the voice best auditions ever (part1)


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  • Kuro DaCat
    Kuro DaCat Month ago

    List was ok..mid lvl..

  • sebastian arguello
    sebastian arguello Month ago

    "the voice best auditions ever" First one: NO ONE TURNS AROUND

  • Joachim Sudergat
    Joachim Sudergat Month ago

    ~ 6.10, that is a very impressive singer.
    Very very good.
    The video is perfect.

  • Paweł Reske
    Paweł Reske Month ago

    Wow 14 !!!!!!!!!!

  • Qoyyima Fias Salam
    Qoyyima Fias Salam Month ago

    it was just like chris cornell's cover of billie jean

  • mika 18
    mika 18 Month ago

    Chinka pieje jak diabeł na egzorcyzmie

  • Ludmila Mjagkova
    Ludmila Mjagkova 5 months ago

    its fondewul!!!

  • Derek O'Brian
    Derek O'Brian 5 months ago

    Pollocks (Roxene) are on the list by the big mistake !!!

  • whippetsarethebest
    whippetsarethebest 5 months ago

    Roxanne and mad world are amazing

  • Fiona Fernandez
    Fiona Fernandez 6 months ago

    these voices are better than most of the famous pop singers

  • Sahra Thiriet
    Sahra Thiriet 6 months ago

    Sorry but this Dream On version was horrible, I knew from the first notes but it was worse than expected

  • dave dunton
    dave dunton 6 months ago +1

    They're all awesome but the Chinese girl is spectacular.

  • David Scott
    David Scott 6 months ago

    How can you not turn around for this bloke?

  • Thalitinha Winchester
    Thalitinha Winchester 6 months ago

    2° Incrible !!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • K L
    K L 6 months ago +2

    One of us

  • dogunit100
    dogunit100 6 months ago

    The first one is a waste should have stick with one voice the judge got confuse with his voice

  • Ronald Gregory
    Ronald Gregory 7 months ago

    Where's part 2?

  • Niewidzialna Reka
    Niewidzialna Reka 7 months ago

    for me this chinese girl is the best

  • Cosmos Lux
    Cosmos Lux 8 months ago

    who is 18?

  • Joe Newman
    Joe Newman 9 months ago +1

    One of the best collection yet !!!!! U just got a new Sub. Thx

  • Maxime Boudreau
    Maxime Boudreau 9 months ago +1

    Travis Cormier from the voice canada ...
    WAY FUCKING BETTER singing Dream on

  • yolanda Mac
    yolanda Mac 10 months ago

    1st guy was bad...

  • 101maxiking
    101maxiking 10 months ago

    who is the third? new Marvin Gaye?

  • Romina Gonz
    Romina Gonz 10 months ago

    Que musica es el numero 2?!!! 😟

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel 10 months ago

    Song please 1:37 please? :c

  • issac figueroa
    issac figueroa 10 months ago

    16:20 fc 😂

  • Tymek Kozłowski
    Tymek Kozłowski 10 months ago +1


  • Madame Beast
    Madame Beast 10 months ago +1

    why did the wait so long for the girl from China? She is amazing!!!!

  • Diman Diman Dimiati
    Diman Diman Dimiati 10 months ago

    I like ,,,you beautiful

  • Marian Angelita
    Marian Angelita 10 months ago

    The first audition was great

  • Andrew Goldstein
    Andrew Goldstein 10 months ago

    For anybody who liked the Billie jean cover, this version was originally done by Chris Cornell. Check it out.

  • aleksandr karelin
    aleksandr karelin 10 months ago

    манашки прикольны

  • Keith Podgursky
    Keith Podgursky 10 months ago

    Awesome compilation.

  • Reila Reila
    Reila Reila 10 months ago

    4, 5 performance - what the name this song? I need to know

  • thomas holloway
    thomas holloway 11 months ago

    where was Kevin Simm from the voice uk?? his voice was amazing

  • StrangMuZ6
    StrangMuZ6 11 months ago

    In America they would've pushed the button in a second for that Chinese girl. Tf where they waiting for?

