Cute baby animals Videos Compilation cute moment of the animals - Baby animals #2

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • Cute baby animals Videos Compilation cute moment of the animals - Baby animals #2

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  • Baby animals
    Baby animals  4 months ago +100

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  • Danielle Oliveira
    Danielle Oliveira 10 hours ago +1

    I love animals

  • Chris Hellams
    Chris Hellams 12 hours ago

    pigs are moshing

  • Chris Hellams
    Chris Hellams 12 hours ago

    puppy uppers doggy downers

  • Chris Hellams
    Chris Hellams 12 hours ago

    I love animals

  • Gori Rajput
    Gori Rajput 17 hours ago

    The first clip is the best clip in the world God bless you lady

  • Green Eyes Racy Fox

    The dog with the yellow hair is a cabbage patch kid gone horribly wrong!! 😲

  • Mike S
    Mike S Day ago

    It's possible that the dog who picked the red cup with the red die under it wasn't really picking the correct cup. It's possible that a die was under ALL the cups, because the video doesn't show whether or not that is. I tried to see if the same number of dots were on top, but it's hard to tell when she starts the trick. Wicked cute animals in this video. Please tell me that little puppy in the bed, near the beginning of the video, is named SPOT!

  • Doctor Winchester
    Doctor Winchester 2 days ago

    I jumped off my chair at 1:13 . Don't do that XD

  • Malfatto G G G
    Malfatto G G G 3 days ago

    son of a bitch let the dog walk normal fucking asshole

  • Tatsyana Tate
    Tatsyana Tate 3 days ago

    4:18 Hey now... let's look at the fact at least he saved one! Lol

  • Gacha Life
    Gacha Life 5 days ago

    It so cute

  • Sugar The wolf
    Sugar The wolf 5 days ago


  • Mohamed Mohamed
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  • Mohamed Mohamed
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  • Neha Netam
    Neha Netam 5 days ago

    Sooooooooooooo cute yar 😘😘😘😘💓

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    Ali blog 6 days ago

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  • harperxera
    harperxera 6 days ago

    Also, 666th comment

  • harperxera
    harperxera 6 days ago

    So cute!

  • be hai my
    be hai my 7 days ago

  • Raul Jimenez
    Raul Jimenez 8 days ago

    que linda caridad de esa muchacha darle su bufanda 👍👍🐕🐕

  • Vandice Santos
    Vandice Santos 8 days ago


  • DelaneyDMC Cisneros
    DelaneyDMC Cisneros 8 days ago

    The jumping dog made the chasier womans day

  • Melissa Medina
    Melissa Medina 9 days ago

    OMG 2:04

  • Sofia Morzenti
    Sofia Morzenti 12 days ago


  • khaled abidi
    khaled abidi 13 days ago


  • Unicorn Squad 123
    Unicorn Squad 123 15 days ago

    3:38 me in math

    QUEEN ICECREAM SANDWICH 15 days ago +1

    What happens when I'm in rain at school

  • Виктор Пикалов

    Зачем рожать детей ..
    Люди озверели, у них собаки дети ,даже спят вместе....бесовщина..

  • InFacTioHoNixX
    InFacTioHoNixX 17 days ago

    So cute

  • Angela Săvescu
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  • Raxman Amirzhan
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  • M Piper
    M Piper 19 days ago

    Clickbait video image

  • I have No life
    I have No life 20 days ago

    2:16 Peppa pig has been cloned

  • Michi Chan
    Michi Chan 21 day ago +1

    Sooooooooooo funny and cuuuuuuuuuuttttte!!!!!!

  • guidoum sara
    guidoum sara 23 days ago +1

    i love cats so much

  • Muswar 123
    Muswar 123 25 days ago

    *_So Funny and Very Cute 😂😍_*

  • Muswar 123
    Muswar 123 25 days ago

    *_So Cute , I want one😍😍😍😍😍_*

  • Pantelis zois
    Pantelis zois 26 days ago

    So cute

  • adexe adexe
    adexe adexe 26 days ago

    Que lindo

  • Kandis Nielsen
    Kandis Nielsen 27 days ago +1

    So CUTE ❤️!!;!!

  • Ștefania Baciu
    Ștefania Baciu 28 days ago

    Sunt foarte cute

  • タナカムルメ
    タナカムルメ 29 days ago


  • kang kang
    kang kang 29 days ago

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  • Joe White
    Joe White Month ago

    The 1 were the dog has a blonde wig on it didn't even follow it. It was a lucky guess

  • Yangmihor Zimik
    Yangmihor Zimik Month ago

    I love the first one what a great heart and the last.!!👍

  • Jackie Aikin
    Jackie Aikin Month ago

    Cute baby videos and the first thing I see is a dog sleeping on the streets and it's raining. How is that cute? I think that's the idea of sad. Oh and putting a blanket on the dog is not much of help. Find a home for the poor guy. The blanket only got wet and soaked to the point it probably made the dog colder more than the rain did. I mean it was something, but... I guess there are no shelters or anyone to call to get him off the streets out in that country. It's just sad.

  • Whitey3777
    Whitey3777 Month ago

    That little mouse thing close to the end, was that me or did that want some numbers fun?

  • Hinata Carlon
    Hinata Carlon Month ago

    5:08 cuando te empieza tocar tu tío!!

