Warren Gatland | Winding up Schmidt, Ireland fall-out, doping in rugby & family importance


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  • Bob Snooker
    Bob Snooker 5 days ago

    Excellent interview.

  • John Adams
    John Adams 22 days ago

    Warren gatland is no Joe Schmidt

  • Marty2465 P
    Marty2465 P 25 days ago

    looking forward to lions tour - great interview !

  • Sean Connolly
    Sean Connolly 25 days ago

    800 years of oppression

  • SavoPaddy
    SavoPaddy 25 days ago +1

    Lot more to this guy than I thought, comes across very well. Got badly treated by Ireland. Interesting that he was the first man to play O'Driscoll and first man to drop him, a small aspect of his career but demonstrated his strength as a coach, right or wrong. You can see why Wales, their players and the Lions (have) stuck with him for so long. One of the top coaches, people in rugby for sure. If people can't take his comments, mind games, they are taking the game too seriously I think.

  • Larry Tonge
    Larry Tonge 26 days ago

    Would you ever just give it up with this, TEAM OF US EVERYONE IN THING, it hasn't worked, painful to listen to....give it a rest for the love of god.

  • Greg J
    Greg J 27 days ago

    really good, gats covered a lot of ground over the years, done pretty well everywhere he went and hopefully he'll get a bit of peace in New Zealand.

  • Shane Canning
    Shane Canning 27 days ago

    Nice show

  • TheWelshy83
    TheWelshy83 27 days ago +1

    Still harping on about 2013. Good old irish

  • Niall McGinley
    Niall McGinley 28 days ago +2

    Joe molloy with another great interview!

  • Diarmuid O'Donovan
    Diarmuid O'Donovan 28 days ago

    Great interview

  • Mael Ughran
    Mael Ughran 28 days ago

    Evident he's harbouring resentment about being sacked by Ireland.....he can only claim that dropping O'Driscoll for the Lions match was justified because they went on to win, in was illogical to drop such an experienced player for such an important game....and he's sore about losing the post-RWC friendly game against Ireland at Cardiff because that would have damaged his ego.
    He has criticised Schmidt for Ireland's showing in teh World Cup - a better man would keep his mouth shut. You won't find Schmidt criticising any other coaches, that's the difference.
    Wales delivered on the world stage when it mattered, Ireland didn't. But actually neither did England ( choking in the final) or Scotland ( choking in their first match at group stage).

  • Cormac MacCrann
    Cormac MacCrann 29 days ago

    Warren and Joe both are stars. Joe knows his rugby and therefore has the respect of his interviewee. Warren is not here just selling his book, he is responding to a very knowledgable and empathetic interviewer - makes for a great podcast!

  • Stephen Davies-Hale
    Stephen Davies-Hale 29 days ago +2

    We love you Gatland - From everyone in Wales. Diolch!

  • Maria Murphy
    Maria Murphy 29 days ago +2

    Warrren did brilliantly for Wales for 12 years and with Lions tours, so no grips from thiis neck of the world for this coach. On personal note I really liked his Red tie and hankiie with suit during the Rugby World Cup tournament (even in games where humidity was high) its very proper and respectful to WRU - Good luck with the Chiefs in Hamilton, NZ.(thou I doubt if he needs luck!)

  • Ian Swan
    Ian Swan 29 days ago

    Top Dude.

  • Ben john
    Ben john 29 days ago

    Ahhh jasus Warren. I'm really sorry we never trusted you.

  • Ben john
    Ben john 29 days ago

    What a great interview.

  • Ben john
    Ben john 29 days ago

    Joe. You did a great job.
    Two people on top of their profession. Late late show beckons

  • Ben john
    Ben john 29 days ago

    Sorry Warren. You were treated very unfairly by the irfu.
    If you had of kept your job" the golden generation " would have definitely won alot more.

