Film Theory: Ant Man's GIANT Problem (Marvel's Ant-Man)


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  • Neigh Neigh Simmonds
    Neigh Neigh Simmonds 16 hours ago

    good for you josh dumb dumb

  • Neigh Neigh Simmonds
    Neigh Neigh Simmonds 16 hours ago

    Geeeezzz its just a movie!!!!

  • Loki Peters
    Loki Peters Day ago

    Stan Lee..................the real hero

  • Coco Eat’s
    Coco Eat’s Day ago

    Wait infinity war is set in 2017 but in 2018 ant man and the wasp but hope hank and the mom dust are they late

  • LEGO Verse
    LEGO Verse Day ago

    I’ve had this question in the back of my head since forever: if shrinking increases his density, wouldn’t growing decrease it?

  • twistedyogert
    twistedyogert 2 days ago

    What about the strain on his circulatory system?

  • Omega
    Omega 2 days ago

    Wait you said when he gets smaller his atoms get closer together so wouldn't his atoms(if he get's bigger) make more space in between eachother and nothing would change except of the size can someone explain ?

  • Omega
    Omega 2 days ago

    Beacuse of the teseract thing somebody got an A in their exam XD

  • missminecorn s
    missminecorn s 3 days ago +1

    Here is a random fact the Indus valley civilization discovered all of the things credited to galelio by 1000 b.c except of course that universal law which was found in the late 16th century in india

  • ScarletGaming17
    ScarletGaming17 3 days ago

    scott cawthon?

  • MadCat
    MadCat 3 days ago

    But MatPat, I thought you said Pym particles change the distance between particles, not the mass of an object. Wouldn't Antman just float off like the ant and Thomas the engine in the previous video?

  • Saima Kousar
    Saima Kousar 4 days ago

    Didn't matpat say in the last ant man video that he may be going smaller but his mass is the same isn't it the same for going bigger love you matpat 😆😆😆😆😆

  • Saima Kousar
    Saima Kousar 4 days ago

    Ant man could have kicked thanos in the but

  • Owen Hoover
    Owen Hoover 4 days ago

    I thought the previous ant man episode said that he decreases the space between his atoms. Wouldn’t that be the opposite for getting bigger? Wouldn’t the real danger be falling apart due to too much space between atoms?

  • Nice and Tasty
    Nice and Tasty 4 days ago

    No ant man was trapped in the quantum realm

  • MR cylinder hat
    MR cylinder hat 5 days ago

    Kurtzkezaght explaned that in beter way

  • Ariel Nagar
    Ariel Nagar 5 days ago

    Spider man knows he just doesn’t want to them to know he’s a nerd, or he just doesn’t want to complicate things

  • LuckyDoesGames
    LuckyDoesGames 5 days ago

    Matpat would be that one friend that if u have a question, is a hell a lot easier to ask him about then google

  • chayse nixon
    chayse nixon 5 days ago

    Where’s our purge video mr.matpat ?

    SHOOST Ze BACON 6 days ago

    I’m no where near as smart as mattpat but does the square cube law still apply if Paul Rudd isn’t a cube shaped human

  • NowiTheDragonLoli
    NowiTheDragonLoli 7 days ago

    Mat...where's the Purge theory?

  • June Cash
    June Cash 7 days ago


  • Roxie van Itty
    Roxie van Itty 8 days ago

    He said 230 instead of 230,000 lol

  • Watermelon Slice
    Watermelon Slice 8 days ago


  • sebastian simpson
    sebastian simpson 9 days ago

    hey matpat what kind of particle could change the size of things in real life

  • renjith sebastian
    renjith sebastian 9 days ago

    I’m just in 3 grade

  • Phil Pan
    Phil Pan 10 days ago

    Do a theory about thors hammer

  • Noob Feeder
    Noob Feeder 10 days ago

    I think u mussed something, while his bones would survive his weight his joints wouldn't, see old people all around you, they have trouble standing not because they put on weight, but because the joints got weaker

  • Maggie Hydeck
    Maggie Hydeck 10 days ago

    It’s so funny there a mention of Star Wars in Civil War.

  • GhostRaven Table-tower Worldbuilding

    Can't you torture someone physically under that pressure? Like how deer ate the Trex? They thought the triceratops could climb trees but the bronchitis didn't stop tall necked Dino's from helping their children.

  • GhostRaven Table-tower Worldbuilding

    So since deer are meaty why aren't they carnivores if they can't run. Bears be timy and fat so they could hurt a tree with dense claws, but aren't deer vampires?

  • GhostRaven Table-tower Worldbuilding

    I still don't get "it's just swamp gas"

  • GhostRaven Table-tower Worldbuilding

    If I call the person I consider devlish a liar, can I hit on him tho

  • Isabelle Luna
    Isabelle Luna 12 days ago

    When I first saw this, I was like, “Ha! I learned this in 6th grade!”. I’m smart😊🤓

  • Chirag Singla
    Chirag Singla 12 days ago +2

    Wait.remember antman 1.the introduction of pym just increases space between atoms.there is no increase in mass.
    Also antman has a problem how can he get sub-atomic by just decreasing distances between atoms.

