I Try Sonic's New Pickle Juice Slush Drink

  • Published on Jun 14, 2018
  • Today I try out the latest trend in the fast food world, the new Sonic Pickle Juice Slushie.
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  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  9 months ago +353

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    • Decriminalize Darwinism
      Decriminalize Darwinism 8 months ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek the vinegar of pickles causes you to salivate which makes your mouth less dry so you feel more moist and refreshed.
      Its why a good slaw on a pulled pork in the summer with some citric acid flavour enhancing lemonade is potentially one of the best summer meals IMO

    • ggeettoo86
      ggeettoo86 9 months ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek love your video

    • Mike Garcia
      Mike Garcia 9 months ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek you should start a podcast

    • The PiPeLeSs Piper
      The PiPeLeSs Piper 9 months ago

      My precious

    • S. L.
      S. L. 9 months ago

      Great video as always! Wish we had a Sonic closer to us; I'd actually like to try the slushie just to see what it's all about.

  • spaghetti-remix101
    spaghetti-remix101 10 days ago

    That is quite a beautiful background there TheReportOfTheWeek

  • ABananaPeel
    ABananaPeel 22 days ago

    It's gween

  • Wakingfromslumber
    Wakingfromslumber 23 days ago

    Mmmmm I wonder what the sodium content of that drink is ......

  • Dip Dop
    Dip Dop 23 days ago

    I can't tell you how full I am off salted meats. I'm disappointed that my body will eventually digest and process all this meat, and I'll have to say goodbye to it. FOREVER. Thank God there's another can waiting for me. Thanks Toad's!
    - Dip D. Dop

  • Dip Dop
    Dip Dop 23 days ago

    "thank you for toots"
    *Rips a huge wet one*
    You're welcome RvBrh. Had a big can of Toad's NEW Cream Chipped Beef Corned Beef Hash Combo Can for BFast.
    Heat it up right on the stove, or in the can. Just turn on the gas.
    *Kiss* *kiss*
    Thank you pep pep 4 your brehviews

  • Dip Dop
    Dip Dop 23 days ago

    I'm concerned for you RevBrah.... Without you saying "running on empty ..... FOOOOOOOD REVEWWW ... Are you using? Please get help. Get off the smack. You can do it RevBrahhhh. I love you, goodnight

  • Just a Girl
    Just a Girl Month ago

    Dude just come out and say it you didn't like it at all

  • TyDie85
    TyDie85 Month ago

    I bet it works well with vodka! Pickle juice basically eliminates vodka taste

  • jxhf Gonza
    jxhf Gonza Month ago

    Guys i figured it out

    **hes in the FBI**

  • Leon Andrews
    Leon Andrews Month ago

    Tasted like Martian piss!

  • Leon Andrews
    Leon Andrews Month ago

    I don’t like Sonic and would be the last place I would get food at. Probably for fast food it is OK, but I absolutely hate their stupid drive in setup. I don’t want to sit in my car after placing my order staring at a door waiting for my food to come out. I like to go inside the restaurant and order, I don’t like drive throughs. Sonic is nothing but a Drive Thru and/or a order and sit in your car like a dumbass. It’s not fking 1955, let me go inside, get my shit and go. There was a Sonic in my college town where you couldn’t do this, so I never went there. So there.

    • Josh Frank
      Josh Frank Month ago

      Leon Andrews
      Does yours not have a pavilion whith a roof to sit.

  • Mitchell B
    Mitchell B Month ago

    They should have gone for a bread and butter thing instead of a sweet dill thing.

  • Craig Rockwell
    Craig Rockwell Month ago

    241 downvotes from the girls he didn't call back last month after a night of savage lovemaking

  • Carry Wood
    Carry Wood Month ago

    Review brah picked a peck of pickled pico grams. Say it 5x fast

  • Tatyana Woods
    Tatyana Woods Month ago

    *S O N I C F E E D I N G T R O U G H*

  • PickleGod Uno
    PickleGod Uno Month ago

    Brah tried the juice bro
    Pickle juice in my double cupppppp.

  • R. Lothbrook
    R. Lothbrook Month ago

    I wasnt all in when i saw your first video but after following up on a few today you have earned my respect

  • Frank James
    Frank James 2 months ago +1

    BOOM there's oranges everywhere

  • Fuck Off
    Fuck Off 2 months ago

    Is this... REVIEW!?

  • PBR Streetgang
    PBR Streetgang 3 months ago

    They wanted to hide the piss color.

  • kate boone
    kate boone 3 months ago

    Pickles get rid of hiccups

  • Jeffery Burgess
    Jeffery Burgess 3 months ago

    Add some vodka and vermouth and you would have a pickle martini

  • kobro.mp2
    kobro.mp2 3 months ago +1


  • jake nguyen
    jake nguyen 3 months ago


  • Mark Harrison
    Mark Harrison 3 months ago

    I would like to beat you unconscious with a pickle and cut your fingernails,when your knocked out!Its the only way that chore is getting done!

