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  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
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    WOLFMAN TROY Day ago

    I was 22 and had gotten a DUI. I picked up this chick at the bar but was drunk and not willing to drive the 21 miles home. She is bagged but volunteers to drive. When we get out to my truck I ask for a BJ and she gets right after it. She was great at giving head! But she passed out after the job was done. Now I lived in a remote area and it was not easy to find a woman that could suck like that. In my drunken wisdom I seatbelt her into the drivers seat of the truck and sit beside her passed out ass running the controls. A cop pulled in behind us when we left town and followed up the hwy. I had a hard time driving while seated in the middle of the truck and we were pulled over. The cop took a few min. to approach the drivers window. The girl is passed out and I am still sitting in the middle.{I knew he can see me thru the back window}. I claim she passed out while waiting for him to run our plates. He cannot wake her up and does not believe my story. Too bad prove it. We ended up getting towed by my buddy that owned a towing service and the cop let us off without a dui.

  • shadowmaster335
    shadowmaster335 2 days ago

    w8 nobody's gonna talk about that last story?, dafug that, omg

  • Xcrazy sniper
    Xcrazy sniper 3 days ago

    My oh wait it gets worse moment, all my friends ditched me on new years which also happened to be my year i was graduating highschool, which was 2015 going into 2016, an hour before midnigbt hits my best friend kills himself, school threatens to expell anyone that goes to the funeral. Yeah 2015/16 sucked for me

  • Domino52o
    Domino52o 3 days ago

    This video turns to shit about a third of the way through. Just a bunch of pity party, woe is me bullshit.


    6:00 THAT was the most embarrassing moment of your life? boy, you got some growing up to do 😂😂😂

  • Quinn sin
    Quinn sin 3 days ago

    Now I'm just sad:(

  • WatersideGnome7
    WatersideGnome7 3 days ago

    20:43 now I think that it is your basic human right to Oscar pistorius the shit out of your wife after all of that

  • Daniel Simon
    Daniel Simon 4 days ago

    man.. these people who's scariest memory was a run in with SOMEONE ELSE'S stalker, or most embarassing moment , giving change out of pocket due 2 error.... i guess my life is a more dangerous shitshow than i had thought !

    • Daniel Simon
      Daniel Simon 4 days ago

      p.s. dont take oxy it will likely fuck u , but 60mg isnt that much. for a regular user.

  • Amber Richey
    Amber Richey 4 days ago

    I was born but wait it gets worse. I'm still alive

  • Starie Drawz
    Starie Drawz 5 days ago

    About two years ago now (almost exactly) my parents brother and I where at my aunt’s house (she doesn’t have children btw, only two amazing doggos) for Christmas. My cousins was also their, one is cool and the other. OH THE OTHER. I mean, he’s fine when it’s just us hanging out but when he is with my brother. They are evil monsters. So, guess who got her feelings beaten up for almost a week? It was even worse after Christmas morning, because they sometimes refused to talk to me because I “was immature, because I didn’t have a phone.”
    But wait, it gets worse.
    I forget what we argued about, but there was a point where I was so emotionally unstable and essentially broken that I just cried for over 3 hours face down on a mattress.
    But wait, it gets worse.
    They put slime in my hair and so I turned around to face them grabbed whichever one was closest (my brother) and stared dead into his eyes while squeezing his arms so hard that it physically hurt me as well as him. I then cried for 1 hour
    But wait, it gets worse.
    My family also went an a trip to Missouri to see my cousin, aunt, and uncle again. Guess who was emotionally beaten to a pulp again?
    The worst part is, I didn’t have any way to “escape” digitally anymore. At this point in my life I had two working tablets (both where cheap $50 things) I had one that was on its last legs, and one brand new one with a case and everything. I forgot my good one at home, and my almost broken one gave out on the *first night* before my cousin even arrived. And at this time I had a hamster, who was being taken care of by two of my friends. And I had basically no way to reach them because we where chatting through emails, which I now only had excess through my tablet. Luckily my mom lent me her phone.
    But, it gets worse.
    On that trip we went to an indoor playground type place. I, for some idiotic reason, decided hanging out with my brother and cousin at this place. Long story short, I ended up bumping my head. I took like 10 seconds to recover, and when I looked up. Guess who was nowhere near me? I ended up crying and going back to my mom.
    But wait, these are the only good part I remember,
    I went to the food stand to get some tea because I was dehydrated from crying so much and I bought some raspberry tea, and I was short like 20 cents and the guy behind the counter just paid the rest for me. And because it was less than a week away from my birthday I got Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Something I never get because there are no Krispy Kreme’s in my state.
    I could go on and on but this is getting long so I’ll stop, if you want to hear the rest just ask

