Palm Phone Hands-on: The Supplemental Smartphone

  • Published on Nov 1, 2018
  • Read the full article: | The Palm Phone is a phone for when you don't want your phone. Does that make sense?
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Comments • 397

  • Scott Karrasch
    Scott Karrasch Month ago

    Does it have nfc?

  • roberto arnedo
    roberto arnedo Month ago

    Desde Colombia kool 🇨🇴

  • Omar Abusharar
    Omar Abusharar 3 months ago

    I thought David’s name was David imei not David imel😂😂🤣

  • Brity Corne
    Brity Corne 4 months ago

    Can this phone play Minecraft?

  • Chris Manning
    Chris Manning 6 months ago

    I would luv this phone but not for 350

  • panther cheng
    panther cheng 7 months ago

    useless product

  • shreedhar ankad
    shreedhar ankad 8 months ago

    When will release in India 🇮🇳

  • Red Million
    Red Million 8 months ago

    It can be bought as a standalone device now.

  • waytoosquirrelly
    waytoosquirrelly 9 months ago

    I bought the Palm phone last week from Verizon for $200, NOT $350. The Palm phone is a phone that I KNOW that I'll always have with me. It's not a phone - like my full-size, albeit very thin, Motorola Moto Z2 - that I'm always worrying about bending accidentally.

  • Shawn 0624
    Shawn 0624 9 months ago

    It's a actually a really handy tool... when I upgraded my xs max to the s10 plus my apple watch no longer has a host. So I needed a host and I found the palm at Verizon for 200$ instead of a galaxy watch which I don't like. Basically I want this to mimic my phone like the apple watch did and I can leave my phone which cost me 1600$ in the shop or in my house while I'm out cutting grass and those things so I have everything available on my phone but in the palm. Also in a few weeks while I'm in Hawaii I plan to do some snorkeling and things like that and will need to leave the phone behind in my room somewhere safe and if this gets damaged or stolen while I'm away doing something then not to much harm is done. My phone will be safe back at the room. The insurance deductible for the s10 plus at Verizon is 199$ so for 200$ I can use this riding 4wheelers or doing those things as I mentioned and still have the messenger and internet and Google maps just in case I need them and it's small enough to just keep in my pocket with my keys.... it definitely is a cool device

  • Rob Bowman
    Rob Bowman 10 months ago

    At Verizon, they broke it down to $199 with 2 year commitment or $8.33 month plus $10 for extra line. That's only $18 a month. I'm getting one tomorrow and Not upgrading the larger phone I have.

  • Julie Hunt
    Julie Hunt 11 months ago

    Thanks for the great review! Just ordered mine today and I’m so excited that someone has thought of this! Had to give up my iPhone SE and was sick about it, this is a great alternative.

  • Chongqing Alleycat

    Ive actually been waiting for an ultraportable smartphone. Was almost excited until the part where its an accessory instead of a phone i can put a sim into. Xperia and iphone se are too big and the chins are massive.

  • timothy jaime
    timothy jaime Year ago

    I’m sorry but that’s just silly. A small phone for my big phone

  • xavier castillo
    xavier castillo Year ago

    So a secondary phone for the main phone that you have to pay 10 extra dollars and way over priced....if you feel the need to have this go check yourself, its just another way to get in your pockets

  • sbn025
    sbn025 Year ago

    i dont understand who would want this? there's so many cons... just make a flagship with small screen.

  • Kevelyn Brambatti Rodrigues

    Came here from MKBHD blind photo test, +1 if you too

  • Blizky
    Blizky Year ago

    This is the worst idea ever. I love Palm and was disappointed to see this lame attempt.

  • Mark Keller
    Mark Keller Year ago

    Digital wallet.

  • daniel ramirez
    daniel ramirez Year ago

    Why not just have a mini phone with all the power of a large phone, like 12mp cams and 3gb ram and 64gb with sd expansion? If being a minimalist is the goal all you need is phone calls, text msg, music, and a few apps as a limit

  • Angultra
    Angultra Year ago

    This is an insult to the Palm name, such good devices back in the day. They should be ashamed.

  • He Did Something
    He Did Something Year ago

    New gadget for kids 😁

  • Cameron Barnett
    Cameron Barnett Year ago

  • Rafael Mario Yosef Lennon

    $50 i'll buy that phone now

  • Mazin Alzadjali
    Mazin Alzadjali Year ago


  • UltimateVita33
    UltimateVita33 Year ago

    Music Name?