    • Howdy
      Howdy 3 months ago

      Mark Harrison he’s our lord back off brah

  • K. M.
    K. M. 4 months ago +1

    I really love your videos, you are very entertaining.

  • Whippii AJ
    Whippii AJ 4 months ago

    what does precipice mean?

  • Gummi Gorillaz
    Gummi Gorillaz 5 months ago


  • Houndstooth
    Houndstooth 5 months ago

    Your backyard looks like a crocodile is gonna crawl in the background any minute.

  • Mr Ugly Man
    Mr Ugly Man 5 months ago

    Next vid: diarrhoea flavoured slushie?

  • Mr Ugly Man
    Mr Ugly Man 5 months ago

    It's that cat transformer woman from Harry potter

  • Robert T
    Robert T 5 months ago

    I clicked this one cause it sounds nasty so i wanna see your reaction.

  • Kevin Aaron
    Kevin Aaron 5 months ago

    2:28 his reaction is so priceless he starts twitching

  • wehweh3
    wehweh3 5 months ago

    Think it'd be good with a nice burger.

  • Nicole Sweetz
    Nicole Sweetz 5 months ago

    Your review has bored me to my core. It's so long..don't take forever to give your oppinion of something

  • mark kenney
    mark kenney 5 months ago

    You are f**ked dude, and I love it! Great job.

  • Stray Arrows
    Stray Arrows 5 months ago

    what's the deal with this kid??

  • SamLikesFans 99
    SamLikesFans 99 5 months ago

    3:28 MHMM that sound of disappointment

  • Lord Genesis
    Lord Genesis 5 months ago +4

    Sonic feeding trough xD xD good stuff bro

  • A stranger named Aymara

    I wanna have lunch with him

  • Amber Lacy
    Amber Lacy 6 months ago


  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 6 months ago +1

    I almost vomited at 2:30 but then i realized those chunks were ice and not pickle

  • Samantha Harney
    Samantha Harney 6 months ago

    This is the dude I wanna marry

  • Casa_undra
    Casa_undra 6 months ago

    It was at the moment he starts talking about pickle fanatic my bf looks at me and says you and your damn pickles 😂

  • Dude Guy
    Dude Guy 6 months ago

    My life for the pickle!

  • Ravioli Gold Digger
    Ravioli Gold Digger 6 months ago

    When I tried it,it tasted like pepper....😐 did Sonic try to kill me?

  • Estrella Noche
    Estrella Noche 6 months ago

    I’m so glad you tried this so I don’t feel bad about never trying it

  • Arnulfo Herrera
    Arnulfo Herrera 6 months ago

    Hey you should try the blazin wings at Buffalo wild wings.

  • Clare Gillooly
    Clare Gillooly 6 months ago

    Hey John, it's me Clare....againnnnnn. As a pickle fiend I found this review very helpful. It seems like always we're on the same page. I might have to give this a try for the heck of it. Talk to ya later

  • The Great Hawk
    The Great Hawk 6 months ago

    I'm trying this for the first time as I write this. It should be a soda.

  • Epic Ness
    Epic Ness 7 months ago

    Tangy + zesty = teste 🤔😓

  • I Hate Card Games
    I Hate Card Games 7 months ago

    This man singlehandedly reminds me of my grandpa AND my grandma.

  • InsomniPop
    InsomniPop 7 months ago

    He's like if your fifth grade science teacher was also still in fifth grade. I love him.

  • Kat Nguyen
    Kat Nguyen 7 months ago

    I find the pickle juice slushie tastes like lime and pickle.

  • [aFe_] Noodlefresh
    [aFe_] Noodlefresh 7 months ago

    4:20 he holds the straw like a cigarette

  • A Reputable Man
    A Reputable Man 7 months ago +1


  • Chxpo
    Chxpo 7 months ago

    When dc heat retires from basketball vids

  • juggalo for life!
    juggalo for life! 7 months ago

    He must be a cigarette smoker, or a pot smoker because of how he holds his straw at 4:20 and around that time....how ironic is it that i point that out at 420 lol...and ironically with his oversized shirts and mind along with speach too big for for humanity sorta reminds me of the angel castiel from supernatural so call me weird but perhaps he's an actually an angel. Like castiel. New to being human.

  • DripzzBoy319
    DripzzBoy319 7 months ago


  • bgrissom88
    bgrissom88 7 months ago

    Lol he called out all pickle Lovers 🖕👇👈👉☝️👆

  • Andrew Otero
    Andrew Otero 7 months ago

    Pickle or not, it really helps you cool you down.