  • Fani&Kim
    Fani&Kim Month ago


  • Mark Hughes
    Mark Hughes Month ago

    man those baby giraffes got me

  • judy tripp
    judy tripp Month ago

    hyper active dog will probably be on puppy Adderol

  • Jovaan Mills
    Jovaan Mills Month ago

    Those pigs are going to be rather tasty. That's alot of ham bacon ribs sausage. Matter a fact looks like mom is ready for the slaughter house 😋😋

  • Vicky Noneya
    Vicky Noneya Month ago

    Little piggy 1: Let's annoy mother
    Other little piggies: Yes, lets

  • ethel newberry
    ethel newberry Month ago

    That mother pig and her babies deserve better the a urine soaked mud floor.

  • A Ortiz
    A Ortiz Month ago

    *Click bait alert!!

  • Your Real Estate Expert

    Thank you for your uplifting video, I hope you guys realize that these animals that we love did not evolve from pond scum. God created them. If you don't know that, you have no excuse.

  • Raul Lizonta
    Raul Lizonta Month ago

    hay tanta gente muy buena😊😊😊👍👍👍

  • Sue Burke
    Sue Burke Month ago

    So cute x

  • darthspeaks
    darthspeaks Month ago

    5:15 I hate to tell you that this female hamster is sexually stimulated with her arching her back like that.
    She is telling other male hamsters with her body language that she is ready to be mated.

  • DerKaiser
    DerKaiser Month ago

    Not exactly baby animals but okay, kinda funny some of it still! :)

  • ꧁Laurie B꧂
    ꧁Laurie B꧂ Month ago

    Heart attack at 1:13 😰🙉

  • Alcia Luv
    Alcia Luv Month ago +2

    Where's the cute animal in the thumbnail? I hate click bait. Thumbs down plus I'm reporting this vid.

  • unicórnios é com a teresa

    I love the cat and our pom pom

  • kylie sturzaker
    kylie sturzaker Month ago

    Is owning sugar gliders at pets even legal? They’re Australian wildlife

    • kylie sturzaker
      kylie sturzaker Month ago

      Laurie B ah ok thank you. I’m Australian and have seen wild ones never ones as pets though. Seemed odd to me! Thanks for the answer x

    • ꧁Laurie B꧂
      ꧁Laurie B꧂ Month ago +1

      In the US it's legal. But they're bred, not captured

  • kylie sturzaker
    kylie sturzaker Month ago

    What was the little thing with the big brown eyes at 4:00?

  • Karan Kaul Tingloo
    Karan Kaul Tingloo Month ago

    what is at 3:46?

  • * まなみ
    * まなみ Month ago


  • ShorolBalokRaju
    ShorolBalokRaju Month ago +3

    This is why i still pay for my internet

  • Don Benton
    Don Benton Month ago

    The jumping dog at 1:12 woke me right up.

  • cyrillecorinne
    cyrillecorinne Month ago

    Amour 😊

  • Demiurge13
    Demiurge13 Month ago

    Damn those were a lot of suger gliders. They are cute though.

  • Suie D
    Suie D Month ago

    Doggo at 1:13 is that restless legs syndrome? 😁

  • Nancy Fenity
    Nancy Fenity Month ago

    All babies are adorable!!

  • Wake Up
    Wake Up Month ago

    I thought the First Lady was going to either stand over the dog, or prop the umbrella over him.

  • Shaine MacDonald
    Shaine MacDonald Month ago

    Fix the audio. It's quiet then LOUD over and over again!!!

  • Monica Avram
    Monica Avram Month ago +2

    The dog is like
    The lady:Wanna go bed time?Sweetie

    lol XD

  • Clarinha Prado
    Clarinha Prado Month ago

    Birds are not Pets. They're supposed to be flying through the skies. :'(

  • exloadjoke joke
    exloadjoke joke Month ago

    5:09 now that’s how you control an ass 🍑

  • Allegra Seward
    Allegra Seward Month ago

    Thumbnail misleading asf. Not a single bunny. :-(

  • Natalia Gibeli love
    Natalia Gibeli love Month ago +1

    Lo de las jirafitas jugando me mato . 😄💕💙❤💚💛

  • Ruby Tuesday
    Ruby Tuesday Month ago

    @4.25 What are those adorable little creatures?

  • LA Leyenda
    LA Leyenda Month ago +1

    New supporter for life...please support my channel friend...❤💗💕💓💖💞💚💙💛😔😍🙋

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    ARUNA ARUNA Month ago +1

    Love you so much 😘😘 animals ..I love my kitty

  • Gen Goose Khan
    Gen Goose Khan Month ago +1

    Balance your audio, going back and forth from quietness to LOUD MUSIC is annoying. Disliked video for poor editing.

  • Акылай Мамырбаева


  • Aya Beidas
    Aya Beidas Month ago

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  • YARETZI Solís
    YARETZI Solís Month ago

    Amolares ocurrido I like a t it is La Plaza plac esta pobre y que requiera este perrito a ese canto Ahí estoy galaxy todos soy un galaxy

  • YARETZI Solís
    YARETZI Solís Month ago

    A eso quiere volverI love quieres que abrí a hombre está

  • U. M.
    U. M. Month ago

    ...1,14 and Bang 😱 musik

  • Mei Ling Tan
    Mei Ling Tan Month ago

    How is the first video even considered cute? It's too sad.

  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet Month ago

    Slow Loris kisses and a cat that sounds like me in the morning. Awesome!

  • Shehriyar Iqtdar
    Shehriyar Iqtdar Month ago

    The flying dog

  • Kursten Louise Granados

    I cried in the first one

  • Diah aura azizi diah

    OMG so cute 😚😚

  • study club
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  • Santosh Sharma
    Santosh Sharma Month ago

    All animals are very cute