Don't tell SCARY STORIES at a Slumber Party... (Roblox)

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
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Comments • 5 970

  • DidYouBringMeA COOKIE!!!!!

    OMG OMG DID YOU SEE THE BLONDE BANDIT AT 00:50??? 😮 like if u saw him by love ya Alex, Zach, and Lyssy❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Midnight Halewell
    Midnight Halewell 38 minutes ago

    Make part 2 plss

  • Sulayman Jahateh
    Sulayman Jahateh 9 hours ago

    Why is he alerrgic to peanut butter

  • Yana David
    Yana David 9 hours ago

    i think hes the killer

  • inspirall playsz
    inspirall playsz 13 hours ago +1

    i'm a girl i'm just in my bothers acount.they never recognice blondebandit on the back of the bus sit mybe he's the monster??

  • iam yomei
    iam yomei 17 hours ago

    David is a mon***** the packback is on the restroom Zach is just found it

  • Xavi Alvarez Padilla
    Xavi Alvarez Padilla 23 hours ago

    Were i dident see it were tall me im sracd

  • Lizanne Bryson
    Lizanne Bryson Day ago


  • Gacha Moonlight
    Gacha Moonlight Day ago


  • Rafael Aguilar
    Rafael Aguilar Day ago

    im eating tacos rn

  • Kevin George
    Kevin George Day ago

    Sorry zach

  • Zuware Bespoke
    Zuware Bespoke 2 days ago

    Wht does everyone play gacha

  • Zuware Bespoke
    Zuware Bespoke 2 days ago


  • Zuware Bespoke
    Zuware Bespoke 2 days ago

    U will die in the night

  • Zuware Bespoke
    Zuware Bespoke 2 days ago

    Ive played tis

  • Zuware Bespoke
    Zuware Bespoke 2 days ago


  • Gacha Linda
    Gacha Linda 2 days ago +1

    0:48 did anyone see the blonde bandit on the bus like if you saw him👍🏻
    Love you blonde squad❤️

  • What Kai Spies
    What Kai Spies 3 days ago

    Try the game brickrigs

  • genji taratata
    genji taratata 3 days ago +1

    Can you guys make try not to look away!!!Please or Can you guys make sleep in the toilet for 24hour Challenge(blonde Squad)

  • genji taratata
    genji taratata 3 days ago +1


  • Nevaeha Smith
    Nevaeha Smith 3 days ago

    Um alex i saw blonde bandit in the bus he was 3 seats away from you

  • Marl Segser
    Marl Segser 3 days ago

    Zacha is a noob and I have 20000zilion rubix

  • Angel angelo Artigas

    in freezer

  • sunkie _madudie
    sunkie _madudie 3 days ago

    I tried that game yesterday, but I died!

  • T Magee
    T Magee 4 days ago

    00:45 the blond bandent behind u like if u noticed

  • Dnathan Woodard
    Dnathan Woodard 4 days ago +1

    I have not been to a sleepover unless it's my family members because my mom cares for me and my two sisters and baby brother

  • Tey'ana Walker
    Tey'ana Walker 4 days ago

    Are you blind because I see the red bandit behind you

  • Roselaine86 francisco

    I play that.......but its scary haha im dying im not winning😂😅

  • Jeffrey the gamer
    Jeffrey the gamer 4 days ago

    Wich game is that cold

  • Cherise Howard
    Cherise Howard 4 days ago

    On sleepover 2 you can be the monster

  • Cherise Howard
    Cherise Howard 4 days ago +1

    I see the blond bandit

  • Cherise Howard
    Cherise Howard 4 days ago +1

    David is my cousin

    GARRY OLLETT 5 days ago

    Lol you guys are such taco diggers XDD

  • Susyana Susyana
    Susyana Susyana 5 days ago

    i call him david dukin donut

  • Millenr G
    Millenr G 5 days ago

    What game iisss that!?

