THE TRUTH about R.Kelly and K.Michelle! K.Michelle ADMITS to keeping his SECRETS! "I Saw A LOT"!

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
  • K.Michelle recently did an interview with Hollywood Unlocked and she opened up about her past relationship with R.Kelly. She avoided answering questions about his molestation allegations in order to protect him. Comment below your thoughts.
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Comments • 2 877

  • big hoot
    big hoot 30 minutes ago

    People always talking about people helping him cover up all his stuff. Just like people covering up Donald Trump.

  • Fila Fresh
    Fila Fresh 6 hours ago

    I'm far from rich and famous and I've seen women do crazy shit that I didn't force them to do

  • pootytang394
    pootytang394 8 hours ago

    If there is horrible things she witnessed R.kelly do to these young girls and she did not speak up she is just as guilty

  • Nicole Tucker
    Nicole Tucker 10 hours ago

    She aint shit..fuck k Michelle

  • Ruby Marbury
    Ruby Marbury 15 hours ago

    She has some healing to do if k Michele thinks that by being silent about R. is ok. She's allowing him to continue his predatory ways when she was a victim. Sad really.

  • Oso Riskii
    Oso Riskii 17 hours ago

    “I be looking at them girls and I be liiiiike...” really K?

  • Regina Hamilton
    Regina Hamilton 20 hours ago

    she ain't did nothing wrong I see more coming I'm moving out of the way

  • Mrs Schultz
    Mrs Schultz 21 hour ago

    I do see not a reason for K.Michelle to say anything at all . Those girls have a world of support with all of the other victims and most of them seem to be very credible ,why add one more person that claims not to be a victim to the extent that the others are . But by the same token I don't see why she did the long drawn out interview at all. Maybe Jason Lee or K Michelle or both just wanted to take a shot at being relevant in the midst of the R.Kelly scandal or had nothing better to do that day, because she didn't add anything to the cause. I will not watch the 2 hour version and lose another hour and a half of my life.

  • Carmen Fields
    Carmen Fields 21 hour ago

    She's crazy as hell for not speaking up

  • De'Ina Ward
    De'Ina Ward 21 hour ago

    I no longer am a fan or supporter of K.Michelle , she's like the little boy who cried wolf girl bye, go take a seat somewhere.

  • Mels2089
    Mels2089 22 hours ago

    I haven’t even started watching this video, but I can tell you K. Michelle ain’t never kept nobodies secret!

  • jr2290jack
    jr2290jack 22 hours ago

    She ....smh she dont have a voice for women rn. She not speaking up. How is that helping them smh

  • Robin Ryan
    Robin Ryan 23 hours ago

    Kelly was worth 150 million but due to his hush payments he's only got 1 million....ARREST R KELLY

  • Vic C
    Vic C 23 hours ago +1

    To each it’s own!! If Kelly is Guilty he should be Accountable!! I think this Man should get help, I don’t want his Music Silence forever!

  • Stacey Brownlee -SDAT-

    Elvis Presley (25) - Priscilla (14)
    Jerry seinfeld (39) - Shoshanna (17)
    Kobe Bryant (21) - Vanessa (17)
    Tyga (24) - Kylie (16)
    Doug Hutchison (51) - Courtney (16)
    Paul Walker (33) - Jasmine (16)
    Marvin Gaye (34) - Jan (17) say this is not . true those hypocrites !!!

  • ecnerwalsnibor1
    ecnerwalsnibor1 Day ago

    Sooooooooo nobody chose to leave, nobody filed charges, but now these opportunist are making all these allegations. Cmon now. You mean to tell me they were held hostage in the fish tank and didn't ask K Michelle for help when she touched the fish tank? Cmon now

  • glinda gregory
    glinda gregory Day ago

    The girls are speaking up no one has brought charges? Why?

