Film Theory: Ant Man's GIANT Problem (Marvel's Ant-Man)

  • Published on Jul 3, 2018
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    We all know that the COOLEST moment in the new Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer is when we see Ant-Man grow into a GIANT man. Now, I've explored Ant-Man's powers before, but never what it means to grow up to 65 feet tall! What does that do to your body? Well, Loyal Theorist, you are about to find out!
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  • Comrade Birbovski
    Comrade Birbovski 13 hours ago

    you fukin watched kurzgesagt nibba

  • Marsht Mallow
    Marsht Mallow 14 hours ago

    Dude measuring Antman's volume by cubing his height is wrong.
    Seriously, he is not a cube. Better to use a graduated cylinder😂😂😂

  • Rosa Racko
    Rosa Racko 15 hours ago

    Yesssss small people for the win😂😂😆😆

  • Vanessa Emerson
    Vanessa Emerson Day ago


  • Slownuggets 115
    Slownuggets 115 Day ago

    Wait what 6:14

  • bluechong
    bluechong Day ago

    Do you know what a big ego is? Starlord’s dad near the end of gotg v2

  • Izik Renehan
    Izik Renehan Day ago

    "He's not hiding in some microscopic hiding place" He was even smaller lol

  • TheBruce00J
    TheBruce00J Day ago +1

    Nerd Cubed logo! I’m happy now...

  • Noah Mindlin
    Noah Mindlin 2 days ago

    Does he not realise that he stated that he does not gain atoms so he would remain the same weight just over more space

  • Robert
    Robert 3 days ago

    4:58 I wonder if he expected it...

  • a random guy
    a random guy 3 days ago +1

    Ant? Man
    Small? big
    Hotel? Trivago

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 3 days ago

    But actually Pym particals doesn't add mass it only changes the distance between atoms so he's not actually getting heavier if anything he is going to float when he gets bigger

  • xBoN3sXx
    xBoN3sXx 3 days ago

    i had a stroke when he said a tesseract has 6 faces.
    if youre going to be sciencey you should know that a tesseract also known as a hypercube is a 4 dimensional version of the measure polytope
    it is made of 8 cubes. therefore has 48 faces.
    i get it he was referencing the tesseract from the marvel universe. even so marvel dropped the ball.

  • Israel Filoteo
    Israel Filoteo 4 days ago

    NOT THE TACOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shneaky Shnek
    Shneaky Shnek 4 days ago

    He won't weigh the same as 15 elephants because of him using Pym particles, instead he will weigh the same as he does at normal size.

  • ellie w
    ellie w 5 days ago

    When ant man get big, ant man become gigant-man

  • Μανολης Αστραντινης

    You didn't mention the fact that he won't be able to walk because he will fly

  • KeKe The cutie
    KeKe The cutie 7 days ago

    Just like how the smaller something is in the universe it spins faster and teanslate that into strength and yeah and that’s why he did things so slow.

  • Suveshan Nadasen
    Suveshan Nadasen 7 days ago

    3:06 what guys tell them selves every day ... lol

    SANTIAGO ZABALLA 9 days ago

    But didnt the PYM paricles dont make mass they should make the particles in his body stretch apart?

  • GrumpyFox Animations
    GrumpyFox Animations 10 days ago +3

    Ant man could have just grown big and stomped Thanos out of existence

    SAW SIR 10 days ago

    GALLALEIO and Antman went on house arrest

  • W.D Chaotic
    W.D Chaotic 11 days ago

    I wonder if he would grow big in Endgame and slap Thanos with his mega boner..... Why am I retarded?

  • lily lex
    lily lex 11 days ago

    So i am rewatching Civil War and i thought about the explanation for ant man shrinking and when ant man turns giant does that mean he is increaing the space between the atoms because i dont think there is anyother explanation. Its just a question but it would be very risky if you did increase the space between a atom maybe death??

  • Cookie. co
    Cookie. co 11 days ago

    I wish mat was my teacher

  • Olhos Negros
    Olhos Negros 11 days ago

    2:07 so i guess Wanda Maximoff does not exist :/

  • The Emerald Thunder
    The Emerald Thunder 12 days ago +1

    If he grows to 65ft, then how big would his d... be?
    Just asking
    in 2019

  • Amordal
    Amordal 13 days ago

    nerd cubed :p

  • ThatOneGuy 2242
    ThatOneGuy 2242 14 days ago

    The achievement was: G100- You Mathed!

  • Tienn Fontaine
    Tienn Fontaine 14 days ago

    He was shown in a little scene in the credits right?