  • Carla Anastas
    Carla Anastas 5 days ago +1

    I got a bad grade,

    *And I slept outside for the night*

  • Harish Chen
    Harish Chen 6 days ago

    These unloyal gfs make me sick.

  • Abdulla Nada
    Abdulla Nada 7 days ago

    2015 was indeed a shit show
    i fucking hate that year

  • Walphish
    Walphish 8 days ago

    I get abused my whole life by family, family-friends, and strangers. Go to the police as an adult, and after 5 years, nothing came from any of it.
    But wait. It gets worse.
    Family acts the victim, and told all extended family members their version of the story, that I had false memories, and was a prodigal child who ran away from her loving family. People who acted helpful and kind to me got sick of me, and drove me away. I lost most of my friends. Now I’m trying to rebuild my life after losing everything.
    TLTR: why victims don’t want to report their abuse

  • Holly Seely
    Holly Seely 8 days ago +1

    To: brimstone_tea
    I feel so bad for you I hope your okay

  • chizu-sama chili cheese

    Wow that girl didn’t help her SO after he broke his foot.. what a terrible SO.

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones 11 days ago +1

    Last year my dad had a seizure and fell over hitting his head on the concrete and really fucking him up, about a month later my grandma( my dads mom) dies from a heart attack and my dad has no memory of it, about another month later me and my mom get in a bad car crash where I lost mobility in my pinky finger and thumb in my right hand. We are doing better now but it was a pretty shitty year for us

  • awesomecat42
    awesomecat42 11 days ago

    H- How is having an abortion a deep dark secret? What is this the 1960s?

  • Crux Noctis
    Crux Noctis 11 days ago +1

    The last one took me by surprise so bad it made be audibly gasp

  • Happy Arnold
    Happy Arnold 13 days ago

    "Then in my early preeteens I had anal abscesses."

  • Stuart Tyler
    Stuart Tyler 15 days ago +1

    The dude who nailed into the gas and water line 😂😂😂😂

  • matanuska high
    matanuska high 16 days ago

    I did not take a shit in a cup. I swear..

  • Yes. Yes.
    Yes. Yes. 16 days ago

    Fuck im not saying i have the worst life in the world or nothing like that I understand people have it way worse than me but in my life its just one shity ass thing after the other i feel like that 13 year old with all those deaths the shit just keep on coming and coming 🙃

  • SGantz
    SGantz 16 days ago

    Mom diagnosed with a fast growing cancer, given 6mos to a year, makes it 4 months (thanks to malpractice that was covered up). Didn't make it to my brother's wedding, my college graduation, or learn of her next grandchild. Same time my sister's beloved cat dies, she's fired from her job, and is drowning in debt. 5 months (to the day) after mom dies, her fraternal twin brother dies suddenly (my nephew administered CPR and, although paramedics told us there was nothing we could do, he blames himself for his death). Within 6 months of my uncle passing, mom's eldest brother dies during an surgery (to prevent him from dying any time soon), his wife doesn't tell anyone and we have to accidentally find out from a nurse that knows another family member, uncle's wife throws away all family heirlooms in the coming months and cuts ties with us (because she didn't inherit any money when he died). Wife of the twin gets a brain tumor, manages to survive but discovers her own children wanted her to die (so they could inherit). My last remaining uncle's wife decides she needs to get divorced so she can inherit her family's money. Then, to top it all off, after finally coming to terms with my grief and gaining some normalcy in my life again, my SO of many years decides that the solution to our rocky relationship is to rekindle the flame by raping me.
    The Mayans predicted the world would end in 2012, turned out it was just mine.
    We're all much better now but...man, that was a dark time.