  • PIa Frazier
    PIa Frazier Day ago

    She is a whole ass for this! Her ghetto ass been canceled

  • justbri
    justbri Day ago

    She needs to go to the jail

  • justbri
    justbri Day ago

    So you get mad when people talk down your abuse but you do it to the next one.

  • Legacy Freedom
    Legacy Freedom Day ago

    Those women was after money I ain't feel sorry for them stop being creedy Ladies

  • youngboy world
    youngboy world Day ago

    That’s the real man who beat ha ass

  • Erica Warren Eclass

    R Kelly has something incriminating on her ass and that's why she is not talking

  • NappyHeaded_ZeroCombs

    *That nigga R.Kelly is a fucking weirdo man. He was noy only a pedophile but did bizarre things. Playing his song to wake up the chicks in his crib? Having them in the fish tank, HAVING MULTIPLE WOMEN LIVING IN HIS HOUSE LIKE SOME SISTER WIVES SHIT. The hell is wrong with him? That nigga is a big weirdo and a sexual deviant.*

  • Diana Ikks
    Diana Ikks Day ago

    Can’t seem to get that so many people or worrying over this, while there are so many Girls missing due to real sex slavery and that’s also on yt.
    Where are all the man and woman that are abusing those Girls. Probably shouting about R to cover up there own story.
    These Girls just have to accept that going to R his house half naked doing everything he said did not paid of for them. It did for K ( if this is what she wanted). Its no time for revenge and hang an other talented black bro while every body knows there are a lot doing even worse. So why do these woman just tel there story’s at scool’s and places to worn other Girls and parents.

  • ReeKah D
    ReeKah D Day ago

    Oh woooow K really??? Girl you just as guilty smh

  • rakay bennett
    rakay bennett 2 days ago

    She full a shit u know.

  • iam2smart12
    iam2smart12 2 days ago

    K. Michelle is someone who had crap injected in her butt so she could create a false image. When you stand for truth, you should not have to cover up for someone. I would not expect anymore from her.

  • ck keem
    ck keem 2 days ago

    Ppl are talking abt the truth..!!! Whose truth ? Yours..his..mine or there's ? Are we all judges now ? Is it only the truth if you like what u hear and it's not the truth if u dont like wat u hear!
    Truth should be abt the truth ,not that u like to hear from that u hate to hear.

  • Myah Walcott
    Myah Walcott 2 days ago

    That’s crazy his wife was doing the same thing before she did the documentary

  • Mary Denise
    Mary Denise 2 days ago

    She felt guilty and had to leave that house bc she was sleeping with his concubines also. There is no way he "saved" her without her joining the parade.

  • Natasha Polo
    Natasha Polo 2 days ago

    Rkelly got something on everybody.

  • Mia Judkins
    Mia Judkins 2 days ago

    She basically sold her soul to the devil (rkelly) for a career smh

  • Motivational life
    Motivational life 2 days ago

    what about all them he is not the only one....... do one on Diddy and the others do THAT?

  • TheEbonysmiles
    TheEbonysmiles 2 days ago

    She was under his control and maybe still is.

  • Julian Brown
    Julian Brown 2 days ago

    He's paying her for the silence

  • Ms. Lady
    Ms. Lady 2 days ago

    Wow. K Michelle, you are trash.

  • Viv Burnette
    Viv Burnette 2 days ago

    People who are abused for the most part end up abusers themselves. With her silence, K. Michelle has abused those girls all over again. So pathetic! Fake too since your " voice" for women only applies to yourself. K. Michelle take several Seats at the back of the class..... Perhaps you can find your sense and your conscience there

  • Tamara Martin
    Tamara Martin 2 days ago

    Hope they go to court and her and her mom has to testify or go to jail she will talk then sad she doing what ppl did to her w her ex!!!! Come on K wake up u really in the sunken place

  • Tamara Martin
    Tamara Martin 2 days ago

    Smdh at K! Won’t be supporting her anymore

  • Elaine Blair
    Elaine Blair 2 days ago

    She knows what she has to do. Give her some time, remember shit happen to her to. Maybe she's trying to heal.

