Keke Palmer Laughs Uncontrollably While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Apr 6, 2017
  • The Berlin Station star, singer, style maven, and Snapchat Queen braves the wings of death in this high-octane episode. As she goes sauce for sauce with Sean Evans, Keke dishes on everything from the correct way to meme her face, to the enduring legacy of Moesha. THE GAG IS...the questions are hot, and the wings are even hotter.
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Comments • 6 627

  • Ashlyn Kasten
    Ashlyn Kasten 4 hours ago

    17:05 It’s bird 🐦 LOL 😂

  • Ashlyn Kasten
    Ashlyn Kasten 4 hours ago

    17:05 It’s bird 🐦 LOL 😂

  • Leelee TV
    Leelee TV Day ago

    She is a breath of fresh air !!!!! Best one EVER!!!

  • defne
    defne Day ago

    honestly this show deserves SO MUCH MORE attention

  • Silly Samson
    Silly Samson Day ago

    "Girls want to be worshiped." That's not a red flag or anything.

  • candy lora
    candy lora 2 days ago


  • Beauty Folse'
    Beauty Folse' 2 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hot sauce that plays tricks😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣 my skin ate it🤣🤣☺️🤣🤣🤣☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • papa bless
    papa bless 3 days ago

    Holy shit she reminds me of a young Jewell Caples

  • Alexis Brown
    Alexis Brown 4 days ago

    Keke’s a G lol 😂

  • Aerilh Palmer
    Aerilh Palmer 4 days ago


  • Aerilh Palmer
    Aerilh Palmer 4 days ago

    Yo! They need to quit trying Kiki with those ugly ass pictures wasn't even her

  • izu udeozoh
    izu udeozoh 5 days ago

    I would like to see bun b or lil keke or z-ro or slumthug or Paul wall or sauce walks or yella bezzy on hot ones

  • Amanda Collins
    Amanda Collins 5 days ago

    You know Sean's a rebel wearing white and doing this

  • Henry Washington
    Henry Washington 5 days ago

    KeKe palmer lost 20 pounds of weight by eating hot wings.

  • Ty Johnson
    Ty Johnson 5 days ago


  • demiselenaalways
    demiselenaalways 5 days ago

    She’s a Virgo and he’s a Taurus! They’d make such a cute couple. The chemistry is there.

  • Roshawn Hardin
    Roshawn Hardin 5 days ago

    I think they low keyed feeling each other on this.

  • Uriel Cruz
    Uriel Cruz 6 days ago

    He should’ve if she loves Drake 😂

  • Hailey Bug
    Hailey Bug 6 days ago

    Kiki is so cute and shes a strong woman. I have always looked u to her. love her!

  • Cece Princess
    Cece Princess 6 days ago


  • Kai Alexandria
    Kai Alexandria 6 days ago

    The way she grabbed that milk when he said how hot it was 🤣😂

  • Kai Alexandria
    Kai Alexandria 6 days ago

    Keke looking thick as hell
    Gorgeous melanin 😍😍😍

  • Jack Hanigan
    Jack Hanigan 7 days ago

    Please PLEASE have Cupcakke on the show!!

  • moody b
    moody b 7 days ago

    Her skin is so flawless & glowing

  • Felisha Mack
    Felisha Mack 7 days ago

    You should do an episode with a youtuber named @bloveslife

  • Gonçalo Oliveira
    Gonçalo Oliveira 8 days ago

    New to the channel. Diferent and funny :) i am loving it. nice work ;) cheers from Portugal 🇵🇹

  • Shakeira Solomon
    Shakeira Solomon 8 days ago

    "Slightly. Not majorly" this part had me rolling. I dont know why 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • CrushClaw
    CrushClaw 9 days ago

    i want to hug her face

  • Irene Kaali
    Irene Kaali 9 days ago

    Love her! She seems like a great human! 😁

  • Mind YourOwn
    Mind YourOwn 9 days ago


  • michele sunshine
    michele sunshine 9 days ago

    Dam she took it like a champ!!👑

  • Lovely TayTay
    Lovely TayTay 9 days ago

    I Love me Some Keke🥰🥰

  • Nash Fj
    Nash Fj 11 days ago

    You need to be with the people ...

  • Kayla Martinez
    Kayla Martinez 12 days ago

    I love her! 😊💜

  • Star Irvin
    Star Irvin 12 days ago +1

    Have eminem or pdiddy that would be funny

  • alex no1
    alex no1 13 days ago

    Is this the bitch is talking about on his song keke?

  • tweetthang96
    tweetthang96 14 days ago

    She had such great composure up to that last one haha

  • emily m
    emily m 14 days ago

    Your heartburn must be Ridiculous

  • Bluedemon
    Bluedemon 15 days ago

    anyone else eats wings after watching these videos XD

    TH3 SCRE3N DOOR 16 days ago

    He totally trying to smash

  • Smakk Makk
    Smakk Makk 16 days ago

    nah it was coolio who handled it the best

  • Juan Sahagun
    Juan Sahagun 17 days ago


  • Jonni
    Jonni 18 days ago

    know idea who she is but i fell in love! beautiful vibrant personality

  • Cozmoe 1000
    Cozmoe 1000 19 days ago +1

    U gotta get Michelle Rodriguez on here!!!!!! Ratings will into infinite ♾ ✨ .☮️✌️TG

  • J3r3E 94
    J3r3E 94 19 days ago

    She is great. This is one of my favorites

  • Jem C
    Jem C 20 days ago

    Take yo ass to church on Sunday 😂

  • Jesse
    Jesse 21 day ago +1

    tbh honest for all the ppl who dislicked ur just not a fan of keke

  • Kimberly Wilson
    Kimberly Wilson 21 day ago

    She knows that shit is hot stop fronting lol.

