THE TRUTH about R.Kelly and K.Michelle! K.Michelle ADMITS to keeping his SECRETS! "I Saw A LOT"!

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
  • K.Michelle recently did an interview with Hollywood Unlocked and she opened up about her past relationship with R.Kelly. She avoided answering questions about his molestation allegations in order to protect him. Comment below your thoughts.
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Comments • 3 021

  • Kay2Kray williams
    Kay2Kray williams 10 hours ago

    K Michelle is trash for this you standing up for this pedo smh money is the root ..I don't snitch but if it deals with the enslavement of ANYONE I'm telling EVERYTHING Jason's trash too

  • Sabrina Grant
    Sabrina Grant 2 days ago +2

    She and everybody involved in this whole sorted dirty situation are low money grubbing soul selling people.

  • danny owens
    danny owens 3 days ago

    I believe SOME of the young women. But the others I believe want 15 sec. Of Fame and are looking to get book signings and tv shows, If you knew the shit has been going on for years then bitch say sum. And don't give me that old white woman "I was scared" shit either.

  • Get IT J
    Get IT J 3 days ago +3

    But how come K Michelle didnt fall under the spell? Bc she didn't want to. I will not go mute him either. Get him in counseling and the women too. Both are damaged goods

  • zee0215
    zee0215 3 days ago +2

    She handled this very calculatedly and smart. I’m sure she has signed a disclosure not to discuss anything but her Mama didn’t. Meaning her mother knows everything in case something happens to her or if a witness is really needed then the info is there.

  • P J
    P J 3 days ago

    Well it has been stated that the CP is going after everyone who participated or help facilitate the crimes with this dude so the list I am sure its gonna be long. So its just a matter of time as people distant themselves and realize the consequences they are gonna start talking. And K Michelle will be one of them.

  • DaijaMonroe
    DaijaMonroe 4 days ago

    Girl, she is openly bisexual. Maybe, just maybe R Kelly shared one of his girls with her. Maybe the reason she is silent because I’m speaking about what she witnessed, she would be a culprit herself. Ijs

  • Noah Polk
    Noah Polk 4 days ago

    You don’t seem like want justice you just wanna gossip and that’s also toxic in situations like this

  • Wanda Somerville
    Wanda Somerville 4 days ago

    GURL BYE!!🖐You're a voice for WOMEN but YOU chose to say NOTHING when YOU KNEW you was dealing with a PSYCHOTIC PERVERT 😒GTFOH

  • dane murdok
    dane murdok 4 days ago

    You're a TOOL for white supremacy do a video on Harvey Weinstein wheres the #muteharveyweinstein

  • SamSam Sam
    SamSam Sam 6 days ago

    She talked, with half answers and all of that but she did say it was a weird situation. We are not in her shoes, maybe she signed a NDA, maybe she's scared, she might even be brainwashed.
    We shouldn't put the blame on K. Michelle but on R. Kelly.

  • Valerie Norwood
    Valerie Norwood 6 days ago

    She only cares about herself. There are other girls she could have saved some of these girls. I dont think she is much of a person to act like this. They were her sisters. How could she call herself a God fearing woman. She is so fake im done with her. She has no shame. You owe these girls they needed you. Makes me sick to see her just sit there and act like she has no responsiblity to these girls they were children. You dont belong on TV.

  • Ms.Queen Goddesses45 hayes

    She was right alone with them girls

  • Ms.Queen Goddesses45 hayes

    She was doing them girl too she like that shit.

  • Ms.Queen Goddesses45 hayes

    That girl a fucking Liu that is fucking crazy too fucking crazy this listen to her bull shitpeace out BITCH

  • Liberal Nae
    Liberal Nae 6 days ago

    I love k.michelle since she came out! But I have to agree with you. She even been that way towards women who had bad butt injections. N honestly I think Jason Lee possibly knew she was already was gonna cover him (r.kelly) because in other interviews she did! I think this is as open as he can get her. And him pretending he agrees is him saying he hears her. Therapist do it all the time. N I also personally feels like k.michelle is still trying to love herself. It's like she has two sides of her. Kimberly the real nice open hearted person and like the bitchy dramatic k.michelle celebrity, she still doesn't know herself to me. Because when you fully love yourself. And you know what you been through. You would do what your heart says and stick up for what's right. Because in a sense seeing how rkelly "saved" her he brainwashed her to believe that. He "took advantage of her" just like the other girls especially if she felt like she had to "get out, and save herself" from him now. 🤷 Ijs K. Do better n now SAVE them girls. No need to tell us you have a power for the voice of US women if you gonna slap us with it and say you won't use it.