  • JustGame
    JustGame 11 months ago +1

    If the third guy from holland didn't sleep with that blonde judge 4:18 there's no justice in this world

  • Saul Alonso
    Saul Alonso 11 months ago +2

    QUe canción es la número 16, la eh oido pero no se de quien es y como se llame :(

  • mike856ms
    mike856ms 11 months ago +4

    Chinese girl, polish guy and the Nun were great

  • Abi Omar Ruiz
    Abi Omar Ruiz 11 months ago

    What is the song called from the minute 15:20 to the 16:54?
    And who is the participant?
    Somebody could help me?

    • bfkftfbf
      bfkftfbf 9 months ago

      I know it
      My f I hi hi hi hi u it i,x,,t my u545 no I hi

    • Travis Black
      Travis Black 11 months ago

      Hi Abi, that is Jordan Smith singing Chandelier by Sia.

  • michael burke
    michael burke 11 months ago

    First guy what a load of shite

  • AtomBomb Christian
    AtomBomb Christian 11 months ago

    You label that's the best ever yet the first guy sucked and was the worst ever!

  • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    12:00 somebody farted

  • Marcelo Melo
    Marcelo Melo 11 months ago

    Porra, Sweet Dreams é sacanagem! 🇧🇷 COPIA NÃO COMEDIA!

  • Ethan Hess
    Ethan Hess 11 months ago

    Did I just watch a nun sing

  • Miguel Gutierrez
    Miguel Gutierrez 11 months ago

    So Terrific!!!!

  • IM Dimitri
    IM Dimitri 11 months ago

    Legend has it the Let's Get It On guy drowned in pussy.

  • mr_ apd
    mr_ apd 11 months ago

    not good

  • Anthony Mazzini
    Anthony Mazzini 11 months ago

    9:19 WTFFF how do u pronounce that ??!?? xddd

  • franco zalazar
    franco zalazar 11 months ago

    4:36 Te estas chamuyando a una piba re piola y aparece su amiga diciendote que queres con vos y es tipo

  • Cora Black
    Cora Black 11 months ago

    La Monja Es una Crack Estoy Flipando.

  • Daniel Richards
    Daniel Richards 11 months ago

    Anybody who has a problem with the nun, I'm glad the world is leaving you behind. I'll help bury your ass if need be. Just ask. There's my name. God bless.

  • Daniel Richards
    Daniel Richards 11 months ago

    Mad world singer number 14 was the best for performing the original intent of the song she was performing. That's one of the best versions I've ever heard of that song, which is kick-ass by the way, but English isn't even her first language! Being that sexy was just a bonus.

  • Manú BlackHot
    Manú BlackHot 11 months ago

    No one...Christina..the best.

  • Sajith Jones
    Sajith Jones Year ago

    First one..... Close your, eyes.. and listen.... Out of pitch

  • icykickflip
    icykickflip Year ago +3

    Oh my god that bille jean cover gets better ecery time i hear it. It's better tgan Gary Clark's come together

  • Pirate Cat
    Pirate Cat Year ago

    Best ones in the world hey????? You ear the first one and you want to run away but then the number 2 start and you think ok, cool.

  • I know who I am walking miracle

    This Billie jean cover was hot

  • marius marius
    marius marius Year ago +1

    Fuck the chinese Deaf jury... the chinese girl is BEST

  • Mira Salvatore
    Mira Salvatore Year ago +19

    Omg... The first guy was horrible.... My ears are bleeding...

  • Carlos Traverso Sullivan

    ama del mundo

  • Sara Alcocer
    Sara Alcocer Year ago

    name of second song pliss

    • Chiqsu
      Chiqsu 5 months ago

      Sara Alcocer come with me now

  • crusoelee francis

    Jordan Smith is good too

  • crusoelee francis

    That dude doing Billie Jean made me wet myself literally wow what a guy can sing

  • MsJilsephonie
    MsJilsephonie Year ago

    damn billie jean gave me goosebombs

  • wisienka0809
    wisienka0809 Year ago +1


  • wieslawl59
    wieslawl59 Year ago +8

    Except for the Polish guy, NOONE really wowed me! I really have NO IDEA what people below me are talking about. I wonder if we are hearing the same tracks?