  • Matthew
    Matthew 22 days ago

    Yup, she's fine and I'm thirsty af!!! I'm hungry as a mutha fucka too!

  • Nani Shanelli
    Nani Shanelli 22 days ago

    Looking like a young Angela Bassett

  • mista dont play
    mista dont play 22 days ago +3

    One of the most underrated lady actresses

  • mista dont play
    mista dont play 22 days ago

    I would so nut I’m keke and trap her lol

  • VidsFuzion
    VidsFuzion 23 days ago

    if a guy acts too thirsty a woman will call him out for it and embarrass him. Then he'll wonder what he did wrong. You left the part out where he has to be attractive or at least tall. if you don't have one of those qualities you better have money or power.

  • Kevin Ward
    Kevin Ward 24 days ago

    keke lol Raab Himself's cat

  • Dirk Oerlemans Oerlemans

    Is it just me or are the hot sauces now waaaayyyy hotter

  • Aritz Martínez Rodríguez

    she's as beautiful as awesome

  • BartelDoo
    BartelDoo 28 days ago

    What does she say at 16:01 "Average?" OR "There it is." ??

  • Sacred Supreme
    Sacred Supreme 28 days ago

    "i lived with 11 sororrity girls" damn sean was wilding

    kAOTIKGHOST Month ago

    Keke Palmer fTW!

  • S Lee
    S Lee Month ago

    “Who Keenan..?” Hahahahahahaha I had to come back to comment. KeKeeeeeeeee I’m still CRINE!

  • Isaiah Ford
    Isaiah Ford Month ago

    haha why is it that the girls front so hard? acting like the wings ain't hot. keke know the inside of her throat is pleading the blood of Jesus!

  • hasan sakiz
    hasan sakiz Month ago

    Funny beautiful and down to earth, she is scorching Hot maybe it's the wings that made her even hotter.

  • Zombie Knight1989
    Zombie Knight1989 Month ago

    Keke Grew up to be beautiful

  • Voodoolady Ink
    Voodoolady Ink Month ago

    I never know any of the answers.
    Kk: that's good.

  • Tatyana Thorns
    Tatyana Thorns Month ago +1

    16:52 “Why this shit feel like my skin ate it” 😂😂😂😂

  • Scott Flakne
    Scott Flakne Month ago


  • Naomi Barker
    Naomi Barker Month ago

    I'm a vergo

  • MortardInc
    MortardInc Month ago

    One of the best episodes ever. Love a real person ans Keke Palmer is moe eal tha all these others! :P

  • Karla Figueroa
    Karla Figueroa Month ago

    True Jackson VP was my favorite 😭

  • RGx Kingsworth
    RGx Kingsworth Month ago

    Nobody noticed that almost N word slip on 14:12

  • N A
    N A Month ago

    Keke palmer needs a talkshow asap

  • Megan Simpson
    Megan Simpson Month ago +3

    Zendaya needs to be on this!!!

  • Rachel Fresard
    Rachel Fresard Month ago

    my bitch true jackson vp

  • Joleen Josephs
    Joleen Josephs Month ago +4

    We need Cardi b

  • Hazel English
    Hazel English Month ago

    wow she's cool

  • Victor Fiallos
    Victor Fiallos Month ago

    She didn't eat "The Bomb" wing

  • Abbey Hayes
    Abbey Hayes Month ago

    Yes, I am a hater and she is a fucking liar. She know that hot sauce too much for her and it's burning her damn mouth.

    ALLAN FRASER Month ago +1

    How come she can't speak english

  • Lalo Villa
    Lalo Villa Month ago

    Wow what a gorgeous woman

  • TheLivy1
    TheLivy1 Month ago

    Doesn't consistently eating all that spicy stuff cause stomach ulcers

  • Jasmine Lewis
    Jasmine Lewis Month ago

    Her reactions 😂😂🔥

  • Matthias Horne
    Matthias Horne Month ago


  • herbertson lee
    herbertson lee Month ago

    Damn those legs on that girl are making me drool, she has some hot ones

  • cdubbart
    cdubbart Month ago

    See, she's full of s#!% in the FUN way, lol.

  • Rojay Reid
    Rojay Reid Month ago

    Keke Palmer should do a pepper challenge

  • Kino
    Kino Month ago +1

    She's cool as hell

  • Kino
    Kino Month ago +1

    True Jac

  • deks räikkönen
    deks räikkönen Month ago +1

    Too much blackness

  • joeykong94
    joeykong94 Month ago

    And now drake made a song about her

  • joeykong94
    joeykong94 Month ago

    I’d like to make her come for me 🤤😍🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂

  • lovebggggg
    lovebggggg Month ago


  • Tone Def
    Tone Def Month ago

    astrology bs aside, she's hilarious!

  • Leafleap
    Leafleap Month ago

    She is a qt3.14

  • Jroc2k Beats
    Jroc2k Beats Month ago

    KeKe Palmer is one good looking woman!

  • Top Trending Music
    Top Trending Music Month ago

    🤥She is lying it's hot 🔥♨️😂😂

  • Griffin Gang
    Griffin Gang Month ago

    Love herrrrr! She handled that!

  • Dagibou Production
    Dagibou Production 2 months ago

    Who came her just to comment "keke do you love me"

  • Bijan Rahman
    Bijan Rahman 2 months ago +3

    sean shootin his shot tryna talk about he was on the football team in high school lmaooooooooo

  • Peter Stan
    Peter Stan 2 months ago

    But does she love drake though?

  • Kayla M
    Kayla M 2 months ago

    I love that Sean always makes the guest comfortable. He does the fanning too