  • NekoGrace 79
    NekoGrace 79 17 days ago

    Also, to all people that serve our country (or their country if not the US) Thank you for what you do. Not just for the action of defending your country but for making it through those horribly lonely moments, the moments of loss that break you but you have no choice but to keep yourself together, the moments when you think it’s never going to end. Thank you for getting through them all. We are grateful.

  • TheClanFollows
    TheClanFollows 17 days ago +5

    Sorry I laughed really hard when it suddenly said “the second guy dragged her body behind a dumpster”

  • Katie Coyle
    Katie Coyle 18 days ago +1

    The one story where the guy dragged her behind a dumpster was that the Brock Turner case?

  • Ariman98
    Ariman98 19 days ago

    5:20 theres always one poop story

  • ColScimitar
    ColScimitar 19 days ago

    Wow, I just got lost in this and was 3/4 of the way through before I realized it was throwing me into a depression spiral.....I need to go find something more cheery to listen to now.....was not prepared for that.

  • Delaney Cronin
    Delaney Cronin 19 days ago

    It’s a bit long so get comfortable.
    Bit of background info, we are flying back to Orlando from New York. And we had nowhere to stay if our flight got cancelled. Also this was last thanksgiving where there was record breaking cold temperatures so ya. We are keeping our luggage in an overhead storage bin. They didn’t have enough room for overhead storage so some people had to check their bags last minute.
    Ok so at first it was just a 15 minute delay bc of weather. Then 1 hour. We board after an hour of when we are supposed to. Get on the plane get comfortable and waiting to take off. Pilot announces a light on the plane needs to be fixed so they’ll be working on it, he also said it was on the left side on the wing. We are left side right by the wing. 30 minutes go by and we have seen no one on the side. Pilot comes back on to say the whole module needs to be replaced. 15 minutes go by and then he says we need to de board the plane bc he has no idea how long this will take. We are getting off, we have our luggage and make it to the front of the plane, they aren’t letting us get off. So we sit back down, put our luggage back up and sit down. He says that the light is fixed. So we are about to take off. But wait, it gets worse. Ya know how when the plane is about to start moving, the power briefly goes off? The power went off, and didn’t come back on including AC. Mind you we are in New York so wearing layers and warm clothes. 30 minutes go by and by this time we are fanning ourselves with the safety brochures provided and have taken off layers but still hot. About 6 rows behind us, we hear people screaming (I didn’t see this but my mom saw a man lunge himself across the seats). My first reaction? The man somehow has a gun and I’m about to die. It’s a bit far fetched but you know in situations like these your mind automatically jumps to worst case scenarios. So we panic until we learn it’s just a fight. 30 minutes later the pilot announces we have to de board. This time we and just gotten out luggage down. He then says we need to sit down bc THE FREAKING COPS ARE COMING ABOARD. We (not eavesdropping) overhear the lady say her son was autistic and stressed out. The family gets off the plane. We have to de board (for real this time) bc the guys meds are in his luggage that had to be checked last minute. So 30 minutes goes by and oh, my sister was supposed to pick us up from the airport but can’t anymore bc it’s like 9 and we haven’t even taken off yet. My mom is searching for alternate flights (she’s afraid the crew will bust their shifts) but to no avail. We finally get back on, finish our flight with no issues.
    Now here’s my fav part to tell. We had to Uber home bc our flight was so delayed. Getting out of the airport the arm won’t lift up to let us out and the driver says this isn’t working. My mom says story of our lives. He backed out and we got home but was pretty crazy. Was delayed 4hrs 15 min. No joke here is a link to a pic if u don’t believe me. All the dates match up so ya. drive.google.com/file/d/1xGnf5X1Ub8DUp73RLPMIxjkvEdnVJgA1/view?usp=drivesdk

  • TGAW
    TGAW 20 days ago

    Easy answer! My life

  • GhostBear3067
    GhostBear3067 20 days ago

    The phrase "but wait, it gets worse" is the summarized version of Russian history...

