What's In My Minimalist Gadget Backpack 2.0!

  • Published on Dec 18, 2018
  • I challenged myself to just bring the essentials and here’s what a came up with! Thumbs up for a new backpack video! Thanks Intel for sponsoring this video.
    Find the Acer Swift 7 here: intel.ly/2qLVtVG
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    Credit for this video:
    Arielle Hoo, editor
    Jianan He, lead videographer
    Malcolm Grant, second shooter

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Comments • 542

  • Shubham Patel
    Shubham Patel 2 months ago

    Battery pack lookin like a Tesla

  • Jose Di Franco
    Jose Di Franco 3 months ago

    Mano eu curto demais seus vídeos!!!!

  • Naweed Zafar
    Naweed Zafar 4 months ago +1

    TOO MUCH TECH!!!!!!!!

  • Noxillious
    Noxillious 4 months ago

    Jud you make every video just interesting

  • Shawn Larkin
    Shawn Larkin 4 months ago

    Love seeing your gundams in background

  • Abdul Rafeh
    Abdul Rafeh 5 months ago

    Pulls out the notebook........im so oldschool guys.....Say what!!!???

  • Alloy_Agony
    Alloy_Agony 6 months ago

    Gotta carry some kinda self defense too

  • DanielZachson
    DanielZachson 6 months ago

    Me cringing, while listening to my little sister singing very loudly in her room 😂
    (Pause). 1:31

  • harmanX64
    harmanX64 6 months ago

    Try speaking less and shorten your vids. You speak too much, I don’t want a laptop review in “what’s in my backpack” video. :/

  • Temper
    Temper 6 months ago

    love the backpacks!

  • Pangolin
    Pangolin 6 months ago

    I see you are a gunpla builder?

  • RandomFortniteClips
    RandomFortniteClips 7 months ago

    "iM pReTtY oLd ScHoOl" Usually carries 3k or 4k worth of electronics on his bag😂Not hating I've been a fan for like 3 years

  • PeakShot
    PeakShot 7 months ago +3

    Rename channel to BackpackBoi

  • Octavio Aguilar
    Octavio Aguilar 7 months ago

    I like how the black part matches the chair to the right here 0:57

  • Je Jovida
    Je Jovida 7 months ago

    Dude those Gunplas are amazing!! Great video too!!

  • TheTrick is..
    TheTrick is.. 8 months ago

    Did anyone else notice that the refrence number of the earbuds kind of spelled out Witherspoon? 2:19

  • S. Muruganantham
    S. Muruganantham 8 months ago

    This guy makes it sound like 80 bucks are just 80 bucks, see Indian prize u will feel the boom on ur face.

  • onlyunseen films
    onlyunseen films 8 months ago

    Man you reallly love that laptop

  • Gitoya Tyndale
    Gitoya Tyndale 8 months ago

    He staying no but u make me laugh still no he's still behind me

  • Cute Husky
    Cute Husky 8 months ago

    Do you have to buy a sim card for the nano sim and get a plan?

  • eric rodriguez jr
    eric rodriguez jr 8 months ago

    Can I play Forza on the laptop?

  • Cat
    Cat 8 months ago

    The only thing it’s missing is a Nintendo switch

    FLICKPASS 8 months ago

    yo jud you are awesome

  • sc3140
    sc3140 8 months ago

    Cool tech stuff! Thx 4 sharing!!

  • Mateo Molina
    Mateo Molina 8 months ago

    Ninja turtle backpack 7.0 🙁🙁🙁🙁

  • Retard The Retard
    Retard The Retard 9 months ago

    I'm a simple man.
    I see the 00 Qan [T] Sneaks into the thumbnail
    I click.

  • Daniel Stransky
    Daniel Stransky 9 months ago

    I really should get that Mophie charging case. I have a pair of Jam Transit buds I use (both around the house and at the gym). I've debated getting a pair of truly wireless buds that isn't really in the budget. One of these I think I can squeeze in though.