  • kareka009
    kareka009 16 days ago

    6:46 OK,,,,,, Now I get it . Gig-ANT-ism

  • Lamps are Sick
    Lamps are Sick 16 days ago


  • Tash Page
    Tash Page 17 days ago

    I’m the first comment ha ha

  • Dustin Magnus
    Dustin Magnus 18 days ago


  • Nathanael Severance
    Nathanael Severance 19 days ago

    This is gory but couldn’t ant man go inside thanoses head through the nose or mouth and expand and blow it up or at least in his stomach

  • Allen Garza
    Allen Garza 19 days ago

    Mat pat you put puffs and used a bag of original cheetos

  • SimeOh
    SimeOh 19 days ago

    Ok so Ant-Man goes into the Quantum realm and survives even though he should die in minutes because he’s smaller than the oxygen particles

    • Command_Unit
      Command_Unit 16 days ago

      its a different plane of existence...
      Also they have suits to regulate this...

  • Orion Canaday
    Orion Canaday 20 days ago

    What if he were to stay the same size and everything would shrink

  • Niikeia
    Niikeia 21 day ago

    But.. During the last episode about Antman you actually stated that compressing his atoms would make him smaller but keep him at the same weight. AND you said that this also applies to the Ant and the Lokomotive, which were turned into something gigantic. They were increased in size but left at their weight.
    So if that applies to the Ant, the Train and Scott Lang a.k.a. Antman, why would he how square his size and cube his mass if you not long ago showed that pulling the particles apart would leave him at 90 kg, which he is assumed to have in any size? Did I miss anything?

  • TheGameBoy
    TheGameBoy 23 days ago

    Uh mat, pym particles don't change the number of atoms (and in turn weight) only the space between the atoms

  • Leonardo Nicdao
    Leonardo Nicdao 23 days ago

    lol in 0:01 0:10

  • Menace Vang
    Menace Vang 23 days ago

    I wanna learn more about the square cube law

  • SirPvP
    SirPvP 23 days ago

    10:28 wait what 40,000 * 10 = 50,000?

  • cyriaque Colnot
    cyriaque Colnot 24 days ago

    Matpat you are complitely wrong in this on. In the first mouvie it is said that The Pim partical change to distance between atome and so Scott’s weight will not change.
    Yes been small will give him a hight density that where his streathe is coming from. So the opposite that we don’t see in the film is that all the thing throw at him will cut him down because withe the pim partical been big mean having a low density
    (Sorry for the orthographe erreur but I am franche)

  • Creepers United
    Creepers United 25 days ago

    I just had a quiz on the space things on gallaio

  • Elara Nova
    Elara Nova 26 days ago

    I friggen love Antman

  • Caroline Maryantu
    Caroline Maryantu 27 days ago

    I just study the math at school

  • Kevin Rekowski
    Kevin Rekowski 27 days ago


  • Ender Shadow10
    Ender Shadow10 28 days ago

    You should be a math teacher. “Hello class, and welcome to MATH THEORY.” [EDIT] You should be a science teacher as well.

  • Christina Hales
    Christina Hales 29 days ago

    Hello everyone from 2018 am in 2019

  • Pman lit
    Pman lit 29 days ago

    Thanks u r the 4best TVclipr

  • Kirk Myers
    Kirk Myers 29 days ago

    You are sooooooooooooooooooooo dumb

  • Doggy Woof
    Doggy Woof Month ago

    And don’t even get him started on that time he shrinks like, uhhhh *A* *LOT* .

    I haven’t seen civil war or the ant man movies

  • Chris Fall
    Chris Fall Month ago

    hooold on.. if Ant Man changes the distance between the particles => meaning he will be 11 times bigger but with the same mass. makes sense?

  • Sawyer Prescott
    Sawyer Prescott Month ago

    its pronounced a t a t

  • jacw212
    jacw212 Month ago


  • aidens adventures
    aidens adventures Month ago

    Level 4

  • Jack Wood
    Jack Wood Month ago

    But you just say in your Antman is the deadliest hero that his mass doesn't change

  • Cassie Heron
    Cassie Heron Month ago

    So smaller is smarter?

  • Unknown Stupidness
    Unknown Stupidness Month ago

    Damn boi that elk thicc

  • Magmaboy x8
    Magmaboy x8 Month ago

    His mass does not change the amount of molecules did you not rewatch your previous episode or the movie. His weight does not CHANGE!!!!

  • Gucci Steak
    Gucci Steak Month ago

    Didnt you tweet bragging abiut your IQ?

  • Ruben Madriz-Nava
    Ruben Madriz-Nava Month ago

    Okay okay just one more film theory

  • Fire Bob
    Fire Bob Month ago

    How on earth did matpat dish out 50,000 neetons?

  • Amster
    Amster Month ago

    But Mikołaj Kopernik was earlier than Galileo. Gal just approved this theory

  • McCoy McIlravy
    McCoy McIlravy Month ago

    He should be a math teacher

  • McCoy McIlravy
    McCoy McIlravy Month ago

    He taught me more math at 4:50/5:50 then my teacher has in a month

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope Month ago

    You are the most brilliant person and I love you.