  • Flibber Nodgets
    Flibber Nodgets 21 day ago

    24:06 100% this redditor is from the Philippines.

  • DL Lambert
    DL Lambert 21 day ago

    Worked in the late 2000s doing mobile security, armed for a low end firm: Orlando.gov . The mgr was bad & close to being fired. 😬. The security office had only 4/5 sites. 1, a major condo 🏢 was so screwed up the security firm lost the post. We had guards quit to get away from the toxic workplace. But, it gets worse! 😧 the 🚔 broke down & needed major repairs! I think it was a real mess(1990s era Nissan Sentra). The security mgr was fired & by connection, I was cut too. My job loss was really more of a lay off due to the lack of posts, contracts.

  • R. Alisha
    R. Alisha 21 day ago

    I stubbed my toe... but wait... I stubbed it so badly I fractured my toe and broke the bone. I’m serious.

  • mélanie
    mélanie 21 day ago +11

    The aunt story... her husband and child died at almost the same time my god

  • sergeantassassin3
    sergeantassassin3 21 day ago

    The second one dude escalates to biological warfare a-la chucking piss from a cup at a homie, that's your "Time to Go" moment. If you stayed, and dude who's been 'pissed on' comes back with a cup of shit, that's Defcon 1 and you're already too late to escape.

    Seriously, that escalated quickly.

  • reyN
    reyN 21 day ago

    Man I hope none of this shit ever happens to me, I don't think I'd be able to keep living with some of these stories.

  • PlingLing _HD
    PlingLing _HD 21 day ago +1

    Compared to anything is my story harmless.
    At age 7 the doctors and my parents thought I had cancer.
    I spent a week in hospital (terrible for me since I miss a lot of stuff in school).
    I were told they didn't know what disease I had and the doctor sent me into hospital.
    I was told the truth yesterday.

  • ciriadeflora
    ciriadeflora 21 day ago

    The story with the guy who got smashed in the face with the lamp by the ex... She should have been thrown in jail.

  • PaulieM91
    PaulieM91 21 day ago

    honestly, god probably saved you from something worse with that injury

  • addie b
    addie b 22 days ago +27

    “Last part didnt relate but she is stupid.”

  • Ilmari Korpela
    Ilmari Korpela 22 days ago

    14:15 .... from 0 to 100 to -100 pretty fast

  • knuckle12356
    knuckle12356 22 days ago

    Not...."60 mgs!!!!" ALL AT ONCE? Toni Montana over here. Try mainlining speedballs using 50 *G's* morphine (equivalent potency) in fentanyl as base, per day. If you are going to ruin your life, don't half ass it. Betcha she ate them too. Whole.

  • Draken Yuras
    Draken Yuras 22 days ago

    @ 20:46
    Welp... and then the one after is just talking about a cat.

  • Willem Neuefeind Lessig
    Willem Neuefeind Lessig 22 days ago +1

    so you can finally learn the colors

  • Robert Ayala
    Robert Ayala 23 days ago

    No one else is wondering how the guy who became blind shortly after beginning to study design wrote his post? 13:00
    That must be some seeing eye dog..

    • QuantumNightmare
      QuantumNightmare 22 days ago +1

      Hentai Tyrant You know adaptive technology exists, right. Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text make it possible for visually impaired people to view screens and reply,

  • b
    b 23 days ago +15

    Some reason i thought these would be funny and ironic. :(

  • Sbone Liberator
    Sbone Liberator 23 days ago

    can someone tell me what a SO is

  • Steven Wertyuiooo
    Steven Wertyuiooo 23 days ago

    When I talk how my day was so far...

