The Leon Gaming 12 hours ago

    why are the kardashian's and jenner's famous???

    • addison Edwards
      addison Edwards 11 hours ago

      The Leon Gaming cause Kris' husband was Robert Kardashian he defended o.j Simpson in a murder case and also like had her sex tape and it went from there

  • Ida Mol
    Ida Mol 12 hours ago

    Brilliant business woman, but such a dumb human.

  • N EZ
    N EZ 13 hours ago +1

    Fried butter ain’t even that bad

  • Angela Nicole
    Angela Nicole 13 hours ago

    “Okay, eat your egg.” 😂

  • Grumpy Wolf
    Grumpy Wolf 13 hours ago

    "Okay eat your egg" 😂😂

  • Venicia Smith
    Venicia Smith 13 hours ago

    Those are my babies 😍😂😙

  • Demi Denton
    Demi Denton 14 hours ago

    Don't eat Egg James

  • Gooogle Cooper
    Gooogle Cooper 14 hours ago

    Lol "okay eat your egg" kris is such a mom.

  • Jessica Ladrow
    Jessica Ladrow 15 hours ago

    but can we have Harry do this with you please

  • Random Person
    Random Person 15 hours ago

    Plz do one with HARRY STYLES or CARDI B

  • Isabella Baxter
    Isabella Baxter 16 hours ago

    He should have given her grosser ones

  • Felicite Rose
    Felicite Rose 16 hours ago

    with harry styles

  • Gavin Reddig
    Gavin Reddig 17 hours ago

    Personally I love me some deep fried deep fried deep fried butter

  • Vlada Grande
    Vlada Grande 17 hours ago

    CARDI B pls 😍 or lil pump 😂

  • Bunny
    Bunny 17 hours ago

    A 1000 year old egg isn't 1000 years old.

  • caetha
    caetha 17 hours ago

    A thousand Year old egg, is not a thousand year old. And it tastes really good.

  • Rebeka Campbell
    Rebeka Campbell 18 hours ago

    I choked ahhahaha

  • aBTSfan만디
    aBTSfan만디 18 hours ago

    I love her speaking voice

  • Noni Vaughn
    Noni Vaughn 18 hours ago

    I want to see Ellen and James next.

  • lushblush
    lushblush 19 hours ago

    my mom actually makes cow tong and she has a special recepie and its really good

  • Yasmin Stoeterau
    Yasmin Stoeterau 19 hours ago

    H A R R Y S T Y L E Please

  • Sara
    Sara 19 hours ago +1

    They should have brought her on when kylie was pregnant

  • Bryony Slater
    Bryony Slater 19 hours ago

    What?! 3qs?! Load of bs

  • Vloggetts
    Vloggetts 20 hours ago

    2:26 Fuck, that was awkward

  • momo
    momo 20 hours ago

    this is so stupid. they're not even eating or drinking anything

  • Johanne Høst
    Johanne Høst 20 hours ago

    Yes and no questions really shouldn't be a thing in this game lol

  • Gracie Harper
    Gracie Harper 20 hours ago

    Do not eat while you're watching this 🤢😂

  • Michaela Hooks
    Michaela Hooks 21 hour ago

    I did not know her and Chris were still together

  • ch3rryp3psi
    ch3rryp3psi 21 hour ago

    can yall stop considering other culture's delicacies as 'disgusting' foods!! honestly. 1000 year old eggs are absolutely delicious when they're cut up in congee and is an awesome comfort food.

  • Mahlia Schuster
    Mahlia Schuster 21 hour ago

    How come the one james takes looks so different? Just look

  • Caryn Poonte
    Caryn Poonte 22 hours ago

    I would love to try the Century Egg 😁

  • Diana Hernandez Reyes
    Diana Hernandez Reyes 22 hours ago

    Seasoned and cooked Crickets are eaten in Mexico . I would just eat them for fun lol

  • Tien Shinhan
    Tien Shinhan 22 hours ago

    "I'm not gonna answer"
    You just did though 😂

  • Sarah Jaundrill
    Sarah Jaundrill 22 hours ago

    OK that made me heave.