  • Bob
    Bob 9 months ago

    I always feel like this nigga is promoting shit

  • sageverd
    sageverd 9 months ago

    Why do people still market laptops as an everyday computer...
    Yes they are ok, i have one...but for anything other thannportability you cannot beat a dedicated desktop PC....especially for gaming. please tell me how you can game on that laptop...i am curious

  • Toxic Pixel
    Toxic Pixel 9 months ago

    no lie this guy makes backpack look interesting and he looks like he loves it

  • askemone
    askemone 9 months ago

    Yes! Be constantly entertained and distracted! Keep buying all these new shit gadgets to keep you broke and dumb! LOL

  • chinafriends
    chinafriends 9 months ago +3

    Shows an expensive thunderbolt 3 external SSD but the Acer laptop does not support thunderbolt 3 ...

  • Binozia - Tech
    Binozia - Tech 9 months ago

    Intel on the inside kidney on the outside

  • Zio Pino
    Zio Pino 9 months ago

    you forgot the spudz link in description. Also in other videos you forget to put link for microfiber items.

    PANDA 9 months ago

    Can you make a colege tech bag

  • Lance Rose
    Lance Rose 9 months ago

    Where is the nomad link?

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 9 months ago +4

    4:56 is the real reason this was done.
    It's like once TVclipr's get a certain amount of subs, they become shills.

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 9 months ago

    What a suprise, you "ne" favorite backpack that you have been using for months.

  • Trent Santoro
    Trent Santoro 9 months ago

    I can’t wait in life to say only cost 80 lmao but hey I’m still a kid let me make life happen 😁

  • lil6add
    lil6add 9 months ago +1

    the reason he put the portable charger (NUMBER 2) in compartment 3 is that I say and quote You could put something special or valuable e.g.his love and passion for portable chargers.

  • Gabriel Giacomelli
    Gabriel Giacomelli 9 months ago

    This guy looks like an English guy I don’t know why

  • Venomouzz - Gamiing
    Venomouzz - Gamiing 9 months ago

    The world's thinnest laptop could fit a headphone jack in it
    Take notes apple!

  • Venomouzz - Gamiing
    Venomouzz - Gamiing 9 months ago

    Worlds thinnest laptop? I'm not impresed until someone makes the world's first wallpaper laptop

  • Venomouzz - Gamiing
    Venomouzz - Gamiing 9 months ago

    Make a megamalist gadget backpack next!

  • dn a
    dn a 9 months ago

    imagine using anything but a macbook

  • navin babji
    navin babji 9 months ago

    Bro when is the Gadget Backpack 7.0 coming???

  • Zain Malik
    Zain Malik 9 months ago

    Love your vids and i was wondering if youve checked out an Aer bag, the Aer Tech pack is really nice, its low profile but also insanely comfy and big

  • akmal harry
    akmal harry 9 months ago

    Isee malaysiaaaaa

  • Kaleb Phillips
    Kaleb Phillips 9 months ago

    Where can I find that microfiber cloth?

  • Keane Tan
    Keane Tan 9 months ago

    WI-SPOON Sony Bluetooth earbuds (yes that is not a typo)

  • Chuck
    Chuck 9 months ago

    i don't get why "since there's a laptop there, you'd need a mouse"...... you don't need a mouse if ur not doing like crazy work or if u got a good enough trackpad.... I assume that acer doesn't....

  • Oliver487589
    Oliver487589 9 months ago

    Fun fact .my mom used to work for intel

  • Micheal S.
    Micheal S. 9 months ago

    UAC Kinda looks like C.J from San-Andreas low key...

  • Arman Hassan
    Arman Hassan 10 months ago +1

    How average!

  • Cam Mic
    Cam Mic 10 months ago

    “Just the essentials” bruh I have my laptop, laptop charger, phone, portable charger, wireless earphones, wired earphones, mouse, and a hard drive, I got everything over time but then this mans calls what is far more than mine “the essentials” BRUH

  • Janus Beck Aagaard
    Janus Beck Aagaard 10 months ago

    This backpack seems really alike with the OnePlus travel backpack, the compartments, along with the 'black' compartment. Who do you think is inspired by who?

  • Emre Utkan
    Emre Utkan 10 months ago

    my non-minimalist backpack has less things in it. FML

  • Keecha M
    Keecha M 10 months ago

    Great video. Like the Acer laptop too.

  • mena seven
    mena seven 10 months ago

    Judner the ultra slim Acer with cellular connection and sim card slot is wonderful. The backpack is very nice and cool. I like to carry my laptop and tech around when I go out.

  • Von Reiji
    Von Reiji 10 months ago

    Those Gundams make me drooling all over man and this backpack series somehow got me hyped