China coronavirus: Authorities shut major tourist sites including the Forbidden City- BBC News

  • China has widened its travel restrictions in Hubei province - the centre of the coronavirus outbreak - as the death toll climbed to 26.
    The restrictions will affect at least 20 million people across 10 cities, including the capital Wuhan, where the virus emerged.
    On Thursday, a coronavirus patient died in nearby Hebei province - making it the first death outside Hubei.
    Another death was later confirmed in north-east Heilongjiang province.
    The province borders Russia and is more than 2,000 kilometres (1,200 miles) from Wuhan.
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  • Nemo Kao
    Nemo Kao 26 days ago

    Map is wrong Taiwan belongs to China !!!& I want to tell you people that CCP is doing its best to rescue patients.You guys can come to China to see the actual situation.

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones Month ago

    I thought the common cold was a rhinovirus?

  • Kieu An
    Kieu An Month ago

    Who would says that this wasn't an emergency

  • Sea Monkey
    Sea Monkey Month ago

    Legacy media is dying.

  • edisah edisah
    edisah edisah Month ago

    I believe that the Corona virus is a hoax, so that we care about their deception

  • edisah edisah
    edisah edisah Month ago

  • Ventyfikator™
    Ventyfikator™ Month ago +1

    Mmmmmm bat soup, what can go wrong if i try.

  • Sumi S
    Sumi S Month ago

    You should understand now, why we indians are mostly vegetarians, I pray for those who infected would recover soon. ...

  • sudi yanto
    sudi yanto Month ago


  • abdul rub
    abdul rub Month ago

    Don't eat haraam...
    Give respect to Islam Allha will help all of you....he is most humble ....ask forgiveness from Allha

  • DolceVIP
    DolceVIP Month ago

    ENJOY 😎

  • rambobunny1
    rambobunny1 Month ago

    beating it Victorian diseases Ignaz Semmelweiss wash your hands China
    rid of the 1000-year old Chinese superstitions beliefs I blame China Mao not teaching and hygienic

  • Wisnu Cahya Pratama
    Wisnu Cahya Pratama Month ago +1

    Mamposssss kena adzab

  • Hasan ali Khan
    Hasan ali Khan 2 months ago

    Allah ne jo haram o halal ka nizam rakha he beshak behtreen hi nhi lajawab he beshak mera rab barhaq he.

  • History and Knowledge
    History and Knowledge 2 months ago

    This new chines year is really happy and fantastic for rats, bats , snakes and cats they all will be so happy ....

  • avichal tripathi
    avichal tripathi 2 months ago

    Very wrong ...

  • ayrd sjdue
    ayrd sjdue 2 months ago +1

    God bless the Uyghurs and keep them safe... Being trapped I. Concentration camps in China and now weirdly the same is happening to the Chinese citizens

  • keyave
    keyave 2 months ago

    bro been having diarrhea since I ate some chinese food at Beijing, this shit rigged. Logged 1/28/20

  • Smol Bean
    Smol Bean 2 months ago

    How about just kill those people who are infected? Lmao its done. This is a karma in china. They eat everything

    KHALID PEACE NO WAR 2 months ago

    *ALLAH Give Punishment For China Goverment Country.. Cause U Torture 3 Million Muslim China UGYHUR..* 😌😌

  • jb rabs
    jb rabs 2 months ago


  • hen ko
    hen ko 2 months ago

    Me, living in Greenland: I knew this was the smartest decision in MY LIFE.

  • Enrico Sanchez
    Enrico Sanchez 2 months ago

    Yung Poon Tang, also forbidden.

  • R J S
    R J S 2 months ago

    Napalm the whole area kill the virus 🦠

  • Philipverne jules
    Philipverne jules 2 months ago

    .......I've seen the movie and I know what happens.

  • Seiten I'm Buch
    Seiten I'm Buch 2 months ago

    No travel for this pigs

    • hen ko
      hen ko 2 months ago

      Eat more bat soup now

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni 2 months ago

    We all know that in plague Inc you start in china This is a joke

  • bhoomi deva
    bhoomi deva 2 months ago

    Tibetan karma?

  • Neo Noir
    Neo Noir 2 months ago +1

    anyone looking for the presenter’s name- it’s Nuala McGovern.

  • Virak Thong
    Virak Thong 2 months ago

    Stop eating snakes and wildlife in the first place then we don't have to deal with this nonsense.