  • Ego-Craft
    Ego-Craft 7 months ago

    OH THANKYOU, You really helped me though my mid day crisis i was torn as if my mind body and soul were fighting for control all with their own belief systems and It was up to me as the owner of all three to choose a side and live with it. basiclly I was expecting the would out of this juice and sure it uld not of set me back to much $$ if i bought one but i just didn't wanna be wasteful and even tho it seemed like somthing I would not waste if i got a small, i honestly didn't want a small if i had to walk 2 hours to sonic's just for a drink so then i was "screw it you know what' i wasn't gonna go anywhere and jjust settle with tap water but then i saw you video on youtube a few days later and helped me gain insight into that problem and gain more control over my healthy and body. i now like to meditate after Work for 1-2 hours if i get time LMAO BEING A WORKING man makes time hard to FIND blahahah. anyways I killed a man and kept his body in the basement

  • Zayflux
    Zayflux 7 months ago

    There's no such thing as pickle juice. It's cucumber-flavored vinegar ._.

  • Dr Guy Fieri
    Dr Guy Fieri 7 months ago

    Quality content

  • Virginia Harp
    Virginia Harp 7 months ago

    I love pickle juice. just don't know if I'd like a pickle juice slushy

  • Joe Palermo
    Joe Palermo 7 months ago

    I almost vomit when I tried it

  • High Standard Vacations

    Great review! It’s like I could taste the pickle slushi.

  • Toy golden Freddy Nascar review channel

    Best TVclipr ever

  • Lavenia Hewes
    Lavenia Hewes 7 months ago

    bro I love how you talk its so cool to hear

  • Andy Wandy
    Andy Wandy 7 months ago

    00:59-01:08 bra it's a green screen

  • I just like Memes
    I just like Memes 7 months ago

    First part was like..damn bro you forgot your intro😂😂

  • John Marcy
    John Marcy 7 months ago

    Maybe the next Mr. Rodgers

  • j money man
    j money man 7 months ago

    Someone should get a Sonic burger with no pickles and drink the slushy

  • Idealbrody
    Idealbrody 7 months ago

    It bothers me how much reviewbrah knows how much I like pickles

  • Student Logan Boyd
    Student Logan Boyd 7 months ago

    It sucked the pickle slush sucked

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong 7 months ago

    Grab a bottle of whisky and have some pickle backs....

  • Wise ass
    Wise ass 7 months ago

    What a truly omniscient being

  • Jon Goforth
    Jon Goforth 7 months ago

    Did he have a stroke at the very beginning? "This is...review"

    • echo
      echo 7 months ago

      Jon Goforth that’s the intro he uses when he reviews drinks

  • 0 Subscribers with no videos challenges. Niwar

    Beautiful intro😂

  • Ņőť Hůmăņ
    Ņőť Hůmăņ 7 months ago

    Do you have a review of the new stuffed crust Pizza front Little Caesars ?

  • Beefy Boy467
    Beefy Boy467 8 months ago

    I have to disagree, the pickle slushy is a little sweet and odd, it doesn't taste like a traditional pickle snowcone to me

  • NiCelyPlaYed GaMeR
    NiCelyPlaYed GaMeR 8 months ago

    Just stick with a nice coke slushie

  • MiloSconster
    MiloSconster 8 months ago

    Why have I spent all day watching these reviews

  • Beansoup231
    Beansoup231 8 months ago


  • HunterXray
    HunterXray 8 months ago

    I have some pickles in my refrigerator. I never ever think of drinking the juice. Maybe this is different? More like a cucumber juice?

  • John Grindey
    John Grindey 8 months ago

    I think he got brain freeze
    Oh and boneless wings are not wings at all...they are breast meat
    And pickle juice is great in bloody mary's...I don't know about a slushie though

  • madeline zavala
    madeline zavala 8 months ago

    Watching this, drinking pickle juice straight from the jar 😌

  • Natasha Foley
    Natasha Foley 8 months ago

    1:34 mood 🥒

  • Natalie ‘
    Natalie ‘ 8 months ago

    I absolutely love pickles but today I finally tasted the slush and it was disgusting as shit

  • Fred Miller
    Fred Miller 8 months ago

    You are a much braver man than I, sir. I have a menu of items I know I like and I stick to it pretty religiously. Pickle juice shakes are definitely not on it.

    LOVE YOU JIMMY 8 months ago

    Who’s mans is this 😂

  • Hayden Kerans
    Hayden Kerans 8 months ago


  • Alcoholic Shark
    Alcoholic Shark 8 months ago

    1:34, coulda’ sworn my video froze.

  • Grand Star
    Grand Star 8 months ago

    I tried this thinking it would be gross but it was surprisingly good, I'd recommend it for anyone willing to try it

  • Destini Alvarado
    Destini Alvarado 8 months ago

    Excuse my French.. but holy shit I’m going straight to sonic in the morning I gotta try this😱😀

  • respinoza89
    respinoza89 8 months ago +1

    4:20 ...... let me just smoke me some pickle juice

    • Josh Frank
      Josh Frank Month ago

      Yah dont see that very often lol.

  • A m Y
    A m Y 8 months ago

    My mouth is watering.
    The pickle slushy looks good too.😏