  • Aminah Muslimah
    Aminah Muslimah 6 days ago

    She probably was having sex with him too🤷🏾‍♀️💆🏾‍♀️

  • Jucan Thomas
    Jucan Thomas 7 days ago

    Fuck off dumb bitch

  • Stan Hill
    Stan Hill 7 days ago

    Dont buy her music and watch or support R. Kelly or K Michelle

  • Stan Hill
    Stan Hill 7 days ago

    All these people need to be locked up and key thrown away...

  • EU BR
    EU BR 8 days ago +1

    What a stupid, brain washed chick!

  • Nina Adams
    Nina Adams 9 days ago

    The only thing kelly really did it seems is have sex with underage girls , and if they prove that then that’s that , but all this extra shit is just for the news . I actually hate that these women are doing all of this and no one is focusing on the true issue at hand . If it was just a sex tape like it was in his first case , nobody woulda gave af but now with all this drama everyone is tuned in . Like stop acting like y’all moral , in reality you are messy . Idk i hate all of this , i hope this man has a fair trial regardless.

  • Mercedes Towns
    Mercedes Towns 10 days ago +1

    Re: to this interview
    What ever info this lady is not revealing regarding those “Girls she feels So Bad about” and not helping achieve justice😳
    One thing I’m certain about is:
    Misogynists (Women Haters) exist all over the world
    And many of them are: Women
    Sadly to say: Many women help destroy other women over a Stupid man
    There are good men out there, I respect
    Men who respect women!
    It is very sad to see that many women are very bad to other women (they just continue the vicious cycle of Victimization of women and children

  • Misfit_ By Nature
    Misfit_ By Nature 11 days ago

    People are enabling him and that is part of the reason why he thinks he is untouchable.

  • Misfit_ By Nature
    Misfit_ By Nature 11 days ago

    We need justice for all these girls, and if anyone was around him or knew and didn't say or do anything about it they should all be held accountable and get time.

  • Leronda Smith
    Leronda Smith 11 days ago +1


  • Cecelia Howell
    Cecelia Howell 12 days ago

    Fuck K. Michelle. Revoke your women card and give your kids to child services. Sickening.

  • Nicolee
    Nicolee 12 days ago

    Why is there no accountable for ones own actions. Mofo's got you in fish tanks come one guys. They were forced in a tank. I personally think that he is guilty of things but come on someone made you hold your breath and get in a tank, wow.

  • Roxanne Roxanne
    Roxanne Roxanne 12 days ago +6

    I have NO RESPECT for K. Michelle whatsoever. You have a duty as a WOMAN - as a HUMAN BEING - To stand for what's right. The truth is the TRUTH - Doesn't change just cos you feel "grateful" to somebody! SMDH

  • Shannon F
    Shannon F 12 days ago +1

    I truly believe a lot of people knew so much and are now defending themselves after they got their fame! A girl lost her life and no one knows of AAlyiah was killed! Money talks ! I’m happy to struggle it keeps me WOKE!!! It’s hard but I wouldn’t want to be in the industry!

  • Shannon F
    Shannon F 12 days ago

    Wow! You were abused yourself badly! You shared your story! You owe that douche nothing! Be a good woman!Damn!!!!

  • Ricky Water
    Ricky Water 13 days ago

    Well shes pretty ass fuk.

  • Evelyn Santana
    Evelyn Santana 13 days ago

    She's not allowed to speak or she will be killed.

  • Tony John
    Tony John 13 days ago

    Maybe it’s because he’s Irish ?