    YE BOI ORANGE CORN DOGG 12 days ago +1

    That poor elk

  • Hollow
    Hollow 12 days ago


  • Livian Youngberg
    Livian Youngberg 13 days ago

    4:30 Put your finger inbetween the white text and it’ll turn blue. This has nothing to do with the video, just kinda cool.

  • Modestus Didalelwa
    Modestus Didalelwa 13 days ago +1

    In the comics, when he gets really big, he can't support his weight, so he keeps it at 10 feet

  • Gustav Gaming
    Gustav Gaming 13 days ago

    Im still waiting for the purge vid where is it?

  • Uli Schmidt
    Uli Schmidt 13 days ago

    I think peter has an overinflated ego and dumbs down his pop culture vocabulary so everyone else understands him

  • malandra butler
    malandra butler 17 days ago

    Ant Man is God

  • Gacha_ Carys
    Gacha_ Carys 18 days ago

    Me: Wow Ant man looks so cool when he's giant!
    ~like 8 minutes in~
    Me: T^T

  • Merten Frank
    Merten Frank 18 days ago

    You forget the factor of the definittion of the Pym-particles not changing Ant-Man´s weight. Only the cistance between the atoms.

  • Zbigniew Jakubik
    Zbigniew Jakubik 19 days ago

    What about pressure, and if his mass don't change accordingly to Episode "Why Antman is the stronges whatever" I mean in your previous video on Antman. And also
    Nice job?

  • Chadwick Rogers
    Chadwick Rogers 20 days ago

    Lol Ant Man's Dick is THICK now and HUGE and... the pubic hair could kill someone..

  • Prince Ghast
    Prince Ghast 23 days ago +1

    You didn't miscalculate, that's for sure.
    It was mentioned in the first Ant-Man movie.

  • Prince Ghast
    Prince Ghast 23 days ago +1

    Math? Baldi should see this. :P

  • Arwin Peshipish
    Arwin Peshipish 24 days ago

    A big Ego is star-lord's dad.. (real)

  • Lee OfBacup
    Lee OfBacup 24 days ago

    A tesseract is a 4 dimensional theoretical object. You mean a cube. Hence why the volume is N^3 or N CUBED...

  • Sat SSAT
    Sat SSAT 24 days ago

    Shouldn’t he explode when he sizes up? His surface area aka skins shouldn’t be able to contain all the mass as state in kurzgesagt-everything in a nutshell’s the size of life videos.

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith 28 days ago

    I assumed this video would be about how in his enlarged form he should only be as strong as when he's normal size. If I'm remembering correctly the way he shrinks is by moving his atoms or molecules closer together, which is why he's still strong in ant form. So if you do the opposite and move them apart to increase his size then he should be weak and fragile for his size. I'm no rock scientist....I'm just spitballing here

  • Instantout
    Instantout 29 days ago

    I’m new at this... Wouldn’t “Equivalent exchange” or Atomic Expansion (The space between Atoms) play a role here? But... ehh probably overthinking this.

  • Anna Snek
    Anna Snek 29 days ago

    Square cube law?

  • Karone Vega
    Karone Vega Month ago

    I lost it at the All Might reference at 10:12

  • LsRandomsplays :3
    LsRandomsplays :3 Month ago

    I wish you were my teacher i would’ve studied for the tests. Also i love ur vids keep up the gud work :)

  • Bryson iordanoff
    Bryson iordanoff Month ago

    Hidden Mickey 4:27

  • Bane Gaming
    Bane Gaming Month ago

    I think the reason of why he is moving slower. Is because it takes longer for the brains singnals to reach a specific part of the body as a result the increaced distance the signals meed to travel

  • vincent salt
    vincent salt Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'll just believe the MCU because its cooler lol

  • Absolutely Aiden Gaming

    Pym particles increase the distance between the users atoms, so wouldn't he be the same weight?

  • Cutter Babcock
    Cutter Babcock Month ago

    I'm curious! What about the pin particles? In another video about ant man you said that the bigger the object grows the farther apart the particles get, making them less dense. Its why when he shrinks he has the ability to create a black hole, the particles become so close and so dense they form a black hole. with this in mind, wouldn't it make him so light that he would actually fly away? like you claimed with Thomas the train in a previous video about Ant-man? Just asking, and you may be ignoring that on purpose for the sake of this video. Love your videos btw.

  • Curtis
    Curtis Month ago

    6 months later - still no purge episode

  • TheAwkwardNarwhaffle Yeet

    The "walking thingies" line actually makes the friendship between Peter P and Ned much better because it means Peter isn't actually a big fan of Star Wars but by evidence of the Lego death star he still tries to like it because Ned likes it.

  • littleboy23
    littleboy23 Month ago

    THICC ness

  • Mister Messenger
    Mister Messenger Month ago

    But wouldn't ant man just die if he shrunk because of how the body is designed. I remember a teacher told us we couldn't shrink ourselves because our bodies wouldn't be able to get enough and properly use oxygen. And not only that wouldn't he be unable to control body temperature correctly either, suffering from hypothermia or hyperthermia?
    No? Just me?