  • Cpl. Artemis
    Cpl. Artemis 23 days ago

    Some people are just deal pretty shitty cards, this video proves it

  • Luis Reyes
    Luis Reyes 23 days ago

    Always the victim but boring as fuck
    Btw I’m happily married to a sag so no I’m not a 40 yr old still living with my folks. Just know Pisces chicks
    Also libras

  • Luis Reyes
    Luis Reyes 23 days ago

    I bet she’s a Pisces

  • Attila Kos
    Attila Kos 23 days ago +50

    "Ex shows up and smashes me in the face with a table lamp. Police show up and arrest ME" ...... WHAT?!!!!!!!?!?!?!?

    • Steffen Jensen
      Steffen Jensen 6 days ago

      Another point is, that the men are usually physically stronger, so it is if uncertain more important to restrain the man.

    • Meep!
      Meep! 6 days ago

      @Samuel And yes, more often than not police take the woman's side. I believe that they need to take a good look at the situation and if the aggressor isn't blatantly obvious both should be treated the same and proper procedures should be followed. In that sort of case, I don't believe there are many, if any, situations that police should give preference on the basis of sex.
      I have personally heard many stories from men in my life in which their female significant other was abusive and called the cops on them, and the man was arrested/told to temporarily vacate their house/apartment. Naturally the woman trashes the apartment and/or steals the pet like a typical abusive p.o.s.

    • Meep!
      Meep! 6 days ago +2

      @Samuel Yes it is, actually. If you are thinking about the women who want to gain rights over men/claim that women are better than men, that would be misandry (opposite of misogyny). Many of them like to call themselves feminists. They aren't.

    • Samuel
      Samuel 6 days ago +1

      @Meep! thats the definition of feminism but thats not what femenist believe

    • Samuel
      Samuel 6 days ago +1

      police will always take a womens side

  • Michel van der Linden
    Michel van der Linden 24 days ago +3

    Started dating an online friend who I had known from when she was 14 (she was 19 when we realised we had feelings). Two amazing years follow, with visits back and forth. She keeps my depression (which I had from when I was 13 or so) at bay. We get engaged. Here's where it gets worse.
    She lives in a house with a girl and a guy. She gets feelings for the guy. I feel something is wrong so I visit. Everything was wrong. She wouldnt hug. She was cold, distant. All the time assuring me "nothing was wrong" and I was just "seeing things". A month before we were supposed to get married, 2 days before I put my house for sale and had already sold few bits of furniture, she decides to end it, because she didn't love me anymore. I fall into the worst depressive period, wanted to end my life. In a panic I went to my doctor, got a prescription for Oxyzepam to calm me down. It gets worse.
    I am the 1%on who that medication has the WRONG kind of effects, where it dulled my emotions but not my desire to express it. I end up injuring myself for the sake of needing to feel pain so I wouldnt keep it bottled up. Of course, 2-3 weeks after this, I found out my ex was dating her housemate. I decide to go into therapy for depression and everything.

    Find out she lied about a few things regarding me and us months after in order to make herself look like a victim of an abusive relationship. Nobody believes it, but her saying it cut deeper than anything she ever did. It hurts my therapy sessions a bit, kind of a setback. Meanwhile, I still cant get over her and months after I still have frequent recurring nightmares about what happened nightly. Therapists and doctors dont trust me with medication to help me sleep, so I have to deal. It gets worse.

    Roughly 1 year after the breakup, I feel slightly better, and feel therapy is helping at least a little. Anxiety is gone for the most part. Im slowly crawling out of my shell again, going out and seeing friends. Get a message on FB from my ex's oldest friend as well as a message on instagram from my ex's sister. "[x] passed away last night".

    She was 24, almost 25. She passed away 2 years ago and not a day goes by without me thinking about her in one way, shape, or form (we shared a lot of interests regarding music, videogames, art, and tv shows, so pretty much everything reminds me of her).