  • Cubes Anthony
    Cubes Anthony 14 days ago

    Listen to you you nasty black bitch

  • Cubes Anthony
    Cubes Anthony 14 days ago

    You need too stop acting , like white people trash & start knowing what our Ancesters went through for nasty filth , that youve all turned out too (Be)

  • geraldine bounds
    geraldine bounds 15 days ago

    He helped your damn black fake ASS girl 😖😖

  • Sincerity
    Sincerity 19 days ago

    Well glad she added after the documentary was released and the biggest negative documentary of all time! A celebrity and the allegations, serious stuff a lifetime movie or documentary NEVER watched or seen before in lifetime history! But R.Kelly girls besides sparkle did not get their big break R.Kelly had many women with a beautiful voice, he’s really selling women a dream.

  • RTel Telaz
    RTel Telaz 20 days ago

    She is obviously scared of him. He probably made threats.

  • deedee nelson
    deedee nelson 22 days ago

    You don’t know if she let something out about Robert. Maybe the the trimming portion wasn’t don’t right

  • Tabreyah Veal
    Tabreyah Veal 22 days ago

    Honestly I think she still going to continue to cover for him not only to save what's left on her career but TBH she seems like this one big joke to her.with holding information to stay relevant.lets be honest if she was really about the girls..this should of been her time to sing just like she sung when Memphis supposedly did what he did.its all an act

  • Rotem mati
    Rotem mati 23 days ago

    shame on her!!!!

  • Elicia Gettridge
    Elicia Gettridge 23 days ago

    I'm freaking drained just listening to this God

  • News News
    News News 27 days ago

    Who All Plays Rolex Roles In GOALS ?!?

  • Embracing My Journey
    Embracing My Journey 28 days ago

    Im start to wonder what he has on people to keep them all quite except two.

  • sherika watkins
    sherika watkins 29 days ago

    Looks as if she is still his victim because he is controlling her now, years later she is afraid of him and what speaking against him will do to Her singing career.

  • C G
    C G Month ago

    Well they both on love n hip hop so I get why they bullshitting... K Michelle full of shit. . .

  • Hysterical Laughs
    Hysterical Laughs Month ago

    Those little hoes was hot it’s their fucking fault stop tryna blame the people who were around and worked for him

  • Patricia Batey
    Patricia Batey Month ago

    If you ever own a fish tank the glass would break it just crazzy the things thay people will make up

  • Yvonne Mcgee
    Yvonne Mcgee Month ago

    K Michelle she doing the right thing

  • SweetD Nosmoke
    SweetD Nosmoke Month ago

    Candice you are a hypocrite....truly. You 8n one breathe try to discredit the girks you should follow your own advice and pick a side.

  • Stephanie Donato
    Stephanie Donato Month ago

    So she's a hypocrite. She was abused no one believed her. Now she has info about abused women and she stays silent.

  • maria Farsee
    maria Farsee Month ago


  • Tracey Taylor
    Tracey Taylor Month ago

    Everyone is lying except the women who lived with a man needing food and nurturing. They killed Emmitt Till about a lie. Yall need to stop trying to create lagitamcy for that rediculessness called surviving r Kelly. He is free because he was tried and found not guilty. Choices have consequences where are the mothers teaching there daughters not to deal with strange men. This man needs to go to jail because he likes to screw? We are going to just keep digging until he is buried. This is so sad. We love to crucify black men. The age of consent is the law so he won't be locked up in Georgia because they are screwing at 16 legally.

  • sgt pepe
    sgt pepe Month ago

    did u tell mama he gave me herpes, HIV, plus many other std's some sleep but u got something k michelle still feel like he saved ur life he infected u

  • sgt pepe
    sgt pepe Month ago

    k michelle ur low how low, u have to reach up to touch the bottom! p.s. that makes u a bottom feeder u don't have to a part of his crimes & "yo mama" come clean now brainwashed ass u r an accomplice! lose lip suck dicks, sink ships, u said too much! retarded robbie kelly devil worshiping, piss drinking, throwing chicken bones around, k michelle was sleeping that homosexual u know ur infected with many std's but he saves ur life really

  • Rosalind Perry
    Rosalind Perry Month ago

    She hate

  • Tamera Nicholson
    Tamera Nicholson Month ago +1

    K Michele is thristy! I can't stand her at all with her trout mouth ass

  • Stacey Brownlee
    Stacey Brownlee Month ago

    Nobody is being held hostage

  • Shannon Butler
    Shannon Butler Month ago

    reason why lot these "survivors" are not afraid to incriminate themselves telling on R Kelly is because if this goes to court (and it wont) they gone tell the judge they were lying!!

