Film Theory: Ant Man's GIANT Problem (Marvel's Ant-Man)


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  • BlakzR6
    BlakzR6 9 minutes ago

    You lost me completely when you started doing math

  • Diet Crack
    Diet Crack 29 minutes ago

    why would they get stronger or heavier at all? He doesn't get more mass at all, he just spaces the particles out.

  • Scizzor HonZ
    Scizzor HonZ 50 minutes ago

    So you're trying to say he has a big floppy 6ft penis

  • Louis Morgan
    Louis Morgan 59 minutes ago

    But what if he stayed the same and everything else shrunk

  • Communist Cat
    Communist Cat Hour ago

    You lost me at math

  • Alex Dejesus
    Alex Dejesus Hour ago

    At at

  • NerfDog5000
    NerfDog5000 Hour ago

    100g- you mathed🤣

  • Chill_Wolfy
    Chill_Wolfy 2 hours ago +1

    Lol my name is andy

  • Sabrina Scharich
    Sabrina Scharich 2 hours ago

    Mat pat... stop ruining my child hood! I only 9!!

  • cottoncandyswirl 828
    cottoncandyswirl 828 2 hours ago

    Hey where's that purge theory?

  • Individu λambda
    Individu λambda 2 hours ago

    Can he change only part of his body? Can he like, buff up his legs and shrink the rest of his body to do some super sprinting?

  • TheNarNutDoughnut
    TheNarNutDoughnut 3 hours ago

    Ant-man is stuck in the Quantum realm.If you dont understand why,and watched Ant-man and the Wasp, Then u no Marvel Fan XD But no srsly.

    AJPLAYZ60 3 hours ago

    Lol nerd cubed reference

  • damnmynamestaken
    damnmynamestaken 3 hours ago

    I wonder how the properties would change if we were actually using a tesseract. you could have a 1x1x1x100 and it'd still be a 1" cube right?

  • James Leibee
    James Leibee 4 hours ago

    Also also, referencing the last theory done about ant-man- he's screwed anyways. this tech works by shrinking the distance between his atoms, making him more dense and small... however, doing the reverse to make himself large would make him the size of a building but still only weighing 170-200 pounds. not only would he be blown away like a poorly staked tent, he would also be much MUCH less dense than a human should be... those missiles would go through him like a hot knife through butter, you could probably even punch a hole in him with your finger. This dude is dead the moment he uses this, especially on the battlefield.
    but hey, marvel magic makes everything happy! wait... i dont feel so good.

  • Bentastic MineCraft
    Bentastic MineCraft 4 hours ago +1

    Think the new movie means a new fnaf vid like I mean Ant Man/Scott Fnaf/Scott c’mon game theory make a theory

  • Amberlewis Gaming
    Amberlewis Gaming 10 hours ago

    6:26 I love Dan nerd cubed!!!

  • Dorta Febrist
    Dorta Febrist 12 hours ago

    Even tho it would be funny that he grew so much that he popped like a balloon.

  • Lapo Riccardi
    Lapo Riccardi 13 hours ago

    But if the atom of the suit and scott bicame bigger si the same thing?

  • Muhd Akhiar
    Muhd Akhiar 13 hours ago

    Mr pickle theory plizzzzzzzzzz

  • Throwing salt
    Throwing salt 15 hours ago

    If ant man shrink to the size of an ant he should have froze to death and if to the giant size we see in the movie he should have overheated very quickly, bigger and he will explode into a hot puddle of flesh and bone and blood.
    Learn more in kurzgesagt-in a nut shell the size of life 1-2

  • RobotLauncher 123
    RobotLauncher 123 16 hours ago

    Wait so what about great ape vegeta from dbz? A normal power level 5 human can carry his or her own body weight while vegeta exhibites a power level of 18 000. This means that at minimum he is 3 600 times stronger than what he needs to carry is own body weight. But when he goes great ape then his power goes up by 10× while his mass 100× by what mattpat said in this video. But if vegeta already has the strength of a superhuman does that mean he gets even faster since the weight wont affect him?