  • Destroyer Inazuma
    Destroyer Inazuma 24 days ago +1

    I'm very glad that the art girl is doing fine now. Makes one realize how nasty depression can get and how issues can snowball yet people can still recover.

  • Chris Morris
    Chris Morris 24 days ago

    Yo some bitch says ew to me pukes in my room and then starts banging someone in there I'm getting me fucking fire ax first off second I'm fucking chopping that door down like fuck you bitch you at fucking someone in my bed unless it's me and that's not a neckbeard thing it's a germaphob thing you don't know if eother of them had stds but upon finding puke on my laptop and computer the dudes getting his ass dragged putside buck naked and I'm gonna do a little screwing nothing says fuck with me I want you to then fucking someone delivernce style hell I'll even start doing the dunue nue nuew nuew music with my mouth and say shit like squeal for piggie sooowwwweeeee like that nah you get it dun don't respect mah house partay then dun don't fucking show you think my house is the place to shit in a fosh tank nah you gonna be eating every last piece of shit even if I have to put a power wash hose into the fish tank and shot water through your body. my fish tanks gonna be clean. And your gonna be eating your shit a party can be fun but my house is a place of chill and relaxation some fool come up in the place tackleing people or pissing in corners or fucking in any bed other then the guest bedroom which will be marked sex room and it'll be the biggest possible room in the house ya know it's one thing to get drunk at a party and having fun but it becomes something entirely different when you start doing shit to get attention i.e. if you jump from the roof of my house into the pool and you land on someone if they hurt bad you takin em to get help but don't comeback unless your the ride then it's cool but no drinks weed maybe drink no or if you a scrawny guy don't lift weights you can't lift any gym bro can tell you that it just winds up with lots of my shit broke or damaged and people nowadays even if it's a pta meeting they could destroy half the shit going in and the rest going out and not float a penny to pay for repairs/replacements and y'all know that shit to be true folls forget morality died before chivalry kinda makes you think why should I not find some densly populated forest and build an old timey log fort town with the buildings all built uniquely for each units requirements like a cult minus the prayers cause this gonna be a keep that shit to yourself type a town no one cares what you practice just keep it in the house holy hats/items are allowed in town but no preaching in the town square outside the whiskey/vodka tent or even the town louge trough or shit trench as I'll call it. a self sustained piece of a peaceful state oh and it goes without question skin color don't matter not unless if the person being racist minds being slathered in honey and thrown outside the towns 26ft tall walls smart enough to use pre existing trees as anchors to build the walls and if not well 17ft be tall enough that a human couldn't scale it wothout being seen and no animal would be able to scamper up it without being shot or scared off this has been me high with a.d.d. and this has been my ted talk on respect and how to nut earn it good day

  • em1o smurf
    em1o smurf 24 days ago

    being a navy nco with 40 - 60 people in the shop, i've seen my share of midwest country boy marrying city girl, having that credit card/mortgage/carloan going to hell. out of 21 years i've seen maybe 2 True Love relationships,with no cheating, etc. bad relationships are far too common.

    • Destroyer Inazuma
      Destroyer Inazuma 24 days ago

      This sucks so much! In my home country the spouses can decide to completely separate their personal items and income juridically, and many do so. That way good luck selling one's husband's/wife's car, at least without getting sued later.

  • Eddie Brock
    Eddie Brock 24 days ago +4

    I really shouldn't have listened to this because now I'm sad.

    The people getting cheated on was really hard to hear.
    If I was in the military I wouldn't marry anyone until I finished or decided it would be my career. Most people can't handle long distance relationships. People like that are hard to come by. If the person needs a lot of attention or is outgoing it's not going to work most likely because they need external validation.

  • AA A
    AA A 24 days ago +1

    19:25 he deserves it...
    The first or maybe second time she cheated on him I'd understand, after that he totally deserves it.. 8 times?
    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.