  • Marco Vinicio Chavarria Brenes

    Hmmm where is that purge video?

  • GirlFrom TheMoon
    GirlFrom TheMoon Month ago


  • Dustin Blankenship
    Dustin Blankenship Month ago

    I recall a statement, in the first Ant-Man movie. Paraphrasing: "When you shrink, you retain your mass/weight. So he is like a 200lb bullet." (Or something along those lines. )
    That being said, wouldn't the opposite happen? If he had grown to 65 ft, he would still retain the same mass/weight as a 200 lb person? In that case, he would just become a large parade balloon.

  • Nick Amarit
    Nick Amarit Month ago

    Larger size = much less aerodynamic too.

  • all Might
    all Might Month ago +1


  • catbug :3
    catbug :3 Month ago

    5:07 put on subtitles its funny and 5:35

  • dinocraft
    dinocraft Month ago

    it was sad when i went on google to see if that poster was a real thing

  • Jacktheripper2000 pro gamer

    Um if when he shrinks if he keeps the same strength shouldn't he when he grows?

  • wyatt goodwin
    wyatt goodwin Month ago

    you're so smart

  • Shoe Knight
    Shoe Knight Month ago

    When he explained the tesseract my mind goes blank and when he said if only AP calc exam was THIS EASY
    My mind blew....
    Is it me or am I having too low IQ to understand this

  • Jane
    Jane Month ago +1

    Do a theory on my channel

    JAGI JAGI Month ago

    Ant-man would actually explode becouse there is way to much mass in relation to his skin, but hey that's just a theory, a comment theory, thanks for reading.

  • Vozbunak
    Vozbunak Month ago

    i completely understand

  • Martinoss Lp
    Martinoss Lp Month ago

    6:35 conglaturation?? :):):):)

  • non popular Kid
    non popular Kid Month ago

    Dude tony stark has no kids but he watches spongebob

    So inspirational lol

  • Maddux PHILLIPS
    Maddux PHILLIPS Month ago

    Could ant man defeat thanos by going inside of him and gigantifing

  • Sachin Kohli
    Sachin Kohli Month ago

    Wait don't you say in the black hole video that his mass doesn't change because of the way the particles work? so how does his mass still change if he grows to size, when you claimed the tommy the tank engine should have flown away in the sky! Just curios

  • Mariana Bjeletich
    Mariana Bjeletich Month ago

    matpats jokes just arnt funny and the never will be

  • H Madderra
    H Madderra Month ago

    THAT WAS AMAZING.☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😆😅😄😄😃😂😊☺☺👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Maalik Rahim
    Maalik Rahim Month ago

    this is dope I like it!!! sub? 🤨

  • David Milliard
    David Milliard Month ago

    He becom big
    He becom small
    But most importantly he kills all

  • Brad Kenneth
    Brad Kenneth Month ago

    Matpat never did his Purge episode. What's up with that?

  • Lisa tobin
    Lisa tobin Month ago

    Durre what does that mean

  • Dominator 348
    Dominator 348 Month ago

    6:35 conglaturations?

  • Misa Misaa
    Misa Misaa Month ago

    Hey Mat, could you put links to sites/names of books where you found the information from physics and other fields of study in the description? At my school we have to do a lot of presentations and sometimes they let us chose our topics as long as we explain how something (like square cube law) works & I wanted to do something inspired by your & Austin's videos (namely why they're not building 10m tall robots), but the teachers want the source material for pretty much everything, so I couldn't just be "a guy from the internet said that this law works like this" and they refuse to take wikipedia as a source (lol). Like you said some numbers are a pain to find and having some sources that you used would help greatly when looking for insignificant details ;)

  • Prior2Popular
    Prior2Popular Month ago

    2:34 LOL YOUR SO RIGHT, I didn’t think about that lol

  • Vex99 Khemkar
    Vex99 Khemkar Month ago

    0:15 it said 1 hour ago even though he grew a few seconds ago

  • kcmommy23
    kcmommy23 Month ago

    His weight wouldn't be any different because pym particles just modify the space between atoms

  • Victor Meneses
    Victor Meneses Month ago

    4:48 mattpat talking about how he is making us feel like slackers but mattpat has millions of fans and smarter than all of my teacher combined

  • Clarissa Cao
    Clarissa Cao Month ago

    When he did the square cube thing, i I just had a mind plank.

  • IvyTruong
    IvyTruong Month ago

    Ft. Deadpool (turn on the subtitle)

  • Night Ryder
    Night Ryder Month ago

    Actually if ant man was giant he would just melt from the intense heat of his cells. Shrinking would make him freeze to death from his cells not producing enough heat.

  • Nawaf gamer 360
    Nawaf gamer 360 Month ago

    1:11 lies I checked every posters and I didn’t find any the you said

  • ACTemo 40
    ACTemo 40 Month ago

    He wouldn’t be able to breathe because the air couldn’t fill his body given his large size and there would not be enough air for him