FIRST SOLO FLIGHT Diamond 40 Aircraft | Student PILOT

  • Published on Aug 27, 2014
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    In this video I flew solo in the Diamond 40 for the first time. When I look at the video I made 2 years ago I see quite some 'beginner mistakes', so I hope you'll learn from those! :)
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    Video was made 2013 @ KFFZ, rwy 22R, 4 degree GS, full stop taxi back (in training)
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    The items I take with me on duty:
    My Headset:
    My Sunglasses:
    My Pilot Bag:
    All other cockpit gear I use:
    The gear I use to record my videos:
    My Vlogging Camera:
    My Action Camera:
    My Drone:
    All other gear I use:
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    F A C E B O O K:
    T W I T T E R:
    P A T R E O N:
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  • Jeff Daugherty
    Jeff Daugherty 3 days ago

    I'm glad when I got my pilot's license the school didn't have uniforms if they would have required me to wear a uniform I would have turned around and walked off

    MR WHITE 8 days ago

    Wouldn't mind being in the other seat getting a reach over.

  • Steve Moore
    Steve Moore 13 days ago

    You Go Girl I Have A Lot Of Respect For You To Get a Your Pilots License And Do This In What Once Was Mainly A Man Dominated Field CONGRATULATIONS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    SteveMoore U.S.N

  • 82 Luft
    82 Luft 13 days ago

    Alot of back seat drivers in the comments. She did a excellent job guys, especially landing the plane. A real greaser.

  • Kaiden Sherman-Young
    Kaiden Sherman-Young 13 days ago

    Probably not the first black things thats been between her legs.??:)

  • غرام محمد
    غرام محمد 17 days ago

    الله اكبر عليكي بجد ربنا يحفظك

  • Geraldine Capulong
    Geraldine Capulong 25 days ago

    Just how unlucky I am.

  • Geraldine Capulong
    Geraldine Capulong 25 days ago

    You know what? I was here because I wanted to see one like you. I wanted to become a pilot someday. I want to pursue it. But my parents disagreed. This is the only job I can see myself in the future. Not CPA.

  • ZVI Aviation
    ZVI Aviation 27 days ago

    Did you have only your student pilot permit or commercial or private?

  • Ghania ist cool
    Ghania ist cool Month ago

    sie flägt flugzeug wundetbar viel erfolg danke

  • JoAnn Hempen
    JoAnn Hempen Month ago

    Wow! Very nice! I would totally panic if I had to fly a plane. You made that look easy! Loved & Subbed! ❤️

  • Rajdipsinh Dodiya
    Rajdipsinh Dodiya Month ago

    Amazing . Congratulations

  • Luis Sullcani Vedia

    Ola.te amor.saludo😂😎😚👌😝🙌🖐✋👍👍

    DM CUBER Month ago

    Hey what 4 year course did you take before going in to flight schools?
    I m deciding wether I will just be an aeronautical engineer or a pilot

  • Sai Haing
    Sai Haing Month ago


  • Ed M
    Ed M Month ago

    Hello My name is Edward, I’m in high school as a Junior. As soon as I finish school I’m planing on joining the military. so That I can be able to pay for flight school to get my pilot license. I’ve been doing research to get as much detail as possible before making this as my career.
    Any advice will be appreciate it.

  • mytube92369
    mytube92369 Month ago

    You made it look so easy already, beautiful!

  • Roy Wells
    Roy Wells Month ago

    I soloed In the diamond da 20 over 21 years ago. great trading plane haven't flown for years gonna start again. I rolled in Gilabend az

  • Suisse
    Suisse Month ago

    I would like to fly with you!

  • daniela esposito
    daniela esposito Month ago

    immagino il mio primo volo solista che emozione sara'

  • saurabh kumar
    saurabh kumar Month ago

    Gjb pilot

  • Juan Terraza González

    Very good...

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    Rahamattullah Kh Month ago

    Wow so beautiful I like that's

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    Wow looking great....

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    GARY DERBY Month ago

    A beautiful, intelligent young woman. 💕

  • Greg Lyon
    Greg Lyon Month ago

    Ahem.... Did your instructor say you could use a GoPro on your solo? 😋

  • rudy flores
    rudy flores 2 months ago

    Where you going sweety?

  • Henry Armstrong
    Henry Armstrong 2 months ago

    You are so cool and great at flying I'm 8 but when I'm older I want to fly British airways 777

  • A B
    A B 2 months ago +1

    Power thrust at just that right time after take off gave me more confidence in her piloting than the plane. Good flight.