    • Sean Connolly
      Sean Connolly 25 days ago

      Why you saying sorry ?long time ago and he always brings it up

  • Ben john
    Ben john 29 days ago

    Irfu. F@uked up big time
    Should have never been released for that poisonous dwarf Eddie o shitebag

  • Ben john
    Ben john 29 days ago +3

    Great genuine interview
    Joe is excellent
    Warren is honest
    Honesty is the best policy

  • Stephen Brown
    Stephen Brown 29 days ago

    Have the highest respect for warren will really miss him in Wales

  • Cool Coyote
    Cool Coyote 29 days ago +1

    in defence of warren ball unfortunately what n.z tried and failed a few times now is trying to play anything but warren ball' and failed again. then you see england who actually expanded on this had the most impressive match at the world cup beating us(n.z) very well. then the very slow warren balled s.a who did not change at all won the world cup. so although this was the softest world cup ever with a very ordinary very lucky springboks who played a game that could have been out of a slow rugby championship game they need to win, played n.z lost quite comfortably, played japan 'easy win' played a tired thought they were gonna just play easy and win england and beat them easy.

    • Cool Coyote
      Cool Coyote 28 days ago +1

      belief? 🤣 you can *believe* but you can't belief lol sir, you can belief what you like if it helps you sleep at night. s.a did what they were allowed to do certainly and won easily. Again the softest world cup ever, teams falling by the wayside just for s.a to come strolling through even though they lost to n.z comfortably, then we play ireland(hard match) s.a play japan 🤣(easy match) s.a play a cocky and tired england team that played their best game and THE BEST MATCH at the RWC only to play the meekest form of rugby imaginable against an average s.a side. s.a were laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Paddy Dunne
      Paddy Dunne 28 days ago

      Cool Coyote in all fairness cool South Africa did what they had to do ,I belief Wales had to win that match they would have won even with a depleted team

    • Cool Coyote
      Cool Coyote 29 days ago +1

      i liked your comment actually and agree with you. its on the day , so no need for the nit pick. HOWEVER IT WAS A SOFT WORLD CUP THE SOFTEST EVER. it just all fell in the lap of s.a at their best england showed they are the best imo its their fault they could not sustain it for 2 weeks. i mean anyone can lose to the all blacks which the springboks did, what england did was way more impressive than what s.a did which was close to nothing all the way through.

    • Paddy Dunne
      Paddy Dunne 29 days ago +1

      All different games different opposition with different strengths and weaknesses,also very hard to get back to the same intensity from the week before even New Zealand has the same problem,there is very little between the top 6 teams it’s actually on the day believe it or not

  • Cool Coyote
    Cool Coyote 29 days ago +1

    england and n.z repeat offenders in playing their final the week before 🤦‍♂️

  • kiefer sutherland
    kiefer sutherland Month ago

    credit it to the interviewer here - as Warren is v guarded/cagey in these situs

  • kiefer sutherland
    kiefer sutherland Month ago

    Drico DID play in that series - in the tests - and it was the ONLY series he won as a Lion. so, come on, not that bad

    • mark
      mark 28 days ago

      kiefer sutherland but gays was right to drop him on that game

  • Ciaran Byrne
    Ciaran Byrne Month ago

    Anyone have an idea of the Welsh player on PEDs he was suspicious about ?

  • beardedcollie39
    beardedcollie39 Month ago +1

    this is the same gatland who stood outside the irish dressing room in 2013 before a 6N game v wales and taunted the irish players walking in, saying things like "you're gonna lose today lads". ireland won the game, btw #eggonyourfacewarren

    • beardedcollie39
      beardedcollie39 24 days ago

      @Martin Davies Gordon Darcy said he did it

    • Derpintine
      Derpintine 25 days ago

      Pretty stupid and irrelevant comment, but if what you need is 1 win from 2013 to carry you through those lonely night ...... You go son

    • Martin Davies
      Martin Davies 27 days ago

      I doubt he did this, he was lions coach that year so why would he!

  • markstea69
    markstea69 Month ago +1

    Just proves the man who can talk honestly and joke about himself, could not imagine any other coach talking like on this on TVclip

  • corny165
    corny165 Month ago +2

    His comments on Wyn Jones were enlightening. In the last Lions tour he picked him ahead of Itoje. This one he'll pick him ahead of Ryan. Jones is a decent player but i must be missing something that Warren sees. Either that or its the blind loyalty he ascribes to Schmidt.

  • KJ Kickham
    KJ Kickham Month ago +1

    Great bit of banter folks, first time I heard Warren talk so much and saw another part of him which was nice to see. I look forward to reading his book.