  • FFB332mob Williams
    FFB332mob Williams 2 days ago

    Yeah if I'm paying a bitch to do what I want them to do bitch don't look at no other man bitch so that doesn't make him a bad guy

  • Jhana Lovett
    Jhana Lovett 2 days ago

    Damn k Michelle did you fuck rkelly

  • Victoria Heaven
    Victoria Heaven 2 days ago

    Clearly she’s a victim too

  • klwarren169
    klwarren169 2 days ago

    She's supposedly an abuse victim, yet has no empathy for other abuse victims. That's deep. This male dominated industry got people f@#ked up!

  • Christain Michaels
    Christain Michaels 2 days ago

    I hope she gets obstruction of justice when they are investigating it

  • Christain Michaels
    Christain Michaels 2 days ago

    k michelle is just as sick as him! she deserves to be shunned in the music industry and by the world this makes me sick! this bitch isn't a spokes person for women. no voice for women, thats a joke. they are trifling, she may have participated in his sick pleasures and thats why she not speaking on it bc it would implicate her. GOD don't sleep they better watch it bc their judgement is coming and very soon

  • Niya B
    Niya B 2 days ago

    I wouldn't tell on him either.

  • Daylon Wright
    Daylon Wright 2 days ago +3

    Y’all are silly. She’s not covering up from him. She told HER TRUTH. She said what she saw and that these women were being paid to be there. Clearly if that’s true, they wanted the money to do that shit! She’s also saying that when she was getting abused by Memphitz, he took her out of that situation. So HER story is that He saved her from abuse. She told HER STORY. And even said she saw bad things! But she never said she saw anybody being enslaved. Think about it, if she was people being enslaved against their will, do you think he would’ve let her leave! Come on now Candice I know you don’t like K but this is low and you completely missed what she was saying!

  • Neshell Weakley
    Neshell Weakley 2 days ago

    Dang who has she not slept with!

  • waywardWinky
    waywardWinky 2 days ago

    She's keeping the code. Thats the problem with folks these days they some snitches

  • Canela Perkins
    Canela Perkins 3 days ago

    Shes living by the street code. She knows what she knows but too knows if she speaks up and out, that may very well be the end of her, we all kno you dont bite the hand that feeds, cleans, clothes or shelters you. When someone takes you in, you basically are agreeing to a NDA, what goes on in my back yard, what is spoken abt in my 4 walls, is for no one to leave out and share with others. Now no one pays her Bill's and stuff nor will fight for her career so I think ppl need to press the pause button on judging her.. & if she gets Subpoenaed she or her mother can both play the I don't recall game.

  • ApploniaDarling
    ApploniaDarling 3 days ago

    K.michelle. whyyyy

  • Rasheedah Toney
    Rasheedah Toney 3 days ago

    Wow K Michelle really you were abused why would u let this man abuse these women and not speak up you don’t have a voice for women ‼️ y’all are covering up a crime this man continues to commit

  • ladaye26
    ladaye26 3 days ago

    If you had a voice for women you’d use it. But instead you are being vindictive because people didn’t stand up for you, choosing not to validate this thing with RKelly and these girls!

  • Shari Bounty
    Shari Bounty 3 days ago

    So because he helped you ,you will be quiet about what he was doing he was a child molester he needs help so basically you admit he was doing what he is being accused of wow K.Michelle

  • Winter Clevenger
    Winter Clevenger 3 days ago

    Anyone who sees abuse and stays silent, is an enabler and they are guilty too!

  • Emm R
    Emm R 3 days ago

    Damn she really just lost a fan I really fucked with her. I really can't now she wrong

  • Susie Wells
    Susie Wells 3 days ago +2

    She trying to keep her $$ and he probably threatened her, will never know, poor girl, I feel she is still a victim

  • T. G
    T. G 3 days ago

    That's why her ass aint selling no records now. She full of shit.