  • krys4mayor
    krys4mayor Month ago

    K Michelle had sex with those young girls and probably helped R Kelly groom young UNDERAGE girls. And I bet there's probably footage somewhere.

  • Big Dog Bone
    Big Dog Bone Month ago

    now u wanna speak out get the fuck out of here

  • Timeka Brandon
    Timeka Brandon Month ago +1


  • Heather Peck
    Heather Peck Month ago

    she's complicit morraly bankrupt hope he gave her herpes WTG KM You suck

  • TheBSPhilosophy
    TheBSPhilosophy Month ago +1

    This all is some funny shit...folks are up in arms about R. Kelly doing what these rich niggas been doing all along. Live long enough and you know that these things come along with being in the industry and hanging out with folks in the industry, he isn't the 1st and won't be the last. LOL Furthermore, understand that no one person can make you a slave unless you want to be. Verbal stupid enough to take it, it's going to keep happening, as you can see, his ex-wife still wearing his name, and listening to his music, some dumb want some fame hoe somewhere is in his house right now asking to be peed on, chained up, and lord only knows what else, but the moment she is in a public place she isn't going to call out for help? Seriously?! Look at the big picture, this is all a PR stunt, I still listen to his music, and I am sure there are plenty of other people listening to it too. They said Michael Jackson was a child molester but that didn't stop dumb as parents from taking their kids to spend the night at his house. Bill Cosby supposedly raped a 16 year old girl at the Playboy Mansion...really?! Yet no one stops to think, you couldn't buy a Playboy magazine unless you were 18 years and old, so how the fuck did a 16 year get into the Playboy Mansion to get drugged and raped in the 1st place?! R. Kelly married 15 year old Aaliyah in 1994, (that shit ain't new either, think back on the "Color Purple" which portrays the happenings of the early 1900's to 1940's folks were still marrying off their 15 year old daughters to dirty old men, just 50-70 years ago, it isn't that long ago), then polite society is told her parents made them divorce or annul the marriage and forbade them from seeing each other, yet 1 year later the video "You Remind me of my Jeep" there is Aaliyah hiding in the shadows, oh yeah that is stop the bullshit. That being said, I about to go and chillax with my boo, cause I don't see nothing wrong with a lil bump n grind.

  • fdseabrook
    fdseabrook Month ago

    Hey have had the spotlight to spill all they T's about their captor! 3 nights 2 hour series wtf can Kmichelle tell that hasnt already been told!

  • Tina Smith
    Tina Smith Month ago +1

    Everyone who knew what R. Kelly was doing and did nothing were a enabler and are just as bad as him.

  • NosybyNatureTM Tarot and Truth channel

    Absolute TRUTH!!!!

  • Yasmine T
    Yasmine T Month ago +1

    Well Idc idc ! I love R Kelly music and like K Michelle too so get off they dick lol

  • Thomas Wall Sr
    Thomas Wall Sr Month ago +1



    Jason is Michelle friend


    Look up echo remix


    Ok so you was invlove with a man who was treating other women like slaves and you was good with that......why they never ask what year...because i know she did echo remix

  • Tanya Green
    Tanya Green Month ago

    we need a mute R Kelly supports movement i bet they start talking then

  • Tanya Green
    Tanya Green Month ago

    I am so disappointed in K on this. Hollywood is crazy and need to be dealt with

  • dstbac07
    dstbac07 Month ago

    She would have to worry about killing his career if he hadn't done anything or betray him if there was nothing to tell, common sense people. So she is indirectly admitting to it. People just want to support him and over look the obvious. Anyone else would have been under the jail by now and everyone would be protesting but instead everyone looks the oher way because of his music. Sad!

