DON’T Trust Fall into the WRONG Mystery Pool! (ft. Molly Eskam)

  • Published on Jun 23, 2019
    Molly Eskam and I decided to try the don't trust fall into the wrong mystery pool challenge, and let's just say things got gross.....
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Comments • 10 712

  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  25 days ago +6602


  • Snugg
    Snugg Minute ago +1

    This nigga rug really tried to juke molly out🤣20:33

  • Kyle Sheehan
    Kyle Sheehan 47 minutes ago +1

    Stepping on Legos hurt so much!!!!!

  • joel hernandez
    joel hernandez 3 hours ago

    i nave that pool

  • Little Webito
    Little Webito 6 hours ago +1

    0:17 nononono

  • rez here
    rez here 9 hours ago

    Like if Bryan enjoyed editing this video😂

  • Shawn Bocas
    Shawn Bocas 10 hours ago +1

    You guys have to married

  • Shawn Bocas
    Shawn Bocas 10 hours ago +1

    Molly looks really god

  • Jazaria Testa
    Jazaria Testa 12 hours ago


  • Sahara Brown
    Sahara Brown 13 hours ago +1

    he was looking at her boobs at 5:17

  • YoungRonnoc -GANG
    YoungRonnoc -GANG 16 hours ago

    So fuckin HOT🔥🔥

  • Miguel Lucas
    Miguel Lucas Day ago

    Let me suck your p***y molly

  • Will Hall
    Will Hall Day ago


  • Karla N.
    Karla N. Day ago

    In 5:03 yiu can see mollys nipple

  • Lyndon Walton
    Lyndon Walton Day ago +4

    When rug said he was gonna make Molly's back sticky 😂

  • iTzz Adam Villegas

    @Molly Eskam why do u have big boobs? Like they look yummy 🤤 😋 .....Can I suck on them!!!!

  • Stacee Rickman
    Stacee Rickman Day ago +5

    Did y'all tell how the camera was avoiding her booty😂

  • ashton hunter
    ashton hunter Day ago

    All he did Is look at her boobs

  • kerriganrachel
    kerriganrachel Day ago

    You think the squid is gross in school i touched the inside of a squid and my cousin touched a live heart

  • Nacho Life
    Nacho Life Day ago

    YES I live on a farm so I know that monour is cow S**T

  • Nacho Life
    Nacho Life Day ago

    I was looking at her boobs the whole time

  • Tanya Feranandez

    15:03-15:05 ummm girls can do any thing no hate

  • Noel Madapatu
    Noel Madapatu Day ago

    the squid?

  • Paola Rojas
    Paola Rojas Day ago


  • Rksnx Jdxn
    Rksnx Jdxn Day ago +4

    Rug: whenever ur ready
    Also rug: alright 3...2...1 go

  • Expastelline !
    Expastelline ! Day ago +3

    Who watches faze rugs old videos eating for new ones

  • Synthotic
    Synthotic Day ago

    The camera man was just looking at her tits through the camera 😂

  • Random Person
    Random Person Day ago +3

    Your bed is lava!

    Like if you were too lazy to move

  • jessie Suto
    jessie Suto Day ago

    “ hey squidward, hey squidward “ BAHHA got me dead

  • Static Storm
    Static Storm Day ago +1

    That girl in video video be looking fine

  • Brenda Cantu
    Brenda Cantu Day ago

    She is fucken hot to me l want to fuck her

  • Uchiha Sasuke
    Uchiha Sasuke Day ago

    I've stepped on legos so many times and it hurts like if there were 5 needles in every piece, feels horrible...

  • Hudson Vasquez
    Hudson Vasquez Day ago

    them squid got to eat some ass

  • Eliza Passano
    Eliza Passano 2 days ago

    This intro seem sooo intense! 😩😩😂😂😂💙💙💙

  • KING savage diego
    KING savage diego 2 days ago +1

    Best youtuber i been watching since father son chandael channel came out

  • Jasai Cortez
    Jasai Cortez 2 days ago

    Number 1 was tge badest

  • Mclovin
    Mclovin 2 days ago +7

    8:41 damn I wish I was those squids 🤩☹️

  • Jaxon Moore
    Jaxon Moore 2 days ago

    you should date here

  • Fire Ball
    Fire Ball 2 days ago


  • TexasXplorer
    TexasXplorer 2 days ago

    she looked alot better with dark hair...

  • Ritvick Gupta
    Ritvick Gupta 2 days ago


  • NP_ Madden
    NP_ Madden 2 days ago

    Squids felt good

  • Jared Flynn
    Jared Flynn 2 days ago

    Should I be looking at Molly’s face when she talks...

  • Mula Jr
    Mula Jr 2 days ago

    Molly is hot

  • T Stormer
    T Stormer 2 days ago

    Holy fuck her body is incredible. I'm jealous

  • Raul Diaz
    Raul Diaz 3 days ago

    Damn she’s hott

  • King OmarLokz
    King OmarLokz 3 days ago

    Say what you want Molly can have my kids 😍😍❤️❤️

  • Louis Sharp
    Louis Sharp 3 days ago


  • Jamie lopez
    Jamie lopez 3 days ago +9

    10:44 look what she did and look who was staring

  • Devon Torrez
    Devon Torrez 3 days ago +10

    If you like this your crush will kiss you tomorrow

  • Isael Olivas
    Isael Olivas 3 days ago

    Anybody notice the hickey on her tit

  • The toffees 2019
    The toffees 2019 3 days ago


  • John WIck
    John WIck 3 days ago

    8:49 now you guys can lick her butt😂😂😂

  • darragh fay
    darragh fay 3 days ago

    I stept on Lego hurts bad

  • Enrique suqulanda nichoson

    Yo she so hot bro her but is so big

  • AlieN Yt
    AlieN Yt 3 days ago

    What a hor

  • Zoltan Horvath
    Zoltan Horvath 3 days ago +1

    Them Boobs Brian , you should just smash them :D

  • Ttv swats God’s clan S

    Squid was a bad one

  • Trav ony
    Trav ony 3 days ago +4

    5:05 look closely, there's literally nipples lil

  • Amy Yanez
    Amy Yanez 4 days ago


  • Amy Yanez
    Amy Yanez 4 days ago

    Molly:what is that 🤔🤔

  • Amy Yanez
    Amy Yanez 4 days ago

    Mollys face tho 😂😂

  • Christopher MJ
    Christopher MJ 4 days ago

    Cute squid is bad

  • ImTeShon
    ImTeShon 4 days ago

    Bro like she wasnt even falling lmao ur whole back side was gettin ruined she barely got touched

  • ImTeShon
    ImTeShon 4 days ago

    Damn u gon basically promote her channel but ur faze friend had to ask for a promi nd hes been in ur vids multiple times

  • Nstone9
    Nstone9 4 days ago

    Lil weird how a guy wit 12M subscribers does these videos and nothing goes wrong, everything goes to scripted expectations. Been watching for YEARS but money power and fame really does turn you into a monster

  • Lidya Araya
    Lidya Araya 4 days ago

    Y'all would be a cute couple

  • ImClawzy
    ImClawzy 4 days ago

    only came for molly

  • Gerardo Flores
    Gerardo Flores 4 days ago +3

    Minute 5:18 Rug what are you looking at??🤭😏

  • Tionix
    Tionix 4 days ago +1

    20:30 i think molly would wim the 1v1