  • Abiyah Rina
    Abiyah Rina 3 days ago

    K . Michelle should be changed with accessory.

  • Jamie
    Jamie 3 days ago

    Jason Lee (blogger) sucks...

  • Vegas Mitchell
    Vegas Mitchell 3 days ago

    Soooo She Sold her Coochie as Most women do & she's not gonna "Snitch" on a Pedophile because he put her on.

  • Kamie's world
    Kamie's world 3 days ago

    Wow Kmichelle how can u expect females to respect you as a victim of domestic volience and u are promoting a person who has a problem

  • Lincoln16
    Lincoln16 3 days ago

    I only liked one song by her but I won't listen to it anymore.

    KELLY TV WORLDWIDE 3 days ago


    KELLY TV WORLDWIDE 3 days ago


  • terminalcommand
    terminalcommand 3 days ago

    How many underage girls did K Michelle herself molest/have sex with? This is likely why both her and Andrea Kelly among other items don't want to give more information. They were all involved and had a part in it, way more than they want to let on or else lose their 'victim' card. If you want to prosecute R Kelly you have to prosecute everyone involved, both men and women. They all knew, participated, and were involved. There are many "monsters" but it just seems easier to make R Kelly the sole boogeyman. He needs psychological help.

  • pablo five star
    pablo five star 3 days ago

    Check out my music

  • pablo five star
    pablo five star 3 days ago

    She get her share of dick too

  • Me MyselfandI
    Me MyselfandI 3 days ago

    Not surprised. She seems like one of those negro bitches that condone everything a nigga does just because he's black. One of those weak dumb black bitches.

  • Kiki A1
    Kiki A1 3 days ago +3

    She’s brainwashed too!!! R Kelly got a contract on her too smh

  • Brooke Rigney
    Brooke Rigney 3 days ago

    He ain't want K Michelle to cuss his butt out he just wanted a interview.....n

  • Anna Owusu
    Anna Owusu 3 days ago

    Come on guys she was also a victim.

  • Fefe G
    Fefe G 3 days ago

    I'm confused as to why you are bashing Jason so much. All we care about is the tea on R Kelly and your making this about his interview skills, the editing, and what you would've done....NO ONE CARES. Get back to the tea.

    SHE RAVES 3 days ago +3

    She can’t spill the tea because she’s a part of those secrets. What makes her different? 💅🏽

  • Sade Johnson
    Sade Johnson 3 days ago

    she stupid asf

  • Derrick Tucker
    Derrick Tucker 3 days ago

    Bann K Michelle's music too

  • GurlShonny
    GurlShonny 3 days ago

    Woooooowww!! Shame on you K!! I am SO disappointed in her especially knowing what she has been through and seeing the things that she has seen for herself!! I was such a fan of her's!! Now, not so much! I will most def be unfollowing her on Instagram!!

  • Many Gods
    Many Gods 3 days ago

    So K Michelle was aiding and abetting R Kelly

  • Creolelady Red
    Creolelady Red 3 days ago

    Right .. no one believed you about you being beaten but your ass is been mute about the abuse he inflected on Children?? Fuck You

  • Sherrille Lamb
    Sherrille Lamb 3 days ago

    She doesn't have a proper career; so, she's probably being financially being supported by the R Kelly camp (hush money). She may have also signed a non-disclosure contract

  • Creolelady Red
    Creolelady Red 3 days ago

    Canceled.. she is trash 🗑 fan lost .. you are not my voice!! You claimed you were beaten but yet your mute about these women .. fuck her

  • Authintik Linen
    Authintik Linen 3 days ago

    She still getting that HUSH money

  • keyonda sanders
    keyonda sanders 3 days ago +3

    The parents are the reason why he not locked up too! They allowed their daughter to be with r.kelly!! So let’s be mad at them too. Cause at the end of the day them girls love r.kelly and they ain’t going back to they family!!