  • MiSs LouLou
    MiSs LouLou Month ago +2

    all celebs know whats going on in hollyweird they cant talk bcuz they are all doing the same thing stanic ritual ,
    stay woke

  • Christina lopez
    Christina lopez Month ago

    Wtf! Ya her big Ass mouth didn’t say shit she’s a scandalous selfish Ass bitch these days it’s all about Fame Fuckn Money Use it to HELP Others fuck it’s Disgusting What this world has come to

  • Not me
    Not me Month ago

    Money is the Root of all Evil🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Miltown Mama
    Miltown Mama Month ago

    Who ever knew beforehand is just as guilty

  • wise41
    wise41 Month ago

    All them females fucking lying

  • geraldine cooper
    geraldine cooper Month ago

    Watch what happens to Him mark my words y'all gone say WoW that girl was right!😳💯 I'm not referring to jail but Death!💀 He done bought the ticket already it's just waiting on the departure time and it's gone be soon!

  • J Clark
    J Clark Month ago

    If She wasn't going tell nothing shouldn't have talk on him at all
    If She know it or not she just jeopardize her fans and other to leave her along she better hope her cooking bar or whatever it is stay successful SMDH

  • Karmel30
    Karmel30 Month ago

    She was given money. So sad money can buy silence. God is the ultimate judge.

  • Karmel30
    Karmel30 Month ago

    Complicit. Karma is a b*tch!

  • oma ripe
    oma ripe Month ago

    Michelle is big liar ,shame on you Kelly abused you so bad now you even lied after you 2 big hall alike lake from Kelly .

  • oma ripe
    oma ripe Month ago

    She put her mouth and butt Kelly's dig now she likes and missed

  • oma ripe
    oma ripe Month ago

    Probably she did crime with him that is why she lied .



  • Satyn Hollenstein
    Satyn Hollenstein Month ago

    She's supposed to be pro woman and watched this shit wow smh

  • Roberta Bellissima
    Roberta Bellissima Month ago

    ya'll she is basically telling you that he is guilty!!! sometimes people don't say anything in order to tell you everything

  • Anastasia Wise
    Anastasia Wise Month ago

    Ummmm she still getting paid form this nigga hell nawwwwwwwww

  • Heart brown
    Heart brown Month ago

    something doesn't seem right

  • Curtis Anthony Bullock

    Where is the CRIME? 😏😏😏

  • Amber Rose
    Amber Rose Month ago

    Girl that was a indirect yes
    I would have bin more women and said yes
    Shady bih

  • NewGardner
    NewGardner Month ago

    @1:40 is where I had the biggest issue. Jason never asked if she slept with Robert. He said "Have you ever just rolled over in bed at night, have you eve asked R has he slept with underage girls" The issue is that K is bisexual so, she could have been in the bed with R and an underage girl so, will she tell on herself? No. And, she deflected and said she didnt want to believe it although she saw things. But, in order for her to leave, she had to pretend everything was normal in that house. And, what's up with the weird answer of 'I would speak to my mom and things like that' ...In other words, R would only let her speak to her mother IF she kept her mouth shut about what she was experiencing....probably had someone monitoring her conversation. So, the phone calls were K's small moment of escapism. R had imprisoned her but, I'm surprised he let her just leave. Like, how do you just leave unless there is a sex tape of some sort. How did Andrea just get a divorce?

  • Traci Cimino
    Traci Cimino Month ago

    She didn't drag her Mom in it because anything here Mother was told is considered hearsay and not admissible in court.

  • Roger Tee
    Roger Tee Month ago

    There is no evidence about anything even with survival r.kelly.. R.kelly out there suing the Dream and the station. R.kelly is not an angel but these victims doesnt tell a whole truth. Fkk em too

  • NanTheGoldChild
    NanTheGoldChild Month ago

    Girls in a shark tank on salary! Smh Things keep getting worse

  • S B
    S B Month ago +1