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 17 hours ago

    This explanation in the animated avengers show sorry Matpat

  • Scarlet Shadow
    Scarlet Shadow 17 hours ago

    How strong would he be if he entered the quantum realm

  • Pablo Figuera
    Pablo Figuera 18 hours ago

    I just have seen the movie and can't swallow that the miniaturized cars could keep up with the ones with real sizes (sorry that my English it's not really good, but I hope you get the point)

  • Yophi Smith
    Yophi Smith 20 hours ago

    Vsauce covered this with a godzilla video some years ago. It was good too

  • Emmy Sbai
    Emmy Sbai 21 hour ago

    Please,translate Lbs to Kgs.
    Feet to Meters.
    Inches to Cm.

  • Kaylie Brinkman
    Kaylie Brinkman 21 hour ago

    Spoilers for Ant Man and the Wasp warning!!

    Does this also explain why after he got so big and went through the water in AMATW he fainted? Because he had to use so much more strength to do everything and it was too much for his body to handle?

  • fruit hands
    fruit hands 21 hour ago +1

    In anuter vid u sed ferget all thos seans of him lifting hevy object or braking the tilewhne he lands on it because of his weight by shrining and the scene wher he is runing on the gun becos of his mass sory coment is long and i migt be rong after all i am jest a stupid 12 year old

  • DinoGirl OG123
    DinoGirl OG123 21 hour ago

    Hey Matt pat remember that in your last any man theory Scott Lang’s Body through pym particles could make him bigger or smaller, but what you did not realize was that Scott Lang’s body weight (Mass=Weight) will never change so take that into consideration and then plz do another theory on that.

  • Miriam Cavnar
    Miriam Cavnar 23 hours ago

    You should do a film theory on how Janet van Dyne was able to survive for 30 years in the quantum zone.

  • InsanityShade
    InsanityShade 23 hours ago

    Conglaturations, MatPat. Might want to fix your spelling at 6:35

  • Berrykit of Thunderclan

    You say that Ant-Man’s mass is increasing, but it isn’t, the distance between his molecules is.

  • bdeTONKA10
    bdeTONKA10 Day ago

    Yes. Having big things comes with its costs. Lol

  • Tom Olby
    Tom Olby Day ago

    His mass stays the same when he changes size

  • Dr. DrawInDaHouse

    When Matt was explaining the math I was like 🤪

  • TibbleT
    TibbleT Day ago +1

    Lol when your math textbook makes an appearence

  • Kevin
    Kevin Day ago

    Matpat predicted the future ant man is stuck in the quantum realm

  • Chalae Holets
    Chalae Holets Day ago

    wow im proud of mat he didnt make a d!ck joke

  • My Current Obsession

    I'm disappointed. Your entire theory hinges on his mass increasing, but according to the science of the first movie, his mass doesn't change, only the space between subatomic particles. This means that his surface area and volume would be increasing, but he would weigh the same.

  • foleyboyoo
    foleyboyoo Day ago

    Nice nerdcubed Refrence.

  • Iana Bricks
    Iana Bricks Day ago

    I thought that the distance between atoms changed, so isn’t he supposed to be the same mass

  • ILikeTo Draw
    ILikeTo Draw Day ago

    Why does he call @ @


    But when antman gets bigger ( and when he gets smaller ) his weight dosent changes at all

  • Markos Johns
    Markos Johns Day ago


  • Assassain _ Music

    Did we forget about the amount of energy he needs to even stand? His volume increases, but does he gain anymore proteins or carbs to ensure that he can even stand and/or move? He may gain more blood since his organs would most likely increase in size, but I'm not sure if the substances and macromolecules within his body would magically increase. The same could also be said about him shrinking. Taking this back to biology folks. I mean, unless everything's already absorbed into the bloodstream, then the macromolecules might enlarge for lack of a better word. I don't know. I'm confuzzled.