  • alessia lilis
    alessia lilis 23 hours ago

    she should’ve asked why haven’t little mix been on carpool karaoke

  • Celeste Diaz
    Celeste Diaz 23 hours ago

    We all know it would have been Kourtney

  • Remarkable SeiF
    Remarkable SeiF 23 hours ago +2

    There should be a rule where you can't spit it out.

  • CChloe
    CChloe 23 hours ago

    All the Kardashian’s are beautiful

  • Rose Phuksahome
    Rose Phuksahome 23 hours ago

    Out of all the Kardashian’s and the Jenner’s I love kris the most!

  • dua lipa is my religion

    she probably didn’t even took a sip of the sardine smoothie

  • omg trashes
    omg trashes Day ago

    we call the thousand year old egg, century egg, here

  • Nikita Suchak
    Nikita Suchak Day ago

    cow tongue is delicious. idk why that's one of the foods

  • v n
    v n Day ago

    ariana grande next!!!!!!

  • Jazmin Salvador
    Jazmin Salvador Day ago

    she is so classy and a boss at the same time. lmao

  • LiwiaGoszynska
    LiwiaGoszynska Day ago

    Kris and Kylie are the only people from that family I can stand.
    Kim is superficial and started this entire plastic trend. She is also ALWAYS speaking for Kanye, which means Kanye is a really small man who cant defend himself.
    Kendall is a spoiled brat.
    Khloe is the naive woman. Terrible. If your man cheats, first of all blame it on him, some people think men dont have brains or smth. Second of all dump his ass, especially if it is not the first time he has done that.
    And Kourtney is just....sooooo immature and she is almost 40.

  • Rubielyn Lim
    Rubielyn Lim Day ago

    Hhahahah fuck u

  • Violet
    Violet Day ago

    What’s the point of these if James never answers the question and never fully takes a bite of anything ?

  • Victoria Lai
    Victoria Lai Day ago

    The 1000 year old egg literally tastes so good I’m not even kidding. In Malaysia we enjoy it with porridge amongst other dishes.

  • Arthur Yeung
    Arthur Yeung Day ago

    You have to find some chinese guest for this someday

  • The Maddie Carnochan

    kris Jenner has bigger balls than James Corden!😂

  • dame ovo
    dame ovo Day ago +1

    Plastic surgery catching up with her .

  • Kawaii. Nugget
    Kawaii. Nugget Day ago

    oOO, you should do this with either Dua Lipa or Mika Abdalla!

  • Kawaii. Nugget
    Kawaii. Nugget Day ago


  • Ana Muslimah
    Ana Muslimah Day ago

    I think Kendall or Kylie shouldnt be in the show i barely see them not that they are not interesting, Kourtney is in Most times and she is good at bullying Kim and taking care of her kids so not her

  • łÿßtūß Ę
    łÿßtūß Ę Day ago

    This was too short😭

  • Flll w
    Flll w Day ago

    If I were Kris I would've said that I cut Kylie off the show because she already has Life Of Kylie. Easy question

  • Chloe Nicole
    Chloe Nicole Day ago

    TBH I would spill my guts every time I’m not gonna eat any of that except the hot sauce

  • LordDarts
    LordDarts Day ago +1

    01:18 EPIC

  • skylar valdes
    skylar valdes Day ago


  • Rija Ali Khan
    Rija Ali Khan Day ago

    HARRY STYLES, please and thank you

  • King Green
    King Green Day ago +1

    3:49-3:52 what language did he just speak 💀

    • King Green
      King Green Day ago +1


    • King Green
      King Green Day ago

      Someone spell out what he said 😂😂😂😂

  • Eddy Puah
    Eddy Puah Day ago

    A thousand year old egg is damm freaking nice!!!

  • Jono Naoum
    Jono Naoum Day ago

    Who else wanted to try that deep fried butter 😂

  • Yon ce
    Yon ce Day ago

    I hate james cordon

  • luna celeste
    luna celeste Day ago

    i needed this

  • x LostLiv
    x LostLiv Day ago

    *Okay, eat your egg*

  • Eurydice Schuyler

    when i lived in china, sometimes i’ll just eat a century egg by itself,

  • Dolly Jang
    Dolly Jang Day ago

    Thousand Year Old Egg doesn't even taste bad. Y'all are trippin