  • OddOneOut665
    OddOneOut665 Year ago

    Drop it to $100 ($200 tops) and get rid of that ridiculous $10 monthly fee for number sharing (if not, drop that to $5), then we'll talk.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Year ago

    After seeing this phone's price, even Apple would say, "how expensive this phone is !! Definitely Not value for money."

  • VeNkAtEsH
    VeNkAtEsH Year ago

    I was using years back samsung corby phone which looks like same

  • coegj
    coegj Year ago

    In six months it will be selling for $99.00 or it will just totally disappear, my opinion, I would like one that small but with its own number..

  • Kevin White
    Kevin White Year ago

    Pointless. Just a gimmick.

  • Tech Culture
    Tech Culture Year ago

    The era of glorious notification devices

  • Mehmet Özer
    Mehmet Özer Year ago

    hi how can i buy

  • Abhay Kumar Official

    Really cool phone. But what's the point of having Instagram and other social media on the phone if it is a weekend phone?

  • Dan Maddocks
    Dan Maddocks Year ago

    For that money it will be a flop. Shite specs for something that will be a pain in the bum to use. Just buy an iPhone SE if you want a small but functional second phone for when your Galaxy S9+ is too big. Refurbished one will set you back £150 and will be better for performance, camera, keyboard etc.

  • K Kim
    K Kim Year ago

    No wonder this company is going down the toilet...worst stupidity ever haha

  • Mark Stevens
    Mark Stevens Year ago

    If you're into the minimalization concept, then this phones for you. Price is a little hefty though.

  • Joeblow354854
    Joeblow354854 Year ago

    I will get this because, my primary phone is the Note 8. I work in Surgery and wear scrubs all day, the Note 8 is not pocket friendly, this would be perfect for me while at work. Also I have a Pool, in the summer spend a lot of time in the backyard in swim trunks, having the Note 8 in swim trunk pockets is a joke. This Palm is ip68 water resistant and would be perfect to control my Bluetooth radio poolside and still receive /send texts. Also going to the gym and walking the dog with my Note 8 is cumbersome, this little thing might actually get a lot of use from me like 40/60 time split. I wish it didn't require the extra 10 per month though

  • Numerable Toast
    Numerable Toast Year ago

    Stupendously unnecessary and absolutely hilariously overpriced.

  • BigDaddyDanker
    BigDaddyDanker Year ago

    Would be great in an exam room

  • Miguel Vasquez
    Miguel Vasquez Year ago

    Oh nice a phone for my phone, thank you... Lol

  • fizzzz2
    fizzzz2 Year ago

    I'm blown away that this is even being covered by any online reviewer.

  • Shawn Cypret
    Shawn Cypret Year ago

    Is there an unlocked version

  • Sanu
    Sanu Year ago

    First world problems...

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis Year ago

    😂😂😂, and the price 🤣🤣🤣

  • Daniel Harrington

    Just... why.

  • Robert Montgomery

    Pocophone F1 is $300'on get with it guys.

  • joek money
    joek money Year ago

    Trash 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Rayhanantha Rasya

    It's a cool concept, but the price tho, are they out of their mind?

  • jeyel cruz
    jeyel cruz Year ago

    Palm face because of the wrong idea of this product 😂🤔😅😁🤣😱

  • Joe Yang
    Joe Yang Year ago

    So I need to have a phone to use another phone, kind of like smart watch but it's a phone. they should of named it "inception" phone.

  • Tarcool Kingsoft
    Tarcool Kingsoft Year ago

    Ouch that's too much for that small phone 50 dollars more can buy a pocophone

  • rosesbite
    rosesbite Year ago

    Lame that’s it’s not unlocked and that you just can’t use it as your only phone. 💩

  • Carnyzzle
    Carnyzzle Year ago

    Waaaay too overpriced to even consider this when you can just buy a burner phone

  • pOWder.40
    pOWder.40 Year ago

    mid range price but small and secondary phone... mmm little over priced 150 or 200 maybe... 300 NO...

  • riverajasmina41
    riverajasmina41 Year ago

    do you have this for att

  • ジョシュア0825チャールズ

    It Is a Smallest Phone?

  • dumkopf
    dumkopf Year ago

    Why not just not have a phone when you don’t want a phone?

  • Rishabh Singh
    Rishabh Singh Year ago

    Get control over ur will to use phone BOOM! saved 350 dollars 🤟

  • Minh Pham
    Minh Pham Year ago

    I support innovation, especially in the mobile industry, but sorry this idea is really silly. This Palm phone is like a smartwatch accompanying a smartphone, but at least with smartwatches the usage is (kinda) distinctive enough. Why the heck do I want a sidekick phone to replace my main phone yet still requires connection to the main phone?