  • Ann
    Ann Day ago

    but.. isn't the previous ant man theory said his mass wouldn't change (therefore creating an incredibly dense object that would become a black hole)..?

  • first kill55
    first kill55 Day ago

    Really? No one going to point out the nerdcubed Easter egg at 6:20

  • Blade Red
    Blade Red Day ago

    He made a theorie of Gegantification quirk at the same time
    gg MatPad

  • Severe dog Lick
    Severe dog Lick Day ago

    Matpat I liked the video but you were very wrong. In the first Ant man movie Antman doesn't lose weight according to the rules of Pym particles he just shrinks the space between atoms. So technically Antmans giant form would work in reverse and his atoms would spread apart this means that it would have some of the same affects as in the video like bones breaking but it would be for a different t reason but due to this reason he would lose strength and this is all because as he gets bigger he gets less an less dense this also means that he would not be able to do all of the feats we see in the movie.

  • Steven Migroovy
    Steven Migroovy Day ago

    Love the nerd cubed easteregg thing

  • Will Parkes
    Will Parkes Day ago

    Something that got overlooked is that the suit does not add mass to ant man, it just increases or decreases the space between the atoms in his body, meaning he does NOT gain ANY mass.
    Mic drop

  • IceOfFire
    IceOfFire Day ago

    Hey matpat, you forgot the fact that his weight doesn't change when he gets bigger or smaller, because the way he changed his size. The way he charges is size is via pim-particles, which only changes the space between the particles, not the total amount of particles them selves. Ergo, antman would still be his old 200 lbs, this making him a giant balloon just like Thomas the tank engine or the gigantic any from the last movie.

  • Kai Does Gameplay

    7:51 T H I C C

    Read more

  • Savon Garrett
    Savon Garrett Day ago

    I heard just like a gold rush music

  • Sans Plays45673
    Sans Plays45673 Day ago

    Yay got an achievment and more XP :D anyways i like this series i LOVE IT!

  • Flinstones Vitamins

    All time best marvel character

  • EnderShots
    EnderShots Day ago

    1:13 is that Ali-A!!!

  • Harrison Baylor
    Harrison Baylor Day ago

    Ali-A at 1:13 🤣

  • Xyril Dan Manuel


  • NotSoNerdGaming
    NotSoNerdGaming Day ago

    i love the soul behind this channel, and the other one he has(game theorists) i wasnt gonna join this channel because i thoguth there wouldnt be the same passion in it. BUT THERE IS. PASSSSSIIIIOOOONN BOOO YEEEAAAHHH

  • Klgrimm716
    Klgrimm716 Day ago

    The orange slices were for him to bite on cause he just got a serious uppercut from iron man and war machine

  • Matthew Fornaro
    Matthew Fornaro Day ago

    Come on Mattpat you didn't put your sources. I have anger. (╯‵□′)╯┴┴

  • mannychains
    mannychains Day ago

    Good Gawd You over talk! So Much OVER TALKING! You overstate things you already said. You re-state every SINGLE thing You SAY!

  • Jack Cherry
    Jack Cherry Day ago

    All might? More like ant might!

  • Shifter 108
    Shifter 108 Day ago

    I probably missed a lot in Ant Man Lore but. When he adjust size, does ant man take in material when he expands....and....lose material when he shrinks. If does he compinate for That? What happens to the world around him?. More research I guess. Cause I thought mostly his density was effected.

  • Helen Maria
    Helen Maria Day ago

    I thought matter could not be created nor destroyed so if so how does any man just shrink out of thin air that’s just destroying matter

    ULTRATHEGREAT 2 days ago

    ShoddyCast is such making the same contant just on what you haven't covered!

  • 2-D _
    2-D _ 2 days ago

    The achievement said you mathed

  • TheGoldenGamer
    TheGoldenGamer 2 days ago

    I wonder what Nerdcubed thinks since his logo was in a Film Theory video..