  • benedict lanza
    benedict lanza 5 days ago

    thats david right

  • Brizel Martinez-Cruz

    What the name of this game

  • Rafael Rodriguez
    Rafael Rodriguez 6 days ago +1

    Stop your my

    • Rafael Rodriguez
      Rafael Rodriguez 6 days ago


    • Rafael Rodriguez
      Rafael Rodriguez 6 days ago


    • Rafael Rodriguez
      Rafael Rodriguez 6 days ago


    • Rafael Rodriguez
      Rafael Rodriguez 6 days ago


    • Rafael Rodriguez
      Rafael Rodriguez 6 days ago


  • Rafael Rodriguez
    Rafael Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Hghduzu6ydyzyurjd*fhxhdhhxhduueufgshzhzyzhdhdhhrydyryydre3jrjfixi8ridisiske88w8wndnxue7u3ix7ozyuf77utahrrrxiuuuiiiiziiip0lHxgyf6ydydyyr66r EU r67re77eye6r6r6ryeyr7du7didurur7r7r77r7r7r7r77r7r77rrhhrhshydhehrhyryryydyryeyyrysyyd6d6d6ye6eyryyeyeyyyeyeye66e6e6eyeyeyeyyeyeye7eyyyryrydydyyryyryr6r6r66e7r7r7r7r4r7r7r7r77r7r77rrhhrhshydhehrhyryryydyryeyyrysyyd6d6d6ye6eyryyeyeyyyeyeye66e6e6eyeyeyeyyeyeye7eyyyryrydydyyryyryr6r6r66e7r7r7r7r and tr4456eyeyeydufuxuddiidududufuhryryryhduduxyurryfytyeyryryyryryr6r6 6r6r6r6e6ydyyxhhffyy46ufhhxjduzjxjdjxjhxhdhdhyydydyyyrdyyryrythrhfufůhfhfffuuturu

  • Mass Manan
    Mass Manan 6 days ago

    I think those are Nightmares, Blonde Squad.

  • Slappinthecatgut
    Slappinthecatgut 6 days ago

    who saw the blonde bandit

  • excuse? Its PunCake
    excuse? Its PunCake 6 days ago


  • Stephanie___
    Stephanie___ 6 days ago

    I've been noticing something when you guys make a vid a red hair man always showing up..

  • Neo Pradhan
    Neo Pradhan 6 days ago

    Was the blonde bandit the Monster

  • Neo Pradhan
    Neo Pradhan 6 days ago

    Was the blonde bandit the Monste

  • Lucy K chavez
    Lucy K chavez 6 days ago

    I thought lyssy would say it's defenetly blood

  • johnny doyle
    johnny doyle 6 days ago


  • Beau Work Story
    Beau Work Story 6 days ago

    Why is the Blondie bandit there

  • Thuy Merdrano
    Thuy Merdrano 6 days ago

    Umm the love foood mmm me to

  • XxBaNaNa_RoBlOx_GaChAxX Lol

    Umm can u do a Gacha reaction of “His little bodyguard”

  • t sollos t
    t sollos t 7 days ago


    Zach: “What’s happeni- *ITS HERE* !”

    LOL 😂 🤣

  • Rigo Rivera
    Rigo Rivera 7 days ago

    Just leave zack to die

  • Rolando Flormata Jr
    Rolando Flormata Jr 7 days ago

    Why do you not to go bus you just eat your seally taco and now you stuck Damm it!!!

  • uwandi nuru
    uwandi nuru 7 days ago

    That obby is really hard for meh

  • Marco Castillo
    Marco Castillo 7 days ago

    i sol blonde bandit

  • Marco Castillo
    Marco Castillo 7 days ago


  • LilyCool Games
    LilyCool Games 8 days ago

    At 1:00 I saw ppl behind them how they no ppl there

  • inferno and jackle
    inferno and jackle 8 days ago

    He is the monsta

  • BTS jimin and Zoe
    BTS jimin and Zoe 8 days ago

    that is sleep over?

  • stan4bey9481
    stan4bey9481 8 days ago

    Did anybody see the blode badint
    Like if you saw him


  • Genesis Alor
    Genesis Alor 8 days ago

    The blond bandit was there.

  • Rihadatul Aisya
    Rihadatul Aisya 8 days ago

    Lissy sit with blonde bandit im have look at a blonde bandit

  • EpicBear- PlaysYT
    EpicBear- PlaysYT 9 days ago

    i like your videos

  • Itz_ Galaxy
    Itz_ Galaxy 9 days ago

    Anyone else see the blonde bandit?

  • Golembiewski Caroline

    I played that game if u wanna know what its called it's called sleepover

  • Jennybeth Anung
    Jennybeth Anung 9 days ago

    (Alex) no one's here
    (Me) uhh i can see people at the door lol

  • hit man
    hit man 9 days ago

    im first alex in play

  • hit man
    hit man 9 days ago

    Hey alex my play alex thats scary

  • Manerry guanzon
    Manerry guanzon 9 days ago

    I hate Alex and Zach

  • SouthernBeleigh
    SouthernBeleigh 9 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the Blonde Bandit in the background?😂

  • Elizabeth Medina
    Elizabeth Medina 10 days ago

    0:44 i saw the blond bandit did you see him too??

  • iBoostI Mobile
    iBoostI Mobile 10 days ago


    BRADWILD ROLDAN 10 days ago

    0:38 the blonde bandit is on that bus

  • Esmer Gonzalez
    Esmer Gonzalez 10 days ago

    I saw the blonde bandit

  • Yan Bermy
    Yan Bermy 10 days ago

    Just eat you're tacos in the bus