[992] Keycard-Operated Padlock Picked (Operator Time)

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019

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  • Dalton Akers
    Dalton Akers 10 days ago

    That lock is in fantastic shape for a lock from the eighties.

  • Escape the Matrix
    Escape the Matrix 12 days ago

    'LockPickingLawyer' - When you know it's okay to 'Like' the video before you watch it.

  • volvo09
    volvo09 12 days ago

    Neat lock

  • darkspd31
    darkspd31 15 days ago +1

    Imagine being an inventor, finally patenting a "genius" lock design, finally getting in production, and then this guy shows up

  • ٰ ٰ
    ٰ ٰ 18 days ago +1


  • MGlBlaze
    MGlBlaze 19 days ago

    Definitely a novel design, if nothing else.

  • Swimming Pools
    Swimming Pools 19 days ago

    The way you talk you sound like a dentist

  • bangs6996
    bangs6996 19 days ago

    I got one of these about 22 years ago..still have it.. i like the fact I could just make copies using old pepsi cards // bank cards ect.. Didn't know it was that easy to pick..=(

  • daddyalien
    daddyalien 19 days ago

    I wish I'd never seen this channel because I have literally zero faith in any locks my house has or garages and bikes thereof. Locks keep honest people honest and not much else!

  • lunacy
    lunacy 19 days ago

    0:29 - So I guess we’re just not doing phrasing then?

  • Adam McMillen
    Adam McMillen 19 days ago

    I have one of those somewhere!

  • Green engineer
    Green engineer 19 days ago

    Can you tell me which lock you can't pick so that I buy one?

  • Brian Henson
    Brian Henson 20 days ago

    i remember these we had them on the inside of the warehouse doors

  • Dr Apocalypse
    Dr Apocalypse 20 days ago

    Where can I get a lock like this, i absolutely love the idea and the style of it

  • Clay Old
    Clay Old 20 days ago

    I only see 3 dimples.

  • Danny Philpott
    Danny Philpott 20 days ago

    Lock picking increased to 100

  • Hardy Party Truck
    Hardy Party Truck 20 days ago

    video 1000 = 1M sub special?

  • Alex Barnett
    Alex Barnett 20 days ago

    I remember those! So much eighties futuristicness. So much fake technology back then.

    THUMPER_AHM 20 days ago

    This is the guy you need if you wanna start a heist

  • Charles Hepburn II
    Charles Hepburn II 20 days ago

    How cool would it be if there was a 3D animation of the lock mechanism he is picking... so us lay people could visualize the pick better. I know that would be A LOT more work, but it would make your videos A LOT more educational and easier to understand in detail what is going on.

  • Kevin Cantrell
    Kevin Cantrell 20 days ago

    This was really cool!

  • Zsolt Sz
    Zsolt Sz 20 days ago +1

    Lockpicking dentist: first one is loose, so is the second...

  • Tinkers Tales
    Tinkers Tales 21 day ago

    How can we send you locks?

  • Maestor Maestor
    Maestor Maestor 21 day ago

    Блин сначала говорит,,, Смотрите какой бомбейсктй замок с хитрым секретом и кльчом,,, а потом сам же за 10сек взламывает его. 🙁

  • Brent Reid
    Brent Reid 21 day ago

    Lock picking lawyer became a great locksmith when he picked the cuck cage his wife placed on his dick

  • Garfield all Day
    Garfield all Day 21 day ago

    So are there any locks that are approved by lpl ?

  • SuperPartymonster123

    Is there actually any lock you can’t open?

  • uklearningman
    uklearningman 21 day ago

    I love The Lawyer!

  • Madwizard145
    Madwizard145 21 day ago +2

    i feel the obscurity of this type of lock gives it a bit more security

    • Napalm38382
      Napalm38382 18 days ago

      obfuscation does not increase security. It's often used in some low tech encryption. It just doesn't work. IE: Programmers deliberately making code appear at face value to be something else. Or taking simple code and attempting to make the simple code complex. With the right tools, or knowledge of the lock it provides no additional security.

      And if you're a thief, you should probably have knowledge of what lock you're attempting to open before you do it. Most locks you can just look at then come back later.

  • Alcadeias90
    Alcadeias90 21 day ago

    Not sure if this was done before, but for video 1000, how about you try to design your own lock?