  • Paul Coffield
    Paul Coffield Month ago +1

    Carberry's got some work to do to make the Lions tour over the next couple of years. He's behind the likes of Farrell, Russell and Ford at the minute. Ryan, Furlong, Murray are definite starters if on form. Ringrose probable. Stockdale should challenge for a wing spot. Henshaw/Aki and Larmour should make the tour.

    • Paul Coffield
      Paul Coffield 27 days ago

      @Thomas Thomas Once Carberry starts in front of Sexton for his own national side, then come back to me. Until then, he's still behind the two I've mentioned.

  • Andy Walker
    Andy Walker Month ago +1

    Great interview

  • lorco25
    lorco25 Month ago +3

    Top bloke

  • Thabo Mkwananzi
    Thabo Mkwananzi Month ago +3

    Well answered Gatland on the drugs. The Irish are on a witch hunt on South Africa's win. Not all irish people but the media can't come to terms with SA's win. It's as if Rassie's turn around of the Boks must be drug related to these guys. SA have a huge talent pool, bigger than Ireland. We knew we would come good. The Irish Media sound bitter very bitter about their worldcup.

    • Anne Marie Kelly
      Anne Marie Kelly 29 days ago +1

      You are absolutely right about the Irish media pundits. Not one of them gave the Boks a chance. How monumentally wrong they were. They all sounded and looked stupefied during and after the match. It was hilarious to hear them attempting to justify their woeful predictions by banging on about what England did wrong instead of what the Springboks did right. This Irish poster and my entire family cannot recall being more jubilant after an important rugby match. Congratulations and thank you, South Africa.

    • L K
      L K Month ago +1

      It's as if we eliminated them in QF lol....straight bitterness.

  • Camcolito
    Camcolito Month ago +15

    'I'm not on social media, I stay away from that' - Wise man

  • Séan Muireb
    Séan Muireb Month ago +2

    Sound man with a little bit of divilment in him...Irish fans and the odd player (like Sexton) are the most easily triggered click bait consuming people in the world.. and I’m an Irish man!

  • viewer
    viewer Month ago +3

    Interesting interview . Gatland talked about some stuff that the boring coaches would just not talk about .
    Why is everyone so afraid of a Coach or a Player saying even the slightest thing controversial or even supposedly controversial ?

  • kevinkilbane2007
    kevinkilbane2007 Month ago +5

    Delighted gatland got the last laugh against the irfu.
    Irish muppets

    • Sam Daily
      Sam Daily 28 days ago

      @kevinkilbane2007 ok teach.
      Christ spelling is your thing.
      Must go down so well with the lady's.

    • kevinkilbane2007
      kevinkilbane2007 28 days ago

      @Sam Daily *boring

    • Sam Daily
      Sam Daily 28 days ago

      @kevinkilbane2007 na, juat dyslexic. But id rather be dyslexic any day , then a boaring loser , who has a horn for grammer, sorry grammar, and gatland .

    • kevinkilbane2007
      kevinkilbane2007 29 days ago

      @Sam Daily.... *grammar.
      Stay in school Sam.
      You big dummy!!!!!

    • Sam Daily
      Sam Daily 29 days ago

      @kevinkilbane2007 admitting your a loser is the first step.fair play.
      Ooo, i bet ued( sorry) you, would like to teach me about grammer.
      You big boring loser

  • Gary Stewart
    Gary Stewart Month ago +4

    Can we please stop inviting this bigot back to our Island? Some posting here seem to have short memories supporting a guy who came out and publicaly said he hated the Irish, dropped our best player ever after making it look like he was going to be not only on but captaining the side (Sure... that was only a mistake, sure I had no idea ... wink wink, I can see him laughing at those that believe this tripe). And now he is having a go at at Schmidt, who is a total gent - Gatland not worthy of lacing Schmidts booths - grade A A**H****! And in the same breath "fans" on this thread having a go at the man who brought us our most successful period ever - words fail!

  • Gary Stewart
    Gary Stewart Month ago

    He was let go as coach as he was not the coach then that he became - Ireland players and staff who have insight to this have come out and said as much, he himself has said as much. He has consistently given 2 fingers to Irish Rugby. He loved putting him up for media and then humiliating him - dropping BOD had nothing to do with winning, the forwards won that game - in reality the Lions were a very superior side with much more quality and should have been 3-0 series winners. He has since then consistently giving 2 fingers to Irish Rugby "We hate the Irish anyone"?

    • Brendan Coughlan
      Brendan Coughlan 29 days ago

      Troll....are you even Irish??

    • tom kelly
      tom kelly Month ago +2

      @Gary Stewart i think your dislike has clouded your judgement on him. If he had not been shafted by the irfu he would not have been bitter towards ireland and you would probably recognise just how good he is. Good point on the RWC 23 though i never thought of it.

    • Gary Stewart
      Gary Stewart Month ago

      @tom kelly LOL, more things to be worried about Tom, but as an Irish Rugby fan I genuinely have no time for this guy. I would also not say beyond realms of possibility that he influenced the Welsh vote away from us possibly ruining our chance of hosting RWC 23 (?).

    • tom kelly
      tom kelly Month ago +4

      lol unless you are bods mother or trolling you really need to move on

  • Mark Reilly
    Mark Reilly Month ago +6

    Welsh rugby player on steroids?
    Andy Powell?

  • Burns Things
    Burns Things Month ago +6

    Christ this channel is obsessed with SA and steroid use.

    • R Brennan
      R Brennan Month ago +1

      @Adam Charnas oh so its the media who picked the overseas players to come play here? Cheeky of them to give out about doping isn't it, it should be brushed under the carpet and never spoken of.

    • Adam Charnas
      Adam Charnas Month ago +2

      every mention of the springboks is linked to doping. It’s becoming farcical. Yet they play SA players in their national team and all their provinces.

  • Paul Kentucky
    Paul Kentucky Month ago +6

    Wazza, always his own man and was never given anything easy rugbywise. Brought the Irish team into the professional era and restored (brought) credibility, and roughly treated in the end no doubt. Always good value in the media too. Went on to great success and proved plenty of people here and in nz wrong. Best of luck to the guy

  • Geraint Hopkins
    Geraint Hopkins Month ago +5

    Irish fans need to get over this it was Gatts was right Lions won BOD is not the Lions, its a team game

    • robert pirsig
      robert pirsig 29 days ago +1

      Hardly anyone in Ireland makes a big deal about this now. It was all media as usual.

  • Caiote Fu
    Caiote Fu Month ago +11

    Thankyou Gats! Wales have been truly AMAZING!

  • Danny B
    Danny B Month ago +10

    Bottom line is the Lions would have smashed the Wallabies in that 3rd test with my grandmother playing 13, and she's dead, so I don't think the decision to drop BOD was "vindicated" either which way. That game was won up front - the pack were immense, Welsh boys (Alun Wyn-Jones and Adam Jones in particular) superb, Faletau and Sean O' Brien rampaging around and even Geoff Parling had a stormer. Actually if anyone deserved to be dropped after that 2nd test it was Jonathan Davies, he was completely at fault for Adam Ashley-Cooper's winning try.
    Regardless I'm not bitter lol... anyway great interview with Gatland.

    • kevinkilbane2007
      kevinkilbane2007 23 days ago

      @Big Sham 69... Nope, but many of the paddy clowns need to get over it. Cnuts

    • Big Sham 69
      Big Sham 69 24 days ago

      @kevinkilbane2007 not top sharp on the auld sarcasm there Kev are ya

    • Michael Mulhall
      Michael Mulhall 29 days ago

      Absolutely spot on. That was the worst aussie side the lions ever faced. How many years had o driscoll been retired and you'd still take him half fit over Jonathan Davies. One the most blatant bit of one upminship from a coach ever. To do it to a all time great like that, im still sick and bitter over it

    • kevinkilbane2007
      kevinkilbane2007 29 days ago +1

      @Big Sham 69... Why, cop on. Gatland was right

    • Joe Cool
      Joe Cool Month ago +1

      agreed...think he's an overrated coach...and I'm a Kiwi...hopefully he's learnt and has improved when he comes back here

  • tom kelly
    tom kelly Month ago +4

    The man who laid the foundations for future irish success. Will go down as the most important caoch ireland ever had

    • tom kelly
      tom kelly Month ago +4

      @Gary Stewart Gatland developed rog, bod, strings he laid the foundations for the future Joe schmidt was teaching in nz at this time so i dont see how he laid the foundations

    • Gary Stewart
      Gary Stewart Month ago

      No that would be the provinces and Joe Schmidt - yes he got the RWC wrong but maybe look past the last year

  • Rochelle Hart
    Rochelle Hart Month ago +2

    Joe squirming when Warren didn't like the idea of Carbery at 15 or James Ryan starting for the Lions!

  • Book Worm
    Book Worm Month ago +5

    God bless little Shauna

  • miami fox
    miami fox Month ago +13

    Wud take back this guy as Ireland coach in a second

    • Derpintine
      Derpintine 25 days ago

      @Thomas Thomas Wales have had plenty of black years when it comes to rugby, gats has had the side 12 years, the early 2000s Wales started to grow, before that there was very little to get excited about for welsh rugby after the golden teams of the 70s, back then Welsh clubs could actually compete

    • Derpintine
      Derpintine 25 days ago

      @Thomas Thomas you think Wales had the players when he showed up? Can't ask a coach to morph the team after just arriving, it takes time

    • Ben Nicholas
      Ben Nicholas 26 days ago

      @miami fox humble guy with excellent spelling!

    • miami fox
      miami fox 27 days ago

      @Thomas Thomas ok but u get my point

  • will will
    will will Month ago +3

    When he dropped bod for Jamie Roberts I heavily backed the Lions to win. I would have picked Roberts at 12 ahead of bod too.
    Bods time at 13 was over at the highest was over at that stage and he was been played at 12.
    Gatty brought an injured Roberts on tour saving home for the deciding test.
    Lions won
    Roberts played well
    End of story
    From an Ireland fan
    Ps maybe gatty could have kept drico in the squad instead of dropping him altogether is the only contentious thing.

    • will will
      will will 27 days ago

      Thomas Thomas
      So was Jesus and they keep bringing that up too and if u are talking about timelines that’s along time ago.
      Are you related to Gary Nevilles dad. Think his name is Neville Neville

    • Hanoi Tripper
      Hanoi Tripper Month ago

      oz lost the first test by beale slipping on a goal kick. Could easily have been 0-2

  • irishjg1
    irishjg1 Month ago +3

    Warren did a fantastic job coaching Wales. He built a great coaching staff around him and they got the most out of the players. He’s never shirked from dropping players, always kept them on their toes. Maybe we should have adopted a small bit of that philosophy over the past 12 months or was it simply too late to fix things at that stage.

  • will will
    will will Month ago +5

    His comments near the end about a few Irish players gone over the top were spot on.

  • Mawgs
    Mawgs Month ago +9

    You guys should really put a banner up saying this channel is not meant for South African rugby fans. How many videos since the world cup have you guys published that try and cast a shadow over the world cup winners. You truly try to play off the ball, living up to the channels title.

    • Nicole Pakkiri
      Nicole Pakkiri 26 days ago +1

      Thats all the Irish keeping talking about. When are they gonna talk about how Ireland can get pass the quarterfinals??? Love to hear that one.

    • Hammer332
      Hammer332 Month ago

      You boys are dosed up on steroids. Accept it.

    • Paddy Dunne
      Paddy Dunne Month ago

      Great to hear keep going and am pretty sure that not all the South African players were on the juice 🥤

    • Paddy Dunne
      Paddy Dunne Month ago

      Seems that his testosterone levels were proven to actually be a medical issue with him

    • R Brennan
      R Brennan Month ago

      Kelly Rachel 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hakatime Rugby
    Hakatime Rugby Month ago +5

    Please coach the All Blacks! My favourite coach.... outside Hansen.

    • Eddard Swineherd
      Eddard Swineherd Month ago

      Haha no chance

    • R Brennan
      R Brennan Month ago

      Don't think he'll get that job, his style wouldn't be the all blacks way of playing.

    • Caiote Fu
      Caiote Fu Month ago

      Hakatime Rugby He will!

  • Stacey Mackie
    Stacey Mackie Month ago +13

    So glad he’s coming home to the Chiefs, hope they do well next year.

  • archie hanna
    archie hanna Month ago +14

    Great to hear about his life away from coaching, his family and daughter. Brilliant interview.

  • simmy john
    simmy john Month ago +3