  • T.J. Bonnes
    T.J. Bonnes Month ago

    Oddly enough, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #14 (which also has Ant Man cameo) featured the Square Cube law, which Squirrel Girl takes advantage of, tricking her super villain du jour, Enigmo to become kaiju sized, but since he didn't have access to Pym particles, his ankles exploded under that kind of weight

  • Trey Evans
    Trey Evans Month ago

    Am I the only one that noticed that it says 1 hour ago on the fifth time they've seen the episode

  • Siobhana Crasto Craig
    Siobhana Crasto Craig Month ago +1

    Yes, it's true that in the movie they SAID mass doesn't change... but every scene save a few scenes contradicts that.
    When he's small, he should still be 171lbs (or more, because of the suit) and yet he can climb on an ant and the ant can easily still fly, AND he climbs on his friend's shoulder and he doesn't even feel it.
    Plus in the new movie... they take full sized vans and store them in a tiny container (which should be thousands of pounds, and yet normal people can hold it), and he literally shrunk a BUILDING down and was able to lift it.
    So basically, that was said in the movie... but it obviously doesn't actually apply for the majority of the movie (except for the beginning, when landing on that bathroom tile and car roof somehow cause them both to bend or break)

  • Zombie Rob
    Zombie Rob Month ago

    Single-handedly made me an Antman fan! 😂

  • Blobby Blob
    Blobby Blob Month ago

    What's the music you use?

  • EA2 Reynaga
    EA2 Reynaga Month ago

    Ant man op plz nerf

  • TheZekBlaster Vlogs
    TheZekBlaster Vlogs Month ago +1

    Your Stan Lee, Mickey, and Ali-a are photoshopped, I checked

  • kavitha reddy
    kavitha reddy Month ago

    MatOat:Running out of ideas

  • Ian Riley
    Ian Riley Month ago

    I thought Ant-Man's density would go down as he grew. If he were to have the same mass at a size 100 times bigger, wouldn't he have 1/100 the density, rendering him weak and frail?

  • • GrenadeBoy •
    • GrenadeBoy • Month ago

    I learn here more than in school maybe I should just stay home and watch these videos

  • d0omy 582
    d0omy 582 Month ago

    There is a problem with your theory
    In your last video adout ant-manyou said that his mass doesn't change even if he shrinks or he gets bigger

  • ImmortalPuppet207
    ImmortalPuppet207 Month ago


  • Dafeous
    Dafeous Month ago

    Ant man doesn’t gain mass, only surface area so he wouldn’t have super strength but he wouldn’t collapse

  • babyem
    babyem Month ago

    It bothered me so much that he used a gerbil to show a mouse 🤣🤣

  • Schwamm
    Schwamm Month ago

    Shouldn't the mass of Antman stay the same? Because the only thing that changes is the size of the Atoms

  • Shawna Mateo
    Shawna Mateo Month ago

    With the walking thingy

  • Shirokuma
    Shirokuma Month ago

    Okay so, I'm confused.
    At 6:49 there's talk about Ant-man's increasing size causes an increase in mass, but in the first video explaining the density of shrunken objects, as well as blown up objects, like the actual ant and Thomas the tank engine, he explained that they would be like balloons, just floating around, because of how the pym particles spread apart the atoms with the increased size. So, wouldn't the same logic follow through with Ant-man's increase in size? And also, because he becomes lighter, assuming that is how it works, wouldn't that actually weaken him in his ability to fight?
    Can someone @Matpat for me? I want answers!! Bring me the Spiderman!!

  • Pigaroo 0000
    Pigaroo 0000 Month ago


  • Pigaroo 0000
    Pigaroo 0000 Month ago

    Have we ever heard him say a swear word before now?

  • Tymmy McConnell
    Tymmy McConnell Month ago

    How many points do you need to level up 😂

  • Jennifer Merriman
    Jennifer Merriman Month ago

    i'm 12 and you go through this math like i learned it in kindergarden

  • Eyem' Mateo
    Eyem' Mateo Month ago

    damn, what a waste of tacos

  • Willy Svend Jules Paredes Jensen

    Super nerd: “But mat! You said that in the last video that the mass was the same when he shrinks soooo how those the powers work then MATPAT!”
    Mat: “.....”
    Me: “convinces? I think not!”

  • Giona Stiles
    Giona Stiles Month ago

    The biger you are the more air you need,and big people have some heart problems.


    Marvel actually did this math in the movie ant man and the wasp soooooo

  • deffdefying
    deffdefying Month ago

    Mass doesn't change. Density does. Big Ant-Man is essentially a balloon, which is precisely why he can't move very quickly.

  • The true Genius
    The true Genius Month ago +1

    I’m level 1’000 now yay 😁

  • Renil Raphael
    Renil Raphael Month ago

    Nice nerd3 reference at 6:27

  • Blue and Isaac’s Gacha life

    Map or did you forget he weighs the same as one his name because pink hearts calls separate the Adams not create new ones

  • Dwayne Tulk
    Dwayne Tulk Month ago

    Play Fortnite😎

  • Woodley Woo
    Woodley Woo Month ago

    Captain America:I get that!

  • Dominik Huffield
    Dominik Huffield Month ago

    A tesseract is four dimensional but this video defined it to be 3 dimensional which is incorrect