  • Stellar Archive Fan
    Stellar Archive Fan 22 days ago

    I tried one of these on my school locker back when they first came out. Within a day or two of putting it on my locker, someone had kicked the front of the lock, causing the narrow slot where the card goes to collapse. Rendering the lock pointless and broken.

  • Tim Mcmasters
    Tim Mcmasters 22 days ago

    LPL the only person that can get into my chastity belt.

  • Christopher Raff
    Christopher Raff 22 days ago

    Security by obscurity.

  • Joe Anthony
    Joe Anthony 22 days ago

    is there a lock you can"t pick.

    ASCANDER 22 days ago

    By the way, did someone try to impression this guy? It should be interesting

  • Kushagra Saxena
    Kushagra Saxena 22 days ago

    Where can we buy it? I am from India and I am fascinated by it.

  • Sean Nanoman
    Sean Nanoman 22 days ago

    It seems as though a new credit card or piece of plastic shim could be inserted, give it a hard rap inwards,
    and then check for bump marks. This should make it easy to locate the pins and file out a working card.

  • Miyabi Saiki
    Miyabi Saiki 22 days ago

    Is the packsafe card lock secure?

  • MR MR
    MR MR 23 days ago

    I don't think I've heard LPL talk about any partnerships with a lock manufacturer. He must have offers right?

  • MR MR
    MR MR 23 days ago

    I accidentally touched it and it popped right open.... but isn't it cute?

  • Basil Priest 疫ゾ引

    Since 1990 was almost 30 years ago, I'd say this lock is closer to maybe 35 to 40 years old

  • Jordan Cambridge
    Jordan Cambridge 23 days ago

    Oh I know that dragon door in the basement of a Thailand temple.

  • Jordan Cambridge
    Jordan Cambridge 23 days ago

    Lets see how long it takes LPL to pick the lock at Fort Nocks.

  • big waffleman
    big waffleman 23 days ago

    What does 'binding' mean?

  • Zynerion
    Zynerion 23 days ago

    Blast from the past: tvclip.biz/video/34976SngvrY/video.html

  • sandspar
    sandspar 23 days ago

    Locks are springing open faster than Playtex for Elvis.

  • It's me
    It's me 23 days ago

    I heard about some locks form Dhidigul
    In India which is known for locks . They make locks by hands . Thoes locks even have traps . You should try those locks . Those lock making technic from very long time

  • I leave mean comments
    I leave mean comments 23 days ago

    WHoa... you have over a million subscribers now? When did that happen? I must not have been paying attention for a while. For some reason I thought you only had a fraction of that. Well done!

  • Ciborium
    Ciborium 23 days ago

    What No special custom-made tool from Bosnian Bill? I am disappoint.

  • Thomas
    Thomas 23 days ago

    Christmas special idea: Get some different types of popular and moderately priced padlocks (10 or 20? 🤔) then chain them and put them under tension until the weakest breaks and is eliminated. Only the strongest padlock survives. Then challenge people to send you stronger locks (within reasonable parameters!) to crown a new champion in 1:1 competition.

  • glasslinger
    glasslinger 23 days ago

    LPL: "I have a 15 minute video for you today! We will pick 200 Master locks!"

  • Bryntin
    Bryntin 23 days ago

    Had one of these for an emergency bike lock in the 90s

    SUNCOAST PICKER 23 days ago

    😎very NICELY done. 😎

  • Jacen Solo
    Jacen Solo 23 days ago

    Getting close to 1000 episodes

  • Костя Бегунов

    Have you picked Abloy locks? Finnish made. Would love to see

  • Subaru STi
    Subaru STi 23 days ago

    Show us how you can get out of handcuffs behind your back with no tools..........😂

  • JohnJaggerJack
    JohnJaggerJack 23 days ago

    I have one of those! I made a print of the holes pattern just in case i lost the cards, which i obviously did, but did not care since i can make an exact copy of the pattern in any other card.

  • Shoot that Poison Arrow

    if this lock was used in a movie, it would be the card recreated from a photo...say could that actually be done?

  • Jonathan Gibson
    Jonathan Gibson 23 days ago

    Video 1000 LPL picks his nose! Slower than some of the locks he picks.

  • ENgeenir
    ENgeenir 23 days ago +1

    I'm a burglar and I need a lawyer for my case, please help.

    I swear I stick my lock pick in her just a stress test.