  • Nicola Sabia
    Nicola Sabia 2 months ago

    OMG I sure give her a 10 or an A+ More female pilots in the world please!

  • flamingo fernaesnd
    flamingo fernaesnd 2 months ago

    Very brave girl keep it up

  • Nicole Steph
    Nicole Steph 2 months ago

    One day, I hope for this to be me. I’m studying hard, all to help me be in your seat one day :)

  • Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth

    *We're all sure when you get more comfortable with your flying you'll include us in on your conversations with the powers that be, like Steveo1Kinevo.* *But for the time being, we don't expect you to do more then your comfortable hurry.* *We hope you'll get plenty of flight time in the 'flight simulator', we know it will be very helpful for you...don't think about it, do it, you'll be very glad you did, even if expensive, it can save your life!*

  • NaGyeong ee
    NaGyeong ee 2 months ago

    You sometimes seems like gigi hadid

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    Kerry Sammy 2 months ago

    Hi there. Hope you have a great day. I can't help but observe that you are a Julia Stiles look alike. Is it just me? Hope you see this as a compliment

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  • Abdur Rahman
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    Poor Ghar 2 months ago

    i think littel nervos

  • Md Jaher
    Md Jaher 2 months ago

    Thank you for upload this video. you are very very nice girl

  • Seth Chase
    Seth Chase 2 months ago

    do the screens really shake that much? or is that just a trick of the camera?

  • Swift
    Swift 2 months ago

    Gear up... gear up?
    Did she forget the gear?

  • Rémi H.
    Rémi H. 3 months ago

    It is sad that we can't hear com between you and the traffic control... Great job!

  • Aaron Tewodros - Huntington Ridge PS (1154)

    At 0:47 the girls face LOL

  • Sayns
    Sayns 3 months ago +1

    I want to be a pilot but i have a fear of heights im doomed

    • Winfried Wilcke
      Winfried Wilcke 2 months ago +1

      Many pilots (around 70%) have a fear of heights, but you never notice it in a cockpit.

  • Bob Rosso
    Bob Rosso 3 months ago

    gotta admire her grip on the stick

  • Maanna Shik
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    Ester Kebacho 3 months ago

    woman can do it 😍😍

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    carmeli estrella 3 months ago

    I really admired

  • Tim Bezemer
    Tim Bezemer 3 months ago

    I noticed you take off from 22 L then land on 22 R ? If they are parallel runways shouldn't it be left hand CCTS on 22 L and right hand on 22 R so you don't cross the CCT pattern of the parallel runway?

  • Mostafa Ghreb
    Mostafa Ghreb 3 months ago

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    ben southwell 3 months ago

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  • MotoMech
    MotoMech 3 months ago

    Aawwee! Nice flying. I can't wait to start flight school! I just got my 3rd class medical certificate, and now searching around different flight schools. I was looking in Scottsdale, only because I live close by there plus I took my 1st "Discovery Flight" at Scottsdale Executive. The problem now, is paying for the school.

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    Jaivenkat Yadav 3 months ago

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  • Graphic Designer
    Graphic Designer 4 months ago

    Please what is VOR , how it work? and can u please do video to as Explain VOR by FSX

  • Mario Lofreda
    Mario Lofreda 4 months ago

    I love watching videos from the cockpit, I think they are interesting, take care and fly safely. Best regards

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    Yasashwini Acharya 4 months ago

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    mayke lima 4 months ago

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  • Kaya Muff
    Kaya Muff 4 months ago

    Wow sooo good. I hope I can do this when I’m 16 or 17 because I really want to be a pilot, I’ve been wanting to be one my whole life 👩‍✈️ and I’ve been going on simulators. Maybe one day

  • Spi Triple-Seven
    Spi Triple-Seven 4 months ago

    In South Africa we call that landing a greased landing. Which means it was exceptional. I love watching your videos, and from fellow aviator to another, you inspire me:). Keep up the good work

  • sajid rahim
    sajid rahim 4 months ago

    My future plan I am a pilot

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    Randy Znaniecki 4 months ago

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    Abdessamad Bourhayla 4 months ago

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    willieboy 5 months ago

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    I had engine failure before I was an actual Private Pilot and of all places 3pm at SNA John Wayne Costa Mesa California. 40 years ago!

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    taj taj 5 months ago

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    Evandro Cia 5 months ago

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    Bugkiller666 5 months ago

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    CaptBrando 5 months ago

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