  • might33duck
    might33duck Year ago

    Wow. That girl in the yellow boots. Crazy good.

    • might33duck
      might33duck Year ago

      Her audition gets better with every second.

  • miletello1
    miletello1 Year ago

    #18 made snail trails.

  • Gravity's Ghetto Mods.

    Eh, this isn't even the best version of dream on done as an audition.

    • Blake Agan
      Blake Agan Year ago +1

      grabbity I love the one Travis did

  • Tyron Gonzalez
    Tyron Gonzalez Year ago

    number 3 the best

  • Sandra 8891
    Sandra 8891 Year ago

    Simon 😱❤ OMG

  • MrSurelysure
    MrSurelysure Year ago +3

    gwen is still so hot

  • SNAMIETA1973
    SNAMIETA1973 Year ago

    Sometimes I just wonder if the judges are judging people for their talents or their looks , because on lots of the episodes from different countries after they turn around they are just like What , this guy ( girl ) how possible , i don't get it , their body language says a lot , stop being so cynical...

  • Vaibhav Singh
    Vaibhav Singh Year ago

    i love how the dad says,''listen to her.''

  • Brando De Guzman
    Brando De Guzman Year ago +5

    first time i see a nun in a singing contest i realy realy enjoy it a lot

  • Nuno Soares
    Nuno Soares Year ago +2

    Half of these singers are not good enough to be here. The singer from The Voice China is awesome though

  • Alain D'Ettorre
    Alain D'Ettorre Year ago +63

    The guy singing Roxanne was great for me

  • blckwlf4life
    blckwlf4life Year ago

    the expressions on there faces wkhen they see a nun is funny as hell!!!

  • Arthur  Holms
    Arthur Holms Year ago

    I liked so much!!

  • Boruto Uzumaki
    Boruto Uzumaki Year ago


  • cesar guillermo araya bahamondes

    Eres especial me gustas

  • fiachraswaz
    fiachraswaz Year ago +4

    first singer is actually pennywise moonlighting

    • mike856ms
      mike856ms 11 months ago

      fiachraswaz ha ha ha that's hilarious. Clever comment

  • Lance Phillips
    Lance Phillips Year ago

    All around me are worn out faces, worn out faces, worn out faces

  • Kimi Nakahara
    Kimi Nakahara Year ago +5

    the china girl is great. shame for not pushing the button at the beginning.

  • Esen
    Esen Year ago +2

    Billie jean best version ever

  • MoniX
    MoniX Year ago

    The best ver of Let's get it on! He would sing me this shit everyday!

  • Crytica
    Crytica Year ago

    Honestely I'm happy I don't live in Canada. All the guys over their look fucking 10+... I would never have a chance in getting a girlfriend xD

  • Rizky Khamet
    Rizky Khamet Year ago

    number 18 what song?

  • Yuuki Code:03
    Yuuki Code:03 Year ago +5

    El hombre del minuto 9:10 me hizo llorar. Su voz, su tono y su fuerza transmite todos los sentimientos.

    • albusai
      albusai 8 months ago

      Zaira Gonzalez Reynoso la china mejor

  • Franteiner Zero
    Franteiner Zero Year ago +2

    6:36 was beast

  • Anna BH
    Anna BH Year ago

    18 ??? the name? please

  • Eloá Rodrigues
    Eloá Rodrigues Year ago


  • Ernesto Kruspe
    Ernesto Kruspe Year ago


  • Sabina B
    Sabina B Year ago

    How has this artist name (number 19)?

  • Mick H
    Mick H Year ago

    Nuns on the run ,looks funny

  • Ces Mendoza
    Ces Mendoza Year ago +1

    Tom jones reaction on the first one was priceless!

  • Amante Della Morte 66

    THE NUN !!!!!! lol that's awesome

  • Amante Della Morte 66

    14. Absolutely fucking amazing , that song is so hard to sing and she killed it !!! Beautifully done

  • Desert Oasis
    Desert Oasis Year ago +27

    The Chinese girl singing Mad World was by far the best.