  • Cunr
    Cunr 2 days ago +1

    I thought matter could not be created nor destroyed so if so how does any man just shrink out of thin air that’s just destroying matter

  • eevee w11
    eevee w11 2 days ago

    Watch Adam ruins everything. Matpat.

  • Buff_Castle
    Buff_Castle 2 days ago

    He weighs the same when he shrinks so why would he weigh more

  • Ava Helana
    Ava Helana 2 days ago

    is anyone sad that he died in escape the night cause I was

  • Kawaii_Cookiez05
    Kawaii_Cookiez05 2 days ago

    Matpat comes In handy when it comes to solving theories, I will try to find some more questions to ask him. Lol

  • Zachariah Baird
    Zachariah Baird 2 days ago

    13:00 that's why he is called ant man and not elephant man

  • Zachariah Baird
    Zachariah Baird 2 days ago

    I thought ant man stayed the same weight.

  • Zachariah Baird
    Zachariah Baird 2 days ago

    ant man's black hole would instantly dispensary.

  • manicmuffin
    manicmuffin 2 days ago

    Wasn't it a point in Ant-Man that the mass of the object remains the same, Pym Particles merely shrink or expand the space between the molecules?

  • Darth Revan 2552
    Darth Revan 2552 2 days ago

    You left out the fact that a living thing that large has to consume a tremendous amount energy just to function, things like oxygen and food that we all need to move and survive at all, thats why larger animals need to consume so much food and why more atmospheric oxygen means bigger creatures, and why after he fell over as a giant ant-man was about to pass out.

  • Joey Lin
    Joey Lin 2 days ago

    “Antman’s GIANT porblem” .....


  • Hamy Gaming
    Hamy Gaming 2 days ago

    Yess finaly im level 10

  • Steamy Sulixx
    Steamy Sulixx 2 days ago

    Proof matpat goes through his comments

  • Gaming.Gecko
    Gaming.Gecko 2 days ago

    wouldn't he also cook himself being so big and being warm blooded

  • death
    death 2 days ago

    With some ROBLOX tycoons literally makes it so he can’t die

  • Sulaiman Al.
    Sulaiman Al. 2 days ago

    In the cartoon it hurts his heart

  • Dave Robson
    Dave Robson 2 days ago

    I don't care about your ego. I'm just dismayed that you would put anything as disgusting as that certain diet cola in your body. I'd rather drink turpentine.

  • Saai258
    Saai258 2 days ago

    Love the nerdcubed reference xD

  • Kaiser Moser
    Kaiser Moser 2 days ago

    MatPat when you change your size with the pym particle it only changes the density of the particles in your body. This is stated when Henry says that shrinking decreases the distance between your atoms. Scott Lang would still be the same mass.

  • ליאור סימיונוביץ'

    Shouldn't his mass stay the same because he is only changing the distance between atoms?

  • fire expert128
    fire expert128 2 days ago

    I like ant man

  • The Artist
    The Artist 2 days ago

    Hope and hank ;) enough said

  • MegaDomcraft
    MegaDomcraft 2 days ago

    i have someone insulting me too matpat

  • PhoenixStudiosUnlimited LEGENDS

    If scot was there, he could just climb up into thanos’s butthole and expand...

  • Jo King
    Jo King 2 days ago +1

    Points system would actually be a smart way to give people more incentive to watch all your videos...

  • Jo King
    Jo King 2 days ago +2

    Being self-aware of that attempt to address comments about your ego, does not excuse them. Gotem'

  • kayshaun adkins
    kayshaun adkins 2 days ago

    Hey Mat Pat you should do an episode on Janet Van Dyne and how she is an mutant

  • Bachoo Avi
    Bachoo Avi 2 days ago

    But according to newton's law ho can u change the mass of anything?

  • ouchythathurt
    ouchythathurt 2 days ago

    Upvote for NerdCubed

  • Megagolddragon Joel
    Megagolddragon Joel 2 days ago

    Maybe it was tense ness of him fighting