  • KAli FA
    KAli FA 3 days ago

    If it were my daughter I'd kill him! Fuck the justice system, fuck Hollywood, fuck all you fake people.

  • missMinor 4Lyfe
    missMinor 4Lyfe 4 days ago

    But she did answer she said she don't want to kill him and by banning his music you will kill him

  • Medina Prophet
    Medina Prophet 4 days ago

    As a man, I will simply say that dude should've BEEN dead. Too many niggas, not enough MEN, and too many of you females continue choosing niggas.

  • Asmaa  Lucas
    Asmaa Lucas 4 days ago

    First of no.See this what we not boutto do ! We not boutto attack everybody who don’t wanna speak! Y’all be the same ones dogging celebrities out over the smallest shit and want them to advocate for them over EVERYTHING! How about we teach our young women to guard ourselves better! No this isn’t victim blaming but this is a piece of advice to HELP US !!You so busy trying to change a sick mind but change the way you move! This man saved her and was the only one to believe her same way y’all attacked the shit out of her for getting her ass beat by that man ! Most of the times when ppl get involved the same ABUSED women go back time after time after time AGAIN! Nobody once to be involved in shit that’s not going to work .stop wasting ppl time and leaveeeeee yourself

  • Melanin Monroe
    Melanin Monroe 4 days ago

    Hollywood Shenanigans!

  • Melanin Monroe
    Melanin Monroe 4 days ago

    Did these females have low self esteem or something? Where did all these females come from in the first place? How are you recruited during his trial, at age 16 by some of Kelly's people. The "Cult" females are all grown by law, so if they made the decision to go to R.Kelly, whats the deal with their families? The law will only see them as Grown Women fully capable of making their own decisions, even if it is to go live with R.Kelly or to be apart of his sick lifestyle. The Law is the Law, & those particular females are grown. But, the one that got recruited at the court house during his trial---Did you not know why he was in court? Somethings don't add up or make sese at all with some of those girls stories. And why hasnt anybody goe to the police? Even the families, if youre so "worried" press charges, file a police report! NOBODY DID THAT! K.Michelle is a product of Hollywood. Pedophilia is welcomed with open arms in the Industry, for YEARS & YEARS this type of pedophilia sh*t has been okay in Hollywood. Havent you noticed how many celebrities chose NOT TO SPEAK on the whole R.Kelly thing? They not speaking because for one, they didnt choose to speak 20+ years ago, why speak up now, abd for second theyre not trying to incriminate themselves, or ruin chances to work with R.Kelly in the future based off of these allegations.

  • Fla Gal
    Fla Gal 4 days ago

    Why say anything at all if you cannot (NDA) or will not? Attention seeking much?

  • Unique Shoemaker
    Unique Shoemaker 4 days ago

    She outta pocket

    KING KIRBY 4 days ago

    But your OPPRESSOR gets to CONTINUE to SCREW you over with NO consequences???...(LOST A** NIGGA'S)...SMDH.... Carry on lost souls..😎😎😎

  • Patrick Cardnell
    Patrick Cardnell 4 days ago

    She was living with R Kelly? I would be throat fucking her every night!!!

  • Diamond D
    Diamond D 4 days ago

    I wonder if she engaged in sexual acts with them. I can’t see any sane woman staying in a house where you know something like that is going. She’s pathetic and just as wrong!

  • Greenly S
    Greenly S 4 days ago

    I think she did more than see, I think she was in on the stuff. I actually think he turned her out. KMichelle ain't never hid the fact she likes female genitalia and we know that RK forces his girls to perform Cunnilingus on each other.
    I think he turned her out by making her sex other females, but she just don't want to come out and say this because then she would be admitting to being apart of RK's foolishness.

  • Daron M.
    Daron M. 4 days ago

    She let him fuck her up the butt

  • natalie storm
    natalie storm 4 days ago

    Day time tea time you are getting on my fucking nerve