  • hein htet
    hein htet 2 months ago

    A director is making notes for the film named 'WUHAN' 🤕😷

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre 2 months ago

    We all know that in plague Inc you start in china This is a joke

    JAYACHANDRA REDDY 2 months ago

  • Bin Bon BAM
    Bin Bon BAM 2 months ago

    You guys need to consider swapping the blurring tap/knock tv screen for some on-screen animation.

  • Abdullah Rahman Zain
    Abdullah Rahman Zain 2 months ago

    Mohon bantuannya untuk subcrabe. Agar bisa makin kualitasnya makin baik.

    • niduoe stre
      niduoe stre 2 months ago

      Stop eating cats and dogs, that a good place to start.

  • KYB
    KYB 2 months ago

    Fack the CCP

  • Eventz
    Eventz 2 months ago

    I liquid explosion all over for purple dress

  • G Lepp
    G Lepp 2 months ago

    But , $$$$$, it has not yet become a global health emergency.

  • silveryfoxau
    silveryfoxau 2 months ago

    A mask only works if the ears nose and throat areas are isolated by the mask.

  • je suis
    je suis 2 months ago

    Tackle the problem at ground zero..the unclean barbaric slaughter houses. China's dirty secrets are exposed.


    Eat more bat soup now

  • RUHappyATM
    RUHappyATM 2 months ago

    Didn't the Chinese revolution start in Wuhan?

  • Mohammed Mohsin
    Mohammed Mohsin 2 months ago

    China should've stopped persecuting Uyghur Muslims. Now taste a small piece of justice.

  • P XMAN
    P XMAN 2 months ago

    56 people dead yesterday, 80 dead today. Is it growing exponentially ?

  • KBChannel
    KBChannel 2 months ago


  • Darren Carver
    Darren Carver 2 months ago

    Humans breading by the billions and eating bats will give the world a pandemic that kills.

  • Opal Indigo
    Opal Indigo 2 months ago

    Well... Happy Lunar New Year :)

  • MimiPin
    MimiPin 2 months ago +2

    The death toll is bullshit. It's way worse than the western media is framing. Go look at leaked videos before they get deleted.
    90,000-100,000 are confirmed to be infected to local sources in Wuhan.

  • KreativDiva
    KreativDiva 2 months ago

    This is what will happen, When you go snatch the life of an underworld animal, while happily swimming in an ocean.
    All the animals including Humans, all creatures are born on earth comes with an expiration date, You don't have to snatch their lives to fill your stomach. China, you can fool the World, in making Tibet China, but you can't fool KARMA and God. Freeing TIBET will shed light in China!!!
    I feel compassion for those who died and those who are infected. YOU ARE FREE TO CHOSE YOUR actions BUT you are Not FREE from the CONSEQUENCES ⚫️⚪️🔁

  • Bronson Sandy
    Bronson Sandy 2 months ago +9

    Stop eating cats and dogs, that a good place to start.

  • Art N Life
    Art N Life 2 months ago

    guess we die lol 4head

  • April and Friends
    April and Friends 2 months ago


  • kyza chi
    kyza chi 2 months ago

    My fellow BRITS there is one confirmed case of Coronavirus infection in France so it's in Europe. Please get your supplies from Amazon UK via here NOW! Prevention is better than cure, especially as there is no cure! - - - >
    Mask -
    Wrap around glasses -
    Gloves -
    Hurry as vendors are running out of supplies fast! Please be safe, especially Londoners on that dreadful commute on the Tube!

  • Ruth Lien
    Ruth Lien 2 months ago
    This is a first hand story of a citizen in Wuhan, please watch it and find out how to help

  • Ru sh
    Ru sh 2 months ago

    Shut down all flights from China. We don't need that shit here

  • Frogman
    Frogman 2 months ago

    A bit too late for that now. It's already spreading across China and to many countries.

  • bhoomi deva
    bhoomi deva 2 months ago

    No cow no chow

  • Andrew Stones
    Andrew Stones 2 months ago

    After she said the common cold is also a corona virus (1:43) I realised it’s just usual bbc misinformation

  • Goldie C
    Goldie C 2 months ago

    Karma for eating dogs. Perfect. Death to communism.

  • Mac Kreel
    Mac Kreel 2 months ago

    💥 I just read that the source of this specific Sars / Corona virus is almost certainly the Civet cat 😿 , after eating these types of cats, the transmission of the Sars Cov virus to humans occurs fast,
    different animals carry the Sars virus as standard, for example of certain bats this is also known from.
    Stop eating bush meat ⛔🆘☢☣⚠❌⭕

  • Sunflower Sunflower
    Sunflower Sunflower 2 months ago

    My heart goes out to all those poor, abused wild animals kept in tiny cages in those Chinese markets caught, caged, sold, purchased and EATEN by the Chinese. Why is there a market for these wild animals?

  • Your-Username-here
    Your-Username-here 2 months ago

    100% the bordcast from dawn of the dead. 1:10 They say even the same stuff.

  • johnny b
    johnny b 2 months ago

    Scary stuff 😱

  • maubaouify
    maubaouify 2 months ago +1

    How nice, in the middle century it wars pestilence, kills half Europe now a virus maybe help the globe to heal up.

  • Naomi Sims
    Naomi Sims 2 months ago

    A tip from a doc I worked with who air traveled daily. Use Neosporin ointment just inside and around the outside edges of the nostrils. It catches alot of bad stuff in the air. If you wear a mask, use the N95 mask (a painter's mask) so you can mold it to your face, & the Neosporin as extra protection.

  • jyo
    jyo 2 months ago

    What will shut BBC ?

  • Bal Böceği
    Bal Böceği 2 months ago

    Deprivation Of Islam about eatings and life style and the punishment of the so-called Uyghur Jail. The whole China is in Jail now... God keep away these Chinese..

  • Sharon Antony
    Sharon Antony 2 months ago

    What if China is just preparing all their people with a virus and then just release all of them for WW3 🤔

  • king Of The Jungle
    king Of The Jungle 2 months ago

    Keyword, not "Yet"!!!

  • Davidfi Sumo
    Davidfi Sumo 2 months ago

    I hope your place is burnt to the ground you horrible breed , stop buying if it's made in China you can buy what you want from other countries , take the power from china we have the power

  • Bryan 520
    Bryan 520 2 months ago

    Feel gods wraths for killing gods animal

  • Tuxedo Cat
    Tuxedo Cat 2 months ago

    We are going to see God working to shut down major holidays and feasts to false Gods and false ways. All worship belongs to Jesus Christ. These are the very last days of the end times, and the Cloros Horse is spiritual cursing in the form of pestilence sent down to earth when man is rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ and murdering Christians, as China is doing. The key to understanding the horses of the apocalypse of the Bible is to realize they were released by God, not the Devil. A man rides each horse, he wears a crown, referring to his control over the nation, and horses in the Bible are types of power. Where sinful rulers restrict the people from accepting Christ and persecute them, these horses will ride into town. The black horse and the green horse are working in China. America has come out from under the black horse before things got worse because Trump is a president who has put God back in the White House and Jimmy Swaggart raised up the Cross. And where the Cross is raised to draw all men to Christ, the white horse of peace by Gods Grace and power to preach salvation to the lost and the power of the Holy Spirit is given in that nation. God is the King of Kings. If you elect or allow unrighteous governors over you that block the Gospel, you will experience the Horsemen. These Horsemen have been active in the earth since the OT times, but with Christ’s sacrifice, God sends them to nations to humble them, and if not the Horsemen, then the elements of nature, storms, fires, floods. He pleads with these for you to turn from sin and accept his son that you might live.

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    Me: "2020 Will be my year" 2020: * World war 3, Chorona virus.. and January is not over yet..

  • MsPerfectly Imperfekt
    MsPerfectly Imperfekt 2 months ago

    Stop eating bloody bats!

  • Jonathon Sears
    Jonathon Sears 2 months ago

    I heard that the virus is propaganda created by Carling and Fosters

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith 2 months ago

    Population control.

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith 2 months ago

    Eating snakes rats bats snails... nasty..

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith 2 months ago

    Vaccines caused this..mutated virus?

  • Lars Christiansen
    Lars Christiansen 2 months ago

    Well what Bill Gates have been waiting for is here, maybe helped by the same. He will benefit greatly by selling the vaccine for it. And it is also inline with hes plans to reduce the population of the world

  • meme time
    meme time 2 months ago

    Whoever is playing Plague Inc. on the